Back to Facts: Finally, Some Real Data on Pregnancy and the Covid-19 Vaccine


Find out what Pfizer and their whores at the FDA tried hard to prevent you from knowing.

The website of Public Health and Medical Professionals for Transparency (click or tap on the image.) They successfully sued the FDA to get documents from Pfizer’s clinical trials, whereas the FDA was claiming they didn’t have enough budget or manpower to process the documents for release in fewer than 55 years.

Remember that article on Yahoo News or Reuters, I can't remember which, from a while back which said that the FDA and Pfizer were trying to delay the release of details from their clinical trials for 55 years? (Their excuse was they didn't have the budget and therefore personnel to process them.) Well, a judge ruled that documents had to be released to the organization that submitted a Freedom of Information Act request for it. That organization is Public Health and Medical Professionals for Transparency.

So these documents have been out for a few months; and we would assume that if they contained something important, that news would be out already in the public consciousness.

That's where we're all wrong. And this predicament serves to reinforce the prevalent belief that if something hasn't been revealed in a timely manner, there was nothing in the trove that was important.

These days, nothing could be further from the truth. Even our gun safety enforcement is hampered by a lack of budget on the part of jurisdictions in reporting to the FBI the reasons why we should not sell a gun to someone — in every state!

So it's pretty understandable in the case of a massive FOIA release in the climate of Covid that major revelations would take months to come out. In fact, because I constantly have that terrified feeling that I am missing major revelations simply by leaving my desk, I have been alternately terrified that my search through the trove at a later date would be fruitless — or at a minimum stymied by the unfortunate trend we're seeing of the pretense of transparency — that the reason these Pfizer/FDA documents haven't made more of an impact is that they're pretty hard to read and they require quite a bit of fact checking and comparison to other years, which often seems lacking in many official reports, curiously.

And in one of the documents, they list all of the adverse events that happened during the clinical trials. The reason I cared at all, is that in my efforts to be assiduously neutral I've seen some arguably fringe media publishing articles about these documents. That fact only served to gnaw at my gut because I will not allow myself to publish based solely on media that is currently perceived as fringe. I might as well be spitting in the wind until I checked for myself — which I absolutely must to do before writing anything about some unfairly vilified scoops.

Several of the fringe articles did zoom in on adverse pregnancy outcomes, specifically what the Pfizer docs call "spontaneous abortion." To the best of my knowledge, this term more or less equals the term "fetal death."

I mean clearly spontaneous abortion does not mean deliberate abortion.

Long story short, I finally looked into adverse pregnancy events in the trove released to this transparency group, and let's just say in 2019 there were 5.7 fetal deaths per 1,000 pregnancies in the entire year, which comes out to less than 1% of all pregnancies in that year. Specifically it was .57%. And these 2019 numbers go up against the Pfizer Covid vaccine trial which shows 8.5% fetal death among the cohort that was pregnant for the trials. That is an enormous difference. It is 15x the ratio from 2019. No wonder the "fringe" media got fact checked so hard. Those "fringe" epidemiologists just need some good data geeks to get the truth out.

I really shouldn't be the only one finding this out, and frankly I hesitated for several weeks to even look into it because, as I said above, I'm so conditioned to see media outlets that might be sketchy as fake news that I don't even prioritize the time to look into the stuff. Plus, I have to say that the way that this Public Health and Medical Professionals for Transparency released the documents was super cumbersome and obscure, and it was really hard to figure out what file in the dump was the one we should be looking at.

So after setting aside some precious time, I finally found the file that pertained to pregnancy outcomes during the Pfizer trials, and I was able to compare the number of adverse events to the control group of official data on fetal death from 2019.

Tatiana Prophet - Back to Facts - Jan 21, 2022

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Tatiana Prophet breaks down another mockie media faceplant. Yawn, we must be reaching the end of this clownshow, eh wot?


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