Wendy Rogers - America's Guardian Angel of the Vote - UPDATED AUGUST 9

Wendy-Rogers-in-the-War-Room-with-Steve-Bannon-Aug-3 Arizona State Senator Wendy Rogers with Steve Bannon

AUGUST 15 UPDATE! Wendy is killing it, teaming up with Virginia's Amanda Chace to head up a new Election Integrity Caucus of State Legislators launched at Lindell's Cyber Symposium. She's on the road and is a one-woman wrecking crew of the criminal Vote Trafficking Gang. 

We'll write a new article on the work Wendy is doing, which deserves our constant and undivided attention, she is the tip of the spear of State Legislators exposing the Vote Trafficking Crime Syndicate in this nation.

ALSO! Wendy explains how you can prevent false flags. She announces she'll be doing a media blitz this week! She calls out CNN as the Enemy, as Trump has done! Of course CCPNN is the enemy! Wendy backs up the guy who mailed the Maricopa County Supervisor wuss an orange jumpsuit! LOL Wendy Rogers is unafraid as all Americans ought to be!

State Senator Wendy Rogers of Arizona, retired Air Force pilot, got our attention some months ago when she started tweeting bombs about the election fraud, escalating that to a carpet bombing on the lying, cheating, murdering DNCCP and RINOs. She's the B-52 that softens the target for the MAGA army of America's First Audit that starts with the first domino of corruption falling in Arizona.

Senator Rogers was the first State Legislator to utter the D word: DECERTIFY!

Check out the Bannon interview, video and transcript included.

AUGUST 6 UPDATE: Wendy is pushing hard, started a petition to decertify, looking for a million signatures, please sign it here! WENDY ROGERS: DECERTIFY

Natalie Harp is on fire with her OAN Show "The Real Story" and we have included last night's interviews with Sonny Borrelli and Wendy Rogers. Transcripts too (when they're done.)

Stew Peters is a rocketship, now 3rd in the nation in numbers of podcasts downloaded. He gives us a nearly half-hour interview with Wendy on the Election, the fake Covid and the poisonous Jab and the future of America.

AUGUST 7 UPDATE: Wendy and husband are on the road, they will be attending Mike Lindell's Cyber Symposium in Sioux Falls, SD. We've added some of the latest Telegram posts by Wendy. Update on the DECERTIFY petition as of early Saturday evening, had 87,000 signatures and they're still a-comin! Also, Senator Rogers makes available the Arizona's Attorney General Letter of Aug 6 to Maricopa Board of County Supervisors initiating an investigation into their violating Arizona law and requesting a response from them by Aug. 20. Senator Rogers states that she would arrest them today if she could get enough Senators to vote for it, which she says shows how important our elections are and who we vote for.

AUGUST 9 UPDATE: As of 1:18 pm eastern, Wendy has 107,918 signatures on her petition to DECERTIFY the SHAM ELECTION, shooting for a MILLION. Go sign here! WENDY ROGERS: DECERTIFY

Never forget what she said. It's true!

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August 8 and 9 Telegram Posts by Arizona State Senator Wendy Rogers

Senator Rogers uses Twitter more than Telegram, hence some good tweets from August 8 and 9 are included below.

Earlier posts by Senator Rogers

AZ Senate Responds With Fire To Maricopa County Refusing To Comply With Subpoenas 

Bannon's War Room on Rumble
Published Aug 3, 2021
10:56 viewing length


Steve Bannon 0:00
I want to bring in a fighter's fighter, Wendy Rogers, a former Air Force pilot. Senator Rogers (she's Senator in Arizona for the audience that listens to us in Japanese and Mandarin) is a true fighter in the State Senate.

First off, there's a free fire zone now between Maricopa County and the Dominion executives, and the Senate, I just want to make sure our audience, particularly our international audience, understand how you have to fight for democracy every day in a republic. Are you comfortable that you guys actually have the power to enforce your will to get to the bottom of what happened in 3 November, Senator Rogers?

