What is the real MOTIVATION behind Kamala Harris's desire to legalize prostitution...


Kamala has no problem proclaiming her feminist views to win the hearts and minds of liberal feminists votes everywhere. 

It's what she does not say that is so damning!  

 "Feminist" Kamala Harris Wants To De-Criminalize Human-Trafficking's Biggest Abuse Generator : Prostitution

Human trafficking is almost exclusively about sexual exploitation..over 90% of those trafficked are female and over 50% of them end up in an involuntary prostitution situation. 

Kamala wants to legalize the exploitation of these vulnerable people. 

She wants to use those who are susceptible to being exploited for political gain and lock them into a damning and dangerous lifestyle.

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    rubyrayarts · 2 years ago
    Statements hiding or covering up pure evil... MILLSTONE AWARD ACTIONS

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    rubyrayarts · 2 years ago

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    Franz · 2 years ago
    What a swamp creature is this strange woman.
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