Just released Monday November 7, 2022

Kim Clements daughter and wife premiered a lost video of prophecy given by him in San Jose in the year 2007. Purposefully presented the day before America's midterms to highlight the importance of getting out the vote. God Bless them! 

If you have not heard of Kim Clement, do a quick YouTube or Rumble search for his videos and you will be fascinated at the way this man spoke about a time to come and the political atmosphere there would be, such as the one we are in now. 

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Tenpenny Video Urgent Message for Everyone 'never ever take another shot of any kind'

Proof: Cancel Culture Can't Cancel Truth

Dr. Tenpenny was being trounced upon by the left for cancelation long before she began revealing the truth of the coronavirus. And no matter what they did to her, she came bounding back. And now she is here with a grave warning that we at Ruby Ray Media have been telling everyone for two years:

Do not trust the corrupted, murderous pHARMa-controlled medical industry to have your best interest in mind. EVER!

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MAGNIFICENT MERCOLA: Unholy Alliance — Faith Leaders Pushing Pharma Fraud

Story at-a-glance

  • A key component of the campaign to entice people into taking the experimental COVID shots has been to enlist "trusted messengers," from social media influencers and celebrities to medical doctors and faith leaders. The U.S. government has established formal collaborations with faith-based organizations for the sole purpose of pushing the government's narrative
  • According to Walmart, many of the company's most successful vaccination clinics have been held after Sunday services. Facebook ads in which faith leaders promoted the COVID jabs also outperformed other "trusted messengers," including health care providers
  • Evangelical pastors, theologians and seminary heads across the U.S. followed the lead of Dr. Francis Collins, a self-proclaimed Christian and the former head of the National Institutes of Health, who leveraged his relationships with church leaders to convince Christians that submitting to lockdowns and COVID jab mandates was a matter of obedience to God
  • A number of faith leaders have insisted that Jesus himself would get the jab, were he here today. But not once did Jesus advise people to rely on the tools — or word — of man. Instead, he warned of a future time when even the elect will fall prey to a grand deception
  • Hindsight, scientific evidence and statistical data allow us to conclude that many faith leaders led their flocks astray. The COVID shot does not protect you from infection and death, nor does it protect anyone else. It was all a lie, and excess death rates skyrocketed after the rollout of the COVID shots
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BOOM! Elon says to vote red Nov 8 and liberal heads explode!

Just when we thought we'd seen the dankest trolling ever on planet earth from Elon Musk, he releases the Kraken with a tweet saying to vote Republican on Nov 8.

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MAGNIFICENT MERCOLA: Will You Survive the ‘Tripledemic’?

Story at-a-glance

  • According to mainstream media, hospitalizations for respiratory infections are on the rise and "experts" warn of a potential "tripledemic" this winter, as COVID, seasonal influenza and respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) are all in circulation
  • The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports a 1% increase in new admissions of patients with confirmed COVID-19. Maine — which has one of the nation's highest COVID jab rates — has the most COVID hospitalizations. RSV cases are also unseasonably high
  • "Health experts" are now calling for voluntary indoor masking again, even though all the evidence garnered over the past three years confirms that face masks cannot prevent viral infection and spread
  • The first-ever RSV vaccines are now in the pipeline, directed at pregnant women, newborns and seniors. Some of them are based on mRNA technology
  • No vaccine for RSV has ever been successfully developed before, because the vaccines had a persistent tendency to cause worse disease, a phenomenon known as antibody-dependent enhancement (ADE)
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Jimmy Kimmel says he lost at least half of his fans by attacking Trump

Cassandra Fairbanks article on Timcast dot com. Go woke, go broke. Tim Poole points out that Jimmy Kimmel has the right to criticize anyone but his problem is that he is dishonest.

Ya think?  LOL.

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MAGA NEWS FLASH 2022 Wk# 44: Make it Happen Patriots; A RED TIDAL WAVE!

To All Beloved MAGA News Flash readers

We know what is at stake. 

Therefore, you know what to do on November 8, 2022.

President Donald J. Trump has told us quite a few times, but it doesn't hurt to hear it again: 

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Elon first week at Twitter

Nov 4 Update: Tim Poole of Timcast dot com uploaded a Nov 4 vid on Elon's firings at Twitter around the world; and some of the woke freak in response. Listen!

There's never been anything like this, we are in uncharted water. Isn't that just the way it must be when moving from the old world to the new?

We feature a great report by Newsthink's Cindy Pom, the 7 minute vid and transcript.

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Senator Ron Johnson rips Biden to shreds

Senator Johnson shows us in a 12-minute speech on the Senate floor recently that when MAGA takes over Congress in January, the Biden crime family will be fully revealed. We're looking forward to that for the sake of justice in America and the world.

