"The US always attacks other countries, it holds itself sacrosanct." 

"Economist @JeffDSachs says China's human rights abuses in Xinjiang should not prevent the US from engaging with China, considering the US' own "human rights violations" abroad and at home." BBC's Newsnight program summarized on Twitter.

What this guy has to say is absolutely outrageous. His comparisons are completely ridiculous on their face even if they were true in the way he frames it. First listen to this buffoon if you can even stand to, for a minute.

Please tell me where in the United states these things are happening: 

From the U. S. Department of State archives

Forced Labor:

"Since 2017, the CCP has ramped up its campaign of brutal repression of Uyghurs and members of other Muslim minority groups through far-reaching and arbitrary detention and forced labor. In some cases, authorities have detained members of these groups based on spurious "birth policy violations." The CCP's use of forced labor to target members of ethnic and religious minority communities is not confined to the Xinjiang region, and is increasingly taking place throughout China through the CCP government-facilitated arrangements with private sector manufacturers. The government expanded this campaign through the transfer of more than 80,000 detainees into forced labor in as many as 19 other provinces during the 2019 reporting period, according to NGO estimates and media reports. The U.S. Department of State, along with the U.S. Department of the Treasury, the U.S. Department of Commerce, and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security issued a business advisory to caution businesses about the risks of supply chain links to entities that engage in human rights abuses, including forced labor, in Xinjiang and elsewhere in China."

Violations of Religious Freedom:

"The CCP is among the worst violators of religious freedom in the world and it continues to show blatant disregard for religious freedom and exercises extreme hostility to members of all religious faiths, including Protestants, Catholics, Tibetan Buddhists, Uyghur Muslims, and Falun Gong. The CCP's campaign of repression against Uyghur Muslims and members of other minority groups in Xinjiang continues to escalate. More than one million Uyghurs, ethnic Kazakhs, and members of other minority Muslim groups have been arbitrarily detained in internment camps since April 2017. In practice, the CCP targets everyday expression of Islamic belief such as owning a Quran, praying, avoiding alcohol or tobacco, fasting during Ramadan, as well as secular aspects of non-Chinese culture such as Uyghur language and Uyghur music."

Deaths of 27 Falun Gong Practitioners Reported Between January and March 2021: From the website

"As the persecution of Falun Gong enters its 22nd year in 2021, 27 additional deaths of Falun Gong practitioners were reported between January and March.

"Falun Gong, also known as Falun Dafa, is a traditional spiritual discipline based on the principles of Truthfulness, Compassion, and Forbearance. Since the Chinese Communist Party ordered the persecution of Falun Gong in July 1999, countless practitioners have been arrested, detained, sentenced, and tortured. To date, over 4,500 deaths as a result of the persecution have been reported by the website. More are yet to be confirmed due to the information blockade in China.

"Among the 27 newly confirmed deaths, 11 occurred between June and December 2020. Another nine practitioners died in January 2021, three in February, and four in March.

"The 27 practitioners, 17 of them women, came from 16 provinces and municipalities. While most regions registered one or two death cases, Heilongjiang and Liaoning reported 3 and 5 deaths, respectively. Except for three practitioners whose ages were unknown, the other 24 practitioners were age 46 to 85.

"Two of the practitioners died in prison while serving time for their faith. Another two also passed away while being held in custody, months after they fell into critical condition due to the abuse.

"Many of the other 23 practitioners succumbed to repeated arrests, non-stop harassment, and long prison terms. One man died after his wife was persecuted to death 16 years ago. A woman and her mother-in-law died two months apart, while her husband was still in hiding to avoid being arrested, and her brother-in-law was sentenced.

"Below is a snapshot of some cases. The full list of 27 cases can be downloaded.

"Deaths in Custody

76-year-old Woman Suddenly Dies While Serving Time: I covered this poor woman's death in another article.

"Ms. Ding Guiying's family was dealt a heavy blow when the Yunnan Province No. 2 Women's Prison suddenly informed them in mid-January 2021 that their loved one had just passed away. Prior to that, Ms. Ding's family didn't even know she had been sentenced for upholding her faith in Falun Gong. The prison rushed to cremate her body days later. She was 76 years old."

