How Dr. Buttar Escaped Near Death From Envenomation by Larry Cook

Once again, we feature Ruby Ray Media's good friend, patriot brother, and medical freedom fighter, Larry Cook.

Today, he brings us an intriguing true story about the discovery made by Dr. Artis as he helped Dr. Buttar escape his 'near death' experience. We also feature a link to the 9-video series entitled BRAVE: Live Courageously, Heal Miraculously | RELOADED which will help you learn how to:

  • Reverse disease from COVID and Vaxx Bioweapons
  • Detox the deadly toxins from your body
  • And help you take control of your health
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KARIZONA UPDATE: Video, 11/28/22, "This botched election should not be certified"

Kari Lake will not allow the Arizona rigged election establishment to certify. 

Kari is no stranger to battles. She fought to the top of her career as an honest journalist. She continued that battle into her political career to become the top choice as Governor of Arizona during the 2022 mid-term election cycle. And she won. The corrupt election board in AZ knows she won, the people of America and the world know she won. 

She needs We the People to be alongside her in this uphill battle.

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SPIRITUAL SCIENCE: Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself - Introductory Lecture

"Clips from Dr Joe's Introductory Lecture of Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself. 

"During this video, you will be inspired, while you laugh, and enjoy learning about yourself, your brain and body and true human potential. Dr Joe Dispenza's passion is to take complex scientific information and share it in a simplistic and allegorical way for all to understand with the intent of empowering you and making a difference in your life! From metacognition to epigenetics and neuroscience, Dr. Joe explains why change is so hard and what it means to truly change. He shares how your personality creates your personal reality and that your brain is not hardwired to be a certain way the rest of your life. 

"Dr. Dispenza - researcher, chiropractor, author and lecturer, he has taught neuroscience and the human potential to thousands of people around the world. He shares with you knowledge and tools to eliminate destructive and every day habits so that you can reach your vision and goals. His creative approach bridges the gap between neuroscience and true human potential. He explains how you can literally rewire you brain to create a new mind and create new results in your life. For more information about Dr. Joe Dispenza's please visit:"

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Elon Goes to War

We'll have to admit, it's hard to say "goes to war" when Elon has been at war with the pedovore world order probably his entire life. Kinda like yours truly, only I'm not a household name, LOL.

Elon's Tweets today, November 28 2022, are direct Mother-Of-All-Bombs attacks on major installations of the devil himself, such as Apple Corporation.

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CONSPIRACY OF SILENCE: A Documentary Squashed Since 1993, Until Now

The censorship of Truth is unraveling.

As Elon Musk unlocks the censorship chains on thousands of banned Twitter accounts, digital news warriors on Telegram, Truth Social, and thousands of independently owned and run Truther websites are closing down the fake news with honesty in journalism, the likes of which have never been seen before. 

Has Main Stream Media ever been honest? 

If I had to guess, I would say that a 100% transparent, honest media mechanism in the USA and the world has never existed. The censorship of Truth is not new. Even before mass communication, the Ye Ole' Town Crier was given a script to read. It boggles the mind a bit, doesn't it? 

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MAGNIFICENT MERCOLA: Is the Ukraine War a Money Laundering Scheme?

Story at-a-glance

  • Many have suspected that the U.S. government's "security assistance" to Ukraine — which as of November 15, 2022, had surpassed $98 billion — is a money laundering scheme, perhaps relating to questionable activities involving American biolabs in Ukraine
  • With the sudden implosion of the cryptocurrency exchange FTX, suspicions of money laundering in Ukraine are gaining fresh support
  • FTX's founder, Sam Bankman-Fried — suspected of having absconded with $1 billion to $2 billion of client funds as the exchange went belly-up in mid-November — was a top donor to the Democratic Party, second only to George Soros, and had ties to the World Economic Forum
  • FTX partnered with Ukraine to help them raise funds for the war effort. Some believe the foreign aid the Ukrainian government received from the U.S. was put into FTX, which then turned around and donated money back to Democratic candidates
  • An estimated $200 million were raised for Ukraine and distributed through FTX to a bank in Ukraine, but records show the Ukrainian government only used $22 million of that money. The remaining $178 million appears to have vanished, leading people to suspect it was laundered back to the United States
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Can you handle the truth? About Ukraine?

