Donna Ayers-Vorbach Paints a Mystery

DAV-Moses Let My People Go by Donna Ayers-Vorbach

Nationally recognized portrait artist, Donna Ayers-Vorbach, flipped the script in 2020 when she unleashed an amazing series of paintings into the world. Her super passion for Truth, Justice and The American Way led her to the YUGE phenomenon of Q, The Plan to Save the World.

Her epic series of Trump Cards and Q paintings came forth by following podcasts like X22 Report, Charlie Ward, McAllister TV and the Facebook group "R" They Alive, John F. Kennedy, Jr.

Become intrigued by the mysteries and secret clues hidden within each painting. Enjoy these American Treasures that testify to our sacred stories in American History.


America's Past, Present and Future, in Living Color 

Donna Ayers-Vorbach earned her art degree at Rhode Island School of Design and for the previous 30 years specialized in family portraits. With her radio dialed into Rush Limbaugh and other conservative talk show hosts Donna developed a keen interest in the political scene. Politics became an explosive subject with social interaction on Facebook and depth of information absorbed from podcasts on the internet.

Suddenly there was Q, the mystery that any fan of Nancy Drew would delve into. Day by day, analysis of Q drops were followed. The sentence, "You wouldn't believe who is talking to you here" pondered. Sitting on a hot beach at the Jersey Shore Donna whispered to an acquaintance, "I think John F. Kennedy, Jr is alive."

For the remainder of the summer and then the following one she was teased as being a bit off her rocker, however it did not deter Donna and she knew she wasn't the only one being called "crazy."

Contemplating the unique life of John Kennedy, Jr, the possibility that he fled into anonymity, paralleled the life and mission of Moses. That thought was the launching pad for the first of 7 paintings. Each developed from the previous one influenced by twists and turns of revelations from the alternative media.

Donna credits much of the success of each painting to her collaboration with Aladine Victor Vargas Castro of the Academy of Composition. "Don Victor" as he is affectionately called, is a master of design and storytelling with a rare depth of understanding of how the greatest artists applied the discipline of sacred geometry and design elements to compose masterpieces that we cherish today. This special series of Trump and Q inspired paintings can be seen at

Restoring the Republic by Donna Ayers-Vorbach

"Restoring the Republic" was the second painting developed in this series. I have to admit, I expected JFK Jr. to return on July 4th, 2019. I was a little disappointed, like Charlie Brown waiting in the pumpkin patch for The Great Pumpkin to return, but I did not give up hope. As the year drew to a close, I said, "It is going to be next year at Mt. Rushmore!" and I wanted to paint a grand picture to tell that story before it happened!

I began to illustrate the American Story of President Kennedy and the life of his son John set against the epic figures of Mt. Rushmore, concluding with the current political scene of Trump rallies and Q. It's sort of a story within a story.

In this painting, the viewer's eye is drawn to the top left, the reddish curtain suggesting a theater curtain, but also a funeral bunting.

The sky is stormy. We see President Kennedy and the figures of his wife, Jacqueline, and his children, Caroline and John, descending the steps of St. Matthew's Church down to the funeral procession.

The Spirit of President Kennedy, in my opinion, continued to guide his son's footsteps and the bell from President Kennedy's sailboat is tolling "Where We Go One We Go All".

Following the timeline, we then see John and Carolyn Bessette Kennedy, her sister Lauren, and their fateful plane that fell into the Atlantic on a dark night off of Martha's Vineyard in 1999.

Now we get to the fun "mystery" part. John's dog, Friday, is pointing his nose up to a political poster, "Make America Great". The poster is over the heart of President Trump. President Trump is looking at President Lincoln, who held the office during another difficult time in American History. Directly over President Trump, in a peaceful Tiffany Blue sky, is the letter Q, formed by a wistful cloud and a white Dove of Peace.

Lastly, the eye is drawn to the curious man in the fedora holding up the poster. Who is that? And who are the other people? A wife? A cousin? Whose children?

This is an American Mystery besides American History. I will let you decide.

Jack of Clubs Trump Card by Donna Ayers-Vorbach

The Jack of Clubs Trump Card was the seventh in my series of paintings of Q and JFK Jr. This card sent me back to the beginning of the story. The excitement of Donald J. Trump's campaign rallies was where I first noticed a peculiar-looking couple positioned behind Trump on the TV screen. We now know the man's name is Vincent Fusca. In Latin, Vincent means "conquering" and Fusca means "darkness". Q thinks of everything doesn't he?

One of the curious qualities about Vincent Fusca is that he appeared to change in size in different pictures. I am not talking about shape-shifting. I mean, it began to dawn on me that more than one man might be portraying the character of Vincent Fusca. This was like a movie, actors playing roles with makeup and costumes.

