July 9 UPDATE: President Trump's Wall Street Journal OpEd.

July 7, 11 am eastern time, President Donald J. Trump announced a class action lawsuit against Google, Facebook, Twitter and their CEOs, Mark Zuckerberg, Jack Dorsey and Sundar Pichai.

"...they are the greatest disinformation group of people ever, ever in the world."

We have the video and the transcript.

If Facebook, Twitter and YouTube can censor me, they can censor you—and believe me, they are. 

"One of the gravest threats to our democracy today is a powerful group of Big Tech corporations that have teamed up with government to censor the free speech of the American people. This is not only wrong—it is unconstitutional. To restore free speech for myself and for every American, I am suing Big Tech to stop it.

"Social media has become as central to free speech as town meeting halls, newspapers and television networks were in prior generations. The internet is the new public square. In recent years, however, Big Tech platforms have become increasingly brazen and shameless in censoring and discriminating against ideas, information and people on social media—banning users, deplatforming organizations, and aggressively blocking the free flow of information on which our democracy depends.

"No longer are Big Tech giants simply removing specific threats of violence. They are manipulating and controlling the political debate itself. Consider content that was censored in the past year. Big Tech companies banned users from their platforms for publishing evidence that showed the coronavirus emerged from a Chinese lab, which even the corporate media now admits may be true. In the middle of a pandemic, Big Tech censored physicians from discussing potential treatments such as hydroxychloroquine, which studies have now shown does work to relieve symptoms of Covid-19. In the weeks before a presidential election, the platforms banned the New York Post—America's oldest newspaper—for publishing a story critical of Joe Biden's family, a story the Biden campaign did not even dispute."

Full Article Here

Donald J. Trump

It's time to come together, people

President Donald John Trump set a perfectly timed trap for the Big Pharma deepstate disinformation cult, by letting them censor, cancel and deplatform antivax liberals before he brought everybody together in a massive class action lawsuit against the monsters, a truly unifying action for the nation - and the world.

Already the most popular President in history by far, President Trump with that act just became mankind's savior from the Big Pharma Pedosatanist Death Cult.

More of us will now know why Trump promoted Operation Warp Speed to speed up Big Pharma's self-immolation in its evil ways while at the same time outflanking the phreaks' Great Reset plan to lock the world down for MANY YEARS before mandating under penalty of imprisonment a death vaccine to a desperate people in the end.

To counter this sinister plan, Trump assigned HIS military to oversee a largely harmless campaign that doesn't make the "vaccine" mandatory; and that allows a pill-popping shot-taking Big Pharm-brainwashed people to get back to work and back to their lives in general. Naturally, those who are the darkest and the deepest would continue to try to make the shot mandatory. Even "Bye-dan" (who is that guy, really? LOL) and his crew are starting to promote this, along with Governor Nuisance if he can force that unconstitutional measure on to Californians before he's canceled - recalled by California's patriots. The Light shines into [their] dungeons of desperation, and [they] are further exposed!

Yes, the Pharm Phreaks are poisoning many people though it seems relatively few are being seriously harmed when you consider how many millions are receiving the "covid" shots. We don't advocate taking the risk of that shot at all, however most people choosing to get it appear to be receiving something that may be relatively harmless. Did the military deliver millions of doses of saline solution or something? Is God performing miracles as answers to heartfelt prayers for loved ones? Are some folks getting bad reactions and even dying because they just refuse to use their common sense? We just wouldn't let those phreaks get anywhere near us with that garbage!

We remind you that the evil globalist phreaks all capitulated to Trump four years ago, but the slow-roll exposure to wake up the public to [their] monstrous crimes continues to roll out through the daily outpicturing of current events, inexorably for the good of all. Top dogs capitulated but what about the underlings, have they all gotten the memo? You have elements of the deepstate that are deeply entrenched all the way down to the local School Boards, Health Boards and County Commissions.

The choice, to use a slow pace of incremental disclosures of the globalist elites' crimes - as they commit them - versus the choice, to go with a sudden disclosure of all they do and have done in the past, that choice to go slow is taken for the purpose of saving millions of human lives from a potential civil war or other massive and widespread upheavals that embedded evil parties still have the power to unleash. They have that power with the consent of a deceived population. It would not be wise for Trump's team to take dramatic remedial actions in the public before a certain percentage of the people are sufficiently prepared to give their consent to those necessary corrective measures (even as many serious ass-whuppins are being visited on phreaks behind the scenes, completely above board and in accordance with the law.)

