We all want to know: Did Damar Hamlin Get the Jab?


Did Damar Hamlin get the CVD jab?

Have you heard about Damar Hamlin's life-threatening collapse?

The American football safety for the Buffalo Bills suffered a cardiac arrest mid-game after making a tackle.

The world watched in horror as emergency responders fought to restore his heartbeat on the field before he was transported to the hospital in a critical state.

If you've been following the media, you would have noticed that they're strongly refuting any possibility that the C0VlD shot had anything to do with it…

And they're STILL keeping his vaxx status censored.

They know that if the truth got out, the entire world would finally know how deadly these clot shots are.

Many health professionals and experts have expressed major concerns about the chilling rate at which athletes are just dropping like flies on the field.

And in many cases, never waking up…

When they are known to be the healthiest and fittest people in the world.

So what the heck is going on?!


And is it really a coincidence that this started happening right after the C-19 jab rollout campaigns?

Recently, in an interview with Dr. Lee Merritt… She spoke about her research into this and why it's so concerning…

"I was told by a friend of mine who's European, that follows soccer, that they've lost the equivalent of 10 or 11 professional soccer teams dead from the vaccine.

And unless you pull out all the different newspaper reports and things, you're not going to find it. But what they do keep in a database, the FIFA, Professional Soccer Organization, they keep the list of dead on the field.

From 1889 to 1999, the biggest reasons for death on the field were accidents like collisions and lightning. They're not dying of heart problems."

This won't make headlines because it would completely derail the global government's mass vaccination agenda.

According to another top expert, Dr. Brian Procter:

"Deaths related to the vaccine likely exceed 1.2 million. Hospitalization related to the vaccine likely exceeds 7.2 million. Myocarditis cases related to the vaccine likely exceed 2.1 million. Disability cases related to the vaccine likely exceed 2.3 million. If you get this vaccine, you have a 1 in 13 chance of needing to seek medical treatment."
- Dr. Brian Procter

These COVID clot shots are obviously causing millions of deaths and injuries, especially heart-related complications like myocarditis.

And these are coming on suddenly…

That's why my team and I are working tirelessly to find out the exact solutions that are helping to reverse the risks that are leading to these sudden and deadly cardiac events…

There have been many cases where people felt totally fine and then suddenly suffered from a serious health episode.

This is one of the reasons our top health experts are emphasizing that if you've been vaxxed, you need to start detoxing as soon as possible!

The good news is that you can get access to these life-saving protocols in my latest 9 Episode docuseries, Absolute Healing.

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When it comes to your life, it's not worth the gamble.

Remember, you only get one body, and it's up to you to make sure you do what you can to protect it from life-sucking toxins - including the deadly spike glycoprotein.

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To your health,

Jonathan Otto


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