There is No Statute of Limitations on Treason - Let us Rather, Remember All the Deepstate Criminals Infesting Our Government, Who Didn't Die That Day, Who Have Yet to Pay

Directed Energy Weapons from Above, Thermite in the Middle, Nukes in the Basements

DEW Punching Down From Above atomizing the debris during collapse - Large, precisely circular cutouts clearly visible in aerial photos of the wreckage, something that sliced through steel and concrete like a flashlight beam passes through air. Buildings largely transformed into atomized dust, the atomized steel and concrete blanketing the city.

Spontaneously atomizing steel is quite a trick, many industries would love to know how it was done.

Thermite in the Middle, Controlled Demolition - Tons of nano-thermite particles, also in the dust blanketing the city.

Nukes in the Basement - Pools of molten steel in the basements, 2.2 earthquakes the moment each building began to fall, pyroclastic flow clouds as the buildings collapsed. 

Three buildings collapsed into their own footprints, Building 7 was not hit by an airliner, yet spontaneously collapsed at free fall speed.

Weeks of pumping water on it, to cool the molten pools in the basements of the collapsed towers. The aircraft impacted up above, there was never any fire seen in the basements prior to collapse, collapsing a million pounds of steel and concrete onto a fire extinguishes it instantly, the rubble smothers it, depriving it of oxygen. What burned?

If steel could be melted by an open fire, wouldn't cavemen have discovered it?

Every seismograph in the eastern half of the US registered the 2.2 shocks immediately prior  to each of the towers collapsing. The only prior events in human history other than earthquakes producing seismic shocks exceeding 2.0 magnitude on the Richter Scale, were observed during underground nuclear bomb testing.

Above-ground nuclear detonations do not produce significant seismic signatures, because the detonation is not ground-coupled.

The Richter Scale is a measure of energy release. The only known source of energy powerful enough to create a precisely-timed, 2.2 seismic shock on the Richter Scale is a nuclear weapon.

The enormous energy budget necessary to trigger pyroclastic flow as seen in volcanic eruptions, is well-known to geologists, simple to calculate.

The flow cloud runout observed on 911, also required kilotons of energy to propel it, roughly equivalent to a stack of TNT as wide and nearly as tall as the towers themselves, but, somehow packed into the basements.

In all of science and the observed phenomena in the universe, a nuclear reaction is the only way to account for that much energy, released in the basements of the buildings.


There is no Statute of Limitations on Treason


9/11 America: Are We Waking Up? Are We Healing?

Students of Life come to realize how effective trauma-based programming can be to deaden the soul and make it submissive to tyranny. Parents have an incredibly challenging task in this world of strong delusion, raising their children with a complete understanding of their own innate capacity to withstand and heal from traumatic injuries of the body, mind and soul. Too often, sadly, parents struggling with unresolved traumas of their own can be the instruments themselves of deep traumas inflicted upon the very innocent and vulnerable children in their care. And what about a nation, a world, of damaged and fractured souls? What are the consequences of a whole nation and many nations of unresolved, unhealed traumas like 9/11, and World Wars? They are, Poverty, Starvation and Slavery, the preconditions and achievements of the globalist's agenda: World Communism.


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  • This commment is unpublished.
    Franz · 3 years ago
    What really convinced me that DEW was used were the many same-day pics I saw of the relatively tiny rubble piles that were left, impossible otherwise for these massive 110-story buildings of glass, steel and concrete, not to mention all the contents of these buildings.
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Franz · 3 years ago
    I meant to give this article 5 stars but my fat-fingers on my android punched the wrong thing. I do not see how this rating can be changed by me!
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Carol Allen · 3 years ago
    I just found this article from 11/10/2016. FB didn't let me post it on Fight the Fake: https://www.usasupreme.com/trump-im-reopening-911-investigation/

  • This commment is unpublished.
    DonaldG · 3 years ago
    @Carol Allen the freaks won't let me post it either!

  • This commment is unpublished.
    ISmythe · 2 years ago
    Insulation was removed from all the steel beams because of asbestos concerns.

    The Trade Center was a white elephant, never made a profit & always had low occupancy rates.

    It was built without thoughtful regard to the transportation infrastructure that would be needed to move people in & out of this massive complex on a daily basis.

    The owner at the time of the attack had not owned it very long but had taken the extraordinary measure to take out insurance for the buildings & complex that included terror attacks.

    The owner cashed in on the massive insurance payout & because there were 2 separate plane strikes, insurance paid off 2 separate terror incidents.

    I don't know anything on insurance $$ collected on building 7 that apparently scared itself to death.

    • This commment is unpublished.
      Franz · 11 days ago
      Indeed, Silverstein even told msm they decided to "pull it" referring to Bldg 7.

      Oh really? Just "pull it" ?

      What a Khazarian Mafia joke on the rest of us!
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