Amerika's Akademik Traitors

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Sidney Powell recently coined "Amerika" pointing to the CCP-infiltrated institutions of the United States especially Election Fraud. We pay homage with our headline referring to a power punched appearance by National Pulse Senior Writer Natalie Winters on Steve Bannon's War Room. She spoke to the CCP-saturated academia.

We don't call them the DNCCP for nothing

At RRM we don't call them the DNCCP for nothing. Natalie Winters appeared in Steve Bannon's War Room this morning referring to her latest National Pulse article that exposes how academia is infested with CCP intelligence operatives.

b2ap3 large Website SC National Pulse Winters CCP in Academia

A new, bombshell report out of the United Kingdom unveils how research from British universities is being exploited by the Chinese Communist Party to empower and advance China’s military, including the scope of “weapons of mass destruction.”

"The National Pulse has highlighted how America’s premier institutions have accepted millions from Chinese state-owned enterprises in return for favorable studies on the Chinese Communist Party. Universities have also advised and hosted conferences alongside military-linked entities, including those sanctioned for human rights abuses.

"The UK report also follows countless American professors involved in scientific research getting indicted for secret contracts with the Chinese Communist Party and espionage schemes to steal research."

National Pulse - Natalie Winters

Natalie's presentation is featured at Real America's Voice website, the clip is about 12 minutes, simply tap or click on the image below.

b2ap3 large Rumble SC Natalie Winters on Warroom 2 15 21 at 22 minutes of the video

Steve calls Natalie one of the best young reporters in Washington DC and exposes the Washington Post as being in bed with the CCP.

Natalie Winters: The Transition Integrity Project is linked to Soros and the Chinese Communist Party

Natalie Winters: Beijing Biden is a trojan horse for the Chinese Communist Party


Lin Wood Sunday 12 13 21 Dont Give Up on God

Lin Wood Sunday Wisdom: "Don't give up on God ... don't give up on Trump"

Some of Lin Wood's best quotes are when he's just come out of a Sunday Service. Here he is on February 14, 2021, with some powerful words. Listen!


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