GOOD NEWS is here! TRUTHSocial arrives, Free Children from all Jabs, Southwest Caves, DeSantis Solutions, Trump Wins and more!

Good News day to everyone! 

As we continue to absorb the full truth of our current world situation, do take some time to sit down and reflect on the beauty God provides us in this time of illumination.

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MAGNIFICENT MERCOLA: Are the COVID Jabs Responsible for Rising Mortality Trends?

This is a question that most certainly needs to be asked and Dr. Mercola gives us food for thought.

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SAVE AMERICA: Insurrection was on Nov 3 - Jan 6 was a protest

We cover here the POTUS Save America statements of the last few days, in reverse order. They are sure signals that we are moving towards that "first domino" to fall. Can't wait!!

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What is Trump Media and Technology Group (TMTG) and what is the potential impact?

At first glance, the official announcement about TMTG (supplied below) may seem like a bunch of legalese wording done to keep lawyer types busy, yet when you read it you realize it is one of the most fantastic announcements of our time dedicated to freedom for We the People. It is the best GOOD NEWS since President Trump and First Lady Melania made their way down the Trump Tower escalator announcing his candidacy for a job he was created for, President of the Greatest Country on Earth!

The purpose of creating a unique platform as big and powerful as the current corrupt social media platforms such as lamestream fake news, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube, is to create a competitive playing field wherein free speech is not censored by political, economic or social engineering bias.

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MAGNIFICENT MERCOLA: Comparing Ivermectin to Merck’s New Molnupiravir

Merck has a new antiviral drug, molnupiravir, that was being designed to treat influenza, but now is touted as a drug for COVID-19, even though its effectiveness for COVID is being questioned.

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Dear White Liberals: "I thought Black Lives Matter?"

HISTORY DOESN'T LIE: But we were lied to.

The use of mankind as a 'tool' to experiment upon with deadly substances disguised as 'medicine', such as we see with the deadly dangers of forced jabbing, is but one form of destructive inhuman Big pHARMa treatment. Their deadly agenda has been around for years.

Big pHARMa, working with evil government forces, have used target populations throughout history as guinea pigs without their knowledge again and again.

It stops now!

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Juan O Savin with Roseanne Barr: America is Parting the Red Sea

We like the way Juan O Savin and Roseanne Barr get into biblical history and teachings, so important for us to navigate the times we are in, as though we were living through the Book of Revelation. In a recent episode, Juan dug into the Red Sea moment and what that means to us today.

"We will survive this. We will move forward. We will be the shining light to the world. We will do what God intended us to do. The road is not going to be easy, even after this jubilee year. We have work to do. But we will survive this."

Make sure to either get to Vegas for the Patriot Double Down where Juan will be ending his semi-anonymous status with an in-person presentation. He will also be joined by a Special Guest still to be announced!

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MAGNIFICENT MERCOLA: Businesses: $700,000 Fine for Not Complying With Vax Mandate

Story at-a-glance

  • Buried in the massive $3.5 trillion "reconciliation" bill are unconstitutional fines for employers who don't mandate COVID-19 jabs or regular COVID-19 testing of their employees
  • Fines on employers could run as high as $70,000 for serious infractions and $700,000 for each "willful" or repeated violation
  • The unconstitutional fines as a mechanism for vaccine enforcement would bankrupt all but the largest businesses
  • Calling the vaccine mandate for businesses "tyrannical," the No Taxation Without Congressional Consent Act, introduced September 30, 2021, would prohibit the federal government from imposing a fine, fee or tax on individuals or businesses for violating a COVID-19 vaccine mandate
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Howell Woltz' latest tour de force.

