America's Dual Presidencies


Seems what we're experiencing now has been experienced before in this country despite the fact that you won't learn about it in America's schools and colleges. Despite the fact also that the mass consciousness media won't acknowledge the 80-100 million or more voters for Trump. Yes, fake news reports are fake. So are the Democrats (the DNCCP) and their RINO enablers - criminal fakes all. Evidence is clear and will become clear to the masses in time. There will be accountability, it will change the world.

Our familiar somewhat-anonymous friend Juan O Savin has spoken to this on many occasions as a guest of a variety of vloggers, including a recent interview by the popular SGT Report. We thought we'd highlight this concept to help put The Bidan Show (related to, and a great scaling-up of, The Truman Show) into proper focus. Although there are some parallels, our current "dual presidency" is different from the Lincoln/Davis example in significant ways, the most obvious being that Jefferson Davis and Abraham Lincoln actually both won elections.

The Two American Presidents: A Dual Biography Of Abraham Lincoln And Jefferson Davis by Bruce Chadwick

For one brief period in history, from 1861 to 1865, there were two American presidents, one in the North and one in the South. Abraham Lincoln and Jefferson Davis led their nations through a bitter civil war which changed the course of American history. Both were brilliant. Both were patriots. Both were convinced they were right. Yet Abraham Lincoln is remembered as a beloved leader who preserved the Union and ended slavery, and Jefferson Davis is remembered merely as the head of a failed rebellion.In this, the first dual biography of the two leaders, Bruce Chadwick argues that one of several reasons why the North won and the South lost can be found in the drastically different characters of the two presidents. The electric and flexible personality of Lincoln enabled him to build coalitions among warring political factions and become one of the strongest and most successful presidents in U.S. history. The inability of the uncompromising Davis to do the same contributed to the South losing the war. There were other sharp differences between the two men
-- Davis was incredibly wealthy; Lincoln was born in poverty
-- Davis was very well educated; Lincoln had less than a year of schooling in a log cabin
-- Davis was an acclaimed war hero; Lincoln was a militia captain who never saw battle Ironically, there were also striking similarities
-- Each was born in a log cabin
-- Each man's first love died ... within a month of each other
-- Each lost a young son during his presidency. Three of Lincoln's four children died before the age of nineteen; all three of Davis's sons died before the age of twenty-two
-- Both men were married to strong, aggressive women who weresnubbed and scorned by society women throughout the war.

This is the first comprehensive, heavily researched study to compare the two leaders, and to reach firm conclusions about the war that transformed the United States from a slave empire into a model of democracy for the world.

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"This is a study of the effectiveness of Abraham Lincoln and Jefferson Davis as Commanders in Chief during the Civil War. It begins by comparing their backgrounds prior to assuming the Presidency; then comparing their military strategies and command structures. The final area of comparison is their involvement in the first military draft in American history. Davis had extensive government and military experience, but exhibited personality traits early on that later hampered his performance as a war-time Commander in Chief. Lincoln had very little experience, but excelled at dealing with people. Lincoln tried several staff arrangements before finally appointing Grant as General in Chief. Davis changed his structure very little throughout the war. Although he appointed Lee as General in Chief in the first year, he lost his services by placing him in command of a field army. Both faced strong challenges from a powerful governor over the draft. Davis first tried to win over the governor, then appealed directly to the people. Lincoln publicly kept distant from the draft and worked behind the scenes."

Today's Dual Presidency as a cover for the good guys purging the global deepstate from our planet


Patriots the world over will never again experience as much glee as when they viewed the pedovores in their anguish. WATCH!


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