After all, Trump is President of all Americans. You have to be careful that the cure is not worse than the disease. Mental illness in the body politic is a real problem. I think that many of our gentle readers can attest to that!

In their enmity against God and we, His offspring, the Big Pharma Phreaks (fallen angels) who know their end is upon them (those that remain, for many have already been taken,) would love to take down as many of us with them as possible. They especially love harming and killing you with your consent.

We don't have to let ourselves be one of their lemming victims! We may say no to their potentially toxic fairy dust! We may say no to their divisive Critical Race Theory and their wicked 1619 Project in our schools! (Yes, they're the same psychopaths doing that too.) We may say no to their disguised Communism, their Big Government tyranny!

We may say YES to the divinely inspired Declaration of Independence and to limited government secured by a providential Constitution and Bill of Rights that articulates our natural rights under God that we the people must never allow to be infringed - ever.

We may say YES emphatically to the American Flag and to the Republic for which it stands - one nation, under God, with Liberty and Justice for all!

Franz Glaus, Ruby Ray Media

Speaking from Bedminster, President Donald J. Trump Announces his Lawsuit Against the Silicon Valley Soyboyz

Video downloaded from Telegram
23:07 viewing length


President Trump

Thank you very much. I appreciate that. Thank you, everybody. I just want to say that I stand before you this morning to announce a very important and very beautiful, I think, development for our freedom and our freedom of speech. And that goes to all Americans. Today, in conjunction with the America First Policy Institute, I'm filing as the lead class representative, a major class action lawsuit against the big tech giants including Facebook, Google and Twitter, as well as their CEOs, Mark Zuckerberg, Sundar Pichai, and Jack Dorsey. Three real nice guys.

We're asking the US District Court for the Southern District of Florida to order an immediate halt to social media companies' illegal, shameful censorship of the American people. And that's exactly what they're doing. We're demanding an end to the shadow banning, a stop to the silencing, and a stop to the blacklisting, banishing and canceling that, you know so well. Our case will prove this censorship is unlawful, it's unconstitutional, and it's completely unAmerican. We all know that. We know, we all know that very, very well.

Our filing also seeks injunctive relief, to allow prompt restitution and really restoration and you can name about 20 other things that it has to be prompt because it's destroying our country. Of my accounts, in addition, we are asking the court to impose punitive damages on these social media giants. We're going to hold Big Tech very accountable. This is the first of numerous other lawsuits I assume that would follow. But this is the lead. And I think it's going to be a very, very important game changer for our country. It will be a pivotal battle in the defense of the First Amendment, and in the end, I am confident that we will achieve a historic victory for American freedom. And at the same time, freedom of speech.

So I want to thank all of the exceptional legal team behind this effort. In particular, John Coale, we have a lot of the tobacco lawyers, you know, I said, 'who arere the best lawyers?' Well, the tobacco lawyers seemed to do a very good job. So I figured, let's see if they want to do it, and they really wanted to do it. We have great, great talent. I also want to thank Brooke Rollins, just an outstanding person and friend. She's carrying it out to a level that nobody saw. And she's done it very quickly, together with Linda McMahon, a tremendously successful woman who did an incredible job in the administration, one of the best, and everyone at the America First Policy Institute for their support of this vital initiative. From the very beginning of our nation, freedom of speech has always been understood as a bedrock of our liberty and our strength. In America, we recognize that the freedom to speak our minds and express the truth, that is our heart, really, that's really a big chunk of our heart, it is our heart, is not granted to us by government, it's given to us by God. And no one should have the power to take that right away.

The Founding Fathers inscribed this right in the very first amendment to our Constitution, because they knew that free speech is essential to the prevention of horror and to the preservation of our republic. But remember the words, "the prevention of horror," because we're very close to seeing that now in our country. We've never been in a position like this and it's all happened very quickly.

