The FBI: A Terrorist Group Designed To Spy On Americans


Since its inception, astute observations have been made concluding the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) is a clandestine operation designed to track, control, and/or eliminate those who disagree with federal policy. 

There have been reports about the FBI abusing its power for years. 

Watch this short video clip, and you realize the only difference between 1975 and 2022 is that the FBI's power abuse has worsened. 

The 1975 Church Committee, Investigated the FBI Abuse of Power

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Published Feb 1, 2022
Length 2:17

Ron Paul summed it up nicely:

Ron Paul Said #AbolishTheFBI In 1988

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Published Aug 10, 2022
Length 1:14

"It almost looks like the FBI was designed to spy on Americans who disagree with policy — especially foreign policy." 


The FBI's far-reaching control over those they target is criminal.

Without proper oversight, the FBI has been run with little more than vengeance as its core mission.

The FBI's stalking and raiding capabilities wreak havoc on their victims, most of whom have been Trump supporters over the past five years. 

This is not a coincidence. The destruction of anyone who aligns with Trump is purposefully designed, by the deep state corrupt-a-crats, to destroy anyone who dares to shed light on the DC Swamp's efforts to coerce, control, and cage the population in Big Brother movements meant to keep Americans without constitutional freedoms

And now, the FBI has gone too far.

Raiding Donald J. Trump's home in Mar-a-Lago on Aug 8, 2022, breaks every known decent legal standard set. They overstepped their boundaries with Biden and his DOJ's full knowledge. 

Obama's Wingman ~ Eric Holder 72 hours prior to Mar-a-Lago Raid

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Published Aug 10, 2022
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Here is Eric Holder speaking just 72 hours before the Mar-a-Lago raid.

"I think more evidence is going to be elicited...and I think you are going to see the former president of the United States indicted as well!"

HE KNOWS the FBI is a weaponized faction of the DC Swamp. 

Eric Trump says Joe Biden approved the FBI raid of Mar-a-Lago

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Published Aug 9, 2022
Length 4:27
"Make no mistake… this did not happen without Joe Biden's explicit approval. The White House approved of this. Mark my words… Joe Biden absolutely signed off on this…"

This outrageous act of lawlessness is considered the most significant blunder the FBI has ever made.

That the FBI committed criminal acts before, during, and after the Trump home raid is not just the outcry of Trump supporters worldwide; it is the outcry of political pendants' from both sides of the aisle.

JESSE: The FBI's blatant corruption was front and center on Capitol Hill.

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Published Aug 4, 2022
Length 3:02
"The FBI's blatant corruption was front and center today on Capitol Hill. Director Chris Wray took the stand to testify under oath, just as new Whistleblower allegations exposed an FBI-wide scheme to discredit and bury Hunter Biden's laptop right before the 2020 election"

Trump's Lawyer weighs in on the FBI lawlessness

Trump Attorney Alina Habba

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Published Aug 10, 2022
Length 1:06
"He (Trump) is consistently under siege, but this one took it to a whole new level."

Rand Paul suggests the FBI may have planted evidence in boxes they seized from Mar-a-Lago

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Published Aug 10, 2022
Length :30

Even CNN admits, the raid was quite the debacle! 

CNN says What??? 

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Published Aug 9, 2022
Length :14
Here we have CNN conceding that if the Mar-a-Lago raid was only about breaking some archiving laws, then it's going to work out VERY well for Trump.

Former Top Obama Adviser ADMITS ON CNN ASTONISHING FBI Raid On Trump Was Unprecedented

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Published Aug 10, 2022
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"This is about one thing...this is about stopping him from running in 2024."

What are the facts? 

There has been much rumor and speculation about the Mar-a-Lago Trump home raid. Albeit the facts are not yet solidified, let's look at what we know via the short video below published as of Aug 10, 2022. 

Compilation of Facts about the Trump Raid

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Published Aug 11, 2022
Length 1:35

The after-effects of the FBI's sheer disregard for the rule of law are far-reaching 

We have everything from the 'mocking bird media' using air time to lie about patriots' motives to citizen videos demanding the FBI be dismantled and even once Swampland sympathizers saying it's the end of the FBI.


Fake news is coming down on Patriots for criticizing the FBI raid on Trump's home.

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Published Aug 10, 2022
Length 1:11

FBI Agents Need to Resign

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Published Aug 11, 2022
Length 1:04


GERRY CALLAHAN: Rest in Peace, FBI. It's over.

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Published Aug 8, 2022
Length 1:20


How corrupt is the FBI?

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Published Aug 10, 2022
Length :15
This is how corrupt the FBI is: 

"Two days after they raid Donald Trump's private residence, Hunter Biden, whose laptop proves multiple felonies the FBI has had for years, hops on Air Force 1 for a family vacation."(View source HERE)



Dozens of FBI goons crowded into Mar-A-Lago on Monday seemingly oblivious of how President Trump had completely set them up with what reports said is an empty safe. (We wonder: was it really?) Calling this a meme-rich environment doesn't do justice to the absurdity of this jack-booted overreach. We know there is panic in DC, the normies are all a-twitter - and there so much false bravado in the commies. As a consequence of this hullabaloo, MAGA keeps exploding!


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    Franz · 5 months ago
    Every institution from the presidency to the school boards have been infected by marxists, every one. The schools, the police, the local, county, state and federal govts, the university system, but above it all are the mercantilists: the bankster, corporatists. They are in effect running an incorporated White House, Inc. from City of London. Time to burn these strawmen down and reconnect with what is real, under God.
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