The BBC Hosts Jeffrey Sachs, Professor with Extensive Ties to the Chinese Communist Party, Sachs Defends the Chinese Communist Party’s Actions Against Uyghurs in Xinjiang Province, by Comparing China Abuses to US

"The US always attacks other countries, it holds itself sacrosanct." 

"Economist @JeffDSachs says China's human rights abuses in Xinjiang should not prevent the US from engaging with China, considering the US' own "human rights violations" abroad and at home." BBC's Newsnight program summarized on Twitter.

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The Earth: To Be or Not to Be

 Beloved Who with Charity Would Abide Forever:

You have heard it said that although tongues may cease and knowledge shall banish away, 'Charity never faileth' (I Corinthians 13:8). Human speculations concerning the Earth and its destiny frequently have caused men to desire to probe the Earth's existence from its earliest beginnings unto its final end. The Biblical statement, "...the Earth abideth forever" (Ecclesiastes 1:4), is frequently cited as proof that the world will continue to exist beyond all mortal ken.

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Arise USA National Tour 2021 May to Sept

Tour leaders, Robert David Steele and Cynthia McKinney say:

"Our tour will have one simple national message and one simple county-level message.

"The national message can be summed up as

"#UNRIG – Stop the $Green$

"Stop all donations to all politicians until #UNRIG Election Reform Act is passed and implemented.

"Why are you giving money to anybody making promises they cannot and will not be able to keep because the entire system is rigged?

"Turn off the money, let's hear them squeal like the pigs they are." 

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The Plan and the Super-Proofs: Military Tribunals Save the Republic

In his 100th video, Carl Deacon has decoded The Plan to Restore the Republic, the plan that uses Military Law and Tribunals to prosecute and remove the enemies of mankind.

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Do Not Forget Holy Charity

Among the manifold Blessings enjoyed by the American people are the treasured memories of the great dramas of their early history—of General Washington crossing the Delaware, the winter at Valley Forge and his magnificent leadership of the American Revolution during a trying period in the formation of the United States. The Great General, who knelt in the forest and implored protection from his Almighty God, did evoke a response that could never be measured as material substance is; for it was the very real Charity of Heaven and the response from the Mercy Seat of God that flooded his Heart and manifested in him as flint-like courage to press on through the most dire hardships and forebodings. Thus he came to a place where his Faith expanded still further in the drawing together of the strands of Unity throughout the Thirteen States that comprised the first American Union.

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Fake News is Dead Wrong About Sidney Powell (Of Course)

It's very nice to see conservative pundits finally stepping up to sing Ms Powell's praises as we've been doing since we got to know her as The Guardian Angel of American Justice during her stalwart defense of General Michael Flynn. Both Dinesh D'Souza and Mike Huckabee are featured in this article, the former with a characteristically frank di...
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Happy Eastertide

Did you know that Easter had a season? Did you also know that we are in that season, known as Eastertide? Eastertide is the period that lasts for 50 days from Easter Sunday to Pentecost Sunday. During this time, we are meant to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ the Son of God who came to give us the example of how to live a Holy life on earth and prove life everlasting if we accept him as our Lord and Savior.

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The Three Hermits by Leo Tolstoy with the creativity of Storytelling

Three Hermits: By Leo Tolstoy, Russian novelist

This is a story retold with live active storytelling. This is an art which brings the story to the liveliness of the present with voice and in many stories told, with both voice and musical instruments. 

We sometimes think that we can reach perfection through accomplishments that are ever more demanding. We bring a complexity of skills and creativity to our work. Perfection is an illusive mourning dove that contemplates. Perhaps the quiet non-intrusive bird is seeking simplicity.

Three Hermits

"There was once a scholarly bishop who was on his way. Several pilgrims are travelling on a fishing boat from Archangel to the Solovétsk Monastery. The passenger ship sailed through the white sea far to the Russian North Sea. During the voyage the bishop overhears a discussion about a remote island nearby their course where three old hermits live a meager existence focused on seeking "salvation for their souls." Inquiring about the hermits the bishop finds that several of the fishermen claim to have seen the hermits once.

The bishop then informs the captain that he wishes to visit the island. The captain seeks to dissuade him by saying "the old men are not worth your pains. I have heard say that they are foolish old fellows, who understand nothing, and never speak a word." The bishop insists and the captain steers the ship toward the island. The bishop subsequently sets off in a rowboat to visit. He is met ashore by the three hermits.