Wendy Rogers 0:48
Well, thanks, Steve, for having me on. I'm talking to you from Phoenix near the Capitol. And I'm absolutely comfortable having the Plenary Power that the US Constitution gives us, the State Legislature. And as I've said before, but for such a time as this, yesterday, I went into the office at the Senate office building, as you know, we're not in session, and so I wanted to know if Dominion and if the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors, if each was going to answer our subpoena. And at one o'clock yesterday, Arizona time, instead, they sent snarky disrespectful letters back, acting as though we were just a fly on their shoulder, in the way of them doing whatever they want to do. And it was disgusting, and appalling, and we're not having it.

Steve Bannon 1:46
I want to say that you guys sent another subpoena and listed out the facts that you needed. You got two responses: One was unprofessional. Because: we are hurtling towards a constitutional crisis on a national level.

What I found shocking is the professionalism that you guys put forward: your list of demands, right? And it's kind of saying, "Hey, we're going to have to go to another place, we're going to have to take this to the next level, if we don't do it.

What I was shocked about, I want to talk about the Dominion response and I want to talk about the Maricopa County. Maricopa County was like a couple guys sitting around the room in a BS session: "Let's troll. Let's own the MAGA movement." Like people say "Let's own the libs". I was shocked about the unprofessionalism of it; and what's most startling is they didn't address any of the issues. What say you, ma'am?

Wendy Rogers 2:39
That's typical of our times: rely on emotionalism, try to be derogatory and dismissive, and think that we're going to go away. All that did was just anger us more.

They forget that they work for us. When you're elected to office, you're not now on some ivory tower pie in the sky level, you work for the people; and these supervisors have completely forgotten that. They've not only not upheld their oath, but they think that they're set apart and that they're not accountable. And I'm telling you, we're coming for 'em.

Steve Bannon 3:24
Okay. I'm gonna get back to what Karen Fann, President of the Senate said on the phone. I got to deal with Dominion. Let's put the Dominion letter up and let's get it in the live chat. I want it up in Telegram, on Real America's Voice, War Room, whatever. I need this out there. I need it up on the site.

They're arguing something that's very narrow, and people should understand this. The heart of their letters, all legalese, a very long paragraph. But in the middle of it, Senator Rogers, they say, "Hey, this intellectual property is really ours. We don't have any obligation to turn over passwords, all this other stuff, sourcing." They've been saying this over and over again, this is their mantra. They're very narrow cast about this. And obviously the contract with Maricopa County has to say you have access to say everything that makes an election fair or not on all the information. But if this is what Dominion with all the brouhaha around Dominion doing this and that and Fox is not doing it, Newsmax is not doing, and Mike Lindell is at war with Fox, and all this stuff. If this is where they, at the end of the day, are holding it up to get to the bottom of 3 November and they're holding it up because they're arguing, "We can't let you see our proprietary information." How does that sit with you, Senator Rogers, and the rest of the Senate in Arizona?

Wendy Rogers 4:44
Well, it doesn't sit weld. And I agree with you. I think that's going to be the last legal Domino to fall. I don't think that they have the basis for that argument. And I'm no legal scholar, but those data points are voter data points. And they work for us. And they are a contractor for us. And so I agree, I don't think that will hold up.

Steve Bannon 5:11
Senator Rogers, Karen Fann went back with a response. And then, I know you've got more updates. So, people want to know, I now we've gone through the third or fourth physical counting of these and physical audit. You've started the canvassing, which I understand the Justice Department, another aspect of this battle, is threatening and basically implying and threatening criminal action against the canvassers. So, what do you think about Fann's response? And what are you guys going to do about it, that we don't get in some morass of a legal fight that's going to take years? How are you guys going to expedite this?

Wendy Rogers 5:45
Well, at present, Fann my colleague, Senator Karen Fann has responded and she has said that we will not put up with this. So, I would tell all of you in the audience to stand by, because later today we will have word on a formal action that we will take. And let me just put it this way, I'm Air Force, Sonny Borrelli's Marine, and I can tell you that when I landed my C-141 and 200 Marines would exit out the back, you don't want to be in the way. We're comin' for you. You better check your six.