In the words of the Father of our country, although some would like to take that title away from him, George Washington, he will not be canceled:  "If freedom of speech may be taken away, then dumb and silent, we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter." Pretty well known phrase. And so true.

Unfortunately, today, this fundamental American right to liberty is under incredible threat and attack by a lot of different sides. But we are the majority side by a lot, I believe we are the majority side, by far more than anybody would understand. You just have to take a look at what happened in recent elections and add up the right numbers, you will see a majority like you wouldn't believe, because nobody can believe what some of the things that are being said are. Nobody believes that. Social media has given extraordinary power to a group of Big Tech giants that are working with government, the mainstream media and a large segment of a political party to silence and suppress the views of the American people. And they've been very, very successful at that. Not in all cases, but in many cases totally successful.

While the social media companies are officially private entities, in recent years, they have ceased to be private with the enactment and their historical use of Section 230, which profoundly protects them from liability. Once they got Section 230, they're not private companies anymore, in a lot of views. No other companies in our country, and even in our country's history, have had protection like this. It's in effect, a massive government subsidy. These companies have been co-opted, coerced and weaponized by government and by government actors to become the enforces of illegal unconstitutional censorship. And that's what it is at the highest level. Censorship. And so many other things that perhaps are even worse.

And you'll be seeing that and this lawsuit as it welds its way through the courts. We have all seen Democrats in Congress, all the CEOs of these companies before their committees, an attempt to threaten them, bully them and intimidate them like nobody has been intimidated. But they made a deal. They all get along very nicely, now. Thank you very much. Congress has repeatedly told Big Tech that if they do not silence Democrats, political opponents, ban prominent conservative voices. I wonder who that would be? and restrict what the left ominously labels as disinformation. And they are the greatest disinformation group of people ever, ever in the world.

As an example, just recently, now they're saying, we never said 'defund the police.' We want to fund them. They looked at poll numbers at 85% against them. No, no, no, we want to, we want to take care of the police, they state. No, they don't. They wanted to defund the police. And they'll say it thousands and thousands and thousands of times. And by the end of 12 months, you'll all be saying, 'Oh, they love the police.' They don't love the police. They actually hate the police, for whatever reason, and it's just a terrible thing. And so many other things.

They are changing their views on so many other things. And they just say the opposite. They don't even go to anything, They just all are in unison. A lot of the people sitting right before me understand exactly what I'm saying. They say it right before you that we want to do this, we want to do that. It's the exact opposite of what they've been saying. Or the very probably the most famous of all: 'Russia, Russia, Russia.' 'Trump loves Russia.' 'He loves Russia.' 'He loves Putin.' 'He loves Russia.' And that went on for two years. And some people believed it.

But we are going to look so closely and we're going to make sure that the liability protections that they have under Section 230 is at a very minimum changed and maybe at a maximum taken away. The Supreme Court has made it exceedingly clear that Congress is not allowed to coerce private entities into doing what Congress does. And they're not allowed to do it. The lawful authority is just not there. They can't do it. They bully and they coerce. Yet that's exactly what's taking place every single day. It's a flagrant violation of the Constitution going on before our very eyes. And I hate to say this, but they do it with the Supreme Court, too. They play the refs. They play the refs. They talk about all sorts of things that they're going to do to Supreme Court Justices. 'We're going to impeach him, we're going to impeach him, we're going to impeach him.' And then, lo and behold, all of a sudden, different decisions come out. Or we're going to enlarge that Court to a level that nobody can believe. We are going to take that Court and we're going to enlarge it. We're gonna, we're gonna have 16, we're going to have 20 we're gonna - I saw one the other day, we're gonna have 24 justices. And I guess things happen because all of a sudden decisions come out. They play the ref, they play the ref better than Bobby Knight has ever played the ref. Now, we can't let that happen. And hopefully our Supreme Court Justices and other judges and justices, they stand up for our values and they don't let that happen.

In addition, in recent years, we have also seen increasing coordination between Big Tech giants and government agencies such as the Centers for Disease Control where so much was wrong. So many things could have been different, but Big Tech happened to choose the wrong side, and they banned the right side. For example, YouTube's policy explicitly forbids contradicting quote, health authorities, you know, the health authorities. Fortunately, I overrode the health authorities quite a bit. That was a lot of good decisions made. If I didn't, we would have been in much bigger trouble, like you see, other countries right now are still in very, very big trouble.

