Celebrating Liberty! + Donald's ROE for Defeating Mask Karens :)


Yesterday, Saturday September 12, 2020 my beloved Jasmine Garrett rallied with friends and citizens from nearby canton, who converged in Geneva, Switzerland joyfully, peacefully, with signature Swiss style and tidy organization, shrugging off the dishonesty, fear and disinformation being perpetrated against the world. Between passionate speeches, demonstrators celebrated en français, shouting "Liberté ! Liberté ! Liberté !"

Here and worldwide we see citizens gathering unmasked, from smiling faces holding peaceful prayer gatherings and boat parades, to dancing in the streets gathering for Trump rallies. In stark contrast to what calls itself the political left, lurching through the dark, backlit by burning cities, looting, beating and killing people.

"Left vs Right?" No, not really, though if "right" is what it takes to protect ourselves from it, then that is certainly what we will choose. The politics of envy are the cornerstone of "socialism," we are witnessing a more fundamental polarization: The Takers, are arraying themselves against The Producers. Whatever our politics may be, our self-styled opponents are driven by envy and hatred, they are against life itself, against "Liberté !" Tools of an overarching malevolence, violent opposition to the peaceful pursuit of happiness.

It's Simply Us vs The Parasites 

We must as nations and a species recognize that calling such "evil," is more of a platitude than it is the recognition of the agenda and how to defeat it. Evil in practice, is simply parasitism. At any and every level of society, from the desperately poor to the powerful and influential: Creatures that live by feeding on productive people, one way or another. Regarding creatures whose wealth and power over us is obtained by theft from us, as our betters, as "elites," is sadly hilarious once you stop and think about it..

Recognizing the angry creatures attacking us for not wearing masks, for what they truly are and defeating them, requires context. From toppling statues erasing history to the endlessly manipulated information weaponizing the Chinese Flu against us, context is the enemy of all parasitical predation. From slogans like "sustainability" and "equality," to "social justice" and "Hope and Change," all fancy euphemisms for theft.

"Black Lives Matter" ? "--We're going to burn down your neighborhood."

First, we need to stop and reckon, what the Sphincter Police, what the Mask Nazis actually are.

Apologies to all the lovely women named Karen out there who aren't "Karens."

Attacking us with "facts," the only research, statistics or "science" found to support any part of the Social and Economic Warfare being waged against life on earth, particularly the middle class, has proven to be entirely fraudulent. Contrived, weaponized against us. The naked evil we are all finally starting to see clearly, has always been our mortal enemy.

A ravening parasite of parasites, in its death-throes, a parasite that has fed and feasted upon humanity since time began with the fall of the fallen angels, down here into the footstool kingdom.

Jasmine as many of us, has lamented how few people have the spine, the courage to stand up to the nasty creatures who have been purposefully tooled up against us. We have all marveled at them driving masked, alone in their cars. But they are not really alone in there, riding along with many of them is a full load of the virtue-signaling indignation and envy every parasite feels towards healthy, happy, productive people.

She has in our conversations, remarked that we should all know better, way better than this, especially here in Switzerland, in Europe. History gave the citizenry over here front-row seats, how by simply being passive to it, all of life and sanity can be overthrown by the unholy alliance of organized evil energizing the least among us, the furtively envious. Unwilling to do the hard work we consider normal and healthy, the engine of our success and productivity, from bottom to top this unholy alliance covets what is ours and not theirs, always has. Exactly as in Nazi Germany, an organized and carefully orchestrated malevolence, arming the envious with rhetorical rods up their backsides simulating spines, and license to attack.

The rats, the finks, the finger-pointing snitches were the weapon that Adolph Hitler, a Rothschild banker's tool, leveraged to seize a nation, and nearly a planet, by the throat. These, not the guns and bombs of Hitler's Holocaust--those came after the overthrow. The Sphincter Police, emboldened by fist-shaking jingoism, thugs and petty tyrant bureaucrats, were the agents and agency of the Third Reich's rise to power.