Steve Bannon 6:26
Perfectly said. So, I take it that Senator Rogers is gonna do an airdrop of Gunny Borrelli and others with assorted documents. I take it Gunny Borrelli did not take the Maricopa County. The Dominion thing's one thing when you're arguing some obscure legal point that's not going to stand up, right? But, it's another thing to have Maricopa County basically mock and ridicule the process to get to the bottom of 3 November. I take it Senator Borrelli has had a belly full of this?

Wendy Rogers 6:56
Oh, totally. And you know, he and I talked last night, and my husband and I were on our way to go see our Marine son here, 20 minutes away. And I tell you, you don't mess with Marines. And when they call the Air Force to take them in there, we respond. And so the words Gunny used with me, the two of us, were that of utter contempt. And the disdain that's just dripping from their words in their letter to us, as though they're just above the law. And that dog just doesn't hunt.

Steve Bannon 7:35
We know there's a back and forth about information. And I know a lot of Patriots are wringing their hands saying when this is going to end. But do you have any idea or concept of when at least we will start to get some feel for what the first cut of the audit, pre canvass? I understand. And Peter Navarro has been saying, hey, the canvas is more important than the count. And we understand you guys have had the stones to go ahead and start the canvas even though the Justice Department is out there. And we understand the Justice Department watches this show. They watch everything very closely. They're on the trigger to move against you guys immediately, right? They're trying to shut this whole thing down from Washington. The Biden regime understands how this is one of the reasons his numbers are collapsing.

People are now starting to say, "What exactly happened here? How much legitimacy does this guy have?" Right? And his political capital is bleeding out. When do you think we'll actually start to see some numbers? And then, what do you think the action that you guys are going to take around all this is going to be?

Wendy Rogers 8:30
Well, I hope to see numbers in two to three weeks. I've talked to Doug Logan, I stay pretty close in touch with him. And let me tell you, folks, I mean, it's well over 100 degrees here, but that doesn't stop us. We are absolutely resolute and tenacious to get at the truth.

Yesterday when I stopped into the office, I had coffee mailed to me from a 100% disabled Marine in Hilo, Hawaii; Kona coffee mailed to me saying, I wish I could send it to everyone in the State Senate. But Senator Rogers, you're out there fighting for me, I'm over here in Hawaii. And you need to keep up the fight.

I mean, that kind of response that we're getting from all over the country. I kind of sometimes I'm so hunkered down here in Arizona, and I lose sight of how important it is. And I get asked all the time on interviews, what do we do? And we do exactly the brave thing that you, Steve, are doing, which is keeping this at the forefront of the conversation, not letting the fog of war distract from what is so very important, which is getting to the truth of 2020, being unflinching about it, being focused on it, homing in on the target, and keeping that conversation alive day after day.

I expect to get cancelled from Facebook and Twitter any day now. I've already shored up our position by going over to Rumble as have you and to Gab and to Telegram. And I tell my followers, please follow me on those platforms, because it's imminent. And we're ready for it. And we just don't let that bother us. We just keep on day after day. It's so important.

Steve Bannon 10:30
We've got about 30 seconds. How do people follow you? Can you give your handles, your call signs on these platforms?

Wendy Rogers 10:37
Right. My call sign is @wendyrogersaz; Wendy, like the hamburgers, Rogers, like Mr. Rogers, AZ. @wendyrogersaz on all of these platforms.

Steve Bannon 10:48
You're a fighter, Senator, and we know you'll never stop. So honored to have you on to kick off the show this morning.

Wendy Rogers 10:54
Thank you, sir. God bless everyone.

Natalie Harp nails the Maricopa County offenders in this opening monologue to her interview with Gunny Sonny Borrelli, AZ State Senator defending his people.

Oh. And the President liked it so much he featured it on his Telegram feed!

One America News Network on Rumble
Published August 5, 2021
13:09 viewing length


Natalie Harp 0:02
Will the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors ever be held accountable? It's a question we'd all like the answer to, as if they can't even comply with not one, but two subpoenas. Why would we ever think their approach to complying with election law is any different?