Accepting the truth that counters what you've allowed yourself to believe, along with the vast majority of your fellow man, means accepting that you've allowed yourself to be deceived along with the rest of the herd.

The human ego is ill-equipped to enter into a confession like this together with the ridicule and ostracization that comes with thinking outside of the herd's tolerance.

It is only the few that have the inner self-esteem necessary to succeed in this way.

Dear reader, we appeal to all that is good and strong in you, to be one of the few. Thank you!


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What happens when there is no justice in the justice system?

You can't just give up the country when it's been captured. You have to fight to get it back.

Of course, it needs to be said, you have to know it's actually been captured, don't you?

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MAGA NEWS FLASH Wk#47: Iran women dance into freedom, Elon makes history, Fake News gets a new script and We the People are Thankful for TRUMP

Freedom Fighters are waxing philosophical of late... 


He is quite right. 

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Pedovore Tissue of Lies is Fraying on Twitter

Since Elon's takeover of Twitter, the social media platform has become a venue of redpill bombs like nothing else since the start of 17.

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Sudden Deaths Rise. WHY? Here is the Stew Peters Documentary for the Answer

Embalmers are among the first to see the cause of sudden deaths.

Funeral homes become inundated with bodies waiting to be embalmed. Anomalies occurr, and some gruesome discoveries are made. 

Sudden Deaths are at an all-time high. 

The co-opted corporate fake news conglomerate does not report this accurately. And what little about sudden deaths of all ages after taking the jab is reported is whitewashed with lies. 

But yes, we are actively in the throes of catastrophic death events. That is not my assessment. That is the assessment of the insurance industry, which defines 'catastrophic' as being that which is 10% above the normal flow of deadly events. Yet, the rise in catastrophic death and illness events is up 40%, which can now be redefined as apocalyptic. 

Whistleblowers from the US ARMY reported sudden catastrophic illnesses and death.

The data supports the whistleblower's reports. After c19 shots were administered to military personnel, incidences of strokes, myocarditis, rapid onset cancers, brain tumors, blood clots, and miscarriages became so prevalent one US Army Flight Surgeon said that if it continued, there would not be a standing army in 5 years. 

I can go on, but seeing the facts for yourself in Stew Peters newly released documentary is best.  Not for the shock value (although there is that) but for its superb journalistic quality and fact-reporting value.  

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Western Montana News: Yellowstone County Vote Count Irregularities

With election cheating quite commonplace in the low population largely rural state of Montana, one is forced to ask: have we reached rock bottom in this nation yet?

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MAGNIFICENT MERCOLA: Manufactured Dystopia — Globalists Won’t Stop Hacking Humans

Story at-a-glance

  • Digital identity, digital twins, programmable central bank digital currency, a social credit system, human augmentation and the Internet of Bodies (IoB). These are all part of the dystopian future being rolled out by the globalist cabal as the "solutions" to the world's problems
  • According to transhumanist propaganda, everyone will benefit from human augmentation. In reality, transhumanism is a eugenics program, differing in name only
  • The post-human society envisioned by transhumanists will have no use for billions of people. Since a vast number of jobs will be eliminated and replaced by robots and artificial intelligence, the transhumanist plan requires depopulation
  • A global totalitarian regime will not accept the responsibility to feed, house and provide universal basic income and health care to billions of people who aren't useful. The logical solution is to exterminate the nonproductive and transform the rest into obedient cyborgs imprisoned within the IoB 5G ecosystem
  • The depopulation requirement of the transhumanist utopia may be why nations refuse to address the extraordinary lethality of the COVID jabs
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Now that Trump is reinstated, why did the deepstate order Twitter to cancel Trump in the first place?

