Gen Flynn decries the soullessness of the lying mockingbird media


Once again, leftist media immolate themselves, it's a trend! bwaa-ha-ha! They still haven't figured out that attacking MAGA stars like Flynn with fake news and defamation only hastens their reduction to ashes in this great bonfire of vanities of our time! We have the full interview by The Western Journal and the transcript.

BONUS: Flynn appears as a guest of Steve Bannon in the War Room. 

General Flynn Responds to AP Hit Piece
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Sept 12 2022 (Published by GenFlynn on Sept 10)
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Josh Manning 0:30
And hello again from the Western Journal. My name is Josh Manning. I'm Deputy Managing Editor for the Western Journal. We're coming to you today with an exclusive interview with General Michael Flynn. If you've been paying attention to the media earlier this week, the Associated Press, supposedly unbiased, supposedly one of the arbiters of truth. And part of the foundational, foundational block of the media came out with what can only be described as a hatchet job against the Lieutenant General Michael Flynn. General Flynn has joined us exclusively at the Western journal this morning to respond point by point to what the AP said, General, thank you so much for taking time out of your incredibly busy schedule to visit with Western journal and our readers and our viewers.

General Michael Flynn 1:20
And thanks, Josh, and thanks to you, and the Western journal for doing this and also being flexible with time, because I know it's really early on your end of the of the country here. So I definitely appreciate that. And I think it's important that that we have, and I love, I love to have a dialogue with the American people. I know we're going to try to get some questions in from from your audience, if possible. But you know, we'll, we'll do what we can and to try to get at least that side of the story out that I believe needs to get out.

Josh Manning 1:52
Yes, sir. What was striking to me and this is, I'm not sure there were any quotes directly from you regarding this particular story. So I don't know how you call that anything but one sided. So we're glad you're able to address the the American public and the hours not a problem. I think one of the great advantages we have over the left and the people who don't like the country is we're okay getting up early and working hard. So, let's start off with this. The the AP released an 11 page, what I would call hatchet job, a conservative assessment would be hit job, they did that back on Wednesday. Within an hour of that, we were looking at it and trying to figure out how to visit with you about it. So I'd like to just go down the article. The first half of the article is the more interesting part. That's where they level most of the accusations and just ask you to respond point by point. One of the first things I noticed it was in graph one, the AAP talks about event you have been doing across the country, rallying everyday Americans, and that it's a revival type atmosphere. They talked about revival, a revival tent, and people hooting and worshiping. I mean, to me this betrayed just a kind of a visceral disgust at the idea of everyday Americans and the they would possibly exercise their faith along with politics.

General Michael Flynn 3:28
Yeah, I think so. Number one, that the sort of the big picture answer on the on that particular issue, but I think the overall theme that I got out of the article itself was that they just despise anything dealing with faith. I mean, there's almost like a soullessness darkness to, to the people that wrote the article, and certainly, I'm assuming the AP leadership that that allowed them to write this article. So there's like a, there's a darkness that they have, there's a, there's a despising of the idea of faith, particularly Christianity. So that's sort of the big picture the the, you know, down to the sort of the tactical or brass tacks level.

I mean, what we're really talking about is we're specifically talking about the this reawaken America tour that we have. And I think we've been in 14 or 15 cities now. And you know, the revival atmosphere is really, it's an awakening of the American people to get the American people involved. And that's our big message. So we bring in, we bring in and we connect, we connect our faith, we connect our families, we connect the ideas of our Constitution, we connect, you know, we get really, really good smart expert level people in there to talk about constitutional issues. We get smart people in there to talk about health issues about freedom of speech, and all these kinds of things that are under assault today. And that's the so the revival aside of it. Is that? Yeah, do we do we tend to go into into, like large churches or large locations where there are where there are primarily Christian groups? Yes, we absolutely do. 

Because primarily, because any, any other venues that are in cities like, like, you know, civic centers and stuff like that, they've shut us down. They don't, they don't allow us to come in. Because that's the that's the sort of the woke crowd. We've been banned from so many places, and so many cities that we've tried to get into. And we always end up going to these really brave pastors primarily, who open up their churches, and allow us to come into to be able to, and it is, it is preaching the gospel of freedom, preaching the gospel of our faith, and our families, and also raising awareness and educating people on exactly what it is that is happening in the country. And that is sort of in all walks of life as we go across the spectrum of the various things that were that were under assault from. I mean, you know, we do talk about, we do talk about getting involved in local levels, we do talk about election fraud, and election integrity and our election processes. I mean, these are all part of who we are as Americans. So that's the that's the primary discussion that we have with anybody that has attended these and, and we're about to have one of our largest audiences in the next in the next venue, out in the border of Washington State and Idaho. I mean, I think we're gonna have 8000 people there. So there's, so there's a there are people that attendees, and we also live streaming, everybody's welcome.

We always welcome the media. We do want the media to come in and identify themselves, we've had to, we've had to dismiss some media out of these places, because they sneak in, and they do some of the some of the stuff that we're talking about today, you know, so. So anyways, big, big picture, it's about, you know, making sure people understand what we're up against. And at the brass tacks level, it's really talking about the specific issues that we are facing today that are just a it's an assault on every aspect of our freedom.

Josh Manning 7:14
So it's interesting to me that you mentioned a rally in Washington State and Idaho. Washington States considered an enclave for the left is it's part of the reason that the left hates you so much in the media hates you so much is that you're resonating with people in strongholds like Washington State, everyday people who are concerned about America?

General Michael Flynn 7:39
Absolutely. I mean, we've been we've been to California, we've been to Oregon, we've been to Washington, and we're going to Washington next. And it's on the Washington Idaho border, I keep telling me, you know, making sure people understand because it's at a speedway out there that we're going to be holding this particular reawaken tour. But I tell people, when I get out there, when I talk to him, particularly out in those places, and like we were just up in Batavia, New York, and in upstate New York, I tell people that look, we're here, because we want people to know that we are not forgetting that you that you exist, we want these places where where the left has really gained a strong foothold and, you know, into the very fabric of, of the societies and those parts of our country. And they, they hate, they hate me specifically, they, they hate the messages that we carry out to those places, because they don't, they don't want to give people hope. They don't want to give people any type of inspiration that causes them to stay engaged in their communities. They also jobs for me personally, and I know this, I mean, they always if they fear what they cannot control, and I say this, you know, not tongue in cheek, I say this, because, you know, I, you know, as a guy that was that was in government for a long time in the military, and then a short period of time in the White House. And then the potential that, that maybe maybe I go back into governments in some aspect, maybe under a new administration, if Trump decides, you know, do I do I go and help him again, I mean, all these kinds of issues. There, there is a body of people inside the US government inside the security state in particular, that do not want Mike Flynn back in a position that has any kind of ability to be able to, you know, look underneath the rug, so to speak, and, and also do some do some very deep, deep soul searching for what is happening to this federal overreach or by this federal overreach of our government into our very lives. So there's really two two reasons One, we are we are resonating with the local level. I use the phrase local action equals a national anthem So, we are definitely resonate resonating with the local level of people and people connect. And then the second thing is, the security state really does not want to see me back in any capacity in any government in the future, where I can, where I could actually help the country.

Josh Manning 10:20
Russell Bishop, who is watching online, continues talking about the idea that only real votes matter. That is perhaps the most repeated, suppose a transgression that the AP is going off on, as it relates to you, you have dared to say that America's election should be secure. Now, that's exactly the same thing. Democrats were saying in 2016 and 2018. What has changed, General Flynn were suddenly being forced securing American elections is wrong, and wanting everybody to vote, even non citizens is right.

