COVID 19 "Vaccine" Deception


No matter what the so-called experts are telling you, i.e., these vaccines are safe and effective, we can reach herd immunity when enough people take the vaccine etc., know that they are lying to you. First of all, this is not a vaccine. It doesn't meet the CDC's own definition of what a vaccine is or does. This is an experimental gene therapy, not a vaccine as many so-called experts have said. I have chosen a video by Dr. Hotze for his very candid and easily understood explanation. There are many others. I have shared much of this information with you. I will continue to share the information with you. 

This so called vaccine is dangerous. Do not let them experiment on you. The FDA has not approved this therapy. It was given emergency authorization only. But that is just stupid. There is no emergency. COVID 19 has a 99.98% survivability rate. Those who are most vulnerable have always been the elderly and those with co-morbidities. Children are not in danger and should under no circumstances be given this vaccine. It is unnecessary experimental use on your children. None of these people have any idea what kind of long term effects to expect from this so called vaccine. We won't know for months or perhaps years what those effects are and trust me, they will just find a way to blame it on something else. 

The fool doctor in the above video states that getting the infection is much more dangerous than the vaccine. I have a question doc; we just heard that major reactions like anaphylaxis occur in about 1 in 250,000 people getting the shot. Hmmm, that sounds a lot more dangerous to me. Why are you lying? Or do you actually believe what you just said?


Once you've viewed the eloquent and compelling speech of this good doctor, only 14 minutes long, you will want to share it with anyone you know that is afflicted with FOC (Fear Of Covid.) Dr. Roger Hodkinson is about as mainstream a doctor as you will find. His presentation addresses the false narrative that we and others have identified as an assault on free people by tyrants.


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