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MAGNIFICENT MERCOLA: Vaccine Mandate Dissenters Smeared

Story at-a-glance

  • October 4, 2021, Southwest Airlines sent an announcement to its employees informing them the airline is "required to comply with the government federal contractor mandate for employees to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19"
  • The following weekend, October 9 and 10, 2021, Southwest Airlines was forced to cancel some 1,800 flights. While some claim the cancellations were due to a coordinated "sickout" in protest of the vaccine mandate, Southwest Airlines blamed "disruptive weather" and "air traffic issues" for the cancellations
  • An estimated 50 to 60 NBA players remain unvaccinated. In a recent article, the Rolling Stone accuses me of capitalizing on players' refusal to get the jab
  • Rolling Stone again relies on the propaganda narrative of the Center for Countering Digital Hate, despite Facebook having refuted the organization's made-up claims
  • As of November 30, 2021, unvaccinated Canadians will be barred from planes and trains "to ensure a minority of people cannot sabotage Canada's economic recovery" by spreading the virus and getting people sick. This despite the scientific fact that the COVID jab does not prevent infection or spread of the virus
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"I Am The Last Surviving Prosecutor of the Nuremberg Trials"

Patriots and national heroes come in all sizes, shapes, colors, and ages.

Benjamin Ferencz, a lawyer and WWII veteran, doesn't fit the everyday mold of a seasoned war veteran.

His life story starts out rather ordinary, quite like other stories of early 1900 immigrant families arriving on the shores of our great nation seeking freedom and opportunity. He entered the Army in 1941 as did thousands of young men. Although the horrors of war are never routine, initially Benjamin's assignments overseas during WWII were routine for the day.

He was surprised when shortly after the war ended, being favorably discharged from the Army, he was contacted to re-enlist as a lawyer in the WWII tribunals known the world over today as the Nuremberg Trials: CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY.

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MAGNIFICENT MERCOLA: The ‘Plandemic’ and the Great Awakening

Story at-a-glance

  • Mikki Willis' documentary "Plandemic" was released May 4, 2020, and has since been viewed over 1 billion times, despite being universally censored. "Plandemic Part 2: Indoctornation" has also been viewed more than 200 million times
  • "Plandemic: Indoctornation" features David Martin, Ph.D., who has documented and tracked white collar crime for decades and invented technologies that help trace the flow of funding
  • Martin helped educate Sens. Ron Paul and Ron Johnson when they started to go after Dr. Anthony Fauci to finally hold him accountable for his decades of crimes
  • While many blame the encroaching tyranny on incompetence, the evidence suggests it's not incompetence at all. It was planned this way
  • Ultimately, the plan is to create a state of dependency, through which the technocratic elite can then control the human population. "Plandemic Part 3" will delve into this plan to show the history behind it and how it has led us to where we are right now. It will also review how we can rebuild society after it falls apart
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Nothing Stops Us From Saving the Children

"Human trafficking is worse than ever before." POTUS in 2017

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SAVE AMERICA is not just a slogan

The President's statements under the banner of "Save America" make that banner more urgently relevant with every statement made. To highlight this, we are herein featuring the President's statements in chronological order made yesterday and today (October 14 and 15.) This will be PART ONE of articles written periodically with the President's statements until the Big Red Button gets pushed at the end of this extremely RED October! (See our articles on the Big Red Button featured in the Related section.)

October 15 "Either a new Election should immediately take place or the past Election should be decertified and the Republican candidate declared the winner."

We include also a prayer given by one of Saint Michael's own, perhaps Trump's staunchest ally in the war to Save America, Lt Gen Michael Thomas Flynn.

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The Lies of Revisionist History, In Defense of Christopher Columbus

This year on Columbus Day, I was aware, as many were, of vulgar memes on social media platforms, symbolizing the inaccuracies and downright lies of the revisionist historians concerning Christopher Columbus.

The left has increasingly characterized Christopher Columbus as a genocidal maniac in an attempt, in my view, to also portray the "white man" as the enemy of all native peoples. This attempt is nothing more than a concerted effort to make Americans hate their country by making them hate the very foundations of our civilization.

Indeed, there were atrocities committed against native people by some white men, and we make no excuses for them. But we must examine our history honestly if we are to move forward in any meaningful way.