General Michael Flynn 11:00
Yeah, so first of all, our right to vote, the privilege of being able to vote is is one of the most sacrosanct privileges that we have as American citizens, right legal citizens, it is the time in place where where we are all equal, not only under the eyes of God, but under the eyes of the UN, the auspices of the United States Constitution, it is where people have least means, you know, against those of most or a lot of means are equal. And we're equal there, because our vote is is you know, it's it equals one, right, it's supposed to equal one. And that is a really, really important aspect of our election system and our election processes. And what we have learned and what's very clear, very clear, is this idea that our elections are not fair. And they have not been fair for a very long time. I, I just got an update yesterday, on a on a on election fraud cases. And then fraud cases that resulted in criminal convictions. And for like, the last 20 years, we have well, well over 100 100 election fraud cases, I think that they're there. And then with those are a large number of criminal convictions. And there is also of those cases, there's there's roughly about 20 to 25 of those, those elections that have that resulted in overturning the election. So So anybody that sits and says, our elections are free and fair, and there's no problems with our election process. They're smoking something. So our elections are not there, they are not perfect, they are so imperfect. And what we have learned in the last from the 2020 election, in particular, because it was the it was really the the fraudulent and the theft of the highest office in the land. And then what we saw was we saw this assault on anybody, and to the to the to the really to the point of almost trying to outlaw anybody that talks about election fraud in 2020. So let's put that in a bin on the side, Josh, because the next the next side of my mouth says, but we still have to get out and engage. And we still have to get out and vote because of what we are learning and what we learned. And with some of the organizations that I'm part of, and some of the efforts that we have helped out with what we learned in places like Virginia, which was really an off year election for governor, lieutenant governor, attorney general and in the state legislature, when people turned out to vote in large numbers, particularly on voting day, they were able to turn the tide. So for 20 years, and really the Democratic Party thought that they had Virginia, you know, like California, it's going to continue to be this bastion of progressivism and liberalism. You know, they just thought that they had it down to a size. Well, Virginia turned in 10. In the first time in 20 years, we have a Republican governor, lieutenant governor, Attorney General and a state legislature. We know that because people came out and voted and also people came out and volunteered to work at the local level, the numbers of volunteers going in for the Republican side was total like 20%. About four months later because of encouragement. And, and, and, and a sort of a push, we were able to get that number up to about 95% volunteers so that we fast forward to Phoenix, Arizona and Arizona in general, which I think is where you're sitting. So that the result of the governor ship for the primary. So now we're talking to a GOP primary, where we have mail in ballots coming in, and we have two people running for governor. Right so we got mailing ballots coming in and on election day. It looks like the person who everybody thought was going to win carry Lake is down here. was down by quite a bit. And then by the end of the day, it looked like wow, she really came back. The reason why is because people, regular old people got up off their couches and went and voted and they voted in droves. And I think that that's a real, that's a signal to how we overcome. The the, frankly, what is always been talked about is this mail in ballot. And this in this business of being able to commit fraud with these mail in ballots. I mean, we have so many examples, and so much evidence in so many courts around the country. And I haven't even talked about the you know, the machinery of it, right? The, you know, the all the noise about the machines. I won't get into that, because it's a combination of things. It's, it's all of the above when we talk about what's broken, and how can we fix it. The last point I'd make on this about voting is that at the local level, and in the counties, counties, is where we can make the biggest difference. And that's because we vote for county election commissioners, we vote for county commissioners, we vote for the people that are in the various parties, right in these in these executive committees for both the Democratic Party and the Republican Party. I mean, so So at the local level, we can make decisions, we vote for our sheriff's, right, so we can make decisions at the county level about our election systems. And we can put demands on our election systems, that that the state and the federal government cannot overcome if the county decides, we're gonna decide to have our elections one day, gotta have a photo ID, and we're not going to accept any kind of mail in ballots other than legitimate absentee ballots, a county can do that, they really can do that, if they decide to do that. What what happens, what gets in the way, what gets in the way, is money. Money gets in the way, because you want to accept money from the state, you want to accept money from the federal government. And that's where I tell people and I was in a meeting last night I was in a, I was in an executive committee meeting at my local level, because I want I'm putting my actions to my word. So when people go when I say local action equals national impact, and somebody says, What are you doing about it? Well, at my local level, I'm getting involved in my county. And, and so, you know, we, it was interesting to kind of be back involved really locally, because I, probably the last time I did it was as a kid, years ago with my mom. And and I think that it's fascinating, because people don't realize, they look up most of the time and think that our solutions are going to be handed to us by the federal government or by, you know, by the governor or the state. And that's not where it's going to happen. Where it's going to happen is we the people, you know, and consent of the governed at the very local level at the brass tacks level, but it will only be that way, Josh, if people decide to get involved, and I was with a group of people last night, it was at least 200 in the room. And the last meeting that they had, there was only there was less than 50 in the room. Okay. And that's because the message of getting involved and it's not just Mike Flynn, it's going on across the nation by a lot of people that are saying, in order for us to save this country, in order for us to save the American Dream that we still have, although we're maybe hanging by a thread right now, we are going to have to take up the role of citizenship. And we are going to have to step up, stand up, you know, speak up and get involved in everything that we're doing.

Josh Manning 18:31
So we've gone, we've digressed a couple of times here, and I've let us do that I want to walk us through different parts of again, what can only be called a hatchet job. And just get your response quickly. One of the things that caught my eye, it's just in the second graph. And, and by the way, I don't think we can read this as anything other than an attack on you. Any line that's written in here, it's not designed to illuminate it's designed to attack. So just the second graph, they criticize one of the songs that was played at one of the reawaken events you walked out on stage and they were playing twisted sisters classic will fight the power will fight the power

General Michael Flynn 19:22
we won't we're not going to take it anymore not

Josh Manning 19:25
gonna take it for and they hate that song. Why do they hate it?

General Michael Flynn 19:32
All you got to do is let's just so for your fault your listener your audience, get out there and just you know, Google Google, I don't even know I don't like Google. But but go look it up on the internet, look at all the words. And I listened to it one time because somebody said hey, you got to listen to songs great. And in terms of terms of the times that we are in, and, and the idea that we're not going to take it anymore really talks about it in the song it talks about freedom. And the funny thing is, is Uh, it was written in 1984 You know, in a time of Ronald Reagan, right in the time where they were the United States of America was still engaged with in the Cold War at the height really of the Soviet Union and in the Cold War, and, and yet, America was rising, America was rising under a under a great president by the name of Reagan, we said we were rising again. So I looked at it, I listen to the words, and it's got a great feat. And, and it's an audience I kind of look at as an audience engagement. Song, right. And so I've used it a couple of times, just to wake people up. Because, you know, sometimes I get out into the audiences or sometimes I get out on the stage, during periods where we're, we're like, in between things in between subjects, or in between speakers, and I like to wake people up, I get them on their feet clapping and, and feeling good about themselves. And, and I would say that that particular song resonates that for them to, I mean, that the hit piece, the hit piece, and I want folks to know this, that, that the the, and I won't use the name of the the, the organization that wrote it, but that organization sets the tone for the left, they are the talking points for the left. So. So that's how they that's how they operate. That particular organization sets the tone for the left. So there, what they're trying to do is they're trying to say that, that this song that is generally about, you know, my interpretation is generally about freedom. And generally about, you know, we're not going to take any more we've got to get involved, we got to stand up against the tyranny that we face. It's just incredible. And you know, it's a fun actually, it's a fun song. It's a fun thing for me to do. I enjoy it and and then I and then I go into my my typical misses or diatribes, after which, you know, the song concludes, and I start talking about the kinds of things that we're talking about today.

Josh Manning 22:00
In graphs four and five, they refer to you as America's general. And it seems to me at critical times in America's past, we have had specific generals who have stood out. We've had General Washington, we've had Stonewall Jackson, we've had MacArthur and Eisenhower, we had Schwarzkopf we had portray us. And these generals were fighting external threats to the United States, or in Washington's case, the British Empire in defending the colonies. It seems to me that you are you're retired general, but you're focusing on a different enemy at this point, and you spent years focusing on an external enemy and dealing with terrorists. But right now you're dealing with an internal enemy. Do you feel called to defend America from what appears to be internal enemies?

General Michael Flynn 22:58
Yeah, so a couple of things. I'm glad you highlighted those, those names, because and grant would be another one General Ulysses Grant would be another one as a general who then rose to the position of president.

We there's a letter out this week, actually, by former Secretaries of Defense and former chairman's out, you know, that all served in the last 20 years. And it's worth it's worth me mentioning that because it's almost like a it's it's a subtle threat. And, and I have actually been threatened, I guess, I hate to use that word. It's a strong word, certainly in the media, and subtly, by getting involved in politics, right. So when you exit the military, you have certain responsibilities as a former senior officer, and, and as somebody who has taken an oath of office multiple times, you have, you certainly have responsibility, someone who's held clearances at the highest level, you have certain responsibilities. But as a, as an American citizen, and as somebody who has a lot of background and insight and knowledge about what we're facing. You know, I felt very, very compelled to get involved in the political life of the country, because I really saw the country going in the direction that we are now all, you know, now we sort of all realized, Oh, my God, well, you know, I witnessed this, you know, in uniform, but, you know, you you follow the orders of the, of the Commander in Chief, right, you know, the military is subordinate to the political, and the decision makers, particularly those that are elected, in particular, the President of the United States of America, you know, and the commander in chief so, but I as I got out, and I started to look at some of the things and issues that we were getting ourselves involved in that was 2014 When I got out so, you know, another couple of years of this continuation towards to Ernie as the only way I can say it, I felt compelled to geek to get more and more involved. And so there for me to be involved at the time that we are in, I think, you know, you say on my call that, you know, I, all I what I know, and what I feel is that, that I don't think I I just feel like I don't have a choice. I mean, I could say that, well, I can quit and you know, and go off and do nothing but I feel very, very compelled. I do feel what I went through the persecution that I went through my family and I, I feel that, that that actually thickened me thick in my skin, certainly my thinking, my knowledge of what we're up against. And so all of that combined with with a renewing and refreshing of my own faith, and the renewing and refreshing of my family. So that said, the enemies, right, I'm a guy who spent, you know, my entire career really thinking about the opposition, or the enemies that we are going to face, principally overseas, you know, in the first era was sort of communism and in the rise of, you know, the continuation of the rise of communists around the country, communist nations around the country, but also the rise of, of guerrilla warfare in, in Central America. And, and we had places in the Caribbean, we had problems in Africa. And then as I, as my, as my career, then transitioned, and sort of into the second half, we really got into the world of terrorism and insurgencies. And really trying to clearly define who our enemies were, I've always been a student of, of not only us and world history, but a student of warfare. I have a master's degree just just as a, as a, you know, a tagline of a master's degree in art and science of essentially warfare. And I got that from Fort Fort Leavenworth, Kansas in a in a program that I was privileged to attend. So I've thought a lot about our enemies and warfare and the kinds of things that we are involved in. And as I look today, and I look at the opposition that we are up against, this is not a normal, or this is not a politics as normal, Josh, we are in a fight for the very survival of our country. And the opposition that we face is actually a very small percentage, you know, I'd say maybe it's 20% of the population, certainly a smaller percentage, that is in control of the levers of power. And there has been an infiltration of socialists of Marxists of communists into the federal government, and there is a, there are external powers that, that that support them. And they range from they range from nation states, like Russia and China, to Iran. And they range from nation states like that are down south of us, like a Venezuela, they range from criminal cartels that collude with each other. So there's a, there's a bevy of, of issues and and and forces out there. And the prize is really America. It really is America and why. So why why would somebody in the Democratic Party want to want this beautiful country to collapse on itself? Right? Well, there's, there's, again, I haven't mentioned the World Economic Forum, which I just did, I haven't mentioned this notion of the New World Order, which I just did. These are all forces that we are up against, because there is a there is a desire to control America, in a much, much different way. And that's the direction that we are moving the idea of attack and hit pieces against, you know, quote, unquote, America's general which, you know, somebody somebody said that in one of the, one of the reawaken America, events that we had a while back, and I'm, you know, I'm humbled by it, I really am, I'm humbled by that. I don't, I don't, I don't, you know, take it and go off. And, you know, and run with it. I just, I just know that I am a person who has had the honor and the privilege of serving our country, and rising to the level that I rose to, and then being then going through a high think of faith based persecution,