Now, of course, going to court is the most likely path to enforcing the latest ignored subpoena. At least that's what Senate President Karen Fann has done before and with relative success. As Maricopa County Superior judge Timothy Thomason ruled at the time in February that the Senate subpoenas were legal and enforceable. Although of course, even after this, as we all know, the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors only partially complied with that subpoena, which of course led to the second one being issued by Karen Fann and Senate Judiciary Chairman Warren Peterson on July 26th with, deja vu, the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors ignoring them once again.

So now what? The supervisors obviously can't be held in contempt, as the Senate is out of session. And even if they were in session, the Senate wouldn't have the votes as it's now 14 Republicans against 14 Democrats plus two RINOS, which is why Arizona Senate Majority Whip Sonny Borrelli isn't waiting on Senate President Karen Fann to take action, trying out a different path and announcing it on Tuesday with this statement:

"Today I submitted a request for the Arizona Attorney General to investigate the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors for their failure to comply with subpoenas from the State Senate. The supervisors are acting as if they are above the law. And it is an insult to the citizens of our State.

President Fann has handled this process professionally and she has tried to be diplomatic, while dealing with the attack and insults from the board. Enough is enough."

So what exactly is Borrelli's request and will it work? Well Borrelli officially filed what is known as a 1487 request; 1487 for SB 1487, a state law which reads in part:

"At the request of one or more members of the legislature, the Attorney General shall investigate any ordinance, regulation, order, or other official action adopted or taken by the governing body of a county, city or town that the member alleges violates state law or the Constitution of Arizona".

And so, in accordance with state law, Borelli filed his official request, specifically requesting Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich to investigate the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors' failure to comply with valid and enforceable legislative subpoenas. Notice it's plural. That originated from the Arizona State Senate.

Now according to Borrelli's official filing, the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors is acting in direct conflict to four Arizona Revised Statutes: 41-1151, defined as the issuance and service of legislative subpoena; 41-1153 disobedience of subpoena as legislative contempt, which allows the Senate to commit the offending party for contempt, authorizing the sergeant at arms to arrest them and bring them before the Senate. So similar to the disciplinary action the Texas democrats are facing upon their return from the DC swamp; 41-1154, which is defined as disobedience of legislative subpoena, or refusal to give testimony or produce papers classification, which actually deems those violating the said subpoena as guilty of a class two misdemeanor; and 16-624, which states if a recount is ordered or a contest begun, within six months, the county treasurer may be ordered by the court to deliver to it the packages or envelopes containing the ballots, and therefore they shall be in the custody and control of the court.

So it certainly sounds as if, since the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors is violating all those statutes, Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich has the authority to investigate and hold them accountable. But will he? Well, that really is the question considering Brnovich was actually one of the four present at the certification of Arizona's incorrect election results, appearing alongside Arizona Chief Justice Robert Brudenell, Secretary of State Katie Hobbs, and Governor Doug Ducey on November 30.

So considering all the evidence we knew about even back then, if Brnovich didn't have the courage then, will he now? Of course, Brnovich now is fighting on the future election integrity front, joining 16 states to support Georgia and an amicus brief as they defend themselves in the United States versus Georgia. But hey, even Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger is fighting on that front as well. So that's really not saying much. And as Brnovich is also campaigning for US Senate, sadly, politics rather than the law is most likely to come into play here, as he considers his response to Bradley's request. But really it shouldn't, for the evidence is overwhelming.

In fact, just this week after conducting a trend analysis of the 2020 presidential election, considering factors like population growth and decline, voter history, registration, and party registration, all publicly available information, Army Intelligence Captain Seth Keshel released blockbuster numbers. And from what he uncovered, now this is not accounting for cyber flipping, Keshel is estimating, conservatively estimating, an excess of 8,144,000 votes for Biden, which would drop Biden to just 73,125,000 votes. And as we all know, President Trump got 74 million plus, which means of course, President Trump didn't just win the Electoral College in November, he also won the popular vote.

And guess what? In the State of Arizona, Keshel is estimating 210,000 votes could be in excess (for Biden,) which actually falls right in line with the results we've been seeing so far coming from the Maricopa audit, because when you add everything together, from what we know so far, the number of votes, or really ballots in question, is 275,550. So far, more than Keshel is even alleging.

