Our Beloved "Rabboni" Speaks To Our Hearts


As many of you may recall, Mary Magdalene, referred to our Beloved Jesus as "Rabboni" when she came upon him after his resurrection. This is to say "Master" and was a Jewish word used to address someone who was a spiritual leader or a learned one in those days. So our Beloved Master Speaks to us in our heart flames if we will hear. What does the Master Jesus whisper to us in the still small voice we hear in our minds and hearts? 

Have you ever listened closely to cathedral chimes as their welcome vibrations pass through the seeming still night air? Have you wondered just what there was of comfort in the peal of the bells—or why they inspired you to a more joyous feeling? In India where the temple bells are likewise enjoyed by arhat and mendicant alike, many of the great sages refer to the tones of the bell as an expression of the OM vibration—which rhymes so well with home. Now this is no accident for where the home is there is the heart also! If your heart, my good friends, seeks the treasures of heaven it will naturally and spontaneously respond to heaven's bells of joy! Know also without fail that God I AM that I AM (as given to Moses) is your eternal OM (home)!

Jesus the Christ, our beloved Master, dwelled always in this consciousness of which I speak. He was undisturbed by the outer turmoil which raged around him, and you will recall he often said "I AM the way;" "I AM the light;" "I AM the good shepherd;" "I AM in the Father;" "I AM in you"—"I AM with you unto the end"—and many other differently phrased statements, some of which were never recorded by man, concerning the Flame of Christ that beats your heart—which also beat His sacred heart! In that dramatic scene where the soldiers sought to take him he simply asked, "Whom seek ye?"—"Jesus of Nazareth," they replied; "I am he"! He said—and the account clearly records that when he had said "I am he," they all went backwards and fell to the ground! This shows the power of the voice of the Son of God—use  I AM wisely beloved friends, for only the human will fall to the ground before the Christ Light which is your true guide or illuminator.

Let your devotion for the radiant Christ increase this day and every day! As the bells sing out let them ever recall for you a vision of his luminous Presence in loving remembrance of Him who is indeed wonderful, the Prince of Peace and the everlasting Father! All this is anchored in your heart right now beloved friends. In the song of the bells let your heart continually sing praises to the ever-watchful peace-commanding Presence which passeth all human understanding!

We are always abiding in Eternal Christ Peace Friends.



A. The Essence of Love

Precious Seekers for your own Freedom, know that the full Power of the three-times-three is released in the mighty stream of Love that issues forth from God's Heart and, filling the Universe with abundant Joy, flows forth into thine own Heart. This is the Fount of Pure Love and It springs up as the crowning radiance of each manifestation—of nature, of the Angelic Host and of man.

It is to this Love of God that We must pay tribute whenever we enjoy the full floral fragrances of the many manifestations of natural beauty nodding in the sunlight and fresh air. This Love is also the motivating Power behind all Angelic action. Therefore, those who would draw very close to the Angelic Host, that they might receive their protection, radiance and blessing, will be most wise to keep harmonious at all times and to shun all forms of human discord.

That Love, which is the greatest Love found in Man, is the Love which lays down its own life daily to keep the well-being of its friend. What greater Service can be rendered to Life than simply to manifest Love? Remember that true Love is the Great Magnet that draws forth the Power of God's Heart, charged with His Holy Wisdom. The secret of the evocation of Power, then, really lies within the Heart of Love. And it must be acknowledged that those men and women who so successfully invoke Power do so through turning to the Great Power of Love and drawing thereupon from the Power of God.

However, I am concerned for the sincere and would therefore mention the law of opposites, i.e. thesis and antithesis; for some who consider this postulation or thesis do not take this law into account nor understand that in the great balance of God's Wisdom and Love of Wisdom there is always the necessary manifestation of antithesis to be reckoned with. This law functions in the human reasoning process and, when it comes "full circle" in the individual' s experience, supports Truth and exposes error. The seekers for fallacy can always find a false answer in the very system of human logic which will support or justify their own ends according to the premise taken, but Divine Truth stands as a Sun of Love to melt the most brittle and frigid human concepts.

Just as there is a positive pole, so there is a negative pole of the same quality. For example, the opposite pole of pure Love is hate and, even mild dislike is a form of hate. This is so because true Love is always pure and does not contain within it the adulteration of any form of hate; true Love is always understanding, yet not necessarily always understood! From a Heart of true Love then, the words, "Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do" (Luke 23:34) are easily uttered.


Our years of experience on social media have clearly proven to us, that the so-called "average" men and women living on this planet, have in our daily musings the extraordinary wisdom of how this planet needs to be run--it's a big planet, each one of us contains valuable insights into the many aspects of the whole. We support each one of us upping our games expressing the unique gifts each of us contains.

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    Donna Ayers-Vorbach · 2 years ago
    Beautiful words that reveal so much of Jesus' Power and Love for us.
  • This commment is unpublished.
    SamInBerlin · 2 years ago
    That I Might Hear
    - Sam Inayat-Chisti

    By night we came to take him,
    I Malchus, and a cohort of Temple soldiers,
    in the still hours before daybreak,
    we servants of the High Priest stormed the garden
    where he stood. His fellows slept, in we crept
    to arrest him. And there he stood, waiting!
    We were following a direct order, to take him by number,
    and led there by his trusted fellow.
    Some awoke and then we could not find him,
    not so simple then, he stood there without resistance,
    and could not be seen.

    And his trusted one, our trusted one, went forward
    greeting him, kissed him in fellowship, as a signal,
    our signal – the Galilean looked at our man, his man,
    with an oddly resigned, yet penetrating glance.
    I saw it, then I beheld him, spoke my office and demanded,
    Are you he? He replied, I am.
    And we laid hold of him. Then it happened.
    So oddly calm, so in command of himself, suddenly
    his nearest, a bear of a fellow, leapt at me with a fair blade
    and whacked my left ear, nearly severed it.
    It came so fast, unexpected.

    What followed was still more shocking.
    This very Galilean held up his hand, stayed his friend,
    admonished him in dialect – then told us to let them all go,
    we have whom we came for. And without hesitation
    he approached me with that same hand and laid it
    over my gashed and throbbing ear.

    When he removed it, all was gone, the wound, the pain,
    the hearing, all I got was ringing buzzing, my brain went cold.
    My men had to nudge me to sternly fulfill my office,
    I went through the motions in a daze, I looked at him,
    not grasping, but grasping his shoulder I barely still heard him
    saying, By night you come to take me like some thief,
    when all the while I taught openly by day, open prey – now pray
    do as you are sent, that it may be fulfilled.

    That didn't help clear my thoughts,
    and all that passed thereafter in my lifetime –
    my leaving the Temple service and joining his circle,
    sharing its joys and its devotion, its bread and its wine,
    its destiny and its fate, in loving, serving and remembering him –
    had its birth and its prophecy, its torment and its promise,
    in that moment in that garden in that night,
    when he healed my ear, that I might hear.
    "That I Might Hear" (May 2015) - Images to the piece embedded in link below:
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    SamInBerlin · 2 years ago
    That portrait of Jesus Christ, a detail from a fine painting, is the one I've always preferred above all others I'd ever come across, andit has always graced a wall in my abode, wherever I've dwelt.
    • This commment is unpublished.
      Peggy · 2 years ago
      Thank you for your beautiful sharing here! I love this portrait as well. So beautiful.
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