that that I can't explain it any other way. It's almost like you, you were going to go through this, you know, either to crush you or to strengthen you. And by the grace of God, I was strengthened. And that's, that's what they fear too. And they're and so that opposition that's out there, they're going to use every element that they can, and in this article, is among them isn't particularly particularly, you know, scornful Article against me. And actually, it leads to a full documentary that's going to be coming out, I think it's even addressed in the, in the article itself that full documentary that's gonna be out in in October timeframe. It's, it's insane. I mean, they're gonna do a biography, I think a biography of General Flynn, and it's going to be, you know, really, it's going to be a really horrible thing. You know, but I'm going to look at it, like, I look at everything else, Josh, you know, as a as a guy who's risen to, you know, significant levels within the, within the military and within the government. And I'm gonna look at it like anything else. You know, if it doesn't, doesn't kill you, it will make you stronger. And I learned that from a from a sergeant a long time ago used to be my operations NCO. And, and that guy, you know, is a terrific friend. And it's one of those things where I do, because I have seen sacrifice by young men primarily. But young men and young women who have gone off to war. And I And either they, you know, they had families, they had moms and dads, or aunts and uncles and grandmas, and grandpas, and many had wives and children, or spouses and children, and they've given their life to this country. And so, for me to do, what I'm doing is, is nothing, it's dust compared to what those individuals who gave the ultimate sacrifice to this country for, for our very rights are very freedoms. So I don't, you know, those those kinds of shots, those arrows and spears that are thrown at me, they, you know, they don't bother me at all.

Josh Manning 31:47
Well, that is that is perhaps weighing why you are called America's general because that is your outlook. As we look at Graph nine are we're gonna hop around a little bit here, because you're addressing some of these pieces here and there. The AP piece in bragging about all of the homework they've done, they say that they've reviewed campaign finance records, corporate and charity filings, social media posts, and similar open source information and attended several public events where Flynn appeared, reporters examined dozens of Flynn speeches, interviews and public appearances, I hope that they will examine this one at some point. Flynn himself sat down for a rare on camera interview with what he calls the mainstream media. And then this is my favorite line of the entire piece. It's a quote from you. I don't even know why I'm talking with you, honestly, Flynn said, and you were right. What's happening here is is in many ways, perhaps not to be compared with sacrifices that young men are way young men are making on the front. However, very few people have ever been through something like this. Does it feel like you have any life as an American citizen right now you and your family that you have any privacy? Do you feel like you have safety?

General Michael Flynn 33:19
Yeah, no, no to both of them privacy and safety. And so I'm very situationally aware, use a military phrase that we use situationally aware of my life, my existence, my privacy, I, I do try to protect it, but, ya know, I can't go shopping at the Home Depot or, or, you know, or out with my wife to Old Navy or TJ Maxx, or, or to the local food store without somebody coming up to me. And, and I will say that, you know, I, I am only aware in the last few years of one, one incident where, where somebody was, I felt I felt a threat to my life. But 100 I mean, 99.9% of people that come up to me, come up and thanked me and, and I'm very, I'm honored by that. I'm humbled by that, they come up and they say, Hey, I'm so I appreciate everything that you're doing. And I look at them. And I speak to them briefly. And I look at them in their eyes. And I and I know that these are people who they are they are threatened by what is happening to our country, what our government is doing, our federal particular federal government is doing, and yet they can't I think they feel like they can't do anything about it. And so that's why they come up to me and they say thank you because they they know that I'm out there fighting for the kinds of things that they may still want to hit freedom, right, and the ability to practice our faith the way we want to practice it. I just saw I don't know. I don't know. I mean, I feel I feel compelled. Even though yeah, there's no privacy and there's no security, except that which I take care of myself or at events that I go to, I have to have security. And that's just a necessary function. And when people go, whoa, stop doing what he's doing. That's exactly what they want me to do. They want me to be to fear that, and, and like I just described previously about sacrifice, like young, primarily young men, but young men and women in our armed services over the over our history. I can't fear that I can't, that's not going to cause me to, to give up on what it is that I believe in. And I always go back to my own family, my own family, I have children and I have, particularly I have grandchildren. And when I talk to people, I always ask to the people that are roughly in my age category, my my generation, I always ask them, Do you have children? They always say yes. I said, you have grandchildren, I always say yes, I say how many? And they'll go three, or six, or nine or some number. And I'm like, no, and then I engage them. And I tell them, Well, this is why I'm doing I'm doing it for your grandchildren, I'm doing it for my grandchildren. Because if we think that we're going to have a nation like I grew up in, which was a pretty damn good way of life. I mean, it was it was not without hard work and sacrifice. But but you know, I was I was handed by my father, who was a sergeant, retired deceased world war two veteran, you know, he gave us he gave our family my brothers and sisters, my nine brothers and sisters, on a silver platter a great country. And and I don't want to do that to my children or my grandchildren, I don't want to turn around and give them a piece of splintered wood and say, good luck. You know, I Not while I'm alive, and not all I'm able to do and have this privilege platform, I really do. I really believe that it's a, I feel privileged, I feel privileged because the American people have have allowed me to do this. And they and they continue to want to hear this message. And it's not just my message. It's a message of many others that are out there with me doing these kinds of things. But they particularly the left particularly, you know, hates what I do because of what I said earlier. And so, you know, one of the things that's mentioned in there is I'll bring it up because I wrote a little note to myself here. They in that article, they talk about a couple of people that sort of spoke on my behalf, right, two names in there. And I'll mention the names Anderson, which I think they got him listed there as a retired brigadier general. And another guy by the name of Doug Weiss, who's a former, he touts himself as a former. My deputy number one I don't know who Anderson is, maybe if I saw him I would, I would recognize him. But but they make it sound like he was some sort of Deputy that I worked with on on the battlefields of Iraq, I work with 10s of 1000s of people, and a lot of a lot of them were colonels and generals, and sergeants and privates, you know, so I don't, I don't even know that guy. And if he walked in this door right now into this room that I'm in, I would go kind of help. The other guy, I do know, the other guy is a former CIA officer. And he came in, in the very last week, I had like five days left at the Defense Intelligence Agency. And he came in to be the new deputy. And I do know him. And what's interesting, he's really, really disparaging in that. So I want people to understand this is how they, this is how they do these articles about people about particular about me. So that guy have an email from that guy after I after President Trump won in 2016. Okay, I have an email from him. So we can put this out, because I still have that email. And he's former CIA officer, he's, uh, you know, I won't get get Irish on him in this interview. But I have an email from him. After Trump won in 2016, that was essentially begging me for a job to come in to the back into the government to work for Trump right to work in the National Security Council. This was after I was pointed. So you know, so I have that email for that guy to talk the way he talks. He's been one of the people that one of the sort of talking heads out there, one of the former Intel leaders in the country, that has been completely disparaging not only me, but also everything that happened that we now know is totally false. The Russia hoax, the impeachments Oh, that he's been one of these sort of talking head type guy. So but that's who they go to when they go formally worked with General Flynn. You know, what I again, that guy, I'll keep my comments to myself, but I want people to know and if they do show this if a if the, the organization that that wrote that article wants to know, you know, that let them know, look, I haven't I have an email from that guy that says, Yeah, I love to come work for you, General Flynn, you know, now that you're going to be the national security adviser. So, you know, I that's for them to get to people that foolish and they were fooled. And actually they weren't fooled what they want is they just wanted somebody that says why no General Flynn, he's a crazy guy and and they can print that right that's how they that's how they personally attack. They don't attack what I am standing for they don't attack, you know what my issues are, you know, when it comes to national security or government reform or, or domestic reform the problems with drugs on the streets or problems with our border invasion, you know, they don't they don't want to attack the issues that I am actually out there speaking about. They want to attack me personally, and they're going to continue to do that.