54-year-old Man Denied Medical Parole, Dies Two Months After Being Imprisoned

"Mr. Yue Caiyun, a native of Yucheng County, Henan Province, died two months after he was imprisoned for his faith in Falun Gong. He was 54.

"Mr. Yue was arrested in Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province, where he had been living the past few years, on August 21, 2020. The Hangzhou police accused him of mailing informational materials about Falun Gong.

"Mr. Yue held a hunger strike for four months and was often force-fed. The detention center doctor also injected him with unknown drugs every day he was there.

"He was sentenced to one year and four months at the Hangzhou No. 2 Prison in late December 2020. He continued his hunger strike after being taken to the prison.

"The prison authorities barred his family from visiting him and denied their request to release him on medical parole, despite his critical condition.

"The prison informed Mr. Yue's family on February 24, 2021 that he had just passed away. According to his son who saw his body in the hospital, he was emaciated. The prison denied any responsibility for Mr. Yue's death. They threatened his family not to expose it or they would lose their jobs. The prison gave Mr. Yue's family 30,000 yuan as a final settlement.

Shandong Man Slips into Coma at Detention Center, Dies After the Police Remove His Life Support

"While Mr. Yao Xinren was still in a coma after suffering a stroke, the authorities took him off life support and transferred him from the hospital intensive care unit to a senior center with no proper medical equipment for care. The 51-year-old man passed away a week later, leaving behind his wife and a child.

"Mr. Yao, a Longkou City, Shandong Province resident, suffered a stroke at around 9:00 p.m. on April 22, 2020, nearly ten months after his arrest on July 3, 2019. He received a craniotomy early on the morning of April 23 at the Longkou City People's Hospital. The doctor performed a tracheotomy on him two days later and put him on a ventilator.

"When Mr. Yao's wife went to the hospital to inquire about his condition, the police blocked the doctor and nurse from providing information about him. They also refused to show surveillance footage of Mr. Yao, regarding what had happened to him at the detention center.""

These are just a few examples of real human rights abuses taking place in China. Yet this blockhead wants us to believe we are the same and defends doing business with them by making scurrilous comparisons. I would be laughing at this absurdity if it wasn't so serious. And why so serious? Because there are actually people in this country who believe this propaganda. Make no mistake that is exactly what it is. Almost every word coming out of his mouth is demonstrably a fabrication, perhaps with the exception of his rant on the wars in Middle East started by the Bush "light" administration, continued by the Obama administration and toned down under the Trump administration.

The bottom line is that we should not be doing business with China no matter what some numb scull so called "renowned economist" thinks. Mr. Sachs you aren't the conscience of America. Most of us don't care what you think. 

I will leave off here with a quote regarding the left's so called conscience. Keep in mind most, if not all, major universities in the United States take money from the Chinese Communist Party.

"Last December a young girl named Mimi Groves was "canceled," and forced to withdraw from the University of Tennessee where she had a full scholarship as a cheerleader.

"The reason she was canceled was a former classmate posted a 3 second video that Mimi had made 4 years earlier at the age of 15.

"In the video, the young girl said "I can drive N-word."


"Last month, a young woman of color, named Alexi McCammond was "canceled," and forced to resign BEFORE taking over a new job as "Editor In Chief" of TEEN VOGUE magazine.

"The reason?

"Over a decade earlier, Alexi had made comments about gay people and Asians. The comments that I read were jokes in poor taste and later she sincerely apologized for them.

"Both of those girls apologized for relatively minor events that had occurred years earlier while juveniles.

'It doesn't matter. They and countless other people have been and will be "canceled" forever in an unforgiving climate of social awareness.

"Both of those stories were covered by dozens of major newspapers and will haunt those women forever.

"Apologies or making amends no longer matter.

"I just have one question:

"Why haven't we canceled China?"


"By now, you know that half a million Americans died from COVID and by the time the last bill is paid, TRILLIONS of your tax dollars will have been spent on China's little mistake.

