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When Feds are spying on us and staging clandestine operations against us and teaming up with a corrupt corporate media against us, it's time to rally. America rise, get up and fight! Take your government back.

JULY 2 UPDATE BONUS: Juan O Savin talks about the government infiltration of the patriot community and patriot movements as agents provocateurs. Important!! He also explains how important it was - historically so - for President Trump to hold off on holding the cheating demonrats to account for the November 3 vote fraud. The very survival of America was in the balance. LISTEN!!

Tucker calls for probe into NSA spying on him on Fox News

Tucker Carlson Tonight on Rumble
Published July 1, 2021
8:07 viewing length


Tucker Carlson 0:00
A couple of days ago, we told you that the National Security Agency had read our emails and was effectively threatening us with them leaking them. It's not a statement you would make lightly. No one wants to go on TV and say the government spying on me You sound like a lunatic except when it's true. In this case, it is true. And of course, it's not just this show, spying on a lot of people, and they should stop because it's illegal. Yesterday, we had a long conversation with officials at the National Security Agency, we got a statement out of them, they effectively conceded Yes, they read our emails, they have some justification for it. But it's not justified. It never is, except in cases when national security is threatened and nothing that we did would ever threaten national security. Period. Liberals used to understand that. They were very worried about this program. Back in 2006, Joe Biden himself said he was worried about the NSA spying on American citizens.

Joe Biden 0:51
I don't have to listen to your phone calls, I know what you're doing. If I know every single phone call you made, I'm able to determine every single person you talked to, I can get a pattern about your life that is very, very intrusive. And the real question here is, what do they do with this information that they collect that does not have anything to do with al Qaeda? And we're going to trust the President and the Vice President of the United States that they're doing the right thing. Don't count me in on that.

Tucker Carlson 1:18
So now, Joe Biden is in charge of the national security apparatus, and his administration has turned it on Americans who he has redefined as combatants, domestic terrorists, white supremacists. Where does this go from here? We think we know and we're deeply concerned about it. We know the NSA is collecting data from American citizens spying on them. They have a heart attack if you call it spying. That's exactly what it is. Let's stop using bs language; it's spying. In a House Judiciary Committee meeting today, a senior Microsoft executive said that most Americans would be stunned if they knew how often the federal government used secret orders to collect information on them.

Microsoft Executive 2:01
While the recent news about secrecy secret investigations is shocking, most shocking is just how routine secrecy orders have become when law enforcement targets an American's email, text messages, or other sensitive data stored in the cloud. Throughout the Obama, Trump and Biden administrations, up to a third of all legal demands we receive from federal law enforcement include secrecy orders, up to 3500 in just one year. And these are just the demands on Microsoft. Add the demands likely served on Facebook, Apple, Google, Twitter, and others and you get a frightening sense of the mountain of secrecy orders used by federal laws, law enforcement in recent years.

Tucker Carlson 2:47
So what we need is an investigation into what exactly is going on. We have the largest bureaucracy in the history of mankind. There's never been a human organization larger than the American federal government. And so we need to know what the important parts of it the parts with a lot of power are doing in our name. We need an investigation. And today at that hearing, at least one Republican member of congress back at Florida, called for that

Matt Gaetz 3:17
The most watched cable news host has been stating for the last several nights that the NSA has been monitoring his communications. And amazingly, the NSA has issued a statement that is so couched, it is functionally an admission. And it's not like the NSA has never lied to us. I mean, we were told that there was no bulk collection of Americans' data. Turns out there was bulk collection of Americans' data. We cannot count on these people to police themselves. Join me in calling for inspector general investigation into any monitoring that the NSA or any other element of the intelligence community has engaged in relative to Tucker Carlson, because these denials, these couch denials raise more questions than they provide answers.

Tucker Carlson 4:05
They gather the information and they threaten you with it. Information is power, the more they have, the more power they have over you. And if they don't like your politics, it's a problem. So we do need an investigation. And tonight, the House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy of California, has called for that investigation by the House Intelligence Committee. We'll see what happens. Glenn Greenwald, meanwhile, is one of the people who is responsible for what we know about what the NSA does. He broke the original story of the NSA's mass surveillance under the Obama administration. He writes now for Substack. We highly recommend it. He joins us tonight. Glenn, thanks so much for coming on. So your position on this has remained consistent for more than a decade. American citizens, unless they pose some obvious national security threat, imminent national security threat, shouldn't be targeted by their own government for spying. Why is that not the position of everyone in journalism?