Josh Manning 40:51
Well, let's talk about one of the graphs in here that deals with some of those personal attacks. I think I'm still here. Okay. All right. Sorry about that sound dropped off for a minute. In paragraph eight, they is the word you used earlier was scoring full and that's right. They scornfully wrote. Flynn has drawn together election deniers, which is interesting. I'm not sure anyone denies that an election took place. But they say election deniers, mascon vaccine opponents insurrectionists proud boys and elected officials and leaders in state and local Republican parties. That, to me, general reads not so much as like a group that is a massive threat to the Republic. But maybe a group that's a threat to the establishment. As I was reading that I thought about people like Samuel Adams, I thought thought about the environment in the US in the mid 18th century leading up to the war for independence. These people sound more like extremely frustrated everyday people. And that's the sense I get when I look at the reawaken America clips. When I hear what you're saying, when we talk with people on the street. I'm looking at the comments coming in on social media. These don't sound like insane people, they sound like people who are incredibly frustrated with an establishment that seems to be untouchable.

General Michael Flynn 42:27
Yeah, so let me because I wrote a couple of things down that I think are really important. I appreciate you bringing up Adams because I think that we are in another period of history of US history. I mean, exactly what you read it they they try to tie all these groups together as though we're all singer Lee coordinating and Flynn's in charge of all of them. You know, I am one person that's out there on the landscape of America. And I think they even show in the article where all the places I've been I mean, talk about a saint mayor, the you know, the but, you know, I'll just read a couple of things that I wrote down, because I think it's really important for people to hear from those who founded our country, right. And people can take these for what they're for what they state and for the times that we are in, but George Washington said the time is near at hand, which must determine whether Americans are going to be free men or slaves. John Adams wrote, those who trade liberty for security have neither.

And I have specifically talked about the security state overtaking the military industrial complex that Dwight Eisenhower, a another general, who served two terms as president and warned the United States of America about on his on his parting shot departing from the presidency of the of the United States back in the, in the early 60s. Samuel Adams says it's it is no dishonor to be in an in a minority in the cause of liberty and virtue.

And so, but I will tell you the difference the difference in that time. From from whence those guys wrote those or made those statements is we are not in the minority, we are actually in the majority. So the kinds of things that are out there talking about and the kinds of people in the in the organization that I'm engaging, we are actually the majority we are, we are 10s and 10s of millions of people who actually believe in the kinds of things that that I'm that I believe, and I would say I'm no different. No, the only the only difference in me, you know, in terms of any other American citizen is my time in service. And, and and obviously the where I rose to in the in the structure of our government, you know, as the National Security Adviser for a for a President of the United States. Now, the people could say well, those are big differences. Well, you know what I mean, you look at how I grew up and you look at the type of family that I was part of and the other funny thing in the article they talk about, you know, are you a Christian nationalist? And I think my comment was, No, I'm an Irish Catholic. You know, I'm a follower. And I'm an Irish Catholic. I mean, I actually that was my favorite quote, In the article, because it's because as an Irish Catholic kid, from a family whose father was a retired Sergeant from the army with, with eight children, and a mother and my mother, who was pregnant at the time with my youngest brother, at the time, and my father went to work as a teller in a bank. And you know, and you know, and people can go short that life and that story.

But I understand service, because my father talked about service to us all the time. My mother talked about service to us all the time. And my father imbued in US my both my parents, particularly, but my father, especially because of his service in both the European campaign and World War Two, and then the Korean War, which he fought in for a couple of years, he talked about sacrifice. And so our family and my brothers and sisters all understand that and that's all I'm trying to do is to bring that message to America, and to those that wish to listen, and in a, in a way that that is not perfect, is not, you know, trying to beat my chest or trying to do anything like that.

I'm just trying to get out there and say, hey, look, I've been blessed to have a platform that allows me to be able to go around this country, and people want to hear people want to hear what I have to say, and I, and I feel humbled by that I am deeply, deeply humbled by that.

And so for them to glom all these things together. I mean, I don't even know some of those groups. Another another is, you know, they put an error because I don't know if you want to go there. I do, you know, this whole Qanon thing, right. I mean, I've been very public and outspoken about it, because they try to tag me, me. One organization that I will mention, Vice, has like a four part series right now about me and qabib, you know, and I raised this because, you know, I, I understand what it is, I see the different things in social media, but I have that they want to tag me as though I'm the guy, you know, and, and to me, one of the things that I do know about our government is our government's ability to project and our government's ability to put together disinformation campaigns, psychological operations, and psychological campaigns, information, warfare is something that our government gets involved.

And I've been part of campaigns for information warfare on the battlefield against the likes of al Qaeda, and ISIS and other enemies that we have faced. And we use deception, we use, you know, outright lies, we use misinformation, we use disinformation, meaning the intentional use of information to to sway your audience.

And so I raised this because it is something that I really do believe that it is some type of government campaign, maybe it's being done by, you know, ultra government. Organizations, you know, that are working on behalf of it. But, you know, if something was so, you know, like all these things that people talk about a these these crazy ideas about? Well, you know, Trump is still the president and Trump is still in charge. And do I think that Donald Trump won the election? Yes, I do. I absolutely believe he won the election. I absolutely believe that we have proven without a doubt that Donald Trump won the election, I have no doubt that the amount of you know, what should we do about it, maybe we run, maybe we run elections in a couple of counties, maybe we run the election.

I don't know. I mean, we're definitely in an unprecedented time. But for this, this idea that there is some plan or something that's going to happen, you know, and I keep telling people, the plan is we the people, the plan is you and I the plan is me, and guys like me, and people like me getting out there to encourage people to get involved in the everyday life of this country. That's the plan. That's it. It's that simple. All this other stuff is exactly what it is, is nonsense. And be very circumspect, be very cautious as to what you believe and follow those organizations that are fact based organizations that are unapologetic about being and telling the truth that don't attack the person, but attack the issue. Right.

I would be okay with somebody debating me or attacking the issues that I stand for no problem. No problem, but to say that I'm an election denier, you're right. What does that mean? What does that even mean? I don't deny that we've had elections. I deny that we have fair elections. That's what I denied right now. I mean, we we don't have a fair luck. Shouldn't system and guess what they know it, they the left knows it. And they're going to try to bash us across the head and shoulders with every every frame that they can put against us and every form of DIS and misinformation, and then they're going to project on us that we're the ones that are doing it. And that's that would be false that would be called fake news.

Josh Manning 50:24
Yeah, the term that has come up so many times in the last, well, probably since right after Trump got elected as gaslighting. It's them changing the environment and then telling us we're crazy. Which I think is what you're what you're talking about there. I want to go back for just a second. That was a huge thing. You said if I understood it correctly, are you saying that you think Q anon maybe actually has its roots in a psyops campaign or a distraction? Campaign?

General Michael Flynn 50:59
Yeah, you know, so this is me speculating. But it's also when I speculate I also have a level of expertise in these types of efforts. Okay. And having served on battlefields at certain levels, and served in organizations like you know, I was the senior intelligence officer for United States Central Command out of MacDill. And we were responsible at that time, for, I think it was 27 nations, all of all of East Africa, us, Southwest Asia and Central Asia. And we had different we had different campaigns going on, right? We would have misinformation, disinformation, SIOP campaigns going on to, to get audiences to get the enemy to think one way to get the friendlies to think one way, that's a constant of warfare, right? That's a constant work that's been throughout the history of warfare. 

And some would define it as fifth generation warfare. I'm speculating with a level of expertise that is beyond what most people have. So this is something that I and I've said this before, this is something that I can see our government is some, and they're gonna go crazy on this, but I can see our government, you know, somewhere at some level, putting something like this together, but bifurcating it from the government and turning it over to another body, right. And in that's why, you know, Will anybody ever know where the money gets spent by the security state? Not unless I get back into government? They won't know. And that's another fear that they have. So yeah, I do believe that there is something to that.

Josh Manning 52:47
So that raises another question, what you just said about getting back into government, and I want to be respectful of your time. Thank you for spending so much time with us, General. But this is an unbelievably important discussion. Leading up to the 2020 election, and then afterward, the establishment media continued to talk about needing to have the adults back in DC we needed the grownups back they said the implication or direct accusation being that Donald Trump was a petulant toddler, which the success of the country under his presidency argues against. But regardless of that, they talk about over time, your three star general your Lieutenant General, they give your they say just to quote the retired, the retired Lieutenant General, former national security adviser, one time anti terrorism fighter, is now focused on his next next task. So it seems to me you're exactly the kind of person who they said we needed. If there is a grown up in DC, it, it's you? Is that one of the priests? One of the reasons you are such a threat to them. The assessment you gave the comment you just gave Well, we're never going to know how much the security state spends unless I'm back there. Is that one of the reasons they hate you?