The bishop informs the hermits that he has heard of them and of their search for salvation. He inquires how they are seeking salvation and serving God, but the hermits say they do not know how, only that they pray, simply: "Three are ye, three are we, and have mercy upon us." Subsequently, the bishop acknowledges that they have a little knowledge but are ignorant of the true meaning of the doctrine and how to pray properly. He tells them that he will teach them "not a way of my own, but the way in which God in the Holy Scriptures has commanded all men to pray to Him" and proceeds to explain the doctrines of the incarnation and the Trinity. He attempts to teach them the Lord's Prayer, the "Our Father", but the simple hermits blunder and cannot remember the words. This compels the bishop to repeat the lesson late into the night. After he is satisfied that they have memorized the prayer, the Bishop departs from the island leaving the hermits with a firm instruction to pray as he has taught them. The bishop then returns to the fisherman's vessel anchored offshore in the rowboat and continues his voyage.

While on board the bishop notices that their vessel is being followed. At first he thinks a boat is behind them but he soon realizes that the three hermits are running across the surface of the water "as though it were dry land." The hermits catch up to the vessel as the captain stops the boat and inform the bishop, "We have forgotten your teaching servant of God. As long as we kept repeating it we remembered but when we stopped saying it for a time a word dropped out and now it has all gone to pieces. We can remember nothing of it. Teach us again. "The bishop crossed himself and dropped to his knees and was humbled and prayed out for the heavens to hear and replied to the hermits, "Your own prayer will reach the Lord, men of God. It is not for me to teach you a different way to heaven. Pray to God for all of us." After this the hermits turn around and walked back to their island." - 17 Jan 2021

 Here is a live recording of the Storytelling version

Theresa Krenz - Storytelling The 3 Hermits

"Leo Tolstoy the Russian novelist (figure of the late Czarist Russia) explores the nature of prayer by contrasting the simple, faithful but unknowing prayer of the illiterate hermits with the formal, doctrinal prayer of the educated bishop who is critical of the hermits' practice. Tolstoy prefaces this story with an epigraph from the sixth chapter of the Gospel of Saint Matthew: "And in praying use not vain repetitions, as the Gentiles do: for they think that they shall be heard for their much speaking. Be not therefore like unto them: for your Father knoweth what things ye have need of, before ye ask Him." (

You can learn more about this story telling concept here:

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"5 Tips for Respecting Older People in Your Life"

Our intolerance of old age is a modern evil that is gradually creeping into the world. Older people went from being a beloved source of wisdom to being an age group many people don't know what to do with. When people in our society reach a certain age, many of them face rejection, disdain and contempt.

The ideal today centers around youth as the source of all well-being. Although this is false, many take it as true and act accordingly. Physical strength is now, more or less, a fetish. An older person does not fit into this equation, and their vulnerability is not something society wants to deal with.

"The first forty years of life give us the text; the next thirty provide the commentary on it."

- Arthur Schopenhauer -

The most hidden people in our world are often pushed aside. This is the case among children, the elderly and the sick, among others. Young adults - healthy, strong and full of potential - always expect someone else to take care of the vulnerable. Whether we are talking about their own children, or their parents, it seems that the young and the young at heart have no time for these more vulnerable groups.

Well, that's exactly why we want to dedicate this article to older people, because you deserve respect. You deserve more than these five areas of respect, but we'll start here.

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"The SHOCKING BIDEN PROPHECY and The TRUTH About TRUMP...I have NEVER shared this before..."

Pastor Kynan Bridges speaks about the season we are in of deception and manipulation. He discusses the rhetoric surrounding President Trump, that he is dangerous and we need to get rid of him etc. Also he discusses the fact that in the first 90 days of Biden's presidency we have had armed conflict, mass shootings and violence against ethnic minorit...
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Out Out Out! Nazis Are Not Welcome Here!

The only thing this pastor was missing is a whip and a chair to flail at these spiritual interlopers while he gave them a commanding tongue lashing for interrupting their church service with covidiocy nonsense! A church in Calgary was invaded by Canadian officials in the name of covidiocy. And the fearless pastor who r...
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Montana's Representatives Declare Unborn Babies are People

Although there has been an influx of angry baby murdering leftists in recent years Montana remains a bastion of godly common sense such as one might find with the ranchers in Big Sky Country who value the life of all their offspring especially their human babies.

Evidence of this is in the inspired and elegantly simple House Bill 337 authored by freshman State Representative Caleb Hinkle of Belgrade, a town just up Jackrabbit Lane from where I write this article here in Four Corners, Montana, also west of Bozeman.