Through such coordination, the federal government has essentially deputized social media platforms to become the de facto censorship arm of the US government, which is exactly what's happened. This was especially clear during the pandemic when social media giants began. And there's so many violations of our Constitution and you'll see that in the suit, which will also be added to because other things are happening on a daily basis that will be added as we go along.

Consider just some of the information that has been censored in America over the past year. Until recently Facebook had a policy to eliminate all posts sharing evidence that the horrible virus emerged from China. They said it didn't emerge from the Chinese lab in Wuhan. Remember I said Wuhan? It was like a bomb went up. It came from the Wuhan lab. Of course there were body bags all outside the lab. Nobody ever mentioned that. I wonder why? They said it came a thousand miles away from a bat, or it came from another country. They tried to blame Italy, they tried to blame us. But they gave that one up. That was also misinformation. But then it was finally revealed that this was most likely the truth; that it came from the lab. And it was a small little story. But when I said it, it was like a weapon went off; a major weapon. I won't use the the word weapon because I never use the word nuclear. But we have to be careful with our leadership because if we don't have the proper leadership, we're in a very perilous state. So we don't use the word nuclear. I never use it. Okay. Never use it. I never said it. That's called disinformation.

Google and YouTube have deleted countless videos that dared to question the judgment of the World Health Organization, which has been wrong so often. It's really been a pipe organ for China as most of you know, calling those videos misinformation, including videos that consist of clear scientific fact. Doctors and medical groups have been barred from these platforms for posting about therapeutics such as Hydroxychloroquine. Hmm, it's a familiar name, which now most recent studies say is effective in combating the virus. Three cents a pill, the drug companies don't like three cents a pill. Three cents a pill is what it costs. But recent studies have come out very strongly in favor. Twitter's censured users simply for using the term illegal alien, which it has labeled as hateful content, and just taking you off, for whatever reason. You have to see the sentence they took me off for. It's the most loving sentence, it's really amazing. They could have done better because I've had a lot where I couldn't believe that was the reason. Let's take a look at it. You know exactly the sentence I'm talking about, it's become very famous. People are saying, "Really?" Even the other side said, "Really?"

And of course, there is no better evidence that Big Tech is out of control than the fact that they banned the sitting President of the United States earlier this year. A ban that continues to this day. Continues. So we get the word out. But it's not a fair situation. Very, very bad for this country, very bad for the world. If they can do it to me, they can do it to anyone. And in fact, that is exactly what they're doing. They're taking people off who don't even realize they were taken off, they'd have no idea why they were taken off. But what they're doing is incredible and incredibly dangerous.

Joining us this morning are just a few of the many Americans who have been illegally banned or silenced under the corrupt regime of censorship. These brave patriots are included in the lawsuit and thousands more are joining as we speak. Thousands more. They're all wanting to join. This will be I think, will go down as the biggest class action ever filed, because thousands of people want to join.

Jen Horton is a school teacher from Fenton, Michigan. Earlier this year, she was kicked off Facebook for sharing a post questioning whether young children should be required to wear masks. She had a question, giving both sides and actually not negative, just giving both sides. That was enough. At the same time, as Jen was deplatformed, her brother had gone missing and she was unable to get the word out to all of her followers. She had a lot of followers. Could not get the word out. And Jen, I want to thank you very much for being here and stepping forward. It takes a lot of courage. Would you like to come up and say something? Jen, please.

Jen Horton 17:51
I just appreciate the opportunity to be here with all of these amazing patriots. And I thank you, President Trump for everything you're doing for us. Thank you.

President Trump
Thank you, Jen. Dr. Kelly Victory, I love that name, I would have gone with that name if I had the choice, is a Board Certified trauma and emergency specialists from Colorado, great person, who was asked by the pastor of a church to prepare a video about how to mitigate risks of the China virus to allow church services to safely resume. Just a question. Could you give us some information? The video was outrageously removed from Facebook, Twitter and YouTube with horrible statements being made by them. Kelly, thank you for your bravery. Please say a few words. Thank you.

(President Trump is informed that Dr. Victory's flight was delayed.)