General Michael Flynn 54:09
Yeah, absolutely. And, and I will show I'll talk about Trump for a second. Because I said this, I think up front in this interview, which I deeply, deeply appreciate. They, they, they fear what they cannot control. And that is a very, very important statement. And Donald Trump is exactly the type of, of politician if you will, even though he's really, you know, he's the first to tell you why should I ever get involved? Yeah, I mean, they can't control him, they can't control you know, they're not going to be able to control me so they're going to try to pin me down in a way and and you know, call me names and describe me in all sorts of ways and, and there'll be some, some group of people in this country that listen to the to the mainstream media Right, then they'll think that I'm a convicted felon that spent 10 years in jail. You know, they won't they, they, they won't allow a fair message to get out there because they don't actually care about sort of journalistic standards anymore. What they care about is his power and control. So what what does the future portend? Right? What does the future portend? Well, I will, from my perspective, you know, I will continue to do what I'm doing, to try to drive home the message that, that freedom is not free to use a bumper sticker freedom is not free, and that it requires great sacrifice. And by some, it's going to be the greatest sacrifice by others. It'll only be maybe just prayer. Maybe that's all people can, you know, people have told me, Well, I can't do this, I can't do that. I said, Well, how about can you pray? Can you just sit there and get become part of a prayer group? I mean, everybody can do something. And so my, my desire, and my role right now is to continue to sort of fight the good fight the good, faithful fight that I believe I need to do, because I've been, I've been blessed with, with being able to have a platform like this. And frankly, I like I said, I deeply appreciate your audience. And maybe maybe we can take some time to answer some of the questions from from your audience. But I don't know where we're gonna end up. I do know, the short term is we have to get people engaged. So, so engaged and so awakened. That's why we have the reawaken tour, we have to get people so engaged, because I want people to, to make the decision. And I always say courage is a decision, you know, you're not born with courage, you have to make the decision to be courageous, but I want people to be courageous about what they're doing in their own communities, in their churches, in their parishes, in their townships. And in their counties, I want people to get in there and engage their local level school boards, right, or their local politicians, and demand demand, the kinds of things that we are that we are having taken away from us. I mean, the number I was told the other day, because I mentioned school board, we have about 250 school boards now is the number I was told the other day by someone who's traveling about 250, that have flipped, that have overturned in the last year, right, which is a great, great set of victories. The media is not going to talk about that, you know, this article, these people aren't going to talk about it. They're going to they're going to talk about you know, they're going to disparage all of us that are getting up there saying, you know, you're you can't teach critical race theory, you can't, you know, force it, you know, force transgenderism on five year olds. And that also talks about health issues, too, you know, you the idea of giving kids shots in school without the parental permission, I mean, all that kind of stuff. So, anyway, I just think that abortions, I mean, it's everything is everything that we're dealing with. And that's why, you know, when somebody says to me, Well, I don't do politics, I don't, you know, I don't vote, I rip them apart, that's talking about getting my Irish up, I'll be like, well, then, you know, what, then why am I having this conversation with you? Why? Why, you know, why are you complaining about something? Because it's usually it starts out with somebody coming up to me and complaining about something and I asked, it will be a vote, do you get involved in politics? And the answer, inevitably, it like, or at least 50% of the time is I don't vote I don't, you know, I don't get involved those bums. I'm like, Well, that's the problem. That's a problem with me. And that's a problem for you. Because if you do that, you cannot you don't have the, you know, you have a right to say whatever you want to say in this country without, you know, certainly physically injuring somebody, but But you, to me, it's like a privilege that that ability to really speak strongly about the failures and the failings of government, which we have many right now. Specifically right now. But if you don't get involved and you don't vote, then then you have less of a voice your voice is, is much less and I think that that's something that that I want to I want that message to resonate with people as well.

Josh Manning 59:20
You mentioned questions from the audience. General. There's only one problem with that is most of the messages are just about how great you are. So we're having to sift through those divine question questions. I do want to read a couple of those posts. Vicki White says, I love you Michael Flynn, great patriot. God bless you keep fighting. Tony went says you go Michael Flynn and then follows it with eight American flags. Bruce Martin says if true American patriots don't stand up against these people who are destroying our country We'll never have the freedom we currently have. Darren Amundsen says very well said, Bruce Martin says thank you for your service, please continue to protect our country. So, folks, that is great. You're totally welcome to send those. Those are wonderful and all true. But send messages as well. I'll tell you what, here's a good one. And it's a dangerous one. General Lavanya. Anderson asks, When is Trump coming back?

General Michael Flynn 1:00:30
Yeah, so So, first of all, to Bruce, Vicki, Tony Darren, and many others, I'm sure. And I really appreciate your sentiment and, and your strong message of, of, you know, of keep keep going. Because that's really where I get my energy. You know, I am relentless on the road. And I'm actually I'm gonna go from here to a, to a veterans or to a actually an active duty funeral for a guy who died tragically, hearing about this afternoon and, and get it get back on the road for other events coming to. But I get my energy from people like the those that you just mentioned, in terms of LaVonda. And vonda's question, you know, I wish I could give you a specific thing. I I do believe it's a specific timing. I do believe that, that this is me talking, speculating. And without any without any knowledge, I do believe that we're going to have good news out of Donald Trump in the future. I do know that. One of the things that I have looked at in terms of timing, I would love him to come out and say, today, hey, I'm gonna I'm announcing for President of the United States, you know, in 2024, you know, we're going to continue to battle as of 2020. We're going to continue to fight election, fraud and fight to have strong election integrity, all that, but we're going to, we're going to move, you know, forward into 2024. We're going to come back. I'd love to have him say that today. But I do I also know that that it takes there's a couple of dynamics there. One is there is a and I believe, if I'm not mistaken, there is a Federal Election Commission rules and responsibilities for fundraising that kicks in and that's a different thing. That is that is something that I know that the political campaigns have to consider. The other thing is, is we have a very important set of elections coming up in 2022. For the house, we should wait, you know, by all rights with the policies that we're currently up against, you know, with the invasion of our country by now we're here in 5 million people with the scourge of drugs, the defunding of our police, just that alone, the rat, the rise of inflation, you know, by all rights, we should have Michigan it completely take the House of Representatives take like 3040, maybe 50 seats, we should we should dominate the Senate. But yet we have people in our own established party, the Republican Party in this case that are sort of Pooh poohing that No, maybe we only will get, we may not win the Senate. Mitch McConnell, we may not we may only get a couple of seats in the in the house, Ronna McDaniel out of the RNC. So I want I want President Donald J. Trump. I want him to come back. I want him to run again. And the reason why is because he's fearless. He is absolutely fearless when he will make that decision is solely up to him. And when he does, I know, I know that the American people are going to be like, you know, thank you. Because we we do need we do need these these people in history of history. And he is one of them. That, you know, as I just as I just laid out others, you mentioned a few names of different people. We need those leaders, those great leaders in history that rise above the fray. You know, do we all have imperfections? Absolutely. When people used to say, Well, I didn't like the way he tweeted, I used to say I want him to tweet more, right? I mean, so we have our differences of opinion about how people communicate, but how people lead is really what matters, how people lead is really what matters. Do they take care of the people around them generally. And you know, and I, I can I can talk out of both sides of my mouth on that one. But I think in general, what I have seen, they know it takes good care of people and he definitely knows the strategic issues that America is, is at risk of right. When we talk about make America great again. That's the that's the political bumper sticker. That's the that's you know what's on a hat and it gets people to put a sticker on their car. The real the real governing philosophy is America first. That is a governing philosophy that is a philosophy that says we must and we must do it now. We must put America first above and beyond all other things that we are looking at, you know, globally, because without America leading in, in energy production and manufacturing and jobs and in family values in control of our own sovereign borders, in, in strong leadership on the international stage that says, you know, we, we not only are going to talk the talk, but we're going to walk the walk, and we're going to walk it, you know, as Teddy Roosevelt said, with a big stick, right? And we're going to do it smartly, professionally, civically, we're going to do this honorably, we're gonna do this as Americans as as the, as the very fabric of what is in each one of us, each American citizen is about and the DNA of America, the DNA of America is a is such a tightly wound element of who we are as Americans. And that's why that's why the left, actually they don't just hate me, and they don't just hate Trump. They hate what America is about. And that's why I say it's a relatively small percentage, but it is a it is a rising percentage, because they, they own the media and they attack attack attack, and it's very hard to overcome this, frankly, the censorship, I mean, you know, I don't know if you'll be able to put this on Facebook or YouTube, probably not. Probably not, you're gonna have to put it out on on other means on websites, people are gonna get going to have to go find this, because they own that that lever of power. And they do it in a way that, that you SERPs are the very foundations of our country, as they own the levers of power of the security state, not just intelligence, but also rule of law institutions. And that scares people that really scares people. I mean, just look at what's happening. We don't need to talk about the whole Mar Lago, you know, fiasco, but it's everything. It's Russia collusion, it's the current administration and what they're doing it's it's everything that dealt with the, with Hillary Clinton and Obama and impeaching a president with no legal foundation. It's, it's it's everything. I mean, there's so many things that are under assault, and it really what is what is truly under assault are the American people, and our ability to live our lives the way we want to live them.

Josh Manning 1:07:21
So again, I want to be respectful of your time, especially considering you're going to servicemembers funeral after this. Maybe I can do three more quick questions, we can do quick answers to one. Yes, sir. I'm sorry, I lost my audio again. But it looks like you're there. What are your thoughts on pay cuts to service members? You may have seen the Air Force just announced those are coming.

