Knowledge is Power: Let Us FULLY Wake Up & Take Our Country Back


When I first viewed the short video, 'The Four Stages of Ideological Subversion,' it was for the purpose of sharing a review with you, the reader. But what I found was so intriguing and spoke so well to what I have witnessed in America and in my own life, I needed to view it again and again! I found that We the People have fallen into a very subtle and well designed trap, we've been lured into an imperceptible submission to globalist collective ideals as our individual freedoms are removed one by one. This analysis deserves a much closer look.

"The Four Stages of Ideological Subversion" 

Stage 1: Demoralization
A 25 year process that affects 3 generations.

This process requires control of the educational system to introduce the 'enemies' ideals. Keeping those ideals unchallenged and without the counterbalance of teaching basic values of American Patriotism. (cook the history books to tell lies)
Once the educational indoctrination is complete, exposure to true information no longer matters. These individuals do not believe truth even after clearly identified and proven as such, until military or governmental extremes take place.

Stage 2: Destabilization
A 2-5 year process.
3 basic tools used to destabilize: Economy, foreign relations, defense systems.

As President Trump has informed us on many occasions, in the years before he took office America's economy, foreign relations and defense systems were purposefully tampered with to bring ruination. At the same time, globalist elites were allowed fraudulent power grabs that further destabilized the American power structure world wide.  
Meanwhile, covid mandates and lock-downs are used to eliminate free market competition and to test how well fear mongering control tactics work, such as forcing mask wearing.  All accomplished while the enemies ideals are infused into the public forum.

Stage 3: Crisis
A 6 week process. 
A manufactured health scam-pandemic fits nicely here along with other layers of manufactured 'crisis'. 

The corona virus originated in China, was deliberately introduced into the United States and across the world specifically to encourage fear, bring dependency on governmental systems, and foster social and economic crisis.
Add to that an ongoing manufactured 'race war' via police shootings staged to cause unrest. Using paid leaders and their blind followers, domestic terrorist's groups such as BLM and Antifa have been organized to cause more fear through destruction and chaos. Toss in national upheaval brought about by massive election corruption and vote fraud, and we have a well woven thread of crisis' purposefully established to confuse and panic the masses. 

Stage 4: Normalization
Normalization comes after a violent power structure change represented in America by the biological warfare introduction of Wuhan Flu by China and the ongoing threat of BLM and Antifa violence.

'Normalization' is a cynical expression first used during Soviet propaganda theater. After third stage crisis is introduced and allowed to frighten and control the masses, a government conceived agenda ushers in a new normal meant to quell the fears of a now terrified and gullible people.  Hence, the core reason globalists factions and their followers are introducing the idea of a 'new normal' as if it is a done deal, intimating covid-iocy will continue indefinitely.  

Once psychological conditioning of subversion is thought to be complete for most of the populace, promises of an earthly paradise supplied by big government is offered. As history has taught us, the promises of a picture perfect future are mere words used to corral the unsuspecting masses into being compliant with an intrusive tyrannical power structure. 

Yuri Bezmenov warned us that a subversive disaster "... will happen in the United States if you allow all the shmucks to bring the country to crisis."

I say to you now Yuri, and to all who read this, the shmucks are being stopped in their tracks and the subversive take over is averted AS LONG AS EACH ONE OF US DOES OUR PART.

We can Thank God and the many patriotic heroes who abound, some known and others unknown, who fight for all American's rights to live free and remain free. WE can Thank God for fine hard working dedicated patriots who are daily wrestling political control back from the subversive enemy.

"To all Americans, what we choose to do in this life should never be stopped by fear." - @GenFlynn

We the People must understand what occurred in this country that allowed our governing body and political system to get so corrupted so as to prevent it from ever happening again.

We the People must always be prepared to act in strong and courageous ways to protect and preserve our Constitutional freedoms now and in the future.

Knowledge is power my fine friends. Applied knowledge is Power-Filled.



Ruby Ray Media - Progressivism Past Present and Future: Part 1, Progressives of the Past

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Ruby Ray Media - Titanic NOT An Accident - and More - with Juan O Savin

When Juan O Savin (Agent 107) gave this history lesson, it had been 107 years, almost 108 years, since the "Sinking of the Titanic." Why did the White Star Shipping Line use the patched up twin ship "Olympic" tagging it as the "Titanic" for this sailing? Why did bankster magnate JP Morgan not make it on board at the last minute, even his baggage arriving to shipside without him? Was the Olympic/Titanic sunk on purpose with too few lifeboats on it, to drown certain key men? Why were the most important opponents to the Federal Reserve scheme all drowned that fateful night? Is the "Sinking of the Titanic" just one of many crises instigated and managed by the powerful bloodline families throughout our history, crises and wars and booms and busts and revolutions?



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  • This commment is unpublished.
    MsPat · 4 months ago
    Simply, clearly & completely explained, Beverly, bravo❣
    • This commment is unpublished.
      Beverly · 4 months ago
      Thank you @MsPat. Your input is always welcomed. I felt strongly that this information needs to get out to the masses, many of whom still do not understand how we got to this point in our great countries journey. The truth can be uncomfortable, but what has taken place to put America on the brink of demise needs to be fully understood, or the same deadly mistakes will be repeated.
      • This commment is unpublished.
        MsPat · 4 months ago
        I do agree & I couldn't help but think of our latest & greatest damage brought on by Political Correctness & 'legalized' Propaganda.
        Watching the speedy demise of the alluring, distracting entertainment & gaming industry has been nothing short of incredible! Although I admit to the painful losses of innocence they stole, losing them is also an ache, shameful though it feels.
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