Want Your Kids Groomed by Blues Clues? Don't Bother Calling the FBI Though


Patriot broadcaster phenom Stew Peters blasts out a report that will stop you in your tracks. Parents that allow their kids to participate in these programs might stand accused of parental neglect or abuse. 

In a time when all hell is breaking loose, it's good to see patriots with good sense speaking up and holding the freaks that are after our kids to account. Stew Peters holds nothing back.

Rather than see the glass half-empty, we see it half-full of patriots and good people taking their country back. It's as simple as turning off the trash. Always victory, my friends!

Here we have a 2-minute teaser on this segment of Stew's broadcast. The whole 7-minute segment is below this.

EXPOSED! Nickelodeon Targeting Kids With Pedophilia – Here's the PROOF

Stew Peters Show on Rumble

Published June 1, 2021

7:00 viewing length

"Along with simply marking the first day of a new month on your calendar, and the official start of hurricane season, today is also International Children's Day. Nothing could be more important than our kids, and there is no greater love than that which we have for the little ones in our lives, and it is so important that we protect them from the globalists that wish to take them from your care, inject them, indoctrinate them, weaken them, exploit them, sexualize and rape them. This is a battle for our kids, it really is, and there is so much ignored proof of the war for their minds and bodies. It's horrifying, and it has to be dealt with, immediately."

Rest of Stew Peters' Transcript here


"The night before 11-year-old Ella was admitted to Connecticut Children's Medical Center in early May, her father Sean thought his daughter's mood seemed 'wonderful'."

'"Ella had been diagnosed with depression and anxiety, and their nightly strolls, which helped her relax before bed, were a chance to reflect on the day and talk to her parents about how she was feeling.

'"She was bubbly. She was talking about her animals — she recently got a fish she loves, and we have cats and a dog," Sean said. "So it was a really pleasant, positive seeming, really encouraging walk."

"But the following day, Ella was caught trying to stick a sharp object into an electrical socket at school. When confronted by a nurse and counselor, the 11-year-old responded, "I just want to die," her father said. The CT Mirror is withholding Ella and Sean's last names at the family's request to protect the child's privacy."


We all need, to get the Word out. Mother Earth herself, is dying for us to speak in her behalf with a grain or two of common sense.

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