And President Trump and We the People are taking notice with President Trump issuing this statement, in response to Keshel's findings:

"The irregularities and outright fraud of this election are an open wound to the United States of America. Something must be done immediately."

President Trump is right. We've been waiting nine months - nine months and a day, really - for justice on the crime of the century. For aren't we entitled to liberty and justice for all in this country? For all? Not for all, except President Trump and Trump supporters. Something must be done. We do not have time to lose. We have a country to save. And as time goes on, we aren't just losing time, we're losing our country, and we can't let that happen.

Joining us now with more on this, Arizona Senate Majority Whip and the Senator representing Arizona's fifth legislative district, Sonny Borrelli. Sonny, we see that letter, we see you filed, how soon do you think you're going to get an answer from the Attorney General there?

Sonny Borrelli 7:14
Well, thank you for having me on today. So I watched your whole commentary and all I can say is, "I'm Sonny Borrelli and I approve that message, because you're spot on."

I'm really confident that the Attorney General will follow through with this. The Attorney General did send in an amicus brief, if you will, when the county was challenging us on our subpoena. He wrote to the court saying our subpoenas are legal and enforceable, and therefore they should comply. And the judge concurred with them and told the county, "Yes, they're subpoenaed."

Our subpoenas are legal and enforceable. So I suggest you follow through because that was what was before the court. That was the question before the court. So, the judge had made a ruling if our subpoenas were illegal, and they were. So, yeah, you're right. Everything you said was spot on.

Natalie Harp 8:03
So Brnovich did get involved before, because he's been virtually silent about this. He's not ruling on the fraud. Even in November, you can find him on Neil Cavuto going around saying that Biden won Arizona within a week of November 3. Does he care about what you're all working on? Or is it all part of the show?

Sonny Borrelli 8:23
Well, we shall see. I am not going to question his integrity. I mean, he did fight for Arizona, on fighting back and making sure that our ballot harvesting law stayed intact at the Supreme Court. He has done several amicus briefs during this challenging process. So I'm going to give him the benefit of the doubt. I mean, once you get it, you got to give him something for him to act on. Now I'm giving him something to act on and that is, they're challenging the direct authority of the State Senate.

Our only remedy now, because we're out of session, like you said, we needed to have 16 Senators to vote for the contempt, which would have given the authorization for the President and Senate to issue a warrant to the Sergeant in Arms to go take them into custody. Since Paul Boyer voted with the Democrats, they just completely undermined, not just the legislature's authority, but the citizens' authority, to have direct representation, because that's what we are, direct representation.

Natalie Harp 9:23
So do you think because you're doing this approach, but Karen Fann, do you think she's going to try to go through the courts again, since you all did that before? Of course, they said it was legal, but the supervisors are still not even complying with that subpoena? Is that her plan? Are you working together on this plan now for the Attorney General?

Sonny Borrelli 9:41
Well, Karen Fann is a very coy, shrewd woman and I think it's funny when they push back on her and threaten her and do all kinds of intimidation, because it just makes her dig in even more. You know, she's the diplomat. She's the President of the Senate. She's the diplomat. She has been very professional, very diplomatic through this whole process, tried to be amicable, tried to work with them. Well, you know, what? What usually happens with our government when diplomacy breaks down? What happens? They always send in the Marines, right? Well, I guess you can kind of do the math of that one. [Her diplomacy has broken down]. I've had enough. I'm calling in. I'm stepping in. I'm a Marine, so, I'm stepping in.

Natalie Harp 10:25
So you're taking the lead on this next step. How long does the Attorney General have to respond to your letter? Because he could slow walk it or he could keep the investigation like Durham, right? We're still waiting on Durham to investigate. So how soon would he be able to get back to you on that?

Sonny Borrelli 10:42
Well, this is pretty much handed to him on a silver platter. Normally, this would take a 30 day window, but since he's already weighed in, in our favor with the courts. It's like it's already done. So this didn't get blindsided to them. You know, I've already given them a heads up on this a few times, not him directly, because you go through staff and that's the firewall, but they knew this was coming. And you're right. It's a no-brainer.