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United Non Compliance #JustSayNo by Chris Sky an Agent of Archangel Michael

Canadian Patriot Chris Sky adorned with a new tattoo of Archangel Michael on his neck appeared on Scott McKay's Tipping Point radio broadcast/podcast to explain what he means by United Non Compliance #JustSayNo which encourages everybody in Canada and the United States to stop believing the lying narrative of the phreak class - their droning empty promises that say that our complying to one thing will not lead to having to comply to the next thing and the next thing until the endgame is reached with your unending compliance to the phreaks having total control over you with a Vaccine Passport and Digital Identity, Wallet and Credit Score.

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"Bimini" The Gem Of Ancient Atlantis Revisited

MYSTICAL TRAVELING "The Gateway to the Bahamas" is the first welcome greeting, etched in black letters on the white glistening stone arch above the town hall in Bimini. After an exciting 20-minute flight from Fort Lauderdale on Chauks' charter seaplane we touched down upon this blue sea of tranquility known as a small sailor's dream called, Bi...
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When Dementia Struck – Miracle Cure or Common Sense?

Hope for dementia and Alzheimer's patients, as well as people suffering from nearly every other type of disease. Five years ago, I became my parents' parent. My 90-year-old father lost his ability to manage the finances, and my almost 80-year-old mother became unable to take care of everyday chores. My father declared he was done with this life and...
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UPDATED: SUCCESS All Around for the World Wide Freedom Rallies

March 20th, 2021 has come and gone. And with it's passing the World Wide Demonstrations Freedom Rallies have come and gone, or have they? BREAKING NEWS: A second World Wide Demonstration Freedom Rally even is planned for or May 15, 20212.  As time gets closer to the event, I will be updating with a Ruby Ray news story, so stay t...
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Richardson Post: Critical Stupidity


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HBO Releases Documentary on Q Anon

Cullen Hoback, producer and host, writes: "Follow a labyrinthine journey to uncover the forces behind QAnon. This six-part docuseries reveals how "Q" uses information warfare to game the internet, hijack politics, and manipulate people's thinking."

So funny how liberals just can't get Q. But, oh well! LOL

Jim and Ron Watkins are a hoot! Sly fellas! LOL

We have Episodes 1 and 2 captured by StormyPatriotJoe and disseminated on his Telegram channel in six-minute segments. Includes brief comments by SPJ to inject facts where the host experiences cognitive dissonance. Total viewing time about 1 hour for each episode, 2 hours total, 20 SPJ segments added below. Below those 20 segments we have the two episodes in each one's total length from a somewhat anonymous Bitchute account.

StormyPatriotJoe writes: "Regardless of how you feel about the first two episodes of the Q Into the Storm. The facts are it was a huge success.

What do I base that on?

Google search stats.
Guess what's exploding?
A bunch of Q terms

It's working"
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Tatiana Prophet: WaPo Admits Trump Quotes Were Wrong

Friend and contributor, editor of Back to Facts Tatiana Prophet details how WaPo got it wrong on that Georgia phone call by Trump and asks "... what else are they lying about?"

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Future Proves Past: Injurious Vaccines Predicted are Here Today

As a worldwide population, We the People have been manipulated. Massively so. 

And if you aren't aware of it you are about to become educated. 

If you are aware of this manipulation and the covidiocy scam-demic we got sucked into by the very greedy NWO compromised big pHARMaceutical elitists and their unscrupulous minions, you will want to read and share with everyone you know!

FIRST, let us look at how we have gotten to this point, a place where people are willing to get a shot of an untested, poisonous, mind bending, spirit damaging, dna altering substance called a 'covid vaccine.'

The first question to ask after a year of covid mandated stupidity is this: is this covid virus a naturally occurring virus? 

It has already been established by President Trump that the original corona virus, which he nicknamed the China Virus, was 'Made in China.' A fact recently repeated by Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, who served under President Trump:

You would think solid intel about China creating a virus released into the public would be widespread news. But the DNdoubleCP fake news stream failed to accurately report this discovery when it was revealed by the Trump administration in the first few weeks of this lockdown plandemic. 

To further maximize fraudulent corona virus information, the corrupted NWO Global Agenda controlled fake news media has failed to report accurate numbers of covid deaths as has been correctly posted in recent updates at the Centers for Disease Control, aka the CDC, web site. 

Just one of many major alarming facts coming to light in the past few months is this: Of all the deaths reported to be linked to the corona virus, in reality only 6% of them can actually be classified as corona virus deaths. This and other facts ignored by the Fake News outlets are correctly reported in this short OANN video:

So there we have it. To create populace fear about a contagious illness the fake news stream, certain censor happy social media sites and large monopolizing tech companies like Google launched a coordinated campaign to project fear using inflated numbers of deaths wrongly attributed to the corona virus.