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A Beautiful Refuge Among the Pines

Along the rolling hills outside of Atlanta one can venture off eastbound I-20 and find a true respite from the daily stressful news and bustle of the "what ifs" of the future.

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Enemies Within: The Church - Time To Dig Deeper

Examine it all, question it all

It is essential to take a deep look into our relationships with the institutions we are affiliated with.

From the bank we deposit money to our local school board to the church we attend, all are suspect to review in light of the criminal activity that undermines the very foundation of our way of life. The exposure of corruption related to daily routines we often take for granted is much too blatant to turn a blind eye to the rotten seeds that have been, unbeknownst to us, planted in our lives. 

We cannot exclude any organization from being personally and publicly scrutinized.

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Public Health Myth #3: Vaccines Are Safe

Ruby Ray Media friend Larry Cook has been helping parents understand the truth about vaccination for many years. In this article, I share one of the myths about vaccination that Larry shares on his website, STOP MANDATORY VACCINATION.

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November 2 is a big five-year-delta date

What do we mean, "five-year-delta date?"  Five years ago on this date, many posts were made on an internet bulletin board that made history...

(Scroll to the end to catch Christian Patriots decode of Trump's "Stollen" misspell in a message posted Oct. 31.)

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​Why You Can No longer Trust Them

Are you sure you want to keep that next doctor visit?


Since birth, the masses have been 'programmed' that when sniffles last a couple of days, or there is some unmanageable pain, it's time to see the health insurance-covered medical doctor. From media hype to extensive pHARMa-backed advertising, people are hypnotized to believe all doctors, hospitals, and insurance companies have their best interests in mind. 

Unless you have been living under a rock, it's apparent to many Americans, and over half of the world's free-thinking adults who have been exposed to the truth, that the system many doctors honor cannot be trusted, nor do they have our best interests in mind. 

Yet I am going to say that there are citizens of today's 'Great Awakening' who visit a medical doctor and take the prescription offered.  

The videos in this article are suitable for all to review, but especially for those who plan on keeping that next doctor's appointment.

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SPIRITUAL SCIENCE: A Blessing – Not a Curse

"My oncologist looked in my eyes and said, 'What are you doing? You are a walking miracle!' I said, 'Dr Dispenza.'

"By the time Fulga received a diagnosis of stage 4 cancer, she had tumors the size of eggs from her brain down to her legs. And, while everyone around her told her she was running out of time, Fulga told herself a different story. "First, I said: No. I'm not going to give up," she says. "And I promised myself I'm not going to die." 

Recorded at the Cancun Week Long Advanced Retreat in June 2022 

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Bolsonaro - the Trump of Brazil

Steve Bannon urges Bolsonaro not to concede. Anyone can look at the election statistics graph and see the Dominion algorithm steal for themselves.

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Scum World

These times we're in - at once very dark and very promising - are for the Lord's Judgment. However, when God's own have mixed it up for a long, long time with the devil and his agents, that puts a damper on things.

In other words, because the Law of Free Will is so preeminent, everyone must be given a chance to choose better. God waits on us.

The last thing God wants to do is apply a remedy that is worse than the disease. The stray sheep must be regathered into the fold.

Then THOR can drop the HAMMER!

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President Trump Took It

Time to remember a few Chyna Virus Trump Truths. 

Remember when President Trump began his White House campaign to help stave off a plandemic? First, he stopped American citizens from traveling to and from Chyna. Then he looked into alternatives to big pHARMa's usual fake science treatments. 

Remember this?  Trump told us he used an alternative himself:

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MAGNIFICENT MERCOLA: Facebook Has Ex-CIA Agents Censoring You

Story at-a-glance

  • Many of the people in charge of moderating content at Facebook have been recruited from the government, including the Central Intelligence Agency, FBI and Department of Defense
  • So many ex-government workers are now employed by Facebook that's it's difficult to view Meta as a private company instead of a government partner, intent on silencing anyone who speaks out against the official narrative
  • In January 1977, Washington Post reporter Carl Bernstein's 25,000-word article was published in Rolling Stone, detailing the close relationship between the CIA and the press
  • The program was known as Operation Mockingbird and involved the CIA paying hundreds of journalists to write fake stories and spread propaganda instead of real news
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BREAKING: UPDATE! AS OF 11/7/22, THEY ARE RELEASED FROM PRISON! Catherine Engelbrecht and Gregg Phillips TRUE THE VOTE Leaders Arrested

Reported on November 7, 2022, it was announced on Catherine's LOCAL social media account:


From everyone at True the Vote, thank you for your support!


There can be no truth or justice while the criminals govern themselves.

The unjust power structure of the American justice system is about to come crumbling down around the feet of the corrupt-a-crats who set it up. But before it does, more truth must be revealed about how completely deceived American Citizens have been about elections. There needs to be realized to the core of each person the depth of depravity of those who are the enemy within.  

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