Time to End Communism at Home and Abroad

This morning (July 12) Steve Bannon reported in his War Room broadcast on Real America's Voice network, on the Cuban revolution against the long-oppressive (read "murderous") Castro Communist regime, a sign of things to come here in the USA too where Cultural and Economic Marxists enjoy "an hour of power" in the wacked-out Twilight Zone that exists with the laughable creepy hoax that is "the bye-dan administration."

College-brainwashed, teacher-union-funded useful idiots on local school boards seem empowered by all this theater with their "Equity" and "Gender" administrative and educational programs pulled right out of the Communist Manifesto, edited a little with not-so-clever deceptive semantics in an effort to dodge the community's censure.

These child-hating and America-hating deceivers (with their inattentive virtue-signaling useful idiots) are keeping patriots on their toes fighting like heck to make sure their children don't get turned into purple-haired genitally-mutilated antifa or molotov-tossing blm soldiers. Portland and Minneapolis are bad enough, can you imagine weaponized youth of Montana burning down Murdoch's Ranch & Home Supply stores around the State?


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RUBY RAY NEWS FLASH: Always Victory in Current Events, July 12 - 18, 2021

The Good News gets better with every news cycle as We the People are the news now! And we're taking our nations back!


1. You too can join the President's class action lawsuit against Google, Facebook, Twitter and their CEOs.

2. Guess what? It's true what you learned as a kid: your immune system works and is your best defense against SARS-CoV-2.

3. President Trump reports that Lamestream Media (what we like to call, "the mockies" after the Clown Agency's Project Mockingbird - look it up) has hit BOTTOM!

4. Babylon Bee reports that other States want to model Texas for getting rid of their demonrat problem. LOL.

5. Viva Cuba Libre!

6. The world's had enough! "Liberté" chanted by many thousands in the streets of Paris.

7. House GOP Campaign Arm Takes In Record $45 Million Fundraising Total, Outraising Democrats BIGLY!

8. Iowa Mama Bears get a big win for kids in their State.

We herald once again all the winning of the past week, July 12-18, 2021.

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Juan on Tesla

At the occasion of Nikola Tesla's 165th birthday, Juan O Savin spoke about Tesla's annual gifts to the world. Juan is thankful, as we are, of God's gift of Nikola Tesla to the world.

We have the video and the transcript (also the original video of the Juan O Savin interview from which an excerpt was taken.)

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EYE ON The Audit Freight Train: Mastriano is the Keystone Hero

State Senator Douglas V. Mastriano, PhD (Colonel, U.S. Army, Retired) got the Audit Freight Train started way back in November with the Gettysburg event that gave Rudy Giuliani, Jenna Ellis and many witnesses of vote fraud an opportunity to present their evidence of widespread and egregious election fraud in Pennsylvania, which was then repeated in one State after another, leading to the Arizona Forensics Audit that, by opposing it so shrilly, the Left continues to indict itself. Mastriano's call for a forensic audit in his State makes him the first State Senator to do so of any State after Arizona. Georgia, Michigan and Wisconsin are coming, others too. The freight train is picking up steam.

Few commentators are willing to say it in public, but we are quite willing to say it: the 2020 election was a massive sting operation, so sophisticated as to defy most imaginations. The criminal globalist pedosatanic death cult was caught red-handed, dead-to-rights ATTEMPTING to steal the election. Truth is, they already knew they were done, they were going through the motions, having capitulated to Trump several years prior. More on that here.

Get your popcorn and enjoy the movie! And, don't forget to get active in local civics: school boards, city and county commissions, precinct positions, etc.. It is now up to the people to take their country back, from the schools, hamlets, towns and counties, on up.

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The truth about Hussein and the CIA has long been known but suppressed

Yours truly was the sour note at gatherings of family and friends in 2007 and 2008 when all the world had quaffed their fill of that Zero-laced koolaid, that dizzying Hopey-Changey vibe-in-the-crowd polluted by craftily-worded broadcasts on multiple wavelengths schmoozed by plastic gaslighting media agents pretending trustworthiness.

