What is the true purpose of jabs and forced jabs?


Larry Cook, director of STOP MANDATORY VACCINATIONS, has been fighting big pHARMa's jab programs before the C19 plandemic took hold. When the covjab came out, he knew what was happening, immediately began warning people, and was one of the first medical truthers to have his informative social media platforms taken from him. 

Larry is a humble patriot, a good friend of Ruby Ray Media, and a trustworthy advocate for natural health and immunity.  We regularly feature his informative videos and well-researched information so others will learn the truth about today's criminal medical system and the complications of their black magic concoctions, some unto death.

You will find his latest write-up below very informative. 

The answers to each question (Yes or No) are linked to videos and research substantiating the validity of all those answers

Please share with family, friends, and foes alike. Saving humanity takes all of us. 

 What is the true purpose of jabs and forced jabs?

Do vaccines stop the spread of disease? (No

Do vaccines stop infection from the disease "vaccinated against?" (No

Was there an original way of stopping the spread of disease without toxicity? (Yes - Homeopathy)

Do vaccines lower death rate? (No)

Do vaccines destroy immune capacity? (Yes)

Are the unvaccinated a threat to society? (No)

Do vaccines cause autism and numerous other health ailments? (Yes)

Are the unvaccinated healthier than the vaccinated? (Yes)

Are there effective natural ways to help the body recover from infection? (Yes)

Are there any benefits whatsoever from vaccination? (No)

Is the vaccine industry liable for the death, harm and destruction it causes to humanity? (No)

 What is the REAL purpose of vaccination and the forced vaccination of humanity?

Is it to decimate the health of humanity so it is easier to control entire populations? (YES)

Is it part of a larger plan to CONTROL HUMANITY? (YES)

Is it SPIRITUAL WARFARE - Good vs Evil? (YES, IT IS)

Why have I supported President Trump and the Q Team for over three years now? 

Because when the Deep State (controllers of humanity) is finally taken down across our planet, we will see vaccine mandates also get taken down. But until then, we are still in the phase of WAKING UP HUMANITY and I hope you are doing your part as well.

Feel free to share this post with your friends and family if you feel inclined. Waking up is not easy, but it is required if we are to save humanity. ~ Larry Cook (Original Post on Substack HERE)

Larry Cook can also be found on Telegram HERE and on Rumble HERE.

Connect with Larry's website via the image link below: 

Larry Cook, Founder & Director: Hi. I'm Larry Cook – an advocate for natural living – and I launched Stop Mandatory Vaccination as a way to reach more people about the vaccine anti-exemption bills being introduced across America and why we need to stop these atrocious bills before they become law.

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