Wokeness in the MAGA world (Or, Cultural Marxism is an aggressive malignant cancer)


Mark Dice and Emerald Robinson call out the wokeness that is creeping into the MAGA world. Former liberal, now conservative pundit Dave Rubin and "husband" want to raise two children in a motherless household and they're being congratulated for this by the suddenly woke PragerU, The Blaze and other conservative pundit brands.

The intrepid Emerald writes: "Less than 10 years ago, gay marriage was banned in nearly every state in America — and now we have LBGT sex propaganda in almost every elementary school in America. The slippery slope is real. The LBGT community became hysterical last week when Gov. Ron DeSantis supported legislation to halt pedophiles from grooming 5 year children in first and second grade in public schools. That should tell you everything. They're coming for your kids." (Yeah, they even sing about it, see below.)

Allie Beth Stuckey also courageously weighs in on this problem with Rubin, her friend and colleague from The Blaze, referring to biblical teachings to guide her.

Bringing children into the world to raise without a mother is a really bad idea for those children but who cares when you're a narcissist, right? Hatred of the child is evil, which is what it is when you put your needs ahead of a child's; and honestly, lovingly, you are confused if you think it's cool.

PragerU and The Blaze Go FULL WOKE!

Mark Dice on Rumble
Published Mar 21 2022
10:00 viewing length

Is It Conservative To Celebrate Dave Rubin's Designer Babies?

Too many conservatives don't seem to know if marriage is a bond between a man and a woman

By Emerald Robinson in The Right Way, Mar 20

The prominent liberal author Dave Rubin made an announcement on Twitter recently that he and his gay partner were purchasing a couple of designer babies through surrogates.

This is one of the long-term projects of the LBGT community: erasing heterosexual women from the nuclear family. In other words, men really can do it all.

What was more surprising was the public reaction of many so-called conservative media outlets —which openly celebrated and affirmed the gay "designer baby" family. The Twitter account for PragerU was ecstatic.

More of Emerald Robinson's article from March 20 here. (subscribe to her substack blog there)

Why I Can't Congratulate My Friend Dave Rubin

Allie Beth Stuckey on YouTube
Published Mar 20 2022
16:03 viewing length


00:00 - 02:52 : Intro 

02:53 - 07:31 : Reason 1 

07:32 - 09:50 : Reason 2 

09:51 - 11:37 : Reason 3 

11:38 - 14:03 : Reason 4 

14:04 - 16:04 : Thoughts on BlazeTV's tweet/Conclusion


As JP says, be guided by your own critical thinking. The choice for the future is ours not Klaus Schwab's.


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