General Michael Flynn 1:07:54
Yeah, I think that the entire our military institution, our uniform wearing military, active service and reserve and National Guard, it is one of the last bastions of of governmental institutions, that the culture is still, you know all about America and everything we've been talking about, honestly, Josh, and it is under assault, it's under assault by this administration by the left, and by those leading the Department of Defense. I mean, they're after me, you know, every other every other way. And so I It really hurt me to see that our army did not make its recruiting numbers this particular year, as a guy who has spoken to a lot of young people and parents particularly, and and I do feel a responsibility to continue the institution of our, of our military, in particular our armed forces, I want to I want people to see our military as a good thing as a positive thing. And and so when you see things like pay cuts, when you see those that are fighting for their religious freedom, as opposed to getting a vaccine based on on religious beliefs, and you have federal judges that are that are that are putting injunctions in against the Department of Defense to stop these shots because of these religious and religious beliefs. And the Department of Defense still continues, even in spite of what a federal judge has said. I mean, we're destroying the fabric of service to country. We're destroying the ideas and the ideals of sacrifice for others, right. That's why you join the military. You don't join the military because you hate the enemies that were that we may face when you're in service to to the military, you join the military because you love this country. And you love it for certain reasons. You love it for family, you love it because you have your faith and you love it. Maybe Because of the history of the country, you had brothers and sisters and aunts and uncles, or you saw somebody in your own neighborhood that that served, and you looked up to them, and you said, wow, you know, that's they, they're, they're a great person. They're a great role model. I want our military institution to be, you know, continue to be the greatest military in the history of the world. And I feel, and I fear that right now, with this current administration, with all the things that they're doing, to, you know, they're really attacking the culture of our armed forces. And when we when we worry more about the gender than about being trained and ready to fight and win, and the key word is win against our enemies, you know, foreign and domestic. We're in trouble. And so I would, I would say that you know, that we're in trouble right now. We are we are in or we engrave trouble. I don't I wouldn't go there yet. But we are definitely in trouble in our armed forces and in the ability to be able to recruit the young men and young women who still want to serve the country.

Josh Manning 1:11:04
Yeah, if General Milley is an indication of what we'll see, probably enhanced over the next 1020 years, that's a terrifying thought.

General Michael Flynn 1:11:16
I'm gonna meet let me put on a put one more stamp on that, because you just heard just hit on something that's really important. The mission of our Armed Forces is to fight and win our nation's wars. That's the mission, fight and win the nation's wars. In order to fight, you have to be trained, and prepared. Okay. So that means that we have to spend the right amounts of money to be able to make sure that we have a very well trained force the best in the world, and prepared meaning not just trained, but also resource with the best equipment, the best bullets, the best rifles, the best planes, the best ships. But then the real the real mission is to then when called upon by our political leaders to fight, and the most important thing is to win, not to participate in these, these, you know, awful, awful long wars that we have allowed ourselves to get into, frankly, going back 50 years since really, really, really since the end of World War Two, maybe you could even include occurred the Korean war to a degree but certainly since the era of the Vietnam era on and we just can't We can't do this anymore. We've got to, we got to have a military that is prepared to fight and when that should be the direction that the department that the Secretary of Defense's, that's what the, that's what I want to hear out of any commander in chief. And then when they when they when the military leaders like what you just mentioned, come back and say, well, listen, in order for us to be trained and prepared to be able to fight and win, we've got to have these kinds of capabilities. Okay, no problem. And now we can now we can have a debate, as a civil and as a, as a political leader debate about how much money we're going to spend on a particular item. That's fine. I don't mind that. But the goal is to win, because we don't want to go to war and loose. And, and we have not accomplished our goals as these, as these former Secretaries of Defense and former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, all of whom I've known, some of whom I've worked directly for, they just said in a letter in the last 48 hours, we have not accomplished our goals. We have not accomplished our goals, we failed. I mean, you cannot say we accomplished our goals in Afghanistan, you cannot say that we accomplished our goals in Iraq. So you got me on a little bit of a tangent, but I wanted to put a fine point on that about fighting and winning.

Josh Manning 1:13:24
It's a good tangent. If you look at the hip piece, overall, it maybe comes down to three things. They continually refer to Christian nationalism. I'm not sure what that is. I think it's patriotism is exercised by Christians. I'm here. Yeah, our audio went out. Again, I'm not I apologize. I'm not sure what that issue is that they talked about your involvement in local politics, which they absolutely hate. We talked about both of those things. They also talk about organizations that you've been involved in organizations, you've helped found organizations you participate in, and of course, they bring up money. Now, these are the same people who refuse to talk about Hunter Biden, China, Burisma, all of those things. Wit before we started this interview for folks who are watching the general said, asked me anything, asked me anything. So I want to ask you about that. And then we've just got one more question after that. What do you say to the AP? What do you say to critics who say, Well, he's involved in organizations that actually solicit money from people?

General Michael Flynn 1:14:37
Yeah, so let me start there. Let me start with the organizations that that I am a part of, or the kinds of things that I'm doing. And And and frankly, my own livelihood, right, I mean, which was which was ripped apart for four years. Now the over certainly the time that I departed the White House, so I'm not going to on I'm not going to get into a debate about, you know, earning a living or, or getting out there and doing the kinds of things that I'm doing. I will say that we are up against billions of dollars. But I always say we are 10s of millions of people. So some of the organizations or nonprofits, and I guarantee that, under this administration, all most conservative nonprofits to include the ones that I am a part of, or, or are, or advice or support, they're all going to be at risk, because they'll get investigated, they'll be torque turned upside down. And of course, nobody wants to give a dime to to a nonprofit that is that is out there fighting the front lines of You know, freedom, so to speak. So. So all of these different things in the way that that article describes all that it's like, I'm out there doing this for the money. Trust me, folks. I wish I wish that I could, you know, return to a different time and go and say, I'm retired and I'm gonna go, you know, do nothing, or I'm gonna go do like a lot of generals do, and a lot of animals do. I'm gonna go work in the defense establishment, and I'm going to sit on this board, or I'm going to go do this, you know, hey, I made a I made a totally different decision in my life. And that decision was to really stand for the country. And And if people can go, Oh, he's full of it, you know? No, no, that's there's no other reason for me to have gotten involved in politics, because it is seriously ugly. So any of these organizations and all this stuff that they talk about? You know, are we asking people to, to pay to come to an event? Yeah, I mean, we do ask people to pay to come to an event because you know, how many porta Johns you got to put out, you know, how much you got to pay an insurance you got how many tents we got to put up? Yeah, how many? I mean, all the kinds of things that are out there, that that are part of creating these kinds of events. So, so on the reawakened tour because they really hit that like as though we're out there. You know, the big Grifters are the people like Hunter Biden, who you just mentioned, and there are many others that surround that particular case, right. I mean, there's so many other foundations, and I won't get into mentioning all of them. So those are organizations, local action equals national impact local politics, they, they despise people getting off their rear ends and getting involved locally, because they know that they, they can't control that to the degree that they'd like to control that what they can control is they can control the establishment, both sides, both aisles, okay. Republican and Democrat establishment figures in Washington, DC, you know, they are many of them are owned I, I can't sit here today and tell you maybe, maybe one or two US senators that are not bought and paid for. Okay. And I don't say that lightly. And all of them can can they can come after me. And I will say to them, I will ask them specific questions about well, do you? Do you receive money from this organization? Do you receive money from that organization? Does this is this, you know, can you say this without that organization dropping you from from some pack or something like that. So local politics is something that the left cannot control to the degree that they want. And they actually tried to do it through locally owned media, and shutting down businesses, right. So local action equals national impact. It's time to stand up, step up, speak up, get involved. And then the last thing is this idea of Christian nationalism. I really don't know what that means. Honestly, I mean, I guess I could get into if I had to write an answer to a test to find Christian nationalism, I would try to define it. But like I said, I, I'm an Irish Catholic kid, I, I think that what they're trying to do is they're trying to project this idea of fascism on the American fabric, right? And there, and I say project and I use that word very specifically, they are projecting what they are on us. And so this idea of Christian nationals, it's like, we're a bunch of Nazis from world from the 1930s, or something that's not that is so far from the truth. When you look at the people that are part of this fabric of, frankly, this movement, and I think it's a movement that's well beyond what I'm involved in, but this movement of Americans who believe in America, first as a philosophy, they come from all walks of life, they're all colors they're all Creed's they're at you know, and their values are principally American values, even those who are sort of left of center right that are that are true liberals or true Democrats right, that are not that or not this you know, socialist and communist leaning and frankly towards Marxism the the sort of the Black Lives Matter crowd which I which we haven't addressed really, so I mentioned it Way, way over there on the on the left. Are there right wing organizations that are dangerous? Absolutely. Absolutely. In this country, I know that. Are there. criminal cartels in this country? Are there radical Islamic groups in this country? You don't, right? There are any. And so there's all these, all these