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They are not concerned for anyone's health or wellbeing, any more that those employing them as tools care about the "environment." Burning cities, attempting to burn down the entire states of California, Oregon, and any other they can put to the torch, in a desperate attempt to cower a nation into submission. Backfiring in their faces as usual since President Trump arrived on the political scene, the only people capitulating are the limp-wristed denizens of liberal-run cities, who have already capitulated by definition.

The parasites of the world are reeling in desperation to reestablish the grip upon our throats they celebrated oh, so prematurely, leading up to the day they unexpectedly lost to us and Donald J. Trump.

They Never Thought She Would Lose. "She," the cackling bobble-headed witch already up to her eyeballs in blood. Another Banker's Tool, engineered for the sole purpose of initiating the greatest bloodbath in human history. By their own accounting and declaration in plain language in their United Nations Agenda 21 and 2030 publications, the reduction of the human population of earth from some ten or fifteen billion, down to five hundred million: A plan funded by the financiers of Hitler, Mao, Pol Pot, Stalin, Bush, Obama and Clinton, who funded and orchestrated all the mass-murderers in modern history, and currently run the European Union. A plan to slaughter people by the billions using every conceivable means from the poisonous toothpaste to the brain-damaging vaxxes and nonstop wars President Trump is ending.

The five hundred million target is a chimera, a ruse. As all finally awakening bear witness, the parasite's hatred of us is beyond reason, exceeding their own sense of self-preservation, only exceeded by their loathing for themselves. Parasitism, "evil," is always suicidal. Once any parasite gets the upper hand over its host, the death-frenzy is over quickly for both.

They are not interested in simply masking us: they are desperately grasping for the power to force masks on us, the Mask Karens and Media Propagandists are their front-line troops in a campaign to overmaster us. While the lack of oxygen certainly serves to further addle people's wits, the purpose here is to seize us by the throat, rob us and exterminate us.

One In God is a Majority - It only ever takes 3% of the people finding their voices, to defeat parasites.

A big concern Jasmine expressed was the size of the crowd, numbering in the hundreds rather than the tens of thousands. So relatively few, standing up against such massive fraud, a blatant hoax, armies of compromised bureaucrats and media manipulators using a relatively mild flu as a pretext for economic warfare against all of humanity.

Systems analysis reveals, that parasites, whether they be bankers, bureaucrats, "movie stars," terrorists, communist dictators or frustrated Jr. Hitlers, will not crawl out from under their rocks without a perceived advantage of fifty to one over us.

As we all know, their favorite targets are the defenseless and innocent: they slaughter 125,000 unborn people per day, a holocaust of 40 to 50 million murdered babies every year. We see day after day in the videos the "peaceful" paid thugs looting and burning cities, pulling individuals from wheelchairs, kicking them in the head as they lie unconscious. Twenty to one against an elderly couple having lunch, fat brutes blind-siding women beating them to the ground while the rest watch and film. Simply vile, craven. Cowardice is every parasite's primary virtue.

The size of the crowd was perfect.

ROE - Donald's Rules of Engagement

What does matter standing up to evil, is summoning the common sense to think it through in advance. They are well organized, to defeat them requires clear thinking and workable plans. Starting with simple Sun Tzu, don't fight the enemy on its own turf, on its terms, or when outnumbered. Jesus never hesitated to take the fight to the enemy on his terms. When they organized themselves against him, he went on vacation to Galilee.

On the one hand of course, buy and train with guns. On the other: AVOID GOING INTO SITUATIONS WHERE YOU THINK YOU WILL NEED IT. Besides the risk of dying, spending the next half-decade paying lawyers is not winning. If a perp attempts to force entry into your home or you catch one molesting a child, gun it down. We will all pray the law stands with you, and if you get the word out especially a live video, we'll send you plenty of money to fight the parasites if it doesn't.