President Trump 18:58
Facebook delayed the flight. The flight's delayed by four hours. I wonder. I can't believe that. That's terrible. What? What they will do? All right. He is landing, going into, going into Newark. (laughter)

Kiyan and Bobby Michael are Angel parents. Their precious son Brandon was killed at just 21 years of age by a twice deported and very violent, illegal alien. He caused a very fatal collision. Something that should have never happened. Since then they have heroically launched their own deeply personal fight to draw attention to the dangers of illegal immigration. They helped push through Florida's ban on deadly sanctuary cities, and they are indeed deadly. And they continue to be strong advocates for border security and immigration enforcement. But they have been cruelly and unfairly banned from Twitter. Would you like to say a few words? Where are you? Where are you, please.

Kiyan Michael 20:23
Thank you, Mr. President. The fight for censorship must continue. We are in this. We will not allow our nation to be silenced. We stand together. And we thank you, Mr. President.

President Trump

I see somebody running for office very soon. That was great. I want to thank you very much. It's really terrific. So we're in a fight. We're in a fight that we're going to win. We're in a fight that people want us to take on. So many people have said to me, please, sir, do something about Big Tech. Sue them, sir, sue them. And they've been saying it to me for a long time, but there has never been a better time to do it. (Editor's emphasis)

Polling released by Scott Rasmussen, highly respected, shows that nearly two thirds of Americans believe Big Tech companies should be required to abide by the First Amendment guarantee of free speech. And I think those numbers are low, very low. 68% of Americans believe social media companies should prioritize their fair treatment of every citizen over, well, to have their voice. And an overwhelming majority believe that tech giants have become too powerful. They've crossed the line many, many times. And by far too much.

The American people's birthright of freedom must prevail against Big Tech and other forces that seek to destroy it. Through this lawsuit, we are standing up for American democracy by standing up for free speech rights of every American Democrat, Republican, Independent, whoever it may be. This lawsuit is just the beginning. It's a very big suit with great lawyers. I'll let you know about that in about a year from now. Maybe I'll change my mind. But I don't think so. They've had a tremendous track record and doing good.

We'll also take this battle to the State legislatures, to Congress, and ultimately to the ballot box and it will be a very popular one at the ballot box. I will never stop fighting to defend constitutional rights and sacred liberties of the American people. I will never stop.

I will now ask John Coale and Pam Bondi, two terrific people that love our country so much, to step forward and discuss the suit. And then we'll take a few questions. Thank you very much.


America First Policy Institute

The America First Policy Institute established the Constitutional Litigation Partnership to restore the most fundamental rights of all Americans. Sign up for updates or share your story.

Trump Stands Up As A Unifying Voice - Liberal Democrat Naomi Wolf

Bannon's War Room on Rumble
Published July 7, 2021
2:31 viewing length


Steve Bannon 0:00
Dr. Wolf, you know, you're a progressive, you're a liberal, but you've been silenced across the board. Give us your assessment of President Trump's class action lawsuits against the oligarchs in Silicon Valley.

Naomi Wolf 0:11
Yeah. Thank you so much. Well, I never thought I'd cheer Trump's speech. This is not a guy who I voted for but everything he did up there is what has to be done right now. And it has to be done at this scale and with that level of the legal team.

He stayed focused on the crushing effect that big tech censorship is having on not just their own platforms, but on all of America. His team drilled in as they should on how Mark Zuckerberg's emails to Dr. Fauci are a real reach of many things, including, you know, raising national security questions, but certainly allow lawyers to have more discovery, as I understand it.

He was super inclusive, like I've never seen him be so measured. And I've never seen people around him reaching out to progressives and to Democrats and uniting using such uniting language. And that's, that's what people need to hear right now. And in addition to what the President himself had to say, a lawsuit of this scale, it's so necessary. But also the language we were hearing from the podium, from his team, like, our teenagers should not be forced to wear masks. If we're asking questions about it.

We shouldn't be silencing voices across the political spectrum. This is not America. I think people from all walks of life have been waiting to hear that kind of message at a grand scale and an inclusive one. And for the first time, since I've seen him, it hasn't been all about him. And that bodes well, because I think Americans want a unifying diverse and inclusive effort to get our country back. This is a great first step.

