Alaska: Best Trump Rally Ever?

How do you rank the Trump rallies? They're all incredible, setting records in attendance and enthusiasm wherever he goes. Perhaps one way to judge a rally is by the speech Trump gives. This one in Alaska on Saturday was, as they say, a doozy! Las Vegas on Friday wasn't bad either! We've got all of it, including speeches by Sarah Palin, Kelly Tshibaka and Mike Lindell, and a bunch of clips, for our Ruby Ray Readers to enjoy!

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MAGNIFICENT MERCOLA: The Shocking Truth About the Global Depopulation Agenda

Story at-a-glance

  • "Infertility: A Diabolical Agenda," produced by Dr. Andrew Wakefield and Children's Health Defense, details the World Health Organization's intentions to produce an anti-fertility vaccine in response to perceived overpopulation, and how such vaccines have been used — without people's knowledge or consent — since the mid-'90s
  • The WHO has been caught more than once deliberately deceiving women into thinking they were vaccinated against tetanus, when in fact they were being sterilized
  • The film clearly illustrates the depopulation agenda is not a conspiracy theory. It's reality, and it's happening worldwide. The HPV vaccine and the COVID shots also have adverse impacts on fertility that are being ignored
  • In the decade after the rollout of the HPV vaccine, the teen pregnancy rate dropped by 50%
  • While VAERS is the only publicly available system to assess COVID jab injuries, the U.S. government has at least 10 other reporting systems they're not sharing data from. Children's Health Defense is filing Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests for the other systems to get a better idea of the scale of harms, but VAERS and anecdotal reports alone suggest the scale of injuries and deaths is enormous. Data from insurance companies around the world also confirm this
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Five Docs Discuss pHARMa's Next Move, Animal Sacrifice to Moloch, and MedBed Facility Openings

A discussion that will not bore you! 

These five doctors, Dr. Carrie Madej (who gives an exclusive update about her medical condition), Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, Dr. Lee Merrit, Dr. Christiane Northrup, and Dr. Lawrence Palevsky, discuss the most recent events occurring in the corrupt pHARMa-controlled medical industry regarding covidiocy and oh so much more. 

Put on your critical thinking cap to watch and listen to them discuss it all, including Dr. Tenpenny's news about opening her new healing centers.

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The paper-thinness of woke

"It became painfully obvious when he would ask me questions about my beliefs that they had no substance. They were a millimeter of depth level of substance, there was nothing there. I began to recognize that my extreme views were not really my own."

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GREAT News Flash: Let Us See Who's Winning. OH WAIT! We Already know; Patriots, LightBearers, and Freedom Fighters World Wide.

The times, they are a-changing.

When mysteriously erected monoliths announcing global population control get blown up at 4 am then bulldozed the same day with millions of people across the globe cheering on, I'd say the times are changing.  

The Great Awakening is disturbing the 'old guard' norm in a grand fashion. Satanic structures are being destroyed from within and without. 

Let us rejoice and turn up the volume on our derision of the global cult called the New World Order. 

Babylon is fallen, and all is well! 

Always Victory!!

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The Lord holds them in derision in the 7th month

On July 6 and 7, in quick succession, we've witnessed the destruction of the clown world's hated monument, the Georgia Guidestones, followed within 24 hours by the resignation of BoJo the clown from his party (British Prime Minister Boris Johnson.)

We humbly and patiently anticipate more of our Lord's holding the fallen ones in derision as July unfolds.

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HEALTHY PETS: What makes a dog food ‘holistic’?

Story at-a-glance

  • Though many dog foods are marketed as "holistic," there's actually no such thing
  • Pet food companies use the term "holistic" in their marketing and advertising because they know it's meaningful to consumers, but meaningless in terms of their products
  • It's also important for pet parents to understand that claims that processed dog food is "natural" or "clean" are also essentially meaningless
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INTENTIONAL p-HARM-a: "Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) Is Targeted Gene Deletion!"(Video)

Intentional p-HARM-a has been inflicted on children for years.

And for years, the 'cause' of rising numbers of Autism has been blamed on 'mercury.' Yet we are discovering that is not the cause. Claiming mercury is the cause is part of a disinformation campaign spread by false science to mislead those who practice real science from discovering the truth, such as Dr. Ariyana Love has done.  

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Judicial Watch: Records Show D.C. Schools Pushed Racial Segregation in Employee ‘Affinity Spaces’

"Judicial Watch announced today that it received 194 pages of records from District of Columbia Public Schools (DCPS) which show DC officials pushed segregated "Affinity Spaces" on the basis of race and sexual identity."

Below is a small excerpt from their article. For more information and to get the rest of the article go to Judicial Watch.

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MAGNIFICENT MERCOLA: How the Media Secretly Carries Out Assignments for the CIA

The media manipulation is by the CIA isn't a theory, it's a fact. Take a look at what Dr. Mercola has to share with us.

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Ascension vs Transhumanism

Transhumanists are the ultimate rebels, who in their enmity with Our Heavenly Father and their hatred of the Divine Mother, have forsaken the great Antahkarana of life, the bridge to the sacred where the soul is aware of its oneness with God and with every part of God's creation, something scientists in the last hundred years have begun to identify as the Quantum field.