First, it helps to understand that social media giants were created by the deepstate for harvesting our data and for controlling the public narrative and public behavior. Please research that or you won't get this article at all. Next, Elon reinstating President Trump's Twitter account on Saturday, November 19, reveals now to many who were dec...
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General Flynn Has A Message

First, he called Patriots to action, and now he calls us into steadfastness.

General Flynn leads with an iron fist full of words. The weapons of our warfare as digital warriors and disseminators of truth drive into the heart of our enemy without ever drawing blood. Do not allow discouragement to creep in. Refrain from allowing frustration with what you think is happening or not happening to steer your actions.

Defeat is not an option.

Neither is division. Stay steady in your belief that divine purpose is behind every word spoken by President Trump, General Flynn, and the hundreds of other patriot leaders who are not allowing the lies in social media, lamestream media, and fake news to penetrate their armor of faith and integrity.

General Flynn is guiding us into a place of peace that surpasses all worldly understanding. Shake off the liars' negativity, and proceed with dignity, knowing this is a battle of Good vs. Evil and God-Good will prevail.

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Self purge at Twitter is emblematic of a much larger spiritual dynamic in the world

We all get to watch in real-time how a proven organizational genius like Elon Musk is not only making his new company acquisition better but also its products that the rest of us get to enjoy. It's fun now to be on Twitter! Can this happen on a wider scope in our world?

Over the Trump years, we saw an unprecedented wave of resignations, retirements, firings and suicides from the top levels of the power elite.

In fact, there will be a lot more creative fun for regular people in our world once the purge of the parasites (i.e., the Lord's Judgment Day) is completed. Look forward, people!

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MAGA News FLASH 2022 Wk#46: Karizona will rise, Texas will win the border war, Brazil will defeat tyranny, Unity will Triumph and TRUMP ALWAYS WINS

He's baaaaack!  Of course, Patriots know President Donald J. Trump never left, but now it's official. Let the world take in this news and do with it what they will. What will you do with this news?  Are you going to believe what Fox or MSN or any other co-opted fake news sight has to say, or are you going to ...
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Man takes on the world to save his father's life with Ivermectin

We've been covering the Ivermectin story a long time and with many articles. That story alone reveals the genocidal nature of the globalist beast we are fighting. EVERYTHING is connected, people! Thank you for reading our magazine, we appreciate it!

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BIDEN CRIME FAMILY INVESTIGATION: I want to be clear, this is an investigation of Joe Biden states GOP Rep James Comer

And with a collective sigh, truth tellers everywhere declare: IT'S ABOUT TIME! 

Since Dec 17, 2019, over 2.5 years ago, when the disreputable FBI seized the Hunter Biden laptop until now, many awakened souls of this great land have been waiting for the elected servants in our federal government to declare war against the Biden Family Crime Syndicate officially.

(Historic copy about the Hunter Biden laptop discovery here: Hunter Biden. The Laptop. THE FBI. The Questions.)

It took a Nov 8, 2022, RED WAVE mid-term election win, pushed to victory by Donald J. Trump, to move enough of the Democrat corrupt-a-crats out of the way so the disreputable GOP in DC could launch a full-fledged investigation into Biden's criminal activity. 

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MAGNIFICENT MERCOLA: Historic Negative Scholastic Impacts of Social Distancing

Story at-a-glance

  • The National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP), often referred to as the "nation's report card," tests fourth and eighth graders across the U.S. to measure student achievement
  • The results are in from the 2022 NAEP Mathematics Assessment, which was last given in 2019, before the pandemic
  • The results show a staggering decline in test scores — the largest drop in mathematics scores seen since the initial assessments were given in 1990
  • Among eighth graders, the average math score decreased by eight points since 2019 and was lower than all previous assessments dating back to 2003; a 10-point decrease is considered equivalent to about a year of learning
  • Average reading scores for fourth graders declined by five points in the Northeast region, three points in the Midwest and South, and two points in the West
  • In the U.K., the Royal College of Speech and Language Therapists has also warned about declines in speech and motor skills in children since the pandemic
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