The GOOD NEWS Flash: America's Traitors are Easy to Find, They Identify as Democrats


The only insurrection in DC is by the Jan6 2021 Committee chaired by Bennie Thompson, pictured below with a favored minority committee member, Liz Cheney.


The Democrats refused the 20,000 National Guard Trump offered, and now we know why.

Trump offered 20,000 National Guard just two days before Jan 6, 2021. Kash Patel was tasked with going directly to the Capitol Police and Nancy Pelosi to ask her how many she wanted. Kash says, "They refused it ALL."

Kash explains in the video below, courtesy Patri0tsareinContr0l on Telegram.

I suspect the Capital was purposefully left unprotected...what say you?

Marjorie Taylor Greene reveals NEW Jan6 Facts.

We expect a vital structure such as the USA Capitol building to be one of the most fortified structures in DC. Yet, there was utter failure regarding it's security on Jan6 2021. 

MTG gives the stunning details in the video below from SantaSurfing on Telegram, Jun 10, 2022 

Jan6 Capitol Building Video cams do not lie; Democrat politicians do.

In the 1:30 min video below from Jan6, the Capital Building security personnel had orders to stand down. The crowd was first goaded into entering the building through open, unguarded doors, undeterred, then corralled into specific areas to be 'caught in the act.' The setup is evident to those with eyes to see. 

Dear God, Please, Wake Up ALL Americans! 


🔥 Oops, he did it again! 🤣

The Stealer and Thief has no brain and two left feet. 

OK, this man has got to be a clone! Oops...I mean, this man has got to be a clown! 

Thanks to Sergeant News Network on Telegram for this ⬇️ 5-second video that is more fun than a barrel full of monkeypox. 

From Vax Injury to Victory

Meet one of the first people in Canada to be compensated for a COVID-19 vaccine injury.

"Ross Wightman was diagnosed with Guillain-Barre Syndrome after receiving the AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine." Read details HERE.

LIVANDU BREAKING NEWS on Telegram shares the following 2:10 min video about Ross' journey:


June 8, 2022 - China's Ministry of Foreign Affairs officer told the world:  

"It makes sense that the Disinformation Governance Board faces skepticism since the US government is the top spreader of disinformation." (source HERE)

At this point, Chinese news may be more truthful than American news....😝😂🤣 

Exciting news! A caught ballot trafficker "talked"!

2000 Mules lead investigator Gregg Phillips is happy to report the 'mules' have voices, and some even 'sing'!

Mike, Mike, Mike, what day is it? It's PRAY45 day!

Mike Lindell is a mighty patriot warrior. 

He works hard fighting to restore our great Republic. And his products are just as great as he is. Get his lowest pricing ever with the link below. We deserve the best, and so does Mike Lindell.  

WHAT IS A PERSONAL ATTORNEY GENERAL? "Probably right up there as one of the most courageous people you will ever meet. Sometimes, God gives you a mission and you can't ignore it. I give you, PAG Estevez" Tap on image above for video details. 
Video: "Indian Leader CRUSHES EU Hypocrisy as New Political Order RISES" India is unique. Their political stance is not about taking sides; it's about doing what is right for their people. Check out the video and more at the image link above. 
"HEALTHY PETS: HOW YOU DOG KNOWS IT'S REALLY YOU" We love our pets! Because, after all, they are people too! Explore the reasons dogs know who you are. Fascinating stuff! Tap on that cute image above for the scoop. 

We Live in an Infinite World Of Wonder💫

The Seamstress of the Bird 🕊 World

Butterfly Kisses for Koala

Did you know?...

Jun 10, 2022 - President Trump weighs in on Telegram: PATRIOTS THE WORLD OVER AGREE! (link to President Trump's Telegram account in the image below)

DJT is greeted warmly by supporters in New York City after a surprise visit to Trump Tower. 

(video courtesy of General McInerney ™ on Telegram, Jun 7, 2022)

♨️THIS is what President Trump said on Jan 6, 2021, folks...don't let anyone tell you anything different! Trump is 🔔America strong all the time! ⬇️


Tell your Congressmen to stop playing political games and tackle our real problems.

"Trump and Son" by The Sacred Blue Tent Channel on Telegram: 20 seconds of pure MAGA humor.


Sadly, the American education system was corrupted and stopped teaching what it really means to be self-governing in a republican form of government. Listen to people who know what that really means hold a zoom conversation. These are people who are organizing to reclaim their republic after it was vacated 150 years ago. (Yeah, it's been a long time!) What Does Self-Governing Mean? Amazing video linked in image above. Don't miss this! 
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