AOC: Destroying the Dimms for Trump and the Patriots Every Single Day!

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Even Babylon Bee can't top this clown! LOL We've said it before: she HAS to be on Trump's payroll!

Meme AOC When you have 5 dollars

Rep. Nancy Mace on AOC: “She’s Lost it, She Doesn’t Deal in Reality”

"Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has clearly lost her mind, or what was left of it.

"Since the events of the Capital riot on January 6th, AOC has continually changed her story of what she experienced that day.

"She has exaggerated events, and even falsely accused Ted Cruz of attempting to have her murdered.

"It’s clear to see that she is starved for attention, and obsessed with being a victim.

"Other politicians are calling AOC out for refusing to deal in reality.

"Republican congresswoman Nancy Mace doubled down on her own criticizm of AOC, saying this:

" “She’s lost it today, she doesn’t deal in reality.”

"Mace also pointed out that AOC has been very dishonest with the American people and that dishonesty is only causing more division which hurts the country."

Travis - We Love Trump



Dear AOC & Co, Take Your Hate Lists, Your Bankrupt, Murderous, Mutant Criminal Religion and Shove It!

In related news the Unites States Postal Service, fleeing a blizzard of arrest warrants, announced their succession from the US in a joint venture with and the Communist Chinese, renaming themselves The People's Bank of SPAZ. The new bank is issuing a revolutionary new form of currency based on surplus election ballots, which the hapless civil servants discovered were already a form of "digital currency" due to the electronic and other encrypted information embedded in them.



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    Peggy · 18 days ago
    This is great! Good for a chuckle or two. AOC is out of her mind!
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