components of America that we have to stand up against. And so that for them to say, Well, you're a Christian nationalist, I don't, I don't know what that means, for me to be standing up on stage with two African American pastors, which I have, and to say, you're a Christian national, so you know, as though you're this white, just white guy, Christian, whatever, you know, I again, I, I understand history and what they're trying to box, you know, particularly a guy like me into, but they just can't, they just can't, so they. So they bash, they throw that gauntlet down Christian nationalists, you know, they don't even define it, they really don't even define it. And, and I want people to, I want people to read between the lines, I want people to dig, I want people to research, I want people to find the truth. And you know, and I will take it back. Because I do I do. I do need to probably wrap up here soon. I want people to go back to two documents. One is the Bible. And one is the Constitution. And you cannot dispute those, you can debate those you can you can, you can argue about what they mean and in your own interpretation. And that's fine. But they but they exist. And they are both those documents are the fulfillment of the promises that we have, really, to humanity. I mean, if you think of the Bible as a document that is it's so vast, it's so such an awesome thing. And there's so many great messages. And there's also great warnings inside the Bible, the Constitution is just like that, that constitution for from an American perspective, is a is a fulfillment of promises that we make to each other via things like the Bill of Rights or the Declaration of Independence. And so that fulfillment of promises, is it's like a marriage, right? I mean, so if we're Americans, we must be married to that document, we must be married to what to what it tells us, which is, you know, a, a following of a set of rules and laws and a following of, of something we refer to as a republic. But it also tells us in order for the true fulfillment of those promises, you know, we the people, the consent of the governed, which really is described deeply in our Declaration of Independence, we have to be involved in the, in the fabric of that fulfillment. And I think that those two documents are places where, when you read these really ugly hit pieces, when you see some stupid thing on the, you know, in a documentary, or in a news in a mainstream media, or you hear, you know, some craziness, another attack against, you know, a former president, which, you know, there'll be some other narrative that they're going to create, because once they lose one, they create another, we always have to go back to what we to where we can find truth. And I think that least those two documents are always a good start. Does that have anything to do with Christian nationalism? No. But it has to do with it has to do with the foundations of this country, and the foundations of this country. It you know, Truly, truly, we were built on and you can find it in the, in the Federalist Papers, you can find it in the, in the, in the diaries, and the writings of many of our founders. It is really based on a set of Judeo Christian principles and values and we should be fearless about those. I, I am proud of the fact that I grew up as a Catholic kid in an Irish neighborhood with an Irish Catholic background family tough, you know, I mean, the whole thing that you know, the typical Irish, right? And I'm so proud of that. And I'm proud of the groups that I have that I'm a part of. And I'm not bashful about it, I'm I'm I'm here I am talking on a national and probably an internet to an international audience about that. I mean, that doesn't mean everybody's got to become an Irish Catholic, or everybody's got to love the Irish or log into Catholic. It just means that's who I am. That's who I am as a as a person. And so, when I get out and I speak about things, I I am speaking about things based on my life experiences that I've had, both as a child growing up in a terrific family, a tough family, but a terrific family and my life's experiences being in the military and spending, you know, the better part of my adult, my adulthood, you know, in service to this nation and then and then continuing on in the political life of our country because I do see our country losing, you know, some of that fabric that that that woven fabric that, like a quilt that puts us together. And we're losing some of that some of its frame, you know, I don't think that we're in the abyss yet, but we are at the precipice of, of that existence. And we now have an opportunity. I frankly, um, I feel blessed to be alive during this historic period of time, because I feel like, like, you know, I've been given a, you know, a, a, a privilege really, and, and I'm humbled by it, to be able to have the voice that I have, and I hope that it changes the direction of some people's lives. Because I think it's that important of a time that we live in.

Josh Manning 1:25:44
Two quick questions take as long or as short as you'd like to to finish this up. We did have a question. What are your predictions for 2024 2024?

General Michael Flynn 1:25:54
I do believe that that that Trump will announce I do believe that strongly. I pray that he does. And and I think that we are going to see a big, big move by the local level to really get even more involved in the election security, the election, integrity of our elections, because I'm already seeing that in in states and counties across the country, where people are paying much more attention. Poll, the role of poll watcher is as important as President of the United States on voting day, because poll when when we increase the number of people poll watching, meaning observing what is happening in the polls, those that are trying to cheat the system. They feel intimidated, so So go be a poll watcher, if nothing else, but I know people are getting involved. And that's why that's what sort of my prediction for 2024.

Josh Manning 1:26:51
Last thing, General 11 pages from the AP targeting you calling you a threat, calling you saying you have engaged in bizarre behavior and forsaken your oath of office, what would you say back to the AP in response to this?

General Michael Flynn 1:27:09
Well, you know, we invite people to come in and do things and I always say, like i i sent, I sent a set of answers to what I know is a is a left wing journal the other day, a couple of weeks ago, and they asked me three questions. And I sent three answers, I wrote them down email on an email. And I said, that I would prefer that you use everything that I say otherwise, don't use any of it, because I don't want you to, to cut and paste pieces out and good enough for that local, it's a local newspaper good enough for them, they printed it, as I stated it. And and that's, that's what I would like to have. That's why I love the fact that we're able to do this live and you know, and again, I don't have any problems answering any questions, but I want them to use the context of the answer and not their context. I just did in the in the Batavia, New York event that we had, I think it was CBS and ABC, which are big, big mainstream media outlets. They were the local stations, but I did a live and a taped interview with both those stations simultaneously and said, Ask me anything you want. And and of course, they, they were asking questions, kind of along the lines of what you see in this hit piece. And I'm like, why are you asking me that question? What what? Why don't you ask it about what we're doing here? Because if they were trying to solicit an ad, and I'm just not gonna give him because that's not me. Right? That is not me. And but they want to, they want to cause you to say something that puts you into a box that says you're white, you know, whatever. And, and it's just not me, I mean, you don't serve, you don't get to where I got in life, particularly in the military aid by being defined by any of those things that they've tried to define me as and. And I think that in, you know, going forward,

going forward, I'm going to continue to speak my mind. And, and I will tell you, right, I'll tell you, this audience and any audience that listens, you know, I'm not going to sit here and tell you that I have perfect knowledge or I'm a perfect person, I am way way imperfect. And I will I will make errors and make mistakes. And and I try not to say things from emotion, I try to say things from from matter of fact, or from the heart. And and I think that that's really where I have to just be conscious of all the time I have to always be the certain of that because they're going to take anything and go oh, he's this or he's that you know, and see, then they're gonna say see? So that's why I appreciate these kinds of interviews. Because I think that it allows people that will watch. And I know that you guys have a great audience. And I know that they will watch right, the opposition will watch because they're gonna go see so. And I want them to know that, that when they print something like that, when they try to put another nail in the coffin of General Flynn, all they're doing is they're allowing me more breathing space, more breathing tubes that are coming out of this coffin that they think that they have me buried in, because the American people see right through this stuff they see right through it. And they and they resonate to unapologetic truth. And that's what I'm going to continue to do. I, you know, I do believe I do. I'll finish with this. I do believe that we have two challenges in this country. One is the national security of our country is at risk. And I do think that the second challenge that we face is is we require severe federal government reform. And those two are are linked together. And I think that those that are in, in in power, those that have the ability, senators, congressmen at the federal level, that that believe that any future president that believes that those are the two issues that must be dealt with, immediately, because if we don't deal with those two things, we're going to continue to have this slide towards socialism. And that's what I don't want. That's what I will fight and defend against in a civic professional way. And I'll do it. We're on the battlefield that I believe is the most important Battlefield, which is the local battlefield. And and that that is, the more the more I get out and around the country, the more I realized that that is absolutely the place that that frankly, that when you say you want to choose the terrain to fight on, you don't want allow to allow the enemy to choose the train to fight on the train that I have chosen to fight on is the local Battlefield, the local terrain. And I think that that's the train that will win the day. So I really, really appreciate Josh, and the audience that listened and the Western journal for for being responsive to this. You know, we'll see what happens right.

Josh Manning 1:32:20
General thank you so much for being here. With us responding to the A PPS it can only be described as a smear piece that came out earlier this week. You're responding exclusively on the western journal. He's called America's General General Michael Flynn, thank you so much for being here. God bless peace.

Michael Flynn: Republicans should Fight for an Overwhelming Victory over the Democrats in November
RubyRayMedia on Rumble
Sept 12 2022 (Published Sept 10 by Bannon's War Room)
Length 11:41 (transcript below)


Steve Bannon 0:00
I want to start. I've got General Mike Flynn, by phone. General Flynn, no one needs to tell you about the jackbooted nature of what the FBI Gestapo is doing. But I want you to put it in perspective. One of the things they're most afraid of, the Guardian has a huge story this morning. I've got it up on my lead, pinned at Gettr. They say the precinct strategy, the grassroots movement, the school boards, the people are go to the summits in Florida, they're signing up to be poll workers and election judges and canvassing. That is the single biggest change in American politics and what they're most afraid of, General Flynn, tell me about that. Tell me what, you're one of our leaders, tell us what the troops have to do between now, sir, and November 8.

General Michael Flynn 0:43
Yeah. And so, Steve, thanks very much for having me on and for bringing the attention to this election integrity comes to Florida conference that's happening. And Lara Logan is actually the host of it. So here's where we're at folks, for your audience, and I use the phrase local action will have a national impact. And the fact that I'm speaking on your show, and particularly one of the issues is I am now a part of the Republican Executive Committee for the County of Sarasota, here in Florida. We had an executive committee meeting the other night. Yeah. We brought...

Steve Bannon 1:15
Hold on. I just want to make sure we're making the national announcement. General Mike Flynn is part of the precinct strategy. You're now a precinct committee man and have become the chairman of one of the executive committees down there in Sarasota, taking it back from the RINOs. General Flynn?