If a Compliant Cop orders you to put on a mask? Put on a mask, then politely ask him or her what the legal basis is for the order. Many of you Johnny Awakening Latelies, elected the clowns he works for..

That's pretty straightforward, we know what we gotta do.

So, What About the Mask Nazis? What Do We Do About Them?

First, as above, Choose Your Battles Wisely. Second, if you can't engage a parasite without losing your cool, you need to heal that and get your head on straight. Until you get that straight, your part of the fight is at the keyboard, Meme Warrior, getting the vote out, etc. Do not engage if you can't keep your cool.

Let's take a closer look at that. Why were we schooled so relentlessly, to meet anger with anger? Aggression with aggression? I'm talking about the feeling, not the activity. As an F-16 pilot flying Air Combat Training missions, no problem perfectly calmly affixing my gunsight reticle on the back of a defeated opponent's helmet at the conclusion of a fierce battle.

The Bible tells us over and over, things like "do not fear," and "love your enemy." Why are we so relentlessly schooled to disregard that when things get tense?

Killing an evenly-matched opponent in a dogfight is nearly impossible. He who makes the first mistake, dies. However, when an opponent loses his cool, I kill him in three moves. That's the biggest mistake you can make. Even a Top Gun, Fighter Weapons School graduate, who is dumb enough to lose his cool, gets a video filmed through my Head's Up Display, of young Lieutenant Garrett putting a weapon solution on him. "Love your enemy." Gotta stay chill.

Tough Love

Learning to remain calm in a conflict, is simply setting your intention on it, and practicing. Gameplay past situations that haven't worked out so well, visualizing doing it better. There is no substitute for practice. I noticed during an in-flight emergency, I was leaning back to the left in the seat the whole time, even though I was thoroughly strapped-in. Why? Military aircraft seats tend to be uncomfortable, when I practiced emergencies in the flight simulator I didn't strap in, and slouched to the left for comfort. That's why. It's what I practiced doing, in every detail. Nothing beats diligent practice, when it really matters.

"Love your enemy" doesn't stop us from pulling the trigger, quite the contrary, it steadies the hand, and eliminates hesitation when a situation crosses the line. It greatly reduces the likelihood you will make poor decisions, including shooting someone who doesn't need shooting.

How does this all work though, out getting the groceries when a virtue-signaling, finger-wagging Mask Karen gets in our faces?

First, remember this is a war. Losing a skirmish, does not mean you have lost the war, especially if it teaches you not to pick fights you can't win. People endlessly lament why President Trump isn't immediately Righting Every Wrong. Do you really need the Art of War to tell you not to pick fights, until you are in a position to win them?

Write your own script and practice, based on the tactics below. Practicing, means you will be able to easily adapt the plan to surprises, in dynamic situations.

The overall strategy below is simple: Call out exactly what your virtue-signaling opponents are doing, vs engaging in debate on their terms. They call us things like "Racist!," going down the list, "Misogynist!!" trying to find something that triggers us, "Grandma killer!!!" putting us into play Mud Wrestling. In other words, fighting on your enemy's terms.

The reality is, simply going out into the sunshine unmasked, is already an indictment of cowardice from the Karen's perspective. Exactly like alcoholics pushing their drug on you, who rather than freeing themselves from their lifewrecking condition, are eager to drag us down into the misery. At some level every Mask Karen is fully aware they are participating in herdfollowing groupthink. Evil.


Your job is to put the sunshine on them, and keep them reacting to you. Once you get the hang of it, managing Karens is relatively straightforward.

The first move, is to assert your authority. Simply ignore them. Calmly continue about your business, zero eye contact, no evidence you even notice they exist. 

If you show fear or hesitancy...it's time to beat a retreat or mask-up, you've already lost that round.

Otherwise, Walk On By. Go about your business. You'll be pleasantly surprised at how often that ends it, when you get the moves right. An important part of this, is communicating by your demeanor, your authority, your right to exist. Remember that these things are conditioned from birth to roll-over to authority, you are essentially asserting leadership over both the lead Karen and the inevitable mob with this move.

