World Freedom Day is coming up with worldwide demonstrations against the global new health tyranny. Some thoughts about Freedom might be appropriate.

For decades we have been talking about the New World Order but until recently this seemed to be a rather abstract concept for many because at least on the surface our liberties were largely intact. This has drastically changed in the wake of the so-called COVID pandemic, a massive fear-based operation founded on lies, scientific fraud and blatantly manipulated statistics.

But let's set aside all notions of "good vs. evil" (every criminal thinks he's one of the good guys by the way), and see what drives the different players in this worldwide drama. If you ask any known member of any of the elitist institutions such as the Council of 300, the Bilderbergers, The Council on Foreign Relations or the World Economic Forum, they'll convince you of the great and necessary work they're doing. Even when they lie and deceive, they are still convinced that it's necessary and we, the "deplorables" in their eyes, should never be given a say in important affairs. The only reason that they love "democracy" is because it makes every political leader subject to a process they can easily manipulate and no leader can ever stay in power long enough to make a real difference. Wherever this happens, there is a relentless campaign by the globalists in every country to bring a nationalist leader down, call him a ruthless dictator, a "killer," or anything that will work. Russia's Putin is a perfect example of this. Of course most of these allegations are sheer projection.

The leaders change but the agenda stays the same. The de facto power is in the hands of the multinational corporations that have grown around the international, privately owned central bank system. They make all the laws through their various think tanks and then give them to the local yokels, elected members of parliament in your country, wherever it is, for rubber stamping. A friend recently spoke to a freshly elected ANC member of South Africa's parliament who had just had his rough awakening, once he was in office. Believe it or not, he really thought he could make a difference for his constituency. Instead he found 1000s of pages of rules and regulations were offloaded at his door, and when he asked what all this is he was told to just shut up and vote for it.

Maybe that's why Louis Farrakhan calls it "demonocracy"?

The Donald, like him or not, (I couldn't stand him initially), was definitely not planned. He went ahead dismantling major New World Order projects, such as the WHO, The Paris Climate Accord and seriously challenged them on many fields. Where they were keen to destroy the economy with high interest rates, he brought the FED under government control (!) and forced it to lower interest rates while at the same time placing tariffs on China and other countries to bring actual manufacturing back to the US.

Of course, what he did with the FED could never be more than a temporary solution, but it unleashed a giant wave of prosperity, supported by a rigorous weeding out of senseless and obstructive regulations. The people behind Trump know that a new, sound and sovereign money system will have to replace the "money out of thin air" system currently in place. Even the private jet flying Davos boys, know that their pyramid scheme is up. Only they want to control the collapse and usher in their "great reset" a la Klaus Schwab, (where you own nothing but you'll be happy, they think..)

If you have any doubt that Trump was a spanner in their wheels and not just controlled opposition, as many of my conspiracy minded friends think, ask yourself why he faced this unprecedented and relentless campaign of vilification, censorship and obstruction. No American president, nor any other leading politician in the world has ever faced such a consistent maelstrom of attacks.

What do the elitists dream of?

The elitists really think that they know best for us and that "we the people" can never be allowed to rule ourselves. Of course there are also too many of us, in their minds. In their inner circles they dream of an ideal society where no "crime", (they do not count their own usurpation of power as a crime, of course), can happen because this almighty enlightened Nanny State will control all aspects of your life. Hollywood has produced many movies where these ideas are being projected on our screens, thus manipulating our minds to believe it.

Think of "Minority Report" or "Divergent". Many more I have seen but can't remember the names. Often in these future visions you have some kind of council of wise men or women ruling over the planet, often after some great cataclysm that almost destroyed civilization, wiping out most of humankind. This is a recurrent element of their thinking: They would have loved a real hot atomic war, and Trump didn't give it to them, however hard they tried.

See how they're back at it now under the so called "Biden administration"? That dude is not administering much, be assured. Tension is being ratcheted up everywhere. The vilification of Russia is at fever pitch. The US is not pulling out their troops from Afghanistan, thereby being in breach of the agreement with the Taliban.

Whenever you hear someone mention "the greater good" in a political platform or speech, you can be assured that person is one of them. It's a telltale sign!

But what is the other side dreaming of?

Are we just too stupid to get the enlightened ideas the elite is attempting to push through via all their outlets? Are we hopelessly backward, ultra right misogynists', white supremacists, generally somewhat retarded idiots? Or is there perhaps a positive vision that makes us want to face all the wrath of the combined "do-gooders" and political correctniks of this world when we oppose their schemes?

Have you tried freedom?

Over millennia people have tried to get rid of the shackles that their rulers have imposed upon them. Freedom was fought for by those fleeing the bondage of inherited rule by bloodline nobility. They escaped their blue blooded masters to the newly developing cities and formed a new class of free citizens, going about their business on a small or large scale. An incredible upswing in economic activity followed, accompanied by an explosion of inventiveness of new technologies, ultimately allowing worldwide travel at high speeds and ushering in an age of unprecedented wealth and mass mobility. I know this is a shortened version of the history of enlightenment and the industrial revolution, but it's the gist of it.

The historic promise of Liberty - US Declaration of Independence

The basis of a free society is the trust of people in their own ability to govern themselves. This boils down to a fundamental trust in Life. Of course other elements are needed, the protection of private property and the rule of law for example. Without them no freedom is possible.

If you believe that there is a positive self-organizing creative life force, you will trust that this force will crystalize in a positive and harmonic outcome. Irrespective of your religious affiliations, this is the meaning of the word faith.

Wilhelm Reich, while not being religious, was also not a mechanistic materialist. His concept of orgone energy embraces this idea of a creative self regulating, self organizing force. If you believe in a senseless, random universe, that has been formed by the totally random execution of cold laws of physics, it is much more difficult not to be extremely pessimistic about people being able to be free, self determined and self organizing. As you see, the idea of orgone energy is connected to these questions. You cannot separate it from your general view of the world and the forces active in it. The orgone universe is not dead and cold but luminescent and alive. It strives to create beauty and harmony. Think of the "web of light" in the beautiful movie Avatar.

The luminescent web light connecting everything in nature in AVATAR is nothing but orgone

I choose freedom every day and encourage you to do the same.

Greetings from Georg and the Orgonise Africa Team.

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Can the zapper help us to break down alien biological substances injected into our body?

This is now where it gets controversial: How do we know that a zapper will break down these alien substances?

Answer: we don't!

There are no studies and there will not be any in the foreseeable future. (just like there are no safety studies for those experimental vaccines btw.)
We are basically engaging in a counter experiment. If you see all your vaccinated friends getting into increasing health trouble while your health thrives, you will know that you were on the right track.
We can only infer from past experience. People have reported that zapping breaks down snake venom, another alien biological substance that can lead to death or severe incapacitation. It also helps the body to eliminate all other toxins such as the heavy metal adjvants that come with every vaccine.
Many years ago, I came back from my trip to Uganda with Don Croft and on the way back in, they forced me to take a yellow fever vaccine even though it made no sense at all as I was returning from the "risk area" and if I already had it, the vaccine would have made it worse. All arguing with the young doctor was futile and my choice was 3 days of quarantine at the airport or get the shot. So I took it and slapped my zapper on the spot right away:

No irritation, nothing ever happened.

I am confident that it will work, but no guarantees or promises, understood? 


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