The statute's pretty clear: contempt of and disobedience of a subpoena is a class two misdemeanor. And they're going, "Well, why is it only a class two?" Well, I mean, if you define as a regular court subpoena, there's different statutes on how much sanctions or levies and jail time is involved. So that all depends. But it's in to include misdemeanor as it's defined in statute. The Attorney General's already pretty much been already briefed on this because we were fighting with Maricopa County earlier this year. And enough's enough. Time to get this done. So I'm hoping that we'll see something within the next seven days.

Natalie Harp 11:48
Good. Well, Sonny, come back on, keep us posted, because they keep fighting this. If they're gonna break subpoenas and not follow subpoenas, why would we ever think that they're actually following election law here? They have no regard for the law, and they don't have any regard for the people of Arizona or even the leadership of Arizona. So God bless you. Keep us posted and hopefully Brnovich will do the right thing.

Sonny Borrelli 12:09
But to that point on the punishment, the citizens of Arizona, part of that process under the 1487 is, if they refuse to comply, they have 30 days to comply. If they refuse to remedy then 10% of their state shared revenue can be withheld at the direction of the Attorney General to the State Treasurer. 10% of state shared revenue for Maricopa County's over $61 million. So if they want to punish their various citizens by their contempt and disobedience, and I mean, literally utter contempt for their own constituents, that's their call. And people need a miracle in our County to wake up. On top of that is the jail time and a personal fine, which I hope they get all of it.

Natalie Harp 12:53
They need to give answers. There needs to be consequences. There have been zero consequences for the Crime of the Century, November 3rd. So, it's about time we started seeing them and get the answers and the truth that we all deserve. God bless you, Sonny. We'll see you soon.

Sonny Borrelli 13:06
Improve your net, higher a Vet.

Natalie Harp 13:08
Thank you. Thank you for your service.

Uncovering the Crime of the Century

RubyRayMedia on Rumble (downloaded from Telegram)
Published originally August 5, 2021
5:25 viewing length


Natalie Harp 0:00
How upset are the Republican Senators there? Because obviously you're outraged about this, Sonny Borrelli is outraged about it. We know about the two RINOS that wouldn't have voted with you anyway, they've turned on the audit, Paul Boyer and Michelle Ugenti-Rita. Are the other Republican Senators outraged as you are? How many? Do you know?

Wendy Rogers 0:17
Well, they are becoming increasingly outraged. And as I've said before, I think at the end of the day, when all of this is disclosed, even Democrats will be outraged because there won't be anywhere for them to hide. And I just ran into some people yesterday or two days ago, who actually worked at the audit, and they're just chomping at the bit, ready to speak to the press once their non disclosure agreements (NDAs) expire. There are 2000 volunteers who are vetted, background checked and who worked on the floor of the audit, and they're just waiting to speak.

Natalie Harp  0:51
Well, this is what's so unbelievable is how long this has taken, simply because they slow walked it. If they had gotten you all the information from the very beginning, this would have been over a month ago. But they wanted to drag it out, they wanted to make it feel like it didn't matter anymore. But people want to see these results. They want to see them now. What is unbelievable with this Judge that's ruled saying that you will have to provide your records immediately. Why can't you all get a Judge to rule and say we need to see Maricopa's records immediately?

Wendy Rogers 1:19
Well, exactly. And also, I do get that question: "How long will it take?" It'll probably be two or three or four more weeks, because these guys are buried. The venue site has been swept clean, and we've turned it back over. But all of the data crunching and the number crunching is still happening.

And I talked to Doug Logan, who works very, very hard. I've passed him information, keep the information coming, folks, because these whistleblower accounts and stuff, facets of that information is information that he actually needs and appreciates. So don't think that they know everything. Their procedures are immaculate and precision-oriented, but more information is better. And they are the most excellent professionals we could ever have. These are computer scientists who love their country, and who want to get to the bottom.