How did many of us know the truth? It fit the pattern, didn't it? Here was a complete unknown who could actually put a sentence together, with just enough color added to almost sound like he might actually mean it, a complete NOBODY with so MUCH ginned-up, exaggerated pedigree, sending out all the right focus-group virtue signals.

Perhaps the most obvious fake thing about the bot was how he was presented as the answer to 20-plus years of Bush Fourth Reich corruption (Clinton a proxy.) This Zero provided the all-too-perfect knee-jerk us-vs-them manchurian model.

A little digging brought up Ayers and co. and so much more. "Dreams of My Real Father" ?

The good news is that such a desperate conman/frontman/puppet overreach would inevitably redpill a significant enough chunk of the country to pave the way for a strong and solid resurgence of American Patriotism - MAGA - and the one-and-only true-champion-of-we-the-people.

Read-em-and-weep, losers.

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Trump Sues Big Tech Making World History on 7/7. 7/9 UPDATE: Trump's WSJ OpEd

July 9 UPDATE: President Trump's Wall Street Journal OpEd.

July 7, 11 am eastern time, President Donald J. Trump announced a class action lawsuit against Google, Facebook, Twitter and their CEOs, Mark Zuckerberg, Jack Dorsey and Sundar Pichai.

"...they are the greatest disinformation group of people ever, ever in the world."

We have the video and the transcript.

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"We Won the Presidency. We Changed the World."

In Sarasota, Florida, on the eve of the nation's Independence Day, President Donald J. Trump boldly spoke those words that resonate brightly with We the People, the 8 of 10 voters that voted for the President. The world now knows what it didn't know before, which marks the end of the people's consent to [them].

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NEA is Determined to Corrupt Our Children

These people are insane and screaming at each other from their safe spaces in Zoom meetings!

Charlie Kirk tells his viewers how to shut out the NEA from your school districts.

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Tesla Trumps the World

July 10 will mark the 165th birthday of Nikola Tesla, 26 days after Donald John Trump's 75th birthday who's uncle John was a business partner of Tesla's. Nikola said science was the great uniter. Every year at his birthday, instead of seeking to receive birthday gifts, Nikola would present the world with a new invention of his which helped to improve life on earth.

Contributing author Candace Whitelight and Ruby Ray Media author Beverly Ann Wood contributed to this article. (See Beverly's earlier article on Tesla and Trump from Feb. 17 in the Related section.)

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Juan O Savin: Trump's Return Part 2 - Flyover Conservatives July 2nd - Transcript and Video

Transcript Published July 3rd by Ruby Ray Media / 

Rumble Video Published July 2nd by Flyover Conservatives /

Bonus: Part 1 video included in this article, Funny memes and Scotty Films vids. This article is PACKED. Relax with your device and take your time on your July Fourth long weekend!

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What is Gaslighting?

A friend posted something on Facebook from an anonymous author defining the term "gaslighting."  

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Richardson Post: Mike Lindell Wins Big Against Dominion

CCP celebrates the 100th anniversary of its reign of terror over the Lao Baixing this week—but they won't like the present they got in Minneapolis federal court with Mike Lindell and his company (My Pillow)!

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Your Captured Government is The Enemy Within - In the End We Win

When Feds are spying on us and staging clandestine operations against us and teaming up with a corrupt corporate media against us, it's time to rally. America rise, get up and fight! Take your government back.

JULY 2 UPDATE BONUS: Juan O Savin talks about the government infiltration of the patriot community and patriot movements as agents provocateurs. Important!! He also explains how important it was - historically so - for President Trump to hold off on holding the cheating demonrats to account for the November 3 vote fraud. The very survival of America was in the balance. LISTEN!!

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Patriots Fight Communism at School Board Meeting in Montana

A Monday evening Bozeman Montana School District Board of Trustees meeting was attended by many outraged members of the community, students, parents, grandparents, raising a hue and cry over the Board's proposal to introduce a barely disguised Communist policy initiative framed by a virtue-signaling "Equity Advisory Committee" using catch words like "Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity" - buzz terms used to get us to swallow a demonstrably Marxist Critical Race Theory.

