Mockingbird Media called out for their 'race-baiting' tactics.

And who better to shove the media's culture war-mongering ways up their fake concern for equality than the Buccaneer's head coach Todd Bowles!

To me, football has been filled with dark symbols and shadows of wrong messages, so I was not interested. But now, although there is still a dark element to pro football's underbelly, it just got a lot more interesting as the Awakened coaches and players begin to define their heartfelt truth for the world to hear. 

Most who participate in pro-sports want to play a good, fun game, compete in good fellowship and earn an honest living. Isn't that why sports became an excellent idea to enhance children's education? 

Yes, sports competition was and still can be a good idea for our youth and young adults, as long as we clean up the stress-induced race-baiting, gender-switching, and sexualized undertones surrounding the purity from which good clean competition descends.

Todd Bowles ~ The Perfect Answer

RubyRayMedia on Rumble
Published Oct 15, 2022
Length :55

Here is the transcript of that short but powerful exchange: 

Male Reporter : 

You and Mike Tomlin are two of the few black head coaches in the league. I wonder what your relationship is like with him and your thoughts on Steve Wilkes joining that fold.

Bucs Head Coach Todd Bowles: 

I have a very good relationship with Tomlin. We don't look at what color we are when we coach against each other. We just know each other. I have a lot of very good white friends that coach in this league as well, and I don't think it's a big deal as far as us coaching against each other. I think it's normal. Wilke's got an opportunity to do a good job. Hopefully, he does it. And we coach ball. We don't look at color.

Jenna Laine, ESPN Lackey: 

But you also understand that representation matters, too, right? And that when young aspiring coaches or even football players, they see you guys, you know, they see someone that looks like them, maybe grew up like them, that has some...

Todd Bowles: 

Well, when you say "see you guys" and "look like them" and "grew up like them," meaning that we're oddballs, to begin with. And I think the minute you guys stop making a big deal about it, everybody else will, as well.

BOOM❗️❗️ BOOM❗️❗️ BOOM❗️❗️

Todd Bowles Shut Down Race-Baiting Reporters 

RubyRayMedia on Rumble
Published Oct 16, 2022
Length 5:18

"There's nobody more racist than the woke white person. Everybody knows that."

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