So as I said before, when we were on the floor looking at the audit, there were two or three lawyers at all times circulating around on the audit floor. We knew this was going to happen. This is no surprise, this whole legal wrangling.

And to your point, Natalie, the reason they keep putting it off is to try to change the narrative to mask mandates and vaccine mandates and all this kind of thing. But we are not losing focus. We are homing in on the target and they better watch their six o'clock position is all I can say.

Natalie Harp 2:51
Are you all working on combating the disinformation, because now that the audit war room has been suspended, different accounts are, thankfully you haven't, which is surprising considering some of your red hot tweets out there. Good Twitter, don't suspend her. But what is your campaign to do that? Because the fact that they're blue check verified, the fact that they have their own justthefacts.vote, where they're fact checking in air quotes, everything that you're doing. Do you have a game plan? Are you simply waiting to all the results get out and then that's your official rebuttal?

Wendy Rogers 3:20
Well, Wendy Rogers' game plan is to stay sharp, stay frosty, as my Marines son says, and to be forward leaning. I mean, I'll be at the Cyber Symposium next week in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. I'm meeting up with Doug Mastriano later in the month in Gettysburg. I'm doing an event with Kristina Karamo, who's running for Secretary of State in Michigan.

We're hitting the road tomorrow, my husband and I. And we're going to various states to encourage, because we will get to the bottom of 2020 in Arizona and ... but for Arizona. So we will encourage other states to do the same. And I'm excited, I'm pumped, I'm fired up. And we're going to get this done. And we're going to get it done across the country.

Natalie Harp 4:06
And what's your message to people? Because being part of the resistance, maybe at the beginning people get excited about it, but once the resistance starts coming against you, and you get the pushback and you get sued, how do you keep going? What's your message to those states that perhaps are afraid to take the next step?

Wendy Rogers 4:21
You know you are over the target when this happens. This is what happens when you're making inroads into the enemy. They become bold, but we become bolder because we know we are on track. We know that we are finding the truth and things are falling away and fragmenting and you just have to persevere everyone. We've already shored up our position, my position on social media, for example, with Telegram and Gab and Rumble.

But just to your point: two days ago, I was with all these nurses in downtown Phoenix at the Phoenix Banner Health Headquarters and they're the biggest health provider in Arizona, and there were 2000 healthcare providers on a Facebook site that got shut down that day, because of the protests.

Natalie Harp 5:13
It's amazing. The censorship that's going on, Wendy, it's unbelievable. I wish we weren't coming up against a hard break. God bless you. Keep us posted. We'll look forward to seeing what you do on the road.

Wendy Rogers 5:23
Thank you so much. God bless everyone.

Wendy Rogers UNPLUGGED! - AZ Audit "ARREST THEM ALL" - What the 'Media' WON'T Tell You!

Stew Peters Show on Rumble
Published August 4, 2021
30:12 viewing length

AZ State Senator and Air Force Pilot, Wendy Rogers, joined Stew Peters for the interview the 'media' does NOT want you to see!

Stew asked Senator Rogers exactly where we are in the audit process, what is expected next, how to handle vaxx and mask mandates and how to preserve the future of America!

www.StewPeters.tv | www.WendyRogers.org

Alison Krauss - Down To The River To Pray

Scotty mar10 on Rumble
Published August 3, 2021
5:06 viewing length


In true Red, White and Blue American Patriotic form, Mike Lindell will be hosting a HUGE 3-day Cyber Symposium on Election Integrity being aired live on his Frankspeech internet-based platform, which includes 24/7 TV with many interviews and much information surrounding the 2020 Presidential Election Fraud.

At this 72-hour symposium, Mike promises to have major big time guests, such as General Michael Flynn, and a few big reveals concerning the 2020 Election Vote Fraud.

In typical Mike Lindell fashion, through a very short video clip and transcription of a recent Bannon War Room interview, he excitedly explains what major reveal will occur concerning the Electronic Vote Fraud of the 2020 USA Presidential Election:


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    Peggy · 1 years ago
    Great article! Wendy is a true hero!
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    capture · 1 years ago
    I signed the Petition and used my Montana phone number.
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