CRT is designed by "Progressives" of the Left (code for Marxists) to divide and conquer our nation starting at Kindergarten. (More depth on this in a related article below.) The war the Leftists wage against our free republic is now reaching a crescendo after decades of dumbing down this nation with the indoctrination curricula of our public schools. We the People are waking up to it and won't let it reach that final stage of infiltration and domination, regardless of how much work they put into their wordy itineraries to try to sell it to us.

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CCP Defector Dong Jingwei Causes Panic in the Deepstate

CCP liars say Dong hasn't left China so you can bet he has. There is now a tight lid on this as we imagine secret Grand Juries are held and sealed indictments and the rest. Glory be, when more is revealed there will be heads hanging in shame. The shameless ones just get prosecuted and jailed or executed for treason.

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Crime of the Century

Donald J. Trump, [26.06.21 20:14] on Telegram

Statement by Donald J. Trump, 45th President of the United States of America

"Look at the Fraud and so called "irregularities" that are being found in the 2020 Presidential Election—a disgrace to our Nation. It is truly the Crime of the Century!"
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Trump: Hunter's Laptop Was Real

It was real when it was turned in to the FBI but the Feds and their mockie lapdogs wanted you to ignore it. We never did. Neither did Trump.

Hydroxychloroquine was a real therapeutic but the Feds, Big Pharm and their mockie shills wanted you to ignore it. We never did. Neither did Trump.

The November 3 election fraud was real but the deepstate monsters and their lying gaslighting shills wanted you to ignore it. We never did. Neither did Trump.

We will win on all counts and the deepstate will burn, forever.

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Little Ivory Riding Hood and the Big Bad Pharma Wolf

Ivory's making the circuit, now joined by CBS 62 reporter April Moss. They are exposing the gaslighting cover-up culture of liars at the corporate mockingbird media whorehouses that are pimped out by the Rottenfeller big pharma death cult. Come away from them, mankind of Earth!

Bonus: Scotty Films vid - Tucker Carlson interviews Pink Floyd's Roger Waters about Julian Assange. YUGE!

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In CCP-Canada Free Speech is Dead

Canadian PM Castro (I'm sorry, did I say Castro?) and his/its handlers say let's add some criminal Canadian muscle to the Big Tech censors with Bill C-10. It's one of those wee-hours type bills that [they] used to give us the Federal Reserve here in America 108 years ago. Do they really think they can get away with that in the age of MAGA/MEGA (Make Earth Great Again) and its lightning-fast information distribution of the truth in a daily accelerating awakening of mankind? We don't think so but the fight will be something to watch!

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"Only at the precipice will people find the will to change."

Sunshine patriots are such a pain! They voted for Trump but now want to turn on him and accuse him of never being on our side. Excuse me? (Yes, we recognize that agents provocateurs are no doubt involved in vainly trying to divide the patriot community again.)

Some people can't handle a war that is fought to win it, not just to slaughter the millions. Such people are not educated to be systems thinkers, in general, they have to be spoon-fed their whole lives. We want to associate with those who have the courage to see the big picture and to think a few steps ahead of the enemy! Our friends are those that are sticking with Trump through the American Near Death Experience that is needed to waken mankind to the evil that had deceived them so totally and completely, in every facet of their life, including their churches.

Trump won, never forget it or ignore it. November 3 was the most sophisticated sting operation in the history of the world and it's working! There's a whole lot of criminal corruption to take down around the world! Washington DC is a ghost town. Buckingham Palace is boarded up. The Vatican is shut down. All of the world's power elite capitulated to Trump and his alliance four years ago.

If you insist on making television programming your reality, go right ahead, the rest of us will march into MAGAA (again) without you! That includes replacing Marxists everywhere: in our school boards, county and city commissions and councils, state legislatures and executive branches and even in our marketplace. It's a slog, there's a disturbing amount of resistant resident evil entrenched in our society - but only because we the people gave it permission, we invited it in, we paid for it, we bought into it, their movies, the music, their deadly products and food, their schools that rot our kids' minds. Yes, we consented to it all, to one degree or another.

So, now, we must pay the price for the liberty we thought in error was so cheap. Buckle up, buttercup!

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