Fake News Media Imploding

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I wouldn't blame you for thinking there's something awfully weird about billion dollar operations behaving like moths to flames.

Donald J. Trump, [18.06.21 12:06] on Telegram

ICYMI: "Ratings Free Fall: CNN’s Brian Stelter Loses 72% Of Viewers In 2021"

Read the full article by Ben Johnson with the @realDailyWire here ...

Ratings Free Fall: CNN's Brian Stelter Loses 72% Of Viewers In 2021

Stelter made up as clown

"The ratings of CNN’s “Reliable Sources” plunged to their lowest level of the year this weekend, even as host Brian Stelter continues to dedicate every episode to criticizing the credibility of Fox News.

"In all, his show has lost 72% of its viewers since its high point on January 10.

"The new nadir came one week after Stelter all but begged White House spokesperson Jen Psaki to tell him how his network could better conform its coverage to the Biden administration’s talking points."

DailyWire.com - Ben Johnson on June 16, 2021

Donald J. Trump, [18.06.21 14:52] on Telegram

ICYMI: "MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace suffers ratings implosion"

Read the full article by Becket Adams for the @Washington_Examiner here ...

MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace suffers ratings implosion

thumb nicolle wallace refuses to read trump tweet on the air 33592243

" “Resistance” television has been having a rough go of it lately.

"MSNBC host Nicolle Wallace has suffered a roughly 80% decline in viewership in the 25-54 age demographic since President Donald Trump left office, the Washington Free Beacon reports, citing data provided by the Nielsen Media Research.

"In May, just a little over 147,000 people in this all-important demo tuned in every day to watch Wallace's two-hour MSNBC program. In contrast, her program, which launched in 2017, averaged 543,000 viewers in the 25-54 demographic in January, 297,000 in February, 177,000 in March, and 215,000 in April.

"It was only a matter of time before lousy ratings caught up to cable news’ patron saint of mediocrity. Wallace’s particularly ignorant brand of analysis and her unrelenting cheerleading for the Democratic Party may have served their purpose when the Republican Party held the White House and the U.S. Senate, but now? Who needs analysis from a know-nothing, washed-up GOP operative? Very few people, apparently."

Washington Examiner - Becket Adams on June 17, 2021

Meanwhile, back at the ranch ...

Donald J. Trump, [18.06.21 18:03]

ICYMI: "Sean Hannity Interview with Donald Trump Brings Major Ratings Win Wednesday"

Read the full article by Marisa Sarnoff of Mediaite here ...

Sean Hannity Interview with Donald Trump Brings Major Ratings Win Wednesday

b2ap3 large Hannity with Trump 6 17 21

"Hannity swept the competition at 9 p.m. Wednesday, notching more total viewers and viewers in the valuable A25-54 demographic than The Rachel Maddow Show and Cuomo Prime Time combined, according to Nielsen data. Hannity had 3.47 million total viewers and 569,000 in the demo. By comparison, Maddow had 2.34 million total viewers and 326,000 in the demo, and Cuomo had 1.06 million total viewers and 192,000 in the demo.

"Hannity also topped the charts overall in cable news on Wednesday. Tucker Carlson Tonight was second, with 3.06 million total viewers, and 476,000 in the demo. The Five was third in total viewers, with 2.63 million, and fifth in the demo, with 341,000. The Ingraham Angle was fourth in total viewers, with 2.39 million, and third in the demo, with 451,000. Maddow was fifth in total viewers, with 2.34 million (326,000 in the demo). Gutfeld! landed in fourth in demo viewers, with 390,000 (1.59 million viewers total).

"In total day, Fox News won with 1.64 million total viewers, and 271,000 in the demo. MSNBC was second, with 1.13 million total viewers, and third in the demo, with 140,000. CNN was third, averaging 786,000 total viewers, and second in the demo, with 174,000."

Mediaite - Marisa Sarnoff

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NBC's Guthrie Pulls a Streisand

b2ap3 large Meme S Guthrie Not Satanic Cult

October 21 Update: Media, Twitter and Facebook, lying/hiding more than ever, more transparently than ever: POTUS had to walk off the 60 Minutes set for their "FAKE and BIASED interview" and their "Electoral Intrusion." (See tweet later in this article.) Rudy Giuliani seems to be a big threat to their death cult, exposing the child sex crimes of Hunter Biden and anyone else associated, drawing high volume of profane fake news fire. Outside-of-mainstream news agencies are sharing increasingly sordid details from Hunter Biden's laptop.

October 15: NBC hosted a live debate, deceptively called a "Town Hall," with President Trump and their "moderator" Savannah Guthrie who assaulted the president with at least 4 times more questions than the audience, all of which were accusatory, aggressive and badgering, often interrupting the president. Guthrie grilled Trump about what she called, "Q Anon," the second time this subject was raised by a corporate media reporter in a live event, the first time being a White House briefing on August 19 covered later in this article.

Guthrie also made some wild accusation about a strange "Q Anon" conspiracy theory that says that Democrats are a ring of satanic pedophiles that Trump is "our savior of." Trump responded that he didn't know "Q Anon" but that he agrees with those who identify with "Q Anon" for being strongly against pedophilia. Guthrie would not follow up on the subject of pedophilia, I wonder why? I think we'll see why later in this article.

The Left in media, big tech and in DC, are now trying to make hay on the perception that "Q Anon" is a public threat and that Trump is like "someone's crazy uncle" for not disavowing them (whoever/whatever "they" are and for whatever reason they're supposed to be disavowed, perhaps because the Left says so in another transparent projection they're so famous for. Crazy Uncle Joey? "You know … the thing.")


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