MAGNIFICENT MERCOLA: Did George Orwell's warning about a dystopian vision describe AI?

Consider when technology began its rise.

Did you know the precursor to our modern internet and computer setup was called a Telex, developed in 1933? It was initially used to distribute military messages through telephone lines and soon became a wireless transmission when used in business. From its crude start till now, computer technology has gone from sizeable clumsy metal machines to tiny chips that can be inserted under the skin. 

Now consider this; George Orwell's eerie iconic classic "1984" was published in 1949. He was either prophetic or genius or both, with the ability to understand that, in time, technological advancements would present a substantial moral challenge to the world.

Dr. Mercola knows AI can be a huge benefit to mankind. But as many of us are taking notice of now, AI also has destructive uses. 

In this analysis, he looks at the rise of AI technology and how it can be used as a control tool which can have disastrous consequences. The warnings are clear. 

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Tucker on Twitter Ep 7 - Irony Alert: the war for democracy enables dictatorship

Tucker's latest brilliant vlog was posted to his Twitter feed late Tuesday, June 27 and as I write this, four hours shy of a day later, it's gotten 11 million views. This article contains the 12-minute video and a carefully edited transcript.

Falter News are burnt toast along with their entire fraternity of neocon/neolib warmongers that pull the strings on the "ministry of truth" fronting for cheating office holders in the district of criminals and in certain state capitals.

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Wait. What did you just say, Joe? OH, and does that mask come in different sizes?

Biden is an expert at embarrassing himself while mumbling his speeches and rep-lies to anxious fake news babes and dudes, but now, while in a critical televised meeting, he actually spoke some truth. Has the power of playing president gone to his head? Or did he go off-script? Either way, how many people are actually listening to him and taking him seriously?

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MAGNIFICENT MERCOLA: ' can be a very hazardous occupation'

What happens to those who know too much? 

As with any corrupt entity, such as the well-known Mafia, it's unwise to keep those alive who know enough to damage the system of lies needed to remain evil. It's no different for big pHARMa's scheme of lies and coverups concerning the scamdemic.  

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Buddha was asked "What are you?" His reply...I AM AWAKE!

Along life's path, each of us comes to a crossroads that leads to the questioning of our very beingness.

The answer can be as simple as Buddha's, yet the out-picturing of the inward call toward wholeness can get complicated. 

Political, religious and academic awareness can not take the place of deep personal inner knowing. Being awake is not about how you vote, where you live, religious affiliation, the amount of money you have or skin color. It's about who I AM in the kingdom of God. 

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Paul Ingrassia: Patriot Freedom Project

Consider supporting their mission on behalf of January 6th political prisoners and their families. 

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MAGNIFICENT MERCOLA: How Colostrum Can Benefit Your Immune Health

Story at-a-glance

  • Rich in enzymes, hormones, growth factors, cytokines and immune cells, all mammals, including humans, produce colostrum for the first three or four days after giving birth
  • Colostrum is packed with nutrition to meet the needs of the growing newborn during the first days of life
  • Cytokines, immunoglobulins, growth factors, antimicrobial compounds and maternal immune cells are transferred when colostrum is fed, supporting immunity
  • Colostrum is so beneficial it's often referred to as "liquid gold" or "immune milk;" colostrum is used for a variety of immunity-related disorders, including allergies and autoimmune disorders, as well as microbial and viral infections
  • Colostrum may help prevent influenza and upper respiratory tract infections while supporting gastrointestinal health and physical performance
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THE WAR ON IVERMECTIN with Dr. Pierre Kory. It could have saved millions!

The big pHARMa-led lies and coverup of successful, effective treatments for the recent scamdemic by the system of evil lurking in the medical field is stunning. 

Dr. Pierre Kory was one of the first brave doctors who did in-depth research about the healing properties of other treatments for the virus. His conclusions call out every organization that cooperated to withhold life-saving treatments to the sick and dying. 

