UPDATE: 4/5/22, Elon appointed to Twitter Board Of Directors! HEY ELON, BRING BACK MEAN TWEETS!

Well, that didn't take long! 

The Twitter suits understand the importance of Elon's Twitter share purchase. 

Elon Musk now owns a little over 9% of the stock, which positions him as a significant shareholder. 

Tuned into Musk's business history, Twitter's board of directors can see the writing on the wall. Aligning themselves with one of the most intelligent men on earth, who's proven his business profit-making expertise repeatedly, was a wise move indeed! 

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ReAwaken America Tour - Salem Oregon

Who Is the Man Leading the COVID-19 / Great Reset Agenda?

Yuval Noah Harari

"History began when humans invented gods, and will end when humans become gods."
- Yuval Noah Harari

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RRM with Candace WhiteLight, #9 and #10, Livestreams

This article contains the two last Rumble videos, both livestreamed.

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NEWS THAT MAKES YOU SMILE: Convoys Roll, DeSantis Rocks, Biden Crime Spree Ending, Trump Sues and More!

Are we having fun yet?

I know I'm having fun as I report all the Super Fantastic News for this week. 

I know you'll have fun too as you read the triumphant stories conveniently overlooked by lamestream media fake news. Oh, and we can't ignore the spoofy videos rising about the craziness ensuing in our society today. The likes of 'Babylon Bee' got us started, and we will not stop laughing at the loony left's antics until they stop being fools. 

Please enjoy our World of Unity World of Wonder Ruby Ray News Flash and pass it along so others can have fun too! 

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Robyn Gritz's LG Brandon Horoscopes for April 2022

Awakenings, terminators and anti-venom, oy! April is not for the faint of mind. Let's Go Brandon!

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Kash Patel: the main point is to get to discovery

Kash with Charlie Kirk drops some jewels about the Trump lawsuit against the phreaks. They touched on the Durham effort too and it sounds VERY promising!

"The whole point is to get to discovery"

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MAGNIFICENT MERCOLA: Ukraine on Fire: 2016 Documentary by Oliver Stone


  • Ukraine's rich land has historically been used as a pathway for Western powers as they attempted to conquer the East
  • As a result, Ukraine, being surrounded by greater powers on all sides, had to master the art of changing sides
  • The Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists (OUN), founded in 1929, had the ultimate goal of creating an ethnically pure, independent Ukraine
  • U.S. intelligence agencies kept watch on Ukrainian nationalist organizations as a source of counterintelligence against the Soviet Union; declassified CIA documents show close ties between U.S. intelligence and Ukrainian nationalists since 1946
  • U.S. meddling during the Maidan Revolution encouraged demonstrators to overthrow Ukraine's democratically elected government
  • A leaked phone call, intercepted by Russian intelligence, between Victoria Nuland, the assistant secretary of state for European and Eurasian Affairs, and U.S. ambassador to Ukraine Geoffey Pyatt openly discussed their plan for a new Ukraine government
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Nanshy Pe-LUSH-i

This recent poke at Nanshy is Rachel Maria's best. Nanshy at her most absurdly and arrogantly distasteful... (Rachel lipsyncs Nanshy's actual disgusting presser comments.)

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EYE ON Audits: Wisconsin's Ramthun's gettin' it done!

You gotta listen to this livestream recorded Saturday March 26, 2022 by Wisconsin Assembly representative for the 59th district, Timothy Ramthun. The people of Wisconsin are doing an end-around their corrupt public institutions, exercising their God dominion over their state's justice regarding the massive election fraud of November 3, 2020. It's a glorious thing, it really is! Sometimes, it just takes one guy to ride that horse!

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NEWS FLASH: Trump is Stumping, Putin is Denazifying, We the People are Organizing, and Mankind is Winning!

We are winning as never before, Dear Hearts! 

The people of earth are no longer sitting alone in the dark wondering what to do about the depraved elites who are ruining lives. 

Trump and Team and millions of Save America allies continue to make tremendous progress killing the deepstate.

With Putin at the helm, Russia is surgically wiping the deepstate off the face of Ukraine and, in turn, helping to save the world.

WE THE PEOPLE are uniting in YUGE numbers, pushing back the constant lies, the lamestream media fake news, and the oppressive ruling system that we unwittingly allowed to govern us. 

There is no room to doubt my friends. 

Sharpen your wits and sense of humor, then dive into the World of Unity, World of Wonder presented here, where Victory after Victory is featured. 

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Most people are like...whaaaaa....???

These are beyond crazy times, like WAY beyond the Orwellian 2+2=5 horrorshow. The freaks want you to BELIEVE that a man can call himself a woman and BE a woman - or they will cancel you. Here's a thought: let's cancel them.

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Mesa County Colorado, another shot heard round the world

From Gettysburg to Maricopa to Wayne County Michigan to Milwaukee to Philadelphia to Mesa County Colorado, it was a really big sting operation to catch traitors in the act Nov 3 2020; and the gears of justice grind slow and fine, so as to let sleep walkers wake up safely on their own to the monsters that lurk behind grinning mugs and over-eager hand pumps.