Glenn Greenwald 4:58
That's a really good question. You know, it's interesting when I did the reporting with Edward Snowden in 2013, and 2014, liberals loved that reporting so much that they gave us every award that they have to offer, the Pulitzer, the Polk. The film that was done about my my work with Edward Snowden was given an Oscar, I went up on the Oscar stage, they couldn't lavish enough prizes and praise on us. And now here we are after the Trump years, and we know that the Democratic Party and journalism in general has aligned with the CIA, the NSA and the FBI, and has aligned and merged with the security state. And so in response to the report that you did, you would think other journalists just thought of self interest, even if they just like your ideology. And you would say we want to know whether the NSA is abusing their powers in order to spy on journalists, they dislike and instead they mocked it. They said that, oh, he has to be paranoid in order to think this. And they took the NSA statement that I have seen over and over Tucker over the last eight years, that is designed to mislead the public, they use their carefully constructed words to say, Tucker Carlson is not an intelligence target by the NSA, which may be true, but what that leaves out is that there are so many other ways that they have to spy on the communications of American citizens without making you a target, without getting a warrant. They have huge authorities that really haven't been reined in since 2013 and 2014. I'm glad to hear Kevin McCarthy, other GOP leaders calling for an investigation. But the reality is that in bipartisan Washington, Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer have been joining with the likes of Kevin McCarthy and Mitch McConnell to expand the NSA to kill any attempts to reform it. So these are kind of empty words.

Tucker Carlson 6:40
I totally agree with that. Mitch McConnell is 100% on board with what they do. I got a number of calls and texts, one from Politico asking me well, who are you emailing? I think, clearly, you would never claim your emails are being read by the government unless you could prove it. Again, you're like a crazy person. We can prove it, it happened. But now the line is, well, you must have been emailing the wrong people. I was under the impression as a journalist and an American citizen, I have the right to email anybody I want. Is that not the standard any longer?

Glenn Greenwald 7:12
Tucker, ponder the authoritarianism needed for them to say that. Think about the premise there. They're saying that if you talk to somebody that the NSA has decided should be spied upon, it means that that person even though they've been charged with no crime and convicted of nothing, is up to no good. They're like a terrorist or a threat and you yourself are also. The whole point of the reporting that we did is that the NSA spies on millions and millions of people indiscriminately, if you're a journalist, it's almost impossible not to talk to a target at the NSA. They target everybody constantly all the time. That's why they're this huge, sprawling agency. But the authoritarianism that is pervading journalism says, if you're talking to somebody the NSA doesn't like you're a bad person.

Tucker Carlson 7:56
It's...and we're not we're not going to put up with it at all. Once they have the information, then they threaten and control you and that's what they were trying to do to us. Glenn Greenwald, I appreciate in your reporting, which we have new appreciation for. Thank you.

US Security Apparatus Is The Enemy Of The People

Bannon's War Room on Rumble
Published June 30, 2021
3:00 viewing length


Tucker Carlson 0:00
Yesterday, we heard from a whistleblower within the US government, who reached out to warn us that the NSA, the National Security Agency, is monitoring our electronic communications and is planning to leak them in an attempt to take this show off the air. Now, that's a shocking claim. And ordinarily, we'd be skeptical of it. It is illegal for the NSA to spy on American citizens. It's a crime. It's not a third world country. Things like that should not happen in America. But unfortunately, they do happen and in this case, they did happen. The whistleblower, who is in a position to know, repeated back to us information about a story that we are working on that could have only come directly from my texts and emails. There's no other possible source for that information, period. The NSA captured that information without our knowledge and did it for political reasons. The Biden Administration is spying on us. We have confirmed that.

Steve Bannon 0:57
Okay. I'm gonna bring out Darren Beattie from Revolver. I've got Amanda Milius, who's a fighter, did Plot Against the President, she knows what the inside details are. Raheem Kassam, founder editor in chief of National Pulse. I got the three hitters I want for this segment. And we're going to roll over. We got Michael Yon in Greece to talk about the migrant crisis and what's happening today about the invasion of the United States. I gotta bring you in. Okay, is Tucker Carlson completely paranoid and jumped the shark? Or is Tucker Carlson on to one of the biggest stories in this era? I want to start with Darren Beattie, and then we'll go around the table. So Darren Beattie, you know, Tucker, we're going to talk about your explosive story about the 1-6 situation and the Oathkeepers in a second. Let's get with Tucker. I don't see it on a chyron at Fox, I don't see anybody reporting on Fox on just the news aspect of it. Right? So what's going on Darren Beattie?

