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I have to laugh.

Really. It is a good idea to gather yourself together and laugh through trying times. Especially now. It can help erase the unreality of our current political circumstance, even if only for a short time. Laughter helps relieve the tension millions (what is it up to now, 100 million for sure in the USA?) of us feel due to stupidity finding a home where common sense once lived. 

This is why I laugh

I am actually reading headlined stories of late that make me laugh. Honest to goodness, I sincerely have no idea if they are 'real' or not. I have to check the source of the story twice to make sure these news highlights are not written for sheer entertainment by The Babylon Bee or The Simpsons creators. 

Speaking of The Simpsons, let us compare the unreality of the Biden administration with the unreality of cartoon satire. Out of the 2 short video clips below, please tell me which is real and which is not because I cannot tell the difference!

The Simpsons Predicted the Planned-Demic In 1993

Daily Truth Report on Rumble
Published April 18, 2021
1:43 viewing length  

Next, we have Jan Psaki at a recent White House Press Briefing about the Plandemic.

Wait. What? Did she really just say that? Really?


As a nation, we are captivated by the bumbling Biden administration's moronic moves, astounded by socialist media's 'thought' suppression censorship, and laughingly lamenting the ludicrous lies from lamestream media. I do think these corrupt entities know that we know, that they know that we know, that we are onto them...YET THEY DO IT ANYWAY! How insane is that!

Sixteen Common Phrases in Fake News and What They Actually Mean

Brought to you by:
The Babylon Bee and Media Research Center (MCR), created to defeat the Left-Wing Media. Really. No joke folks. 

This is a comprehensive list of phrases used by Fake News to get a manipulated reaction from those left who still watch, or listen, to lamestream media news. For years they have evaded scrutiny, but now their cover of big brother is gone, WE the People are fully awake and we know they deliver more lies then truth. In essence, as President Trump correctly nicknamed them, they are FAKE NEWS. Through the years, they devised common 'journalistic liar phraseology" which can be easily identified. Here is a guide so you can follow along with their lies in case you still watch the news:

1) "Debunked conspiracy theory" = a completely factual event that is 100% true and we don't like it

2) "This is dangerous misinformation" = we don't really agree with it but people are still sharing it

3) "Farm animal bacterial infection treatment" = penicillin

4) "Conservative panelist" = guy who once voted for Ronald Reagan, possibly by mistake

5) "Super-spreader event" = gatherings of people we don't like

6) "This is the end of democracy" = Trump said a thing

7) "Settled science" = a non-reviewed study by a possibly fictitious organization that just came out this morning

8) "Widespread outrage" = 3 people on Twitter got mad

9) "Racist statements" = literally means nothing

10) "Informal gathering of like-minded people that fosters a sense of camaraderie and community among friends and neighbors" = bread lines

11) "Zero" = anywhere from zero to several trillion

12) "Republicans pounce" = uh oh... a Democrat raped someone

13) "Mostly peaceful" = it was hyper-violent but we agree with it

14) "Racist dog whistle" = a super-secret whistle that only racists can hear and only we heard it

15) "Anonymous sources" = we totally made this up

16) "This is an apple" = this is a banana



It dawned on me the other day that there is not one social media platform operating today I FULLY trust. Not one. I think a lot of you feel the same way.

We the People have had our opinions, information, photos, videos and personal data used against us and abused by them too many times to continue trusting existing social media. But there is a social media platform soon to come, hosted by the Trump Media and Technology Group (TMTG), which will bring the right to privacy and free speech back to us. This is an exciting venture to get involved in my friends. Check it out here: Let Freedom Ring!

About that free speech thing, have you seen how the extreme Orwellian political agenda which calls itself social media, has taken the ridiculousness of their nazi-like totalitarianism to another level all together. OH yes...it's laughable!

When is 'calling a Man a Man' hateful? 

When Twitter decides that not all men are created equal. Especially if one of those men happens to be a conservative speaking out his opinions on social media.

Below is one of the most absurd things I have ever seen done and of course, Twitter is the instigator. 

Well no, I take that back. The Twitter absurdity runs neck and neck with other absurd news about how a man who calls himself a woman, but is clearly a man who has horrible taste in women's clothes, was appointed as the first female (transgender) four-star admiral.

"To great public fanfare, Joe Biden has anointed Rachel Levine a "four-star admiral" in the Public Health Service (PHS). The public relations campaign in support of Levine has emphasized his status as the first transgender four-star "admiral" in the "eight U.S. uniformed services." That PR campaign is misleading, and it is part of a dangerous effort to undermine the military."
~ The Federalist

In an effort to propagandize gullible people and prop up a failing campaign to get everyone jabbed for their own nefarious reasons, this fake presidential administration has made a move that borders on insanity. I thought it was a complete joke, and actually it is. Here is why: the four star ranking is not real because while the Public Health Service is one of the eight "uniformed services"  it is not part of the armed forces and the designation of 'Admiral' is one in title only. The only real 'rank' this man Levine has is the smell coming from the rotten stack of lies we are being told.

Anyway, back to the twitter tyranny below where we will find:

  • The 'twitter thought police' made a unilateral decision that anyone having an opinion that is different from the one they tell you to have is punishable.
  • The dolts then 'arrested' Jim Banks' free speech rights using rediculous ultimatums.
  • And then they childeshly banned him from being able to properly use the public forum .

All for calling a man....a man. Yes, I had a good laugh.


The real president did not cheat to win.
The real president does not use props that look like he is at the White House.
The real president does not mandate poison jabs.
The real president doesn't trip up stairs nor look down at the masses.

This cannot go on much longer. This charade being played out by the illegitimate Biden presidency and his corrupt media henchmen will have to come to an end soon.

They are running out of time, and most obviously have no skills left to play this 5D chess game. 

I am unsure as to who is really running this political show. But if the utterly stupid political decisions being made, which are as ridiculous as Biden's many physical and verbal guffaws, are the final indicator, we can conclude with certainty the clowns were brought in on Jan 6th and the only thing the world is waiting upon, is for that fat lady to sing.


A statement made today October 26 by President Donald J Trump about the coming Trump Media & Technology Group offerings in media and social media, is so right on the money for us here at Ruby Ray Media, we feel like we could have written much of it. We've written up so many articles and posts in much the same way; though we might have used a different noun to describe our enemies than "scolds" - but ... well, we're not billionaires. LOL. President Trump's 'Multi Year Undertaking'


Getting started hosting and publishing content on RRM is as easy as using FB or Twitter....without the shadowbanning and censorship.

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  • This commment is unpublished.
    Peggy · 9 months ago
    Great article Beverly with lots of chuckles!
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Donna Ayers-Vorbach · 9 months ago
    Reality is twisted like a pretzel. In the supermarket today I spoke to an older gentleman. I asked how he was... and then I said, "I am GREAT! Trump is coming back! Well, he never left!" He replied, "I know exactly what you are talking about!" It is happening.
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