This works by the aura of certainty you radiate, which your practice has given you: The air of unperturbed inevitability, that you are going to simply continue shopping, or whatever business you are about.

Next move, if the thing persists: With as much concern as you express flushing the toilet, dismiss it, "Mind your own business." Don't look at it, keep walking, or turn your attention elsewhere.

Make no mistake, this thing doesn't care about anyone's health, this is juvenile aggression. Stay alert, while appearing calm, relaxed, dismissive. Look casually at your shopping list, 'Let's see, what aisle was I going to next?'

Managing Physical Assault 

Most people are for some curious reason not aware, that "assault," by law, occurs the moment a threat of physical harm is communicated. Actually getting hit, is "battery." Both, are crimes. In other words, the moment you perceive you need to protect yourself from physical attack, you are dealing with a perp, not a person. Job One is to make it really clear to onlookers who is the perp, and who is the defender. 

Your thorough Concealed Carry training will cover when to pull your gun, your best weapon besides a clear head, is the camera on your phone.

The instant you think the thing is going to move withing striking distance, pull out your phone and start filming in one move, as you have practiced. Take a step or two back to preserve your space while you pull it out if you need to, then square off behind your phone. No way it can slap the phone out of your hand if you're ready for the move.

Do Not Ever Directly Reply To Anything It Says, and keep the phone between you and it. Time to look it in the eye, stating calmly do not raise your voice, "Back off, now." No matter what it says, repeat, "Back off," including variations like "Back off, or I will call the police, and press charges against you." If you want it to end here, you must speak with calm finality. If you show the dingoes any fear, it's time to ditch the shopping cart, beat a retreat, live to shop another day.

Know when to cut your losses. Practice that move thoroughly, so you don't get tricked into falling on your sword by a random sack of walking garbage.

At no point in this confrontation, do you ever start debating public health issues. This is about being assaulted by random drones in public, not idiot CNN talking points. The moment you make that mistake, you are Mud Wrestling.

Mud Wrestling - Subjugation into Groupthink

Be prepared to film a retreat. Be prepared to deflect or duck some hits. Clearly defensive moves only. You lift one finger striking back, you get charged with assault. You gonna pull out a gun, and shoot an idiot snowflake? Think ahead carefully hero. If you think there is a possibility you'll need a gun, your strategy is to be elsewhere.

Your job managing physical assault, is to make it crystal clear that you are the one being assaulted. No discussion whatsoever of "health issues" etc. You get to say to the liberal judge, "If (he, she, it) was concerned about health issues, why did it decide to physically assault me?"

Do you know how to keep filming, while calling the police? Better practice it! Command onlookers to call the police as well, especially employees. "Call the police. Call the police now."

If it actually takes a swing at you, press charges. Calmly report the incident to the police. Be the one not shrieking, you will very likely win.

If despite your attempts to avoid it, the situation escalates to physical assault, you are done shopping, your new chore for the day, is seeing to it that a perp gets prosecuted. Otherwise, if they have accepted your boundary and are clear they need to keep their distance, continue as below.

The above handles backing it off if it gets too close, the next step works either way if the creature persists verbally while staying out of your space. If the thing refuses to mind its own business, it's time to Calmly Confront.

Confronting Cowardice

This is unprovoked aggression, not a public health discussion. Keep it simple. Repeat your statements over and over, the tactic is called Broken Record, like a scratched vinyl record repeats the same phrase over and over.

Calmly, fix your gaze on it, even lowering your voice a bit. Do not speak in accusation speak factually, without inflection, "Listen you spineless coward, nobody here is fooled into believing you care about anyone's health. You are like any coward, nothing more than a schoolyard bully, trying to rally the mob. Mind your own business." Sunshine Accomplished.