Darren Beattie 1:55
Well, I'm not privy directly to the communication, so I can't state anything as a matter of fact. But I know Tucker and I have every confidence that this is real, not only by his saying it, simply by the nature of the NSA and what they do. They've lied about this. In fact, I've been I would be shocked if they didn't do it. And I think it's important to remind your audience of the context of this. In the monologue, he proceeded with saying his FBI source told him that there was in fact infiltration; that his reporting on the revolver .news bombshell was vindicated by an FBI source. So this is a very high stakes game. It's a very dangerous game. It's reached the level where the United States national security apparatus is the enemy of the people. And it's the enemy of the handful of people who have the guts and maybe the craziness to expose them. And Tucker is one of those people. And so I have basically no doubt that this story is true.

Evidence Jan. 6 'Insurrection' May Have Been An Intelligence Operation

Bannon's War Room on Rumble
Published June 30, 2021
6:38 viewing length


Steve Bannon 0:00
Darren Beattie. Your other, your lead story in the Revolver today is groundbreaking. I want you to tee it up. I want you to introduce who this guy is, why this is important, and why Beattie and Kassam and Bannon argued for the feckless Republicans. Let's have the commission where we get five and five because we want a place to adjudicate this to get all the information that we got. We're nothing, we're not afraid of anything that happened on 1/6, nothing. Zero. We fear none of it. But we need an official adjudication of venue. Darren Beattie.

Darren Beattie 0:37
All right, so I need to be serious because this is a very serious story. I think this story at Revolver .news, right up at the top is the highest stakes and most dangerous and most dangerous and most important story right now in the country. I think Tucker's coverage of the first part of this series is part of the reason the national security state is going after them. And you have I have talked about the apoplectic and really terrified response in the media. So this piece up here at Revolver .news right now is the sequel to the previous piece that changed the entire national conversation on 1/6. More specifically, it led us to ask not are they taking selfies? Not is it Antifa? Very simple question. Was 1/6 an intelligence failure as the FBI Director Christopher Wray says or was it an intelligence setup? Now in the previous piece, we argued very strongly that it was a setup on the basis of looking at unindicted persons in the charging documents; who occupies senior positions in the key militias imputed to 1/6 who haven't been indicted. And yet, a sandwich shop owner faces 60 years for saying no, no, not yet. That discrepancy was tremendously suspicious to us. In this second piece, we're able to refine this question still further by asking the question about one of those unindicted persons referenced in the documents. This is the founder and head of the oathkeepers militia, the biggest militia in the United States is according to media reports, and we basically open up the story with the following. Hey, Republicans, you can crack open the entire story of January 6 with one simple, relentless question: What is the FBI and or army counter intelligence's relationship with Stewart Rhodes? So in a nutshell, if we're right here, and we argue very carefully and very meticulously, I would not have published this, if I did not have an extreme confidence level in this piece. This is right. That means that the head of the major militia imputed to 1/6 would have had a relationship with the federal government, either as an informant or an undercover agent. And if that's the case, there's not a stretch whatsoever to say that 1/6 was actually orchestrated by the government, that it was actually a setup. Now I'm happy to go through the details.

Steve Bannon 3:23
I want you to, yeah, I want you. I want you to go through the details. I gotta check my time. I want you to go through the details. But one thing I gotta make sure we're clear on is that Christopher Wray, why wasn't the guy the guy that was the commander in chief at the time? Because I think, I think you do have a misnomer here. It's it's been set up as an intelligence failure. You're actually arguing it's not an intelligence setup, you're actually arguing it's an intelligence operation, and it's an intelligence operation. So my question to you, Darren, bring in the details, the last time I checked and maybe I'm just crazy, but the commander in chief of the United States, at the time of all of this and the things that led up to this was Donald J. Trump. How did Donald J. Trump not be informed by the FBI, by the Secretary of the Army, by the Secretary of Defense, by the Joint Chiefs of Staff, by the head of DIA, of all of this, of any of this or...So how come... Trump was president. Why would he know this?

Darren Beattie 4:29
Well, I mean, you know, as well as I do that Trump had an adversarial relationship with the entire intelligence community before he was elected. That's essentially, that's the Amanda's excellent movie. And that's just history. And so of course, he wasn't notified. The intelligence community view Trump essentially the same way that they view so-called authoritarian leaders in Eastern Europe that they use color revolutions to overthrow. That was the essence of the Revolver .news color revolution series. So of course, they wouldn't inform him because the whole idea is to set up a situation in which they can basically silence, suppress, and destroy the energies associated with Donald Trump's victory. And this false 1/6 narrative that I believe was engineered as an infiltration operation, this false narrative is now the key pretext that our national security state is using to ram through Patriot Act 2.0, the domestic war on terror. So of course, they wouldn't informed Trump because the whole thing is set up to destroy the energies associated with the Trump movement going back to 2015.

