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Imagine, if you will, over 40 countries and more than 150 cities participating in an organized event called the World Wide Demonstration Freedom Rally. A Freedom Rally that is organized to take place on the same day in those many countries and cities. Now take that event and imagine this event takes on different days, not once, not twice, but four times.

But wait, there's more! 

Now imagine adding yet another multi-cultural World Wide Demonstration Freedom Rally to those 4, and you have what will be happening across this great planet on Saturday, November 20, 2021, the WORLD WIDE RALLY. 

Click on the telegram post below and do a search for a rally near you.


What began in the spring of 2020 as a small band of people with similar passions and ideals joining forces to create a worldwide demonstration to combat covidiocy tyranny, has developed into a robust push-back movement against the heavy-handed, corrupt totalitarian elitists who think they rule the world.

There have been four previous World Wide Demonstration Freedom Rallies. Each has been successful and each has been bigger and better than the one before it. (info about the first couple rallies HERE)


We the People are not allowing these evil entities to wrestle control away from us. We are rising up as one.

Although these power-hungry types are in a place where they think they have control, it is not so. In reality, We the People of the world have control. We outnumber them greatly. Think about that.

As we stand together, all of MANKIND united across the globe, peacefully yet aggressively and unceasingly, protesting this theft of our freedom of choices in our lives, we are winning! And we will continue to win until all the evil intent is gone and we have taken back all of our freedoms for good!

The following two-part video is a description of the global covidiocy oppression currently taking place worldwide.

Efrat Fenigson gives us a birds-eye view of what millions of people across this planet are facing. As she describes what is taking place in Israel, it is no different than what is happening with governments in many countries as the evil compromised politicians continue to oppress and try to steal mankind's God-given freedom.

Efrat Fenigson - Israel Rising Part I and Part II

Efrat Fenigson's Twitter (as mirrored on RubyRayMedia)
Published Oct 9, 2021
Part I: 2:18 viewing length
Part II: 2.21 viewing length

Part I: Video Transcript Highlights:

"Good evening, everyone. This is Efrat from Tel Aviv. We're back again in the streets. It's the end of the protest. I'll show you some people still dancing here. There's some music and dancing. But basically the protest is over tonight."

"I wanted to share with you some updates about what's going on in Israel."

  • WHY?: "We were 1000s again tonight in the street protesting against the green passport, the jab pass, and for our civil rights and our sovereignty, of course."
  • BOOSTER: "The third jab is imposed on everyone who took two jabs from starting a few days ago and without FDA approval. This is from 12 years old onward, and without checking adverse reactions. There is hardly any checks from the Ministry of Health."
  • HUMAN RIGHTS: "More than 2 million people who have already been vaccinated twice, have not taken the booster so far, around 2 million, and will be deprived of their basic human rights."
  • MEDIA COVER UP STORY: "The Ministry of Health published a post a few days ago on Facebook on the effectiveness of vaccines with very few side effects. The citizens turned this post on their heads, and they bombed it with 25,000 comments of citizens. The comments were adverse effects, adverse reactions of themselves, or friends or family of them. And during the night, the Ministry of Health deleted about 5000 comments out of the 25,000 of the post. So an article was published on mainstream media this time, because they couldn't not cover it, it was too big, about the deletion and censorship of citizens. By the way, Israel reported to the FDA on the one adverse effect of the booster. Only one. I'm continuing in part two."

Part II: Video Transcript Highlights

  • MINISTRY OF HEALTH IGNORES REACTIONS: "It appears that the Ministry of Health  is ignoring most adverse reactions reporting and hides them from the public. Actually, in fact, until a few days ago, there was not even a way for citizens to report on any adverse reactions that they had. Only a few days ago the Ministry of Health developed this feature in their website and started posting a link to this page saying, Here. You can report here. Where were you for nine months that people got hurt? Tens of thousands of people got hurt from the vaccines and they had nowhere to report it."
  • THE GREEN PASSPORT: "On October 1st, 50,000 complaints from citizens were submitted to the police against the State of Israel about the green passports. 50,000 citizens complaints."
  •  A JAB PASSPORT: "Israel is launching a new app for the green passport. And in the coming months, will do everything to get people to adopt it and use it so that in the future, most probably, according to Bennett, he said it about a year ago, it will not be possible to live without this technological application that is basically surveying wherever you go, and whatever you do. So it starts with a vaccine passport, but it continues to many other features and we know that like social scoring, etc. Their wild incitement continues in Israel."
  • WITCH HUNT: "There's a real witch hunt against the un-jabbed and it's not stopping. And obviously, they're continuing to target the kids."
  • PARLIAMENT EXEMPT: "But members of the Knesset, which is the Israeli parliament, are exempt from presenting the green pass when they come to the Knesset. What do you know? They are in a different hierarchy than us. What else?"
  • ENFORCEMENT AND FINES: "The government is shifting the responsibility of discriminating and enforcing the green pass to business owners and teachers in schools. Fines are expected for those who do not enforce the discriminating pass."
  • POLICE STATE: "The police announced they'll be dealing mainly with this in the coming weeks."
  • BUSINESSES NEED TO COMPLY: "And lastly, business owners are practicing, too, mostly in fear, of losing business and crashing. There's a lot more, but I'll keep updating you as we go. Thanks for being with me."

