EYE ON GEORGIA: TRUMP WAS RIGHT, Fulton County Audits Coming

President Trump has stated many times since the 2020 Presidential Election that fraud was heavily involved.

He recognizes voter fraud and election corruption took place in many states, as do expert lawyers like Rudy Giuliano and Sidney Powell, and the ever present: Mike Lindell, who work tirelessly for our country to expose the fraud. 

So too, Donald J. Trump has not stopped championing our right to a fair and balanced election without corruption involved since it's been clearly demonstrated election fraud took place.

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EYE ON MARICOPA: Intimidation Tactics Fail as AZ Lawmakers Plan to Act

Even well-seasoned lawmakers are shaking their heads in disbelief as to why U.S. Attorney General Merick Garland wants to interfere with the fully legitimate, completely transparent, perfectly legal Election 2020 Maricopa, Arizona Audit.

In a general statement sent forth by Biden's Department of Justice, "U.S. Attorney Merrick Garland has raised questions about whether federal laws were broken", citing possible 'abnormal methods' being used during the audit. (12news.com)

The only abnormal issue about this audit is why the DOJ, after several courts have already ruled the audit is both legal to perform and being done within strict legal parameters, wants to issue idle threats. Why the desperation to stop an expertly done vote audit?
Panic much deepstate?

Senator Wendy Rogers told the DOJ to "Stay out of our business." and without hesitation also warned them, "DON"T MESS WITH US!" 

It takes courage to speak up like that and it takes even more courage to stand behind every word.

Thank you Senator Rogers! 

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Covidiocy Unmasked: Children's Masks Cause Disease, Mandates Being Abolished

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PRESIDENT DONALD J. TRUMP : 75 Years of GREAT and the BEST is Yet to Come!

President Trump shares the day he was born, June 14, with two other very special births; 
the birth of the United States Army and the birth of our beloved United States Flag. 

Ole' Glory turns the grand age of 248 and the Army celebrates 246 years of official existence this year, 
while Donald J. Trump is celebrating being alive and well, and more than thriving for three-quarters of a century, as of June 14, 2021.

As hugely patriotic as President Trump is, does anyone really believe it merely a coincidence that all three births fall on the same day? 

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President Trump Is Right About Governor Ron DeSantis

Governor Ron DeSantis became Florida's 46th governor at midnight on January 8, 2019.

In just two years, with Herculean like political strength and Trumpian talent, Governor DeSantis has accomplished feats of great magnitude never before seen in the great state of Florida.
His business common sense, along with his 'family and children first' agenda, has already made a substantial positive impact in Florida that is being felt throughout our great country. 

President Trump was right to endorse Ron DeSantis for governor as these past two years have demonstrated! 

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EYE ON Maricopa: MISSING BALLOTS, Trump Birthday Gift, Legal Action Imminent

Do not take your eyes off the MARICOPA AUDIT!!!

We are in the last lap, rounding the turn of this audit to be done and there has been a major discovery!

Forward to the 6:30 minute mark of this 10-minute video to hear Boris Epshteyn give an update on the ongoing audits within the US and their findings. Major News:

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EYE ON Maricopa: AMERICA'S AUDIT Almost Complete

As people from all over the globe share disgust over the evil 'Tall Tales' Fauci's recent email dump (Here they are: All 3000 Fraud-chi emails!and his blatant lies about ties to China and 'gain of function' research (Flashback: 'Gain of Function' documentary) there is very good news in the latest Maricopa Audit update. 

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It's Not Nice to Mess with Mama Bears!


I present to you one heck of a great mom, Tatiana of Carmel, New York.

Politically speaking, she is one of the best researched, most well informed, rightfully angry Moms that I have ever heard or seen speak publicly.
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Pompeo's Pearls of Wisdom on China Olympics, Wuhan Virus, Wall Street Influence

Long before President Trump took office, America's deepstate underbelly had direct sinister connections with the China Communist Party (CCP) that are still active to this day in many parts of our own American greatness, from covert deals regarding manufactured goods to corrupt financial ties with medical and pharmaceutical influence.  

Since Tall Tale Fauci's traitorous deceptions and total disregard of the American people's welfare concerning the 'bio-weapon' Wuhan virus have come to light (thank you Rand Paul!), a well-lit gate has opened for those in the dark to find their way to full disclosure about the communist disruptive influence in our country today.

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NUREMBERG 2.0: Dr. Reiner Fuellmich's Covid Fraud Proof Leads to Worldwide Trials

As the world turns, so does the Covid Virus Pandemic.

It has been over a year since citizens of the world were informed it would only take two to four weeks to get the covid virus health issues under control (once called the "corona virus.") Since then, major political shifts have taken place globally, deeply altering the face of local and national governments.

From mandating ineffective mask wearing to causing the ruination of thousands of businesses across whole countries, what many now call Covidiocy swept across the earth like a wild fire.

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Patriot's Patriot General Flynn Featured at Dallas' For God and Country Roundup

This Memorial Day Holiday Weekend 1000's of patriotic events are taking place in every small burg and large city throughout this great country. 

But not all of them will have the likes of General Michael Flynn highlighting their event, as does this unique celebration in Dallas called the "For God & Country Patriot Roundup".