Steve Bannon 5:47
I want to go to break and come back and stick with you. And I will say, I think Amanda has got her sequel right here, because it's really the ongoing sequel to your personal Plot against the President. It's really a plot against the country.

Amanda Milius 5:57
I mean, this is the thing, the IC is totally out of control. And there hasn't been a normal chain of command for more than we know, for longer than we know.

Steve Bannon 6:05
Beattie, I actually thought you were kind of crazy, when you first start talking to me about this stuff a couple years ago. I actually actually give you a hat tip. You might have been right and I'm... not that in think was a huge issue. I didn't think it was the issue. Real quickly, you got 30 seconds before we go to break. Do you believe that this is the central issue between the populist nationalist movement and the uniparty right now is really the national security state, sir?

Darren Beattie 6:28
Yes, it is. If we don't bring them to heel, we don't have a country.

Steve Bannon 6:34
We're gonna take a commercial break. You spent a year of your life doing this. I gotta tell you, this is the secret.

Hey Republicans, you can crack open the entire story of January 6, 2021 (“1/6”) with one simple question: what relationship do the FBI and Army Counterintelligence have with Stewart Rhodes?

Excerpt from this extensive piece:

"The Justice Department argues that Stewart Rhodes both substantially organized and activated an imputed plan to use violence, on 1/6, in real-time, through a series of encrypted Signal messages beginning at 1:38 p.m., as Trump concluded his rally speech on the National Mall, and 62 minutes before Oath Keepers lieutenants allegedly formed a "military stack" to rush the Capitol doors.

"These facts alone, as alleged, are more than legally sufficient to secure an indictment of Stewart Rhodes. We will walk you through the mountains of direct and circumstantial evidence built on top of these allegations, but readers must understand this: the only reason Stewart Rhodes is not in jail *right now* is because of a deliberate decision by the Justice Department to protect him.

"Indeed, it is unclear whether the FBI has even sought to search Stewart Rhodes's residence, personal belongings, or electronic devices, other than a single iPhone allegedly seized on the streets from agents in unmarked FBI vehicles in late April (since returned). For reasons discussed below, there is good reason to suspect the FBI will pursue a tightly controlled and very limited scope of investigation into Stewart Rhodes,. Beyond that narrow scope, they may not want the information they are likely to find.

"Why doesn't anyone at the FBI or DOJ want him?"

(Article continues here)

The Revolver

Juan O Savin, the Most Intriguing Insider of Insiders, weighs in on The Revolver article above

David & Stacy Whited / Flyover Conservatives on YouTube
Published July 2, 2021
1:44:25 viewing length
(partial transcript below)

Steve Miller Band - Abracadabra
Scotty mar10 on Rumble
Published June 30, 2021
8:24 viewing length

Trump: "Maybe we don't have to [run] again, we'll win it three times"

Merkayluh on Rumble
Published June 30, 2021
0:25 viewing length


The Epoch Times released a story today entitled "CCP at 100 Years: A Century of Killing and Deceit", which documents the last 100 years of Chinese Communist Party atrocities against its own people. I have covered a few stories regarding the torture and murder of the Uighurs, a group of Muslims in China, and the adherents of Falun Gong, a practice that may be similar to Buddhism. As Americans, we need to start asking ourselves what we can learn from other people's experiences. What can we learn about socialism and communism and where it leads? Who does it really benefit? While those who espouse these social and economic philosophies claim that it is for the people, the only people who really benefit are those at the top.

A Monday evening Bozeman Montana School District Board of Trustees meeting was attended by many outraged members of the community, students, parents, grandparents, raising a hue and cry over the Board's proposal to introduce a barely disguised Communist policy initiative framed by a virtue-signaling "Equity Advisory Committee" using catch words like "Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity" - buzz terms used to get us to swallow a demonstrably Marxist Critical Race Theory.

CRT is designed by "Progressives" of the Left (code for Marxists) to divide and conquer our nation starting at Kindergarten. (More depth on this in a related article below.) The war the Leftists wage against our free republic is now reaching a crescendo after decades of dumbing down this nation with the indoctrination curricula of our public schools. We the People are waking up to it and won't let it reach that final stage of infiltration and domination, regardless of how much work they put into their wordy itineraries to sell it to us.


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