Most people are like...whaaaaa....???

These are beyond crazy times, like WAY beyond the Orwellian 2+2=5 horrorshow. The freaks want you to BELIEVE that a man can call himself a woman and BE a woman - or they will cancel you. Here's a thought: let's cancel them.

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Mesa County Colorado, another shot heard round the world

From Gettysburg to Maricopa to Wayne County Michigan to Milwaukee to Philadelphia to Mesa County Colorado, it was a really big sting operation to catch traitors in the act Nov 3 2020; and the gears of justice grind slow and fine, so as to let sleep walkers wake up safely on their own to the monsters that lurk behind grinning mugs and over-eager hand pumps.

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Wokeness in the MAGA world (Or, Cultural Marxism is an aggressive malignant cancer)

Mark Dice and Emerald Robinson call out the wokeness that is creeping into the MAGA world. Former liberal, now conservative pundit Dave Rubin and "husband" want to raise two children in a motherless household and they're being congratulated for this by the suddenly woke PragerU, The Blaze and other conservative pundit brands.

The intrepid Emerald writes: "Less than 10 years ago, gay marriage was banned in nearly every state in America — and now we have LBGT sex propaganda in almost every elementary school in America. The slippery slope is real. The LBGT community became hysterical last week when Gov. Ron DeSantis supported legislation to halt pedophiles from grooming 5 year children in first and second grade in public schools. That should tell you everything. They're coming for your kids." (Yeah, they even sing about it, see below.)

Allie Beth Stuckey also courageously weighs in on this problem with Rubin, her friend and colleague from The Blaze, referring to biblical teachings to guide her.

Bringing children into the world to raise without a mother is a really bad idea for those children but who cares when you're a narcissist, right? Hatred of the child is evil, which is what it is when you put your needs ahead of a child's; and honestly, lovingly, you are confused if you think it's cool.

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FOG OF WAR : "This Is A War Of Ideas; If Trump Were In Power, None Of This Would Have Happened"

As the world turns, it is an enlightening pleasure to read the intelligent musings of Ruby Ray Media's 'patron saint' of all things orgonite, Georg of Orgonise Africa. Georg's worldview is fresh, and his words and wares are healing. We embrace all guest writers here at Ruby Ray Media and encourage Digital Warriors to contribute. Enjoy! 

Dear Ruby Ray Media Readers, 

Of course, the real war is not between Russia and Ukraine or even Russia and NATO but between "We The People" and our self-proclaimed rulers who are fighting to retain their iron grip on humankind.

Of course, this war can be followed from Millennia to Babylonian and Sumerian times, and that's only the part of history that we know because we have written testimony.

It is coming to a climax now, and we have the unique chance to break free of elite control once and for all.

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MAGNIFICENT MERCOLA: Newly Released Pfizer Documents Reveal COVID Jab Dangers

Through an FDA FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) release, we now have access to the real data about the dangers of the Pfizer COVID-19 EUA vaccine. Even then some the documents are redacted. I wonder why that is. Shouldn't we have access to all of the information without the redactions?

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Laptop from Hell (Didn't we write about this 17 months ago?)

Skewered are they that lied about this to the world to get Joey the Sniffer elected. (Which didn't work anyway, they had to cheat like schizophrenic psychopaths - and got caught in the biggest sting operation in the history of mankind.) This is not just about American criminal traitors, it's about a global gang of goons. Looks like Dr. Evil's headquarters is Ukraine.

And: man-o-man, was Juan O Savin ever right, wasn't he? And, Trump of course, is ALWAYS RIGHT!




#NCSWIC (Nothing Can Stop What Is Coming - umm, it's already here!)


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"Putin-is-evil-and-we-must-go-to-war-to-stop-him. Putin-is-evil-and-we-must-go-to-war-to-stop-him. Putin-is-evil..."

Did you know that Vladimir Putin's mom had him secretly baptized? Did you know that he raised and consecrated a monument in the middle of Moscow to Czar Nicholas II? Did you know that he raised and consecrated a monument to the great Russian patriot, Solzhenitsyn? Did you know that Vladimir Putin has made Solzhenitsyn's three books required reading in Russian high schools?

Of course you didn't, Putin is the devil, so says every warmongering neocon and neolib in the Western world, the same people that have sold you wars going back centuries, so they can herd you and your kids and feed off the light of God invested in you, which they have forsaken themselves a long long time ago!

Please find another brilliant commentary by Michael Matt of Remnant TV. We have the 37 minute video of a recent episode of "The Underground with Michael Matt." We also have the transcript.

Also, we have the video of Gonzalo Lira reporting this morning, March 21, from Kharkiv, Ukraine. He's boots on the ground, he exposes the lying you're being subjected to by the mockingbird media and the Uniparty of the United States.


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MAGNIFICENT MERCOLA: What You Need to Know About the Transhumanist Agenda

As JP says, be guided by your own critical thinking. The choice for the future is ours not Klaus Schwab's.

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107: Ukraine is the deepstate's stronghold

We've learned that when the mysterious intelligence insider with nom de plume Juan O Savin has something to say about current events, we are going to get an insider's perspective that helps to dissipate the inky mess that the deepstate octopus squirts into our faces 24/7. He always keeps it real with solid references to a real world chronology that has no peer in today's world of analysis and commentary. It's all about pattern recognition and systems - and having the receipts; and boots on the ground. 