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Donald J Trump President of America Past and America Present

Many Americans have known and now know that there have been two Americas, a counterfeit London-based corporation USA Inc literally superimposed - mapped - over the authentic republic.

The counterfeit, now bankrupt, has been symbolized by the fringed Admiralty US flag that you see posted almost everywhere, particularly in every Federal and State court room where the color-of-law Maritime system is practiced on an unwitting people who were never given any disclosure of the terms of the contract they were entered into at birth in this counterfeit system.

Hence, the people have been defrauded for 152 years since President Grant signed the Organic Act of 1871.

President Trump is leading the transition back to the True Republic as duly-elected President of America Past and America Present.

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MAGNIFICENT MERCOLA: Contaminated COVID Products and Green Monkey Virus

Story at-a-glance

  • Microbiologist Kevin McKernan and his team recently discovered simian virus 40 (SV40) promoters in Pfizer's and Moderna's bivalent mRNA COVID shots
  • SV40 have long been suspected of causing cancer in humans
  • DNA contaminants may have the ability to alter the human genome. One of Pfizer's vials also had an SV40 promoter with a nuclear localization sequence (NLS), a 72 base pair insertion that makes the promoter "much more aggressive and also drives the sequence into the nucleus" of the cell
  • DNA contamination is a warning sign that endotoxin, which causes anaphylaxis when injected, may be present
  • A cinnamycin-resistant gene is also included in the sequencing vector, and it's unclear if or how this might impact human health. In a worst case scenario, it could make your microbiome resistant to antibiotics
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Tucker on Twitter Ep 6 - Bobby Kennedy is Winning

In Episode 6 of Tucker on Twitter released June 22 at 4:50 PM EDT, Mr. Carlson slays Big Pharma and Big Media in a rousing salute to the courage of Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and his intelligent and scientific positions on the vaxx warfare.

I was astounded by the bombs dropped in this episode!

We have the 18-min video and the transcript. 

The research that went into the monologue crafts a powerful indictment of the freaks that have conspired to - at the very minimum - rule us like the Hunger Games, or worse, destroy us all as they destroy themselves.

It won't happen because Nothing Can Stop What Is Coming - to [them].


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MAGNIFICENT MERCOLA: Collagen and Gelatin Are Crucial for Optimal Health

Story at-a-glance

  • Collagen accounts for about 30% of the total protein content in the human body and needs to be replaced. Red meat will not provide enough amino acids to allow you to build strong connective tissue
  • Collagen provides structural scaffolding for your various tissues to allow them to stretch while still maintaining tissue integrity, and is crucial for repairing soft tissue, muscle and connective tissue. Gelatin is cooked collagen, which makes it more digestible and easier to absorb
  • Many degenerative and inflammatory diseases can also be ameliorated by eating more gelatin-rich foods. Red meat, on the other hand, contains far higher levels of the antimetabolic amino acids cysteine and tryptophan, which you want less of if you struggle with degenerative and/or inflammatory conditions
  • Life extension studies have shown that restricting only tryptophan, or only cysteine, produces a greater life span extension than caloric restriction
  • Collagen is rich in glycine, which can be helpful for all sorts of bleeding problems, including nosebleeds, excessive menstrual bleeding, bleeding ulcers, hemorrhoids and even stroke
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MAGA News Flash 2023 Wk#25: " enforcement, particularly the FBI or Department of Justice, runs a two-tiered system of justice." ~ Durham

Come on, man! 

Who didn't see this coming? Oh wait, those who still read and watch fake news and lamestream media, that's who.

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Looks like the billionaire's Titan the Little Sub That Could, couldn't.

(Unless it was just a way for said billionaire and friends to exit the world and enter the witness protection program.)

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Jim Caviezel, Sound of Freedom Star, talks about Adrenochrome

Jim Caviezel is no stranger to taking risks.

When Jim starred in Mel Gibson's, The Passion of the Christ, his career was on the line. Along with Gibson, Caviezel becomes a Hollywood outcast while being cast as a Christian community darling. Now, with the headline release of his latest movie, Sound Of Freedom, Caviezel is taking even more risks. 

