"Why did CNN host a Trump Rally last night?"


If only people KNEW how fake the news media really is!

Trump needs no script to skillfully remove all doubt that Fake News is imploding with his help! 

It's now obvious during this 2024 presidential campaign that Donald J. Trump will remove the kit gloves while jabbing with liberal talking heads like CNN Town Hall's host Kaitlan Collins. 

During the May 10, 2023, CNN Town Hall, she rudely interrupted countless times with lies she hoped would blow up Trump's Truth, but President Trump slammed down every slanderous misrepresentation with bold finesse and ease. 

"Trump went to the belly of hell..."

RubyRayMedia on Rumble 
Published May 10, 2023
Length 0:40

Trump had to pull out the receipts...😂

Trump stays true to his vision of ending the war in Ukraine without vilifying either side...incredible. 

 About the 2020 Election results: "Unless you are a very stupid person, you see what happened!"😁 OUCH! 😳

Response to the fake rape case and other false charges: "My poll numbers went up!" 💪🫵😁

She got the perfect answer; she just didn't like it!


Because their lies about everything were being debunked immediately by WE ARE THE NEWS NQW Patriot troops...

Chris Miller and his chief of staff, Kash Patel, debunk Kaitlan Collins

RubyRayMedia on Rumble
Published May 11, 2023
Length 1:20

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