Many people were delving into this mystery. Speculations of individuals: John F. Kennedy, Jr. being the primary one, Anthony Radziwill, John's cousin who died from cancer in 1999, and Dodi Fayed, who died with Princess Di in 1997. Added to the list was John Denver, an angel with a guitar that the world lost in a plane crash in 1997 and Isaac Kappy, an American actor who committed suicide by jumping off a bridge in 2020. Isaac testified to the horrors of pedophilia in Hollywood.

Keeping with the famous Shakespearean quote, "All the world's a stage, and all the men and women merely players," much of the image is painted in black and white evoking black and white movies. Popcorn is flying like confetti! In the center of the painting are John and Carolyn Kennedy as we remember them. John is laughing as Carolyn is giggling in an adoring embrace.

Q, the greatest military intelligence operation in the history of the world, is engaged in this final battle between God and Lucifer. It is almost over and... God wins!

Jack of Hearts Trump Card by Donna Ayers-Vorbach

Trump... Trump Cards. Sometimes ideas are right in front of us and we don't realize it.

As a sufferer of insomnia, I listen to riveting political podcasts in the middle of the night. They may get in the way of my intention of falling to sleep, but at least I am not bored!

And so, in the middle of the night, I heard Dave of the excellent podcast "X22 Report" say something startling! Dave said, "Trump has a Trump Card, but no one knows what it is!" I turned over to my other side, frustrated and thinking to myself, well, I know what it is! It is JFK Jr. and I think it needs to be painted!

The next morning, I began researching playing cards and researching ideas that might be on this Trump-of-all-Trump Cards. I thought about the individuals that were important to President Trump and to JFK Jr. I selected John to be where the face of a knight would be on a card and then inserted President Trump, Admiral Rogers, General Flynn, Andrew Breitbart, John Perry Barlow (an important mentor to John,) Julian Assange and Pepe the Frog. I also added the image of a QAnon digital soldier in the hoodie, to represent all of us.

A Facebook friend, the mysterious Franz Glaus, suggested Carolyn Bessette Kennedy at the bottom. "Too many men!" he complained. I think she puts the card over the top! 

There are a few other fun clues in the image related to Q. See if you can identify them!

As President Donald J. Trump said, "If it isn't fun, what is the point?" 

Queen of Hearts Trump Card by Donna Ayers-Vorbach

In July 2020, after being disappointed that JFK Jr. did not reveal himself, but not at all shaken by that fact, I began this unusual Trump Card, Lady Di, Queen of Hearts.

As was my daily habit, I logged into the Facebook page "R They Alive? JFK Jr. R and Family". The administrator, Anthony Perkins, posted the question, "Could Princess Diana and Dodi Fayed have faked their deaths?" The question caused me to wonder. I was beginning to see a trend. Famous people possibly not dead; leaders we trusted or looked up to, actually being among the worst. In fact, everything was up for question. What I did know was that if Anthony Perkins posted it, there was something there. All of the rabbit holes I had traveled down following Q, it didn't seem so impossible that Princess Di, President Trump and John Kennedy, Jr. were on the same team.

For this Trump Card, I selected an English playing card for its color and the intriguing way the crown was sliding off the Queen's head. I pored over images of Lady Di and Dodi. I discovered a picture of a shy Diana, and Dodi hiding a bit beneath his hand, both of which seemed to advance the story.

The pictures of Diana's sons, William and Harry, were taken from a memorial of their mother's death. The poppies on their lapel being a symbol of their remembrance.

President Trump has a mischievous smile for perhaps this "tragic accident" was part of a greater plan to destroy the Global Elite involved in Crimes Against Humanity!

The center is an illustrated map of Paris where the accident occurred; the route the car traveled towards the Pont de l'Alma tunnel. Then there is a diagram of the 13th column in the tunnel where the car struck.

Also illustrated is the Flame of Liberty Torch, which ironically stands above the tunnel.

I hope you enjoy the charm and mystery of this playing card. And I hope my hunch is right! Nancy Drew always trusted her hunches! 

King of Hearts Trump Card by Donna Ayers-Vorbach

The King of Hearts Card was inspired late one evening in August of 2020 by Dr. Charlie Ward during a podcast where he alluded to a special alliance between four world leaders: Trump, Putin, Modi and Xi. What particularly inspired me was Charlie's description of Trump and Putin's mischievous glance towards each other as Charlie declared, "They are great friends"!

It was at that moment I knew another Trump Card had to be added to the set. I began to develop The King of Hearts.

I chose the King of Hearts rather than the King of Diamonds because I came to the conclusion that it was their LOVE of HUMANITY that created the alliance between these four world leaders and that they were putting their lives on the line for each of us.