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MAGNIFICENT MERCOLA: The Wide-Ranging Health Benefits of Niacinamide

Story at-a-glance

  • Niacinamide (aka nicotinamide) is a form of niacin (vitamin B3) that plays an important role in energy metabolism. Without it, your mitochondria cannot make energy
  • Niacinamide is also a precursor to NAD+, which is essential in the conversion of food to energy, maintaining DNA integrity and ensuring proper cell function. NAD+ is also a primary fuel for longevity proteins that become depleted with age
  • According to recent research, a century-long decline in our basic metabolic rate (BMR) can by itself account for the obesity epidemic. For some reason, we're spending less energy (burning fewer calories) now, when resting, than people did in decades past
  • Consumption of polyunsaturated fats may be to blame for this BMR decline. Niacinamide has potent antiobesity effects and also helps inhibit release of inflammatory PUFAs from fat cells
  • Niacinamide can also help prevent neurodegeneration, kidney disease and heart failure, and reverse leaky gut
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MAGNIFICENT MERCOLA: Unconscionable Attack Ends in Global Vindication

Story at-a-glance

  • Dr. Paul Marik, a critical care doctor formerly with Sentara Norfolk General Hospital in East Virginia, developed the "HAT" protocol (hydrocortisone, ascorbic acid, thiamine) for sepsis and published a peer-reviewed study about it in 2017
  • In March 2022, Marik found himself the victim of unsubstantiated fraud allegations put forth by Dr. Kyle Sheldrick, an Australian physician, costing him his reputation and casting doubt on the effective HAT protocol
  • In June 2023, Marik was cleared of the allegations and his study found to be sound — hopefully restoring faith in the treatment among the medical community and granting Marik long-deserved vindication
  • Marik consulted with legal counsel and issued a formal demand letter to Sheldrick, resulting in a requirement that he publicly apologize
  • Marik is now working on researching and developing further health protocols using lifestyle modification, diet and repurposed drugs
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MAGNIFICENT MERCOLA: The war on climate change, as currently fought, is ultimately a war on humanity itself

The fake-science globalists have used climate change for decades to create fear in the heart of humankind. And the lie about climate change being the bane of man's existence on Earth has been brought to the surface more so in the last decade than ever before. So why are we still listening to the left's political argument about climate change?  

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Happy Summer Solstice: The Public Sworn Testimony of Special Prosecutor John Durham

Who's the REAL Punisher? Durham or Luna?

Many years our mystery man Special Prosecutor John Durham (the Punisher to some) was written and wondered about and we finally got to see and hear him on TV.

A highlight reel moment of the Wednesday June 21 (summer solstice) House Judiciary Committee Hearing was an exchange between Durham and one of the DNCCP's worst clowns, Watermelon-Head Pencil-Neck Adam Shifty-Schiff. We have the video moment and brief transcript below.

Ironically, Committee Chairman Jim Jordan needed a 30 minute recess in the early afternoon to give members leave to cast a Floor Vote on a Privileged Motion for House Resolution HR 521 authored by Congresswoman Luna to censure Schiff-for-brains and refer him to the House Ethics Committee for his serial lying to America.

Please consider: Schiff being censured puts scrutiny on the whole Luciferian world order for whom the predatorial congressman acts in such craven iniquity. SOON!

Remarkable Solstice events! Moving at a remarkable pace!

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Tucker on Twitter Ep 5 - Safer to be president's son than his opponent

Tucker Carlson's Episode 5 of Tucker on Twitter dropped a little earlier than usual, this time at 2:41 PM EDT today, June 20 2023 (we have the 12 minute video and a transcript), exposing the farce that is the LACK OF prosecution of Hunter Biden's many crimes whittled down to nothing; a complete mockery especially in the face of the farcical made up charges against President Trump.

Clown world - but you knew that.

Be encouraged, though, because the whole diseased temple has already come down on top of them and it's just the need for the waking up that's holding things up from view for a while yet.

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