Seattle Rioters Try to Burn Cops Alive and Media Ignores It


A google search of the incidents resulted in one independent media source's report but nothing from MSM.

Once again rioters in Seattle tried to trap police officers inside a building the rioters were trying to burn to the ground. Mayor Jenny Durkan's euphemistic "Summer of Love" isn't showing signs of slowing down; though CHAZ is no more, downtown Seattle's "Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone" sanctioned by the Mayor and Washington's governor, Jay Inslee, for weeks, with the Mayor actually marching at one point with the anarchists. syndicated reporter Steve Ahle's report follows, seemingly rushed.  (We found the report mirrored by the intrepid Ryan Fournier at RF Angle, .)

"Once again rioters in Seattle tried to trap police inside a building they were attempting to burn down in order to hurt as many police officers as they could during Mayor Jenny Durkan's "Summer of Love" as she has referred to the domestic terrorists taking over the city. The Mayor has gone so far as to march with the protesters.

Rioters climbed over a fence guarding the East Precinct in Seattle. After setting fires, rioters mixed up a batch of quick-dry cement in order to try and trap the officers inside the building.

This seems to me to be an attempt to murder those officers. And where the hell is the mayor during all of this mayhem? She is busy trying to fight off an attempt to recall her from office. It seems she can't be bothered by something as trivial as protecting the lives of her police officers.

KTTH reports:

"As some in the crowd vandalized the building and tormented police, others brought quick dry cement to seal police officers inside the building.

The criminals at the 12th street entrance reportedly mixed what is suspected to be cement mix and water in a bucket with a wooden stick before applying it to the door.

Photos show the criminals also destroyed the electronic key card off the door, presumably to further disable the ability of officers inside to enter or exit the building."

Fortunately, they were unable to seal the officers in the building, possibly because they added too much water to the mix, preventing the mixture from drying quickly enough.

The officers were able to push the doors open and then they dispersed the rioters from the precinct building.

The rioters have been trying to burn down other federal and police buildings in the city also.

They're tactics have been similar in these other attacks, attempting to blockade occupants inside those buildings in order to burn officers and federal agents to death.

Call them peaceful protesters if you will Mayor, but we all know the truth. These are domestic terrorists."

Google searches uncovered mostly local coverage with very little national coverage, whether the national media ignored it or Google censored it. There was no coverage circulating social media that we saw. Does it not fit the mainstream media's "peaceful protest" narrative? The UK's Daily Mail covered it, what some call a tabloid, but not a peep out of our major press here in the U.S., no longer a surprise in light of the death of journalism in America over these past decades. 


Seattle rioters caught on camera trying to trap police in East Precinct, set it on fire | KOMO

Some officers with the Seattle Police Department said the recent unrest unfolding in the city are turning into direct attacks on police. One police spokesperson said the protesters were deliberate in their efforts to trap officers inside the East Precinct building Monday night before setting fires. New SPD surveillance video from the East Precinct shows rioters setting fires around the precinct, after trying to cement the door shut, while officers are inside.

Seattle cops accuse protesters of attempted murder for trying to trap officers in burning precinct | Daily Mail Online

Protesters used quick-dry cement to try to seal the door of the East Precinct in Seattle on Monday night as others set the building on fire in what cops have blasted as attempted murder.
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