Trump, Putin, Modi and Xi are positioned as if around a game table, each making their moves from their own region in the world. Tying the leaders together is the chess board, a finger resetting the global economy button and teenagers jumping for joy, no longer victims of human trafficking.

The painted hearts of this card are structured as protected wombs where the unborn can safely thrive and grow. Outside of the wombs are depicted small germs of the Corona Virus.

Despite an economic collapse and a false World pandemic, the Kings are depicted as triumphant in their secret alliance to preserve true freedom for humanity and love of all things True and Good which is God Inspired.

WWG1WGA by Donna Ayers-Vorbach

WWG1WGA is a painting inspired by the Spirit of John F. Kennedy, Jr.

Most of us think of John as a privileged individual, born into wealth and fame, and blessed with remarkable good looks. But how many have considered the cross John had to bear? He lost his father at the age of three to an assassin in front of the world. And then his beloved uncle, Robert Kennedy, a second father to him, was also assassinated in front of the world's cameras.

JFK Jr. could have gone along with the world's elites and enjoyed the plushest life, but he didn't seem to do that. John had other things on his mind. He had very important business to attend to. In one word: Justice.

Not just justice for those responsible for the murder of his father and uncle, but justice for all of us! For we are all John. And John is one of us. We all have suffered because of the metastasis of evil in the world.

In WWG1WGA, the figure of John is depicted like a statue made out of many different pieces of stones. Stones made by God are very different in size and material, as all of us are unique, but together we make up the family of Man.

Emitting from the heart of this humble figure is light and love to guide us; the lighthouse in the distance. It is one that might be found along the Coast of Cape Cod on that dark night when John's plane supposedly descended into the ocean. The figure of John is guiding us to calm waters and safe shores. Light is breaking up the darkness.

Inscribed at the base of the statue, perhaps by a beach walker or a fisherman with his pen knife, are the letters WWG1WGA; the same letters inscribed on the bell of his dad's boat.

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  • This commment is unpublished.
    Donna Ayers-Vorbach · 3 months ago
    February 10, 2021....nice sequence of numbers! Thank you so much!!
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Franz · 3 months ago
    Donna, it's a beautiful article you made us here!
  • This commment is unpublished.
    DonaldG · 3 months ago
  • This commment is unpublished.
    JanDohrman · 3 months ago
    Excellent job Donna, love the story telling!
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Carol Allen · 3 months ago
    What a journey, so beautifully portrayed by your love and talent! I am over-the-moon happy for you, Donna
  • This commment is unpublished.
    TestingTheNarrative · 3 months ago
    Incredible! I saw this on Facebook and I am blown away!
    My fam pokes jabs at me all the time. Especially when I pull out the Charmed Life Tragic Death mag of Caroline and JFKjr I got at an antique store a 3 summers ago. I couldn't Believe anyone gave that up!

    The looks start to fly across the room as if I'm too far gone to see them! Cracks me up!

    People don't know what to make of me when I talk of Moses, Esther and Purim, but my dad in law does. They call him crazy too because he believes in the Most High. They are trying to put him away in a home and he doesn't belong there! Please pray when you read this. He lost short term memory due to an aneurysm and many had him dead since he couldn't even swallow. God turned it around, fully functioning, stellar health. He might repeat himself, but sharp as a tack and senses the Spirit of God in other Sons and Daughters of the King! Power of prayer multiplied.

    Thank you so much Donna for sharing your gifts and talents. Seeing your work has made my day! You are an Inspiration.

    I say don't just be a little off your rocker. . .leave that rocker far behind and keep on Creating! Well, maybe the rocker for a coffee once in a while and a glass of wine at the end of a long day so we can all ponder the mysteries from your amazing work!

    P.S. I listened to Rush too, when I would pick up my daughter from school. When she got in the car she wanted to turn it and listen to her music. . .I would say this is so important. She Would give it a listen and agree with a great deal. I did let her listen to her music at times. Remember, there was an old song. . .lyric of I was country when country wasn't cool. No worries about the naysayers cause. . .we were all Q when Q wasn't Kewel!
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Peggy · 2 months ago
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Donna Ayers-Vorbach · 2 months ago
    Thank you all and Testing the Narrative, so love being on this incredible journey with you! Prayers for your Dad and thanks for your kind words! Donna
  • This commment is unpublished.
    back2facts · 2 months ago
    I love all of these paintings. Princess Diana looks so happy, and it's a great likeness!
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Franz · 2 months ago
    Diana does look quite happy! I wonder why?
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Beverly · 2 months ago
    The story you weave for each painting brings them pleasently and beautifully to life ! You are so talented, thoughtful and inteligent @Donna Ayers-Vorbach
    It is an honor to know you.
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