General Michael Flynn 1:28
Yeah. So what we're doing is, I basically gave the, you know, did the oath of office to the Republican Executive Committee. I'm not the chairman down there. And we have other people that we're considering. But the bottom line is, I'm putting sort of my money where my mouth is, so to speak. I've been telling people to get involved locally, become pole watchers, get involved in their precincts, get involved in their local communities, like we've never had before, as grassroots flip these school boards over. And we just saw in Florida, I think it was, a couple of dozen flipped; particularly Miami Dade was probably the bigger one, and one right here in Sarasota, we flipped it. So this grassroots strategy is really where it's at. And I've been out there across the nation telling people to do this, you know, to get involved. Many, many people have come to me and said, I ran for this, or I'm doing this, or I'm doing that, because I heard what you said. And so now what I'm going to do, and what I've done in the past month, is basically said, I got to get involved at the local level. So one I can learn about, about the dynamics and frankly, about the corruption that we have, but also about the kind of processes that we have in our election system as we go through the 2022, because you're absolutely right. We shouldn't have marginal victories here. We should have an overwhelming defeat of the Democratic Party. We should have an overwhelming victory for the Republican Party, particularly in the House and in the Senate, and the entire down ballot from governors, down at the state legislatures, down at the county commissioner level. I mean, the whole way down, everybody knows that. We are facing an overreaching federal government, as you just have learned, and I definitely know, we know from intimate aspects of going after our own lives and trying to destroy our lives. Really what this latest thing, too, Steve, is I think that you broke yesterday, really what it is, it's basically when they when they put out all these subpoenas, when they do all these things to all these different people, they're basically telling you to sit down and shut up, we no longer want you to talk to anybody, your legal bills are going to go through the roof, they're going to try to crush you financially, they're going to try to crush you morally, and we can't allow that. And that's why, as long as I got a breath left in me, I am going to continue to push this message of local action, national impact. And now I want to be able to tell people when they say, when somebody says, Well, what are you doing specifically? I'm gonna...I am now part of the Republican Executive Committee for the Sarasota GOP. And I also am volunteering to be a poll watcher in the upcoming elections here and, in particularly in this county, in the state of Florida. And one other thing is that I just want to, because I mentioned it to you this morning when I said come on, also because I want people to remember why I do the things that I do. I mean I have grandchildren. But I'm also going to a Celebration of Life ceremony for a Staff Sergeant James Tyler McKenzie; beautiful young man, 27-years-old, has a beautiful wife and child, daughter. And he died tragically, not in combat, but he died tragically, but he was serving our country. One of the premier Special Operations Forces soldiers that we have. He was a PJ, power rescue man. And so we're having a Celebration of Life for him today with his family. And we interviewed them yesterday at the Sarasota Veterans National Memorial site. And it was just a reminder to me of why I do what I do. I mean, it's a solemn duty that people take when they join the military and they're willing to sacrifice their lives for things that they don't totally understand and for people that, frankly, sometimes don't [inaudible], excuse my Irish.

So that's the other reminder I want to bring across to people that, Why do we have to get involved in this country? Because we have had so many that have sacrificed their lives or were willing to sacrifice their life for our country. And in this case, Staff Sergeant James Tyler Mackenzie, beautiful, beautiful young man and he's got a family and all, you know, and all that comes with that. So that's why. That's another reason why I am so adamant and so involved in our communities and in the country because we have, it's not just jackboot, I mean, as you describe them. I mean, this is like a Bolshevik. It's like a Bolshevik to revolution right to God. Oh, this century, I mean, the last century, it was, you know, roughly World War One era into the 20s. And, you know, and then the takeover. I mean, we kind of have that sort of same historic period of time that is now taking over this country, and it's through everything. It's through an overreaching, Department of Justice, totally broken. It's through a media that is weaponized through an intelligence community that's weaponized. And I call it the security state. You know, Eisenhower talked about the military industrial complex. Well, guess what the security state has now overtaken that. And that's a dangerous thing for a constitutional republic. So, Steve, I just really appreciate you letting me come on. The Election Integrity Comes to Florida Conference is today. Lara Logan is honchoing it for us. And it should be a great conference, like you said, to be honest.

Steve Bannon 6:53
We're gonna go to Real America's Voice in a second. Before we go to break, we got a minute. You said to me on 16th, by the way, send the War Room posse and the War Room's regards to the family of Sergeant McKinney.

General Michael Flynn 7:06
Yup, I will.

Steve Bannon 7:05
You and I would often talk about there's no substitute for victory. The way that we stop this is not talk about it. The way we stop this is not whining about it. The way we stop this is to defeat it and we can crush it at the ballot box. One more time. General Flynn, just tell us, I just want to reiterate. You've now gone to the grassroots level. You're Precinct Committeeman, you're on this executive committee. Like you said, you're getting active at the grassroots because that's where we're at. That's what they're afraid of most. They're not afraid of Trump, they're not afraid of Tucker, they're not afraid of Bannon. They're afraid of 74 million people that are showing up to do something more than vote. General Flynn, can we hold you through the break, sir? Or do you have to punch? Can we hold you through the break for a minute?

Yeah, yes. Yeah, for a few minutes, Steve. I'll stand by.

General Flynn, let me ask you. You've now volunteered, as busy as you are. And people gotta understand, Flynn seven days a week. He's like Michael Lindell, right? These are seven days a week, 20-hour-a-day, guys. General Flynn, I know carving out time to do it is fantastic. But I assume someone with your big personality and leadership and closeness to President Trump, and having a national audience yourself, and so many people support you, I would assume, sir, that you were welcomed by the Republican Party in Sarasota with open arms and said, Man, we're finally glad the Calvary did arrive. And Mike Flynn, this crazy Irish General, showed up so they said, Hey, welcome aboard.

General Michael Flynn 8:29
(Laughs) I mean, it was like shots from the left and the right i mean, it's so funny watching when they put the light on everything, you know, all of the cockroaches scramble. So no, there wasn't an open arms; there really wasn't. Initially, there was some really, really nasty articles, which I'm so immune to that it's ridiculous. But what we have going on here in Sarasota is an indication for what is happening, frankly, around the world, because people around the world, as you're highlighting some of these other international races, but around the world, people are starting to wake up to this demonic global takeover and particularly right here in the country. We flipped school boards and we flipped so many school boards in this country. And so what I decided to do is, as I said, I want to put my money where my mouth is, meaning I say local action has a national impact, get involved. And I was reached out to by some folks and they said, Hey, all we want you to do is just, would you mind taking some additional time? And it is hard, but I'm focused and and I have become a member of the Republican Executive Committee of the GOP for the county of Sarasota here in Florida. And what we brought the other night to a monthly meeting was we brought another, I think it was 57 new members. Initially what we found was it's a board that's supposed to have about 250 members in a very large county, Sarasota, and very important County. Yeah. And can you hear me?

Steve Bannon 10:00
Yes, sir. I hear you perfectly; hear you perfectly.

General Michael Flynn 10:02
So, it's supposed to have 250 members. They had less than 50. I found out one precinct, one precinct, Steve, had 30 members that they could have in there representing them, and they only had two. And these are all volunteers. So what we're doing is at the grassroots level, we're going to increase the number of volunteers that are going to get involved. And I'm telling you, people are coming out in droves because they see what's happening to the country, they see what's happening to our schools, to our local communities. And that's why I use that phrase, local action has a national impact. Because if we get involved and stand up and speak up, then we can take this country back. And that's what they fear. They fear what they cannot control, and they cannot control the people.

Steve Bannon 10:43
This is a populist uprising. And by the way, it's not just national and national impact is certainly from your local efforts, but it's having a global impact as we're going to show throughout the day to day in Sweden, in Brazil, in Italy, and that all works together, like Brexit was inextricably linked with our 16 victory. General Flynn, how do people get to you? What's your social media? What's your website? How do people support you? How do they follow you? How do they get to all of your content?

General Michael Flynn 11:07
Yeah, the easiest way is to go to If you go to that website, you can find all my social media sites on there. You can find the latest articles I've written, you can find the latest interviews I've done. So, thanks for having me on, Steve.

Steve Bannon 11:25
General Flynn, and thank you for doing what you're doing at the grassroots level. And once again, please to Staff Sergeant McKinsey's family and to his memory, make sure that you convey that the War Room is there and has their back and they're in our prayers.

General Michael Flynn 11:38
Absolutely. God bless you, Steve. Thanks.


Trump does it by the book

Many wonder how President Trump does it, outmaneuvering the whole global death cult some call the Deep State, others call the Administrative State. Some may even argue that he has not outmaneuvered them at all, since he "lost" the last election. Oh really?

Has Trump ever conceded that election? Have you ever known Trump to be wrong about anything? If you think you have, put it in the comments below, I will prove you wrong, guaranteed.

Why can't the bye-done clownshow follow up on Mr. Magoo's blatherings to "shut down gitmo"? OK, you mongrels, do it! Shut down gitmo! Hard to do when you are in fact a military prisoner! LOL

About the jibbyjab, did he not repeatedly say in 2020 that therapeutics were preferable to jibbyjabs and that Operation Warp Speed was required to open up the country again? (And consequently, the rest of the world too.) Without it, the Great Reset was designed to absolutely drive the world into a neo-feudal dark age.

Think like Trump and you'll be a happy camper! Go by the book and you'll get God's favor.

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