What do New York and Italy's Island of Lampedusa have in common?


New Yorkers are fighting mad. 

The American border is open to all who want to enter this great country.  There are no more checks and balances regarding who comes in or why they enter. Hundreds of thousands enter only to exploit a non-existent safety net that allows for our country's exploitation.  The border weakness has been created by the very same domestic treasonists using it for globalists' gain.  

Thanks to the Biden Crime Syndicate, the United States border is no longer safe from thieves, murderers, child sex traffickers, drug smugglers, and all other forms of criminals. Now, that influx of human flesh has made its way to New York in such a huge wave that the citizens of New York are finally ready to end the war on themselves that the evil elite globalists began.

New Yorkers are Tired of the Migrant Crisis
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Published Sep 16, 2023
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Social media hounds have posted many examples of the current chaos and how New York citizens fight back.

It's getting heated, dear ones, and some say it's a perfect hotbed for mass civil unrest. This is just what the corrupt, evil globalist agenda is trying to fuel. I, for one, pray this does not come to civil war. 

NY residents fighting back
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Published Sep 5, 2023
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New York Attorney General Letitia James was confronted
RubyRayMedia on Rumble (from The General on Telegram)
Published Sep 15, 2023
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New Yorkers forget that they voted for this... 

They Voted For This: "Close the Border!"
RubyRayMedia on Rumble (From John Cremeans USA on X)
Published Sep 17, 2023
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RubyRayMeida on Rumble (from D & Frenz ✝️ on Telegram)
Published Sep 15, 2023
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New Yorkers are not alone. 

On Sept. 12, 2023, it was reported that thousands of Africans made their way to Lampedusa in a coordinated effort to overwhelm and overtake a small Italian island with a population of 6500 people.

As reported by Infowars:

Thousands of migrants continue to swarm the tiny Italian island of Lampedusa in the days since more than 6,000 arrived in just 24 hours, according to reports. The ongoing invasion of Italy's southernmost island, which lies just 60 nautical miles from the Tunisian coast, hit 'apocalyptic' levels earlier this week when as many as 8,000 illegal migrants invaded in more than 160 ramshackle watercraft launched from Africa. Since then, at least 1,000 more migrants, virtually all of whom are military-age males from Africa, have arrived in Lampedusa, and reports indicate as many as 10,000 more are on their way.

Italian Deputy Prime Minister vocalized what millions of awakened people throughout the world know is certain:  

On Wednesday, Italian Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini called the stunning influx of illegals a "declaration of war on Europe," warning mass migration could "collapse Italian society as a whole."

"Faced with the arrival of thousands of people, we cannot speak of spontaneous and isolated episodes but of an act of war," Salvini said. "These landings are desired and organized and represent the symbol of a socialist-led Europe, distant from the needs of its citizens, starting with the Italian ones."

Italian Deputy PM Salvini made this statement from his lofty palace as a leader, all comfy away from the chaos of the illegal immigration 'war,' but I give him credit for speaking it out. 

The evidence of this planned illegal migration of young men invading a country's sovereign land is being recorded for all to view in the NEWS NQW:

This is an affront to national sovereignty.

Leadership is being put on notice across the globe, with America being most visible in its battle against this globalist agenda to create hate and division as a way to take over areas of the world using forced illegal immigration. New York and Lampedusa are not the only places dealing with this type of global cabal treachery. And it is only through faithful digital warriors worldwide that we are becoming more aware of how much illegal immigrant sabotage is taking place because globalist-controlled fake news is purposefully not reporting it correctly. 

Stay vigilant. Stay focused. Stay safe. 

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