Newsom's Clock is Ticking


Californians seem to have come to, showing they have had enough of the grinning duping governor from Hell and the crime families behind his power. We are looking forward to full disclosures, televised confessions and tribunals to finally let the whole public in on just how depraved the California political, corporate and cultural elite really is. Remember "You can check out any time you like ... but you can NEVER leave!" Well plenty have left and a lot of them have come here where I live, how about you?


Psychopaths and Duping Delight – Psychopaths In Life

Duping delight is an expression many people interested in psychology will have heard of, but what exactly is it and how can we spot it?…

The 4 Corrupt Families Of California: Newsom, Brown, Pelosi & Feinstein - Greek News On Demand / ΕΛΛΗΝΙΚΑ ΝΕΑ ΤΩΡΑ

The connections date back at least 80 years, to when Jerry Brown's father, Pat Brown, ran for San Francisco district attorney, losing in 1939 but winning in 1943, with the help of his close friend and Gavin Newsom's grandfather, businessman William Newsom.

Deon Joseph on LinkedIn: Our Governor in California is going to release 76,000 dangerous criminals | 55 comments

Our Governor in California is going to release 76,000 dangerous criminals into the street. Our LA County DA wants to coddle them. Yes I support the recall efforts. People. Please be careful who you vote for.


Guthrie also made some wild accusation about a strange "Q Anon" conspiracy theory that says that Democrats are a ring of satanic pedophiles that Trump is "our savior of." Trump responded that he didn't know "Q Anon" but that he agrees with those who identify with "Q Anon" for being strongly against pedophilia. Guthrie would not follow up on the subject of pedophilia, I wonder why? I think we'll see why later in this article.


We all need, to get the Word out. Mother Earth herself, is dying for us to speak in her behalf with a grain or two of common sense.

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