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Wokeness in the MAGA world (Or, Cultural Marxism is an aggressive malignant cancer)

Mark Dice and Emerald Robinson call out the wokeness that is creeping into the MAGA world. Former liberal, now conservative pundit Dave Rubin and "husband" want to raise two children in a motherless household and they're being congratulated for this by the suddenly woke PragerU, The Blaze and other conservative pundit brands.

The intrepid Emerald writes: "Less than 10 years ago, gay marriage was banned in nearly every state in America — and now we have LBGT sex propaganda in almost every elementary school in America. The slippery slope is real. The LBGT community became hysterical last week when Gov. Ron DeSantis supported legislation to halt pedophiles from grooming 5 year children in first and second grade in public schools. That should tell you everything. They're coming for your kids." (Yeah, they even sing about it, see below.)

Allie Beth Stuckey also courageously weighs in on this problem with Rubin, her friend and colleague from The Blaze, referring to biblical teachings to guide her.

Bringing children into the world to raise without a mother is a really bad idea for those children but who cares when you're a narcissist, right? Hatred of the child is evil, which is what it is when you put your needs ahead of a child's; and honestly, lovingly, you are confused if you think it's cool.

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FOG OF WAR : "This Is A War Of Ideas; If Trump Were In Power, None Of This Would Have Happened"

As the world turns, it is an enlightening pleasure to read the intelligent musings of Ruby Ray Media's 'patron saint' of all things orgonite, Georg of Orgonise Africa. Georg's worldview is fresh, and his words and wares are healing. We embrace all guest writers here at Ruby Ray Media and encourage Digital Warriors to contribute. Enjoy! 

Dear Ruby Ray Media Readers, 

Of course, the real war is not between Russia and Ukraine or even Russia and NATO but between "We The People" and our self-proclaimed rulers who are fighting to retain their iron grip on humankind.

Of course, this war can be followed from Millennia to Babylonian and Sumerian times, and that's only the part of history that we know because we have written testimony.

It is coming to a climax now, and we have the unique chance to break free of elite control once and for all.

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MAGNIFICENT MERCOLA: Newly Released Pfizer Documents Reveal COVID Jab Dangers

Through an FDA FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) release, we now have access to the real data about the dangers of the Pfizer COVID-19 EUA vaccine. Even then some the documents are redacted. I wonder why that is. Shouldn't we have access to all of the information without the redactions?

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Laptop from Hell (Didn't we write about this 17 months ago?)

Skewered are they that lied about this to the world to get Joey the Sniffer elected. (Which didn't work anyway, they had to cheat like schizophrenic psychopaths - and got caught in the biggest sting operation in the history of mankind.) This is not just about American criminal traitors, it's about a global gang of goons. Looks like Dr. Evil's headquarters is Ukraine.

And: man-o-man, was Juan O Savin ever right, wasn't he? And, Trump of course, is ALWAYS RIGHT!




#NCSWIC (Nothing Can Stop What Is Coming - umm, it's already here!)


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"Putin-is-evil-and-we-must-go-to-war-to-stop-him. Putin-is-evil-and-we-must-go-to-war-to-stop-him. Putin-is-evil..."

Did you know that Vladimir Putin's mom had him secretly baptized? Did you know that he raised and consecrated a monument in the middle of Moscow to Czar Nicholas II? Did you know that he raised and consecrated a monument to the great Russian patriot, Solzhenitsyn? Did you know that Vladimir Putin has made Solzhenitsyn's three books required reading in Russian high schools?

Of course you didn't, Putin is the devil, so says every warmongering neocon and neolib in the Western world, the same people that have sold you wars going back centuries, so they can herd you and your kids and feed off the light of God invested in you, which they have forsaken themselves a long long time ago!

Please find another brilliant commentary by Michael Matt of Remnant TV. We have the 37 minute video of a recent episode of "The Underground with Michael Matt." We also have the transcript.

Also, we have the video of Gonzalo Lira reporting this morning, March 21, from Kharkiv, Ukraine. He's boots on the ground, he exposes the lying you're being subjected to by the mockingbird media and the Uniparty of the United States.


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MAGNIFICENT MERCOLA: What You Need to Know About the Transhumanist Agenda

As JP says, be guided by your own critical thinking. The choice for the future is ours not Klaus Schwab's.

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107: Ukraine is the deepstate's stronghold

We've learned that when the mysterious intelligence insider with nom de plume Juan O Savin has something to say about current events, we are going to get an insider's perspective that helps to dissipate the inky mess that the deepstate octopus squirts into our faces 24/7. He always keeps it real with solid references to a real world chronology that has no peer in today's world of analysis and commentary. It's all about pattern recognition and systems - and having the receipts; and boots on the ground. 

"For America, what hasn't fully been understood is that the stronghold that has been being used remotely for leverage into the American political system, financial system, military system, has been Ukraine."

BONUS: MrTruthBomb's "Putin VS The Deep State - Part One - A Film by MrTruthBomb"

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NEWS FLASH: Truth is Rising, The Cabal is Falling, Biden is Always Lying, and Trump is Always Right!

It's time. Yes, it is time.

It is time to unplug from the negative-orientated news narrative and plunge into the good news that is all around us. 

Here is the GOOD NEWS: 

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