"For America, what hasn't fully been understood is that the stronghold that has been being used remotely for leverage into the American political system, financial system, military system, has been Ukraine."

BONUS: MrTruthBomb's "Putin VS The Deep State - Part One - A Film by MrTruthBomb"

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NEWS FLASH: Truth is Rising, The Cabal is Falling, Biden is Always Lying, and Trump is Always Right!

It's time. Yes, it is time.

It is time to unplug from the negative-orientated news narrative and plunge into the good news that is all around us. 

Here is the GOOD NEWS: 

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A new Telegram channel with the name, "General Patton Q" may be tied to Donald Trump. Did Patton come back as Trump? What were those funeral envelopes all about? (kek)

The first post in this channel was made on March 13, 2022, four days ago as we write this. There have been nine posts, one of them asking for readers to share the link, which is .

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RRM with Candace WhiteLight #8: Ukrainian Geopolitical Realities

Viewers/readers might appreciate a conversation that talks about realities instead of a Khazarian mind kontrol narrative that seems to be sickeningly ubiquitous. Let's cut through the smoke and mirrors, shall we? 

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MAGNIFICENT MERCOLA: Globalists Aim to Take Over Health Systems Worldwide

Here is the follow-up article Dr. Mercola mentioned in the article from yesterday that I shared with you. We must understand the motives of the globalists even if, like myself, we believe they are failing because patriots won't stand for it.

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RRM with Candace WhiteLight #7 - President Trump's "January Oth" Message Decoded

"So this is kind of like the code talkers, the Navajo Code Talkers back in World War II that, you know, they were brought in because their language was very difficult to decode, to translate. So these guys, they were absolute heroes, because they worked behind the scenes doing something for our side for the allies. And they were able to get messages through to people over there, because then they could look at them and say, Okay, now I know what they're talking about. So really, in essence, that's what we're doing right now is we are decoding a message that basically has other connotations."

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We Are The News NQW! The Cabal is Going, Going...GONE!

Take Heart; the end is near my friends

Over six years ago, like many of you, I began my Patriot digital warrior journey. Little did I know how much I would discover. Little did many of us know how hard and fast the deep-state cabal was entrenched as the deceptive mechanism which directed much of our lives. 

There is extreme evil in this world that can be hard to accept. That evil does not originate with us, but it was perpetrated and used against humanity to manipulate our every thought, word, and deed. It may have succeeded if not for the mercy of God's intervention and man's ability to raise up and become God's vessels of honor.

  We are the Sons and Daughters of the Greatest Revolution on Earth
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MAGNIFICENT MERCOLA: Massive Conflicts of Interest at the NIH

Story at-a-glance

  • One of the primary vehicles for kickbacks and fraud seems to be foundations associated with federal agencies. The reason they're so frequently used for questionable transactions is because foundations are private entities and not subject to Freedom of Information Act requests and other open records laws
  • The board of directors of the Foundation for the National Institutes of Health (FNIH) is heavily populated with Big Pharma players. This raises serious questions about conflicts of interest, as the foundation oversees the distribution of hundreds of millions of dollars — unregulated funds that typically go right back into the coffers of the drug industry
  • This conflict of interest also, at least in part, helps explain the actions of Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institutes of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) and now-retired director of the NIH, Dr. Francis Collins. Both have gone out of their way to protect the makers of COVID shots and dismiss evidence that SARS-CoV-2 was created in and escaped from a lab
  • Dr. Julie Gerberding became the FNIH CEO March 1, 2022. She was formerly director of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. After leaving the CDC, she became the executive vice president of strategic communications at Merck
  • The FNIH's board of directors includes seven current or former drug company executives, the FDA, the Sackler family (notorious for its creation of a deadly opioid epidemic), Johns Hopkins (co-sponsor of Event 201, which "predicted" COVID-19 and the subsequent destruction of human rights), and two major investment bankers, Goldman Sachs and BlackRock
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Oh! So you want to save the world from Putin?

NPC morons are heading over there to fight for Ukraine and getting a massively rude awakening. It's unreal how stupid people can get. 

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That's Tucker Morpheus to you, son

Tucker Carlson's staff have a gigafactory-scale production of redpills going on. The latest monologue by the Morpheus of Talking Heads will be felt by many as a super-sized red suppository! Lube sales to skyrocket! We've got the video and the transcript, enjoy!


BONUS: We also have the transcript of the 3-14 Glenn Greenwald interview by Tucker on this topic. Also, we have a map of Pentagon biolabs, WORLDWIDE! General Flynn weighs in on Ukraine saying that, "there will be more surprises forced into the psyche of the American people...".   Also, Scotty Martin gives us plenty to munch on in three Scotty Films digger vids published today and yesterday (Mar 14 and 15.)

Keep it frosty, patriots!



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Bernard Weckmann: "Throw off the chains! Remember who you are!"

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Robyn Gritz: The border, or is it really a border?

Nearly two million illegal aliens are reported to have flooded the United States over the past year through the southwest border. You know, ever since someone's inauguration…

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