  World Wide Demonstration Telegram Groups And Channels

Australia, Nationwide: Australia Freedom Rally
Australia, Melbourne: Melbourne Freedom Rally
Australia, Sydney: Sydney Freedom Rally
Australia, Byron Bay: Byron Freedom Rally
Australia, Adelaide: Adelaide Freedom Rally
Australia, Perth: Perth Freedom Rally
Australia, Brisbane: Brisbane Freedom Rally
Argentina, Nationwide: Argentina WWD Official
Argentina, Buenos Aires: Buenos Aires WWD Official
Brazil, São Paulo: World Wide Rally Brasil
Brazil, Rio De Janeiro: Worldwide Rio De Janeiro
Bulgaria, Sofia: Worldwide Bulgaria
Belgium, Nationwide: WWD Belgium
Canada, Nationwide: Worldwide Canada
Canada, Victoria: VanIsle Threads
Canary Islands, La Gomera: Sobsalgom 2021
Croatia, Nationwide: Worldwide Croatia
Denmark, Nationwide: Worldwide Denmark
Estonia, Tallinn: Eesti Tobacco
United Kingdom, Nationwide: WWD United Kingdom
England, London: London Official World Wide Rally
England, Manchester: Fighting For Our Freedom
England, Bristol: WWD BRISTOL 2021
England, Cornwall: WWD Cornwall
England, Plymouth: WWD Plymouth
England, Newcastle: Worldwide Whitley Ba
England, Sheffield: Wake Up, Sheffield
Wales, Cardiff: WWD Cardiff
France, Nationwide: Worldwide France
France, Paris: Rally For Freedom
Finland, Helsinki: Worldwide Finland
Germany, Nationwide: Worldwide Germany
India, Nationwide: Awaken India Movement
Ireland, Dublin: World Wide Rally Southern Ireland
Italy, Nationwide: WWD Italy
Jamaica, Kingston: Carib Justice Alliance
Luxembourg City: Worldwide Luxembourg
Latvia, Riga: Worldwide Latvia
Montenegro, Podgorica: Stand Up Balkans
Mexico, Mexico City: Worldwide Demonstration CDMX
Mexico, Oaxaca: WWD Oaxaca
Mexico, Mérida: World Wide Demonstration Yucatán Mérida
Netherlands, Nationwide: Worldwide Netherlands
Northern Ireland: Worldwide Ireland
Norway, Oslo: Worldwide Norway
North Cyprus, Nicosia: Worldwide North Cyprus
Poland, Nationwide: World Wide Poland
Portugal, Lisbon: WWD Portugal
Philippines, Manila: World Demo PH
Switzerland, Bern: Swiss Freedom Rally
Sweden, Nationwide: Worldwide Sweden
Spain, Madrid: Manifestacion Mundial 15M
Scotland, Edinburgh: Save Our Scotland
Serbia, Nationwide: Worldwide Serbia
South Africa, Cape Town: World Wide Demonstration Cape Town
South Africa, Durban: World Wide Demonstration Durban
South Africa, Johannesburg: World Wide Demonstration Johannesburg
South Africa, Garden Route: Garden Route WWD
South Africa, West Rand: WWD West Rand
USA, NY, New York: New York Freedom Rally
USA, Nationwide: WWD USA Official
USA, Hawaii, Honolulu: Aloha Freedom Coalition
USA, Cleveland, Ohio: Worldwide Cleveland
USA, Chicago: Worldwide Chicago
USA, Massachusetts, Hyannis: Worldwide Demo Cape Cod
USA, Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh: Worldwide PA
USA, New Hampshire, Concord: Worldwide Concord NH
USA, Colorado, Denver: Worldwide Colorado
USA, Arizona, Sedona: Worldwide Arizona
USA, Rhode Island: Worldwide Rhode Island
USA, New Jersey: Philly World Peace Rally May 15
Ukraine, Kiev: Stop Fake Pandemic


Tim Truth on Bitchute
November 14th, 2021
1:42:53 viewing length

    The Pushback: The Day the World Stood Together

    Oracle Films (as mirrored on RubyRayMedia)
    Published Aug 19, 2021
    1:21:54 viewing length  

    Video Description:

    "On March 20th 2021, people in over 40 countries across the world gathered in peaceful unison for a worldwide demonstration - to oppose disproportionate government measures threatening the very foundation of their rights and freedoms. This huge international effort was appallingly misrepresented and downright ignored by the mainstream media.

    "Produced by Oracle Films, in collaboration with CoviLeaks and independent journalists in over 40 nations – this documentary is an authentic account of what really happened on March 20th, what protestors worldwide were standing against, and why the media went to such lengths to conceal the truth.

    ⁣"We received no funding for this project. Since our PayPal was shut down at the behest of the BBC, we have been asked where people can donate to us. We are a self-funded collective of professional filmmakers with our own equipment, software and resources. We feel it's important to emphasize that we are not producing content like this for financial gain, but simply to inform."


    We watched human rights attorney Leigh Dundas set the house on fire Saturday night Nov 13 at General Flynn's and Clay Clark's Reawaken America Conference in San Antonio, where she delivered a blazing inspired speech reporting on the Fifth Circuit Court's stay of the "Biden" regime's no-jab-no-job mandate that the latter attempted to strong-arm through some criminal shoehorning of OSHA regulations. (Video and transcript in article.)


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