Go about your business. Move calmly, keep moving if you can like in a store. When you stop, or if you're in a room like a waiting room, stand with a wall or something at you back so no one can come up behind you. After each statement you make confronting, make the move to turn away, or walk away as in a store. Time is your friend here. You have reminded them they are cowards, give them time to get over the rush of thinking you were easy prey.

Pay attention to the people moving towards you. If they are coming to see the show, it is an act of aggression. Don't let them enjoy the cowardice of mob anonymity. Call them out, shine the light on them. Single one out, point your finger calmly at its face, "Any child who has been bullied on the playground recognizes what it means when you lot start circling. You are all cowards, masked like a gang of criminals, too spineless to stand up to this mask hoax."

Take a moment to look them in the eye individually. Return to your business.

If any persist in following you, "You, what's your name?" Putting faces on the mob liquefies bowels. You are simply uncomfortable at this point, you don't want to know what is going on in the minds of these specimens. Sunshine Time.

Remember also, that if you can pull off a good belly laugh at the right moment, it works almost as well as a bazooka. Do a Trump, give them a Pet Name, something way softball.

"You, what's your name?" Give them plenty of time to answer, cut them off it they try to change the subject, "You going to stand there like a coward, hiding behind a mask? If you were actually concerned about health, you would simply move a safe distance away, wouldn't you, Buttercup."

Most of the herd will refuse to give their names, "Too much of a coward to introduce yourself honestly!? What kind of trash are you?" Great moment for that belly-laugh.

Continue about your business. If any persist, "Am I going to have to call the police on you?" Pull out your phone. "What kind of spineless worm are you?" Sunshine. Stick to the Real Topic.

Don't give it time to answer, if there is more than one, start in on the next one, "You, what's your name?" Go through the drill with this one, keep it moving by shifting to the next, repeating yourself calmly, patiently, didactically.

"Uh, Joe Smith."

"Hello Mr. Smith. Don't you have anything better to do today?"

Resume shopping, go back to looking at your phone etc.

If an employee tries to get in your face, demand to see their boss. Do Not Ever Directly Reply To Anything It, or the Mob, Says. Keep taking the initiative. Keep filling your shopping cart or whatever.

Shopping, going to the doctor's office, the DMV, is the kind of place they can run the game on us, the enemy knows our moves. Rule of Engagement: Never Be Predictable. Rule of Shopping: Head for the cashier when finished, totally predictable. As always, be ready to disengage, walk away, shop at another store, or on another day.

The question to ask yourself, and to keep asking yourself the whole time: 'Is this my fight?'

"Laugh at the devil, and he will flee from you.."

Love is a Different Kind of Winning 

The moment you stood up to them, you won. Especially if you put sunshine on the cowardice. You, will be inconvenienced. It's going to work on them like battery acid eating from the inside. Some, might even find spines themselves witnessing all this.

This is Leadership. Their "leaders" rule by fear, they are loathed, and loathe themselves even more. The simple act of standing up, calmly, sends ripples out over the horizon. That's why it only takes 3% of us.

We are the true rulers of the earth, the moment we grow up and start acting like it. No certificates, no brass plaques, no armies or bands of thugs, simply standing there. Or sprinting to safety, depending on the circumstances.

True citizens are spontaneously rising up peacefully in every nation, showing the world how it is done. Tyrants don't fear us shouting at them, they feed on fear and hatred. They fear our laughter, our dismissal of them. Vote them out, while your still can.

"Love your enemy" isn't some kind of platitude, love is a vibration that is physically painful to parasites. Getting into it with them, is feeding evil. This is one of the endless ways they feed on us.

The Light inside us is something they don't have. Turning away from the Light, is how they became parasites. From that moment, they are forced to steal from us to survive. That's why they spend most of the money they steal from us, on trying to deceive us. That's why they spend so much money trying to distract us and manipulate us, and why they go to such great lengths to conceal their crimes from us. When we finally get truly fed up, it's game over for them.

We are the true rulers of the earth, once we decide to take action. Love, is the most powerful action we can take, once we learn the moves.

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