Eye on Maricopa: AZ Vote Audit Has Clear Path - Deepstate Freaking Out More Than EVER!

Vid-SC-Ken-Bennett-Interviewed-by-GP-4-30-21 Audit Director Ken Bennett Speaks to Gateway Pundit

Sure, it's outrageous what the deepstate is throwing at the Arizona audit but we must also rejoice in how solid a way this is turning out to be to bait the enemy's behavior into full battiness. We can see that zombies still need saving so that's good for all of us as they are delivered red suppositories daily to help them come around. We've said it before and it's truer now, three months going on four months into the "BIDAN administration," we are well past the red pill phase and it's gonna be tough for the stubborn sleepers waking up at such a late stage of their comfortably numb state of denial. No pain, no gain, however, so let the chips fall where they may!

Arizona GOP Chairwoman Kelli Ward Delivers an Update on the Maricopa County Forensic Election Audit

Audit Director Ken Bennett Answers Gateway Pundit's Questions About the Ongoing Effort


As Arizona's Maricopa County election audit moves forward through a rising cacophony of panicked deepstate election-stealing shills, both dems and rinos, our common observation confirms what the astrology shows culminating at the end of the week on April 30, 2021. The Sun's conjunction with Uranus in Taurus on Friday may be seen to climax what began with the Full Pink Moon (a Supermoon, no less) on Monday when the audit began in earnest.

"Dear Patriots,"It has been a new world every day in Arizona. Despite every conceivable roadblock, legal motion and hearings,THE most historic and unprecedented audit of American ballots is still happening, at least at this moment. And it is on track to be completed by the deadline."


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