Another step taken to perpetuate this fraud was to lead the public into believing infection spreads wildly. 

Enter the PCR test, used worldwide to detect covid.  

Even though the PCR test has been publicly outed by researchers and scientists, even its creator, to be a flawed inaccurate way to detect the corona virus, it is still used by organizations worldwide.  

This faulty covid PCR testing mechanism was purposefully introduced as the only means of testing. Why? Because with it the NWO liars club is able to hand out millions of false-positive covid results. 

In an article I wrote 'Corona Class Action Suit: Legal Eagle Takes on CoviDeception'   Dr. Reiner Fuellmich asserts: "The PCR test being used to detect the corona virus is not capable of detecting infections. It is being used to create fear." 

Below are 2 short videos which quite vividly explain how We the People have been deceived about the covid test and more: 

This disease fallacy has created a worldwide crisis. 

And to what end? The main objective of this huge globalist liars club campaign is this: get the public at large to submit. 

Submit to what?  

Submit to lockdowns. Submit to unhealthy suffocating mask wearing. Submit to control of income. Submit to a desperate lifestyle. Submit to control by an elitist few who only have selfish desires. And most importantly to the NWO Global agenda snobs who think they run world, they want people to submit to the ultimate jab, a covid vaccine.

The panicked masses are now ready to accept any vaccine as the only way to be saved in a world they mistakenly believe is destined to depopulate itself due to a manufactured virus and the fear mongering lies that have been manufactured along with the virus! As the truth of healing therapeutics were censored and suppressed time and time again, people were being forced to believe a vaccine is the only cure. HENCE the horrid evil creatures who created and run big pHARMa and their ilk, gained entrance into the psyche of millions of people who have become malleable and ever so gullible so as to believe an untested mysterious substance injected into their bodies will save them. 

Sadly, many are ready to submit to this dangerous untested vaccine. A vaccine that has been reported to harbor poisonous ingredients and dna altering qualities known as mRNA.  The jabbees are being used as human experiments by the jabbers who are laughing about peoples naïveté as they continue on in their sick evil elitist lifestyles. 


Some thought the corona virus itself was the bio-weapon, but not so my friends. 

The video below gives a blistering account of all things 'bio-weapon vaccine' related.

Do not miss this video, it gives you all you need to know about an ill-fated plan designed by the evil freaks who think they rule the world:

 We can heal better and stay well longer without synthetic drugs!! 

From a variety of herbal teas, naturally derived tinctures and organic natural oils, to Native American sweat lodges and healing prayers, chants and decrees, mankind's medical treatment history has never been a one-size-fits-all cure. Each region of earth has different weather patterns, differing flora life and unique cycles of air, water and light as well as unique cultural backgrounds. These all play major roles in how any ailment is gotten and treated in that particular region.

Therefore I conclude, not only is a synthetic material being injected into our bodies an obvious unhealthy event, but any one medicine, natural or otherwise, is not a one-size-fits-all cure. 

In the Book: 'The Untold History of Healing - Plant Lore and Medicinal Magic from the Stone Age to Present', the author Wolf D. Storl lays out a lesser known history of natural healing which has been passed down through the ages. He writes of how ancestral wisdom of natural healing skills has been passed from generation to generation. And how that knowledge is returning to the forefront of present day healing for a good reason. IT WORKS!

As we have journeyed on the path of discovering treatments and cures for ailments and illness, we have ventured away from the once very well known, well practiced and oft hidden treasures of natural treatments using natural and organic foods, herbs, plants, trees and flowers. There are countless God-given organic resources which produce light, love and energy. It is time we, as a world people, further cultivate those resources, one day soon finding ourselves on a more natural path of healing. Appropriately, we shall set aside synthetic manmade medicines in exchange for the curative powers of nature's way.

To sum up the practical wisdom of natural healing as mastered by those who know its source and power:

The forest is the house of God,

there his powerful breath labors in and out.

~ Wilhelm Mueller

They want medicine from the overseas, 
though better medicine grows in the garden 
in front of their houses.

~ Paracelsus

We have wondered, to a fault, far from our natural roots. 
It is time to return to the superb knowledge of our ancestors.
It is time to learn how to allow God and Nature to heal us perfectly.

The Choice Has Always Been Yours


"In Vaccines We Trust?"

Pastor Kynan Bridges speaks with us about whether we trust more in vaccines than we do in the power of God.

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