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EYE ON Maricopa: Focus on Corrupt Ballot Handling, Forensic Machine Exam

Why is anyone opposed to this audit?

Since Nov 3, 2020 until present, reputable people from Rudy Giuliani to Lin Wood to Sidney Powell have given We the People good reason to question the outcome and label the election "stolen".

Any political person or group who opposes this or any future 2020 presidential election audit becomes suspect. What are they trying to avoid? Or Cover-up? Both??

As more and more information comes forward about the past election, the proof of how both Dominion voting machines and Mail-in ballots were used to commit election fraud is slowly being revealed.

The term "stolen election" does not seem to apply any longer.

The term "treasonous acts" more aptly fits the scenario unfolding. 

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Enforcing Abnormality as the "New Normal"

 Oh how I have hated that saying ' NEW NORMAL'  since I first heard it!

✔️They are now being called Face Coverings so as to soften the reality of having a 'mask' on that covers your face?

✔️One can now make a mask out of just about anything, even old sox or lacy drawers!

✔️They are selling matching masks to go with blouses and tops for men and women..which will never be normal no matter how well they try to market it! 

And that's the key. If we want to somehow 'magically' improve our lives, we will submit? To abnormality?

Masks aren't the endgame though..beware all.

Look around you. It's happening. People have been so frightened , so afraid of what they have been told that they will comply in the face of absurdity! They wear a mask driving, swimming and even when playing a woodwind instrument! 

What is next, a mask that comes with full eating capabilities and a smart lock capable mask for children so they cannot remove them? Absurd you say? Is it really? Look around you...

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DOJ to Probe Nursing Home Deaths in Four States

UPDATE : 13 OCT 2020 

"Here's the nursing-home order Andy Cuomo signed, killing thousands of elderly New Yorkers. (Via @JaniceDean) His Dept. of Health tried to scrub it from the Internet. The cover-up didn't work."

via tweet Oct 13, 2020 by Dagen McDowell @dagenmcdowell


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WAR ON AMERICA'S SCHOOL CHILDREN: BLM Makes Massive Move Infiltrating Schools Nationwide

An alarm is sounding across our nation. 

It is the alarm cry for help from parents, grand parents, aunts, uncles, neighbors and friends who have seen the biased "race bait and hate" lessons their children are being taught in schools.

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Entire Rochester Police Department Command Staff Retires With More To Follow

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It's Time to #WalkAway

There was a young man who by the year 2018,  became very frustrated with the Democrat Party's direction. He was more than disappointed, he was appalled at the racism, bigotry, hypocrisy and hate his party represented and fostered in their constituents. That young man, Brandon Straka, then took a stand on social media via video, publicly announcing his separation from the radical left Democrat Party with his own #WalkAway story where he details how his former Party no longer represents his ideals.

Since it's inception, this organic grass roots movement called #WalkAway has gathered together in one 'social media' place, where 1000's upon 1000's of #WalkAway stories are being told by people just like him. The Facebook group entitled#WalkAway Campaign is Brandon's official Facebook group page and it has become a haven for ex-Democrats to share their #WalkAway stories as well as a place to encourage one another in their #WalkAway journey. 

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The Greatest President

January 20th, 2017:

Do you remember where you were that day, what you were doing and what may have been so important you had to drop everything, turn on the radio or tv to listen to him speak??

Maybe you were actually there, because millions were.

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Trump and Nikola Tesla: The Wireless Connection

Nikola Tesla : born midnight July 9/10, 1856 - Jan 7, 1943


Nikola Tesla strove to bring the world 'free electricity'

Nikola Tesla was born in 1856 of Serbian parents in an area of the Austrian Empire that is now known as Croatia. He emigrated to the United States in 1884 via a grant underwritten by none other than Thomas Edison, who had heard of his scientific genius and hoped to capitalize upon it.

In short order it became clear the quality of Nikola Tesla's innovations surpassed Edison's. They worked better, cleaner and more practically than his employer's, which goes against the New World Order (NWO) agenda to enslave the masses with bulky, costly inefficient energy sources. Therefore in true globalist fashion once Tesla left Edison due to 'creative differences,' Edison proceeded to make false claims about the safety of Tesla's invention as opposed to his own. Using lies, twisted scare tactics and falsified science, Edison forged a campaign to ruin Tesla's reputation as a scientist.

"In order to discredit Tesla and Westinghouse, Edison staged demonstrations where he used AC power to electrocute things, to portray AC's supposed volatility. He started with a dog, which he "Westinghoused" (the phrase he coined) in front of an audience. He then moved on to horses, cattle, an elephant named Topsy, and even brokered the world's first electrocution of a death row inmate, William Kemmler, as described by the Washington Post." ~ Richard Milner - Grunge  

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Future Proves Past: Injurious Vaccines Predicted are Here Today

As a worldwide population, We the People have been manipulated. Massively so. 

And if you aren't aware of it you are about to become educated. 

If you are aware of this manipulation and the covidiocy scam-demic we got sucked into by the very greedy NWO compromised big pHARMaceutical elitists and their unscrupulous minions, you will want to read and share with everyone you know!

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