The soul that raises itself to the heart can realize its eternal inheritance, master life's energies and ascend into the higher realms of existence as taught and demonstrated by Jesus. The transhumanists are denied this of their own choosing as those who betrayed and hate the Law of Life itself. They would deny it to us as well and they have done so with their false dogmas, bastardizing what Jesus delivered in his mission as the Son of Man / Son of God.

These transhumanists are fallen angels that have created a false existence, they are complete frauds, yet they sound so serious and so sincere in their utterly nihilistic insanity. In their ungodly arrogance, they seek to "hack" Immortality itself, vainly striving to buy their own Stairway to Heaven, while refusing in their pride and envy to bend the knee to the very Law of Being.

The good news is that these fallen ones can only harm us by behaving like whores turning tricks, luring and tempting us into harming ourselves when we lend them our very lifeforce for their cockamamie schemes that lead to the ruin and destruction of the soul.

For our salvation, we must honor the Lord's exhortation to come out of her, the Great Whore Babylon.

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GEORGIA GUIDESTONES: UPDATE: ALL GA GUIDESTONES DESTROYED ON 7/6/22!! One Down 4 To Go, But Why The Heck Was Such Evil Intent Erected Anyway?

VIDEO UPDATE! (6pm, 7/6/22): 
The whole of the Georgia Guidestones Monstrosity is now a Pile of Pebbles.

Time to celebrate even more Patriots! 

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You Do Know The Global Elites Are Not Elites Right?

All is not as it seems...even to those in the know.

Lara Logan is a long-time truther. She knows all is not as it seems. Her great awakening came years before many of our own. 

As a true journalist doing the real work of an investigator who gets to the core of the truth, Lara Logan has done and continues to do her due diligence in uncovering the truth behind controversial topics. You may remember her from her TV days. Here is a short bio of a few of her career accomplishments: 

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MAGNIFICENT MERCOLA: How to Turn Challenge Into Opportunity

This article on is from Tessa Lena from Tessa Fights Robots.


  • The Great Reset is an old malaise in a new digital wrapper, with a smiley face painted on it
  • Technology is an enabler of the Great Reset but its driver is the spiritual malaise
  • Like most things in life, technology can be a blessing or a trap
  • Bottom line: predators exist to remind us about the light and force us to come alive
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MAGNIFICENT MERCOLA: Why the Ukraine War Is a Scam

Since Biden was "elected," the screws ups concerning international policy have been many, not the least of which is the handling of the war between Russia and Ukraine. The Biden administration wasted no time screwing up America's withdrawal from Afghanistan, causing hundreds of deaths, including American citizens and vulnerable Afghani people but also leaving critical military equipment in the hands of the Taliban. Then wasted no time getting involved in the war between Russia and Ukraine. The warmongers in the Biden administration and congress love war. 

Let's look at this important follow-up information from Dr. Mercola's research team.

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Dauntless Devolution (Ghosts In The Machine)

We're proud to present a painstakingly produced and insightful video documentary by the intrepid team at Dauntless Dialogue. This movie puts into a coherent perspective, Juan O Savin's reference to America's "Near Death Experience," her "Red Sea Moment"; or if you'd like, America's "Second Revolution," perhaps her "Revolution in Higher Consciousness."

We've also republished a thorough analysis of the US Army's 4th PSYOP Group's "recruiting" video called, "Ghosts In The Machine" by Substack author, SLAG.

Readers may wish to acknowledge that there is a carefully managed operation backstopping the chaos that is necessary for waking up normies and helping them to "Come out of her, my people," a supernatural way of saying, "remove your consent" from the Babylonian bloodline phreaks.

By the way, a normie is no longer a normie once they catch the courage to accept the reality they've fearfully chosen to ignore all their lives. It's not a pejorative, it's a stage of development of awareness, "normie" referring to the way completely brazen lies have been normalized in our society. Fear of censure and ostracization is the spiritual disease of the soul that infects the normie. May all normies find the courage to take that ruby pill for their own healing and that of the whole world, now and forever. Truth shall set us free, amen.

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Starship Gonna Orbit

Are you ready for Starship's maiden orbital flight? It may happen in July! Happy Fourth America!

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DONALD J. TRUMP is now being hailed as the BEST PRESIDENT IN OUR LIFETIME by many once 'woke' folk who are now embracing The Great Awakening. 

The elite crowd of wicked people trying to enslave us is being defeated permanently. And with every triumph, the Great Awakening expands. And as it expands, this Great News Flash becomes all the more glorious. 

Thank you, readers, for partaking in the Great News presented here and for your faithfulness to the MAGA and the MEGA (Make Earth Great Again) cause. 

A WORLD OF UNITY and a WORLD OF WONDER is no longer just a patriot's dream; it is the world's reality.

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The Heroic Archbishop Vigano

EXCLUSIVE: Steve Bannon Interviews the Heroic Archbishop Viganò |

Your Excellency, after the psycho-pandemic, we now have the Russian-Ukrainian crisis. Are we in "phase two" of one single project,

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STARTLING PREDICTION: '700 Million cv19 Jabvaxed Will Die by 2028' ~ Dr. David Martin

The Facts cannot be denied. 

There are facts concerning the current extremally large number of health problems related to the c19 jabvax. Although the commie-compromised mainstream media do not report the truth of those injured and passed due to the jabvax, it is abundantly clear in the reality-based medical world that many of those who got the jabvax, and the poisonous boosters, are now either suffering or dead. 

Let's review just a few of the facts.

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