"For their part, China NEVER apologized and you're an idiot if you think they will.

"The only thing they did was to spend tens of millions buying up print and air trying to shift blame for the virus and imprison or "disappear" their own scientist and doctors who tried to warn the world that death is coming.

'If you look at the balance sheets, China actually profited to the tune of hundreds of billions in medical sales. To include those stupid mask we all have to wear.

"And if COVID wasn't enough to make the "canceled club," just take a look at their civil rights history.

"China set records in human trafficking and even invented "organ trafficking."

"And, well documented evidence made the news over the last several years about how China has imprisoned over a million Uigyurs in "vocational schools."

"In those "schools" thousands of women were raped and had their heads shaved and their hair was used to make wigs and hair extensions that were sold in America.

"Still, despite their pretty awful record on COVID and Human Rights, nobody ever canceled China.

"Instead, China is making so much money off the US, they just bought another aircraft carrier for the Pacific and I gotta tell you, that area doesn't need any more Chinese warships.

"If you don't believe me, ask Taiwan, Japan and the Philippines what they think.


"Let's bring this back home for a minute. By now, all of you are aware that Americans are dying in record numbers from overdoses. We're all in our second decade of an "opioid crisis" and its not going away anytime soon.

"Last time I ran the numbers, it was scary how many Americans tragically died while in the throes of addiction.

"What does China have to do with illegal drugs in America?

"Consider the interesting case of Zhenli Ye Gon. He was the proud owner of a pharmaceutical company in Mexico that imported tons of the chemicals that are used in the manufacturing of crystal meth.

"Apparently, his business was very profitable because in 2007, the police raided his house and found:

'207 MILLION Dollars

'18 Million Pesos

'200,000 Euros

"A bunch of gold and jewelry and an arsenal of automatic weapons.

"Flash forward to August 2019. Mexican police seized 25 tons of fentanyl on a single ship.

"The ship was a Dutch vessel but had loaded the drugs from China who by the way is the worlds largest manufacturer of fentanyl.

"The Chinese immediately claimed that they had no idea and were very sorry. And as tempting as it is to believe that, we have to keep in mind that China is the most heavily surveilled country in the history of the world.

"President Bush, Obama and Trump begged the Chinese to curtail the manufacturing or illegal sales/export of fentanyl.

"They promised they would, but they never did.

'At some point in time you have to accept that killing Americans is practically a hobby for the Chinese government.

'I say that, because they're really good at it.

"So you have to ask:

"Why have we never canceled China?

"We made a spectacle of young girls lives and dammed them forever for a 3 second video and a few decade old post on social media.

"And the whole time we keep kissing China's ass - economically speaking.

"So many Americans get riled up over their political views but I've got some news for you.

"How you vote matters a lot less than how you spend your money."


'Especially hair extensions because that is seriously effe'd up.

Van Edwards - Former Border Patrol Agent


"Secretary of State Michael Pompeo warned lawmakers that the threat from the Chinese Communist Party is "inside the gates" during a meeting with House Republican lawmakers on Friday."

"Pompeo told members of the conservative Republican Study Committee that as a former lawmaker, he is aware of the threat posed by China but that he did not appreciate "the scope and the scale and the nature" of how close the threat is until he became Central Intelligence Agency director.

""This fight is inside the gates today … Containing where they are today leaves them in our institutions of higher learning. It leaves them in our high schools; it leaves them in our PTA groups. It leaves them inside our city councils and our state legislatures all across America. This is a deep effort that has been going on for 50 years. Republicans and Democrats alike refuse to deal with it, and we started to and did," he said.

""We not only got it right, and frankly, I think there is some bipartisan basis, I hope, that we can continue to get this right," he added.

"He noted that the Trump administration worked successfully to build an "enormous coalition" with the Indians, Australians, Japanese, the South Koreans, and in some parts of Europe to counter China. He said 120 international telecommunications companies have now forsworn any Chinese technology in their system."

Kristina Wong - Breitbart


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