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GREAT NEWS HIGHLIGHTS: Parents' Victory, Promises Kept, Countries Stand Up, Trump Speaks Out and more.

A World of Unity, World of Wonder is on the horizon. Look for it, ye shall find it.

Every day there is good news on our political, social, and financial scene. Although obscured by a plethora of news that is being purposefully presented more negative than positive, I can assure you massive wins are occurring and will keep occurring as long as we all stand up, recognize our victories and claim them.

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Wendy Rogers Still Wants to Decertify

As to #Nov3, the resistance to what needs to be done is systemic and entrenched, top to bottom of American society, both sides of the aisle. It's too late for us to be nice about this, those with their hour of power are incorrigible, they must be rounded up. Arrests won't get done, our judiciary is shot. It will take the military. And people will want this done, most already do. 

#RedOctober #HuntersBecomeTheHunted #ShutItDown #BigRedButton

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RED OCTOBER: "The end of the world as we know it"

Georg and his great ORGONISE AFRICA team have another important message for us concerning RED OCTOBER.
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Is the Nation Broken?

Long list isn't it? 

  1. Legalized abortion now for almost 50 years. 
  2. Gender dysphoria, depression and suicide in our young. 
  3. Marxist programming K through PhD barely disguised in a mentally ill "woke" narrative. 
  4. Economy failing badly, stock market crash looms. 
  5. Supply chain blocked, emptying shelves at supermarkets and department stores and computer outlets. 
  6. Fake executive administration and president and vice president rammed down Americans' throats with bald-faced election fraud. 
  7. Both ruling political parties at all levels down to county commissioners too corrupt to fix in-your-face election fraud - or anything else. 
  8. Judicial system at all levels down to county judges too corrupt to fix in-your-face election fraud. 
  9. No border, invasion by a million illegals, trojan horse for criminals and foreign soldiers, American communities no longer safe. 
  10. Fake covidiocy, fake urgency, manipulated statistics, muzzling and separating children from their friends and families FOR YEARS. 
  11. Employees forced to receive a deadly injection, some die right away, some will take longer, a lot of "adverse events" (which are signs you are dying). 
  12. Nothing but lies from aggressive fake news mockingbird media. 
  13. Culture and entertainment completely degraded by a satanic pedovore cult that includes Disney. 
  14. Military being ruined by communist traitors. 
  15. Real threat of just one more engineered World War with nuclear weapons, over Taiwan. 

How did we get here? We lost our way but we DID start the process of turning back in a meaningful way when we elected Trump in 2016 and then again, with even much bigger numbers in 2020!

God wants us to learn our lessons, doesn't He? How else do you make sure your children learn their lessons in life except you allow them to exercise their free will and learn the consequences of their misbehavior?

Within reason, of course! THIS, is getting krazy!

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Engineered Biochemical Warfare IS the Jabs: "A New Kind of 'Arms' Race is Happening"


It is important to understand why there is so much misinformation about the covid plandemic and now the vaccines jab(s).

I will let Dr. Michael McDowell explain part of the reason we are going through this chaos:

"The pharmaceutical industry benefited from a law, the resurgence of a law, called the DTC Law, Direct to Consumer Law, that became very prevalent in 1997. It allowed pharmaceutical companies to advertise prescription drugs directly through mass media to the customers and consumers. This changed the game, because it meant that the pharmaceutical industry could pour millions and millions of dollars into the media and therefore they effectively own the media and control the media. The pharmaceutical industry also controls the WHO, as Dr. Gill mentioned. In fact, 60 to 70% of the funding of the World Health Organization comes from the pharmaceutical industries. But that's not all. The pharmaceutical industries also control the US legislature, the medical research journals. In medical research journals, you can't publish anything unless they (Big Pharma) approve. Even the scientific journals, the medical schools where doctors are trained are controlled by the pharmaceutical industry."

Well, how about that! 

Big pHARMa is big, and greedy, and manipulative, for very nefariousness reasons. This evil entity has been manipulating the world's health standards for decades.
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