Steve Bannon 2:04
Now we're gonna have you on hopefully at five o'clock to talk about the vaccination. But your, your comments yesterday, that's what the mainstream media won't cover and that's what big tech oligarchs won't allow on social media. Donald Trump...I think the headline from Dr. Wolf and the team here at Real America's Voice is Donald Trump today steps up as a unifying figure in the United States, a massive class action lawsuit led by John Paul, one of the top lawyers in the country, a massive class action lawsuit against the tech oligarchs.

Dershowitz: Trump's lawsuit is very important
Newsmax TV on YouTube
Published June 7, 2021
5:23 viewing length


Shaun Kraisman 0:00
Talking about that class action lawsuit, Alan Dershowitz famed attorney standing by live, just to kind of break this down for us. Alan, I know you listened to this in its entirety there, a class action lawsuit against Facebook, Google, Twitter and their CEOs. What did you make of it?

Alan Dershowitz 0:17
Well, as you know, I wrote a book about that exact subject, the Case Against the New Censorship, protecting free speech from big tech. So I'm deeply involved in this issue. And I was also asked to be an expert witness. And I did submit an affidavit for this lawsuit. So I'm not simply an observer. This is a very, very important lawsuit. What's going on with high tech is unacceptable. It's inconsistent with the spirit of free speech that underlies our First Amendment. This is a complicated case, because as the president pointed out, and as Pam Bondi pointed out, and as the others pointed out, these are not just ordinary private companies, they have special exemptions under Section 230. And therefore, they partake of some kind of government action. And the courts will have to parse this issue, how much of what they do is private, how much of what they do partakes of being public. What we don't want is the government telling private companies what they can say and what they can do, that would be wrong. But we don't want these quasi public, enormous monopolistic companies to be restricting our free speech. The current situation is unacceptable. And this lawsuit, I think, will shake things up considerably. Though I can't predict in the end, what will come out.

Shaun Kraisman 1:38
Professor, let me ask you about this, because they invited folks that may feel that they were censored by big tech to join in on this class action lawsuit they gave the website to do so. Could this be a news story in itself of how many people might be a part of this lawsuit all said and done?

Alan Dershowitz 1:56
I'm sure look, I was censored. I had a debate with Bobby Kennedy. Here are two liberals. I'm a liberal democrat and voted for Joe Biden. He's a liberal democrat whose father was the attorney general of the United States. We were arguing about vaccinations and mandatory vaccinations and YouTube took it down. They said essentially, we're happy to have you listen to Dershowitz as part of the debate, but we don't want you to hear Bobby Kennedy's part of the debate. And in the end, that people wanted to see or they couldn't see it. So I think many of us are victimized by this kind of censorship. And there will be people who will join this. It will be very interesting to see how the courts deal with it. This is a complicated and difficult case. It's not a simple case. This, there is an argument about private companies. And then the argument on the other side is they're they're not really private. And the courts are going to have to resolve that. There is some precedent on that. There's a case called Marsh versus Alabama, where a company town, a town owned by a company, forbade free speech and the Supreme Court said no, although it's owned by a company, partakes of the public, and therefore the First Amendment applies. So, we're gonna have to see how the courts resolve this very complicated, very interesting case. If I was still teaching at Harvard, I could teach an entire course just on this case.

Shaun Kraisman 3:20
Let me ask you two things. One, according to the legal team that we saw earlier, one of the attorneys brought up prior restraint cited the Pentagon Papers. I wanted to bring that up if that if that plays role plus location being in South Florida, the courts there. Your thoughts?

Alan Dershowitz 3:37
Two good points. Look, I was one of the lawyers in the Pentagon Papers case, I represented Senator Gravelle, in front of the United States Supreme Court. I believe very strongly that prior restraint is wrong. Clearly what's happening here is prior restraint. That is they're telling the former president of the United States, we don't want you on our platforms, no matter what you say. We're going to restrain you. So the issue is not so much prior restraint. I think everybody will acknowledge this is prior restraint. It's whether or not the prior restrainor is subject to the First Amendment, or himself has a First Amendment right. That's what's so complicated about this. That's why I call this the new censorship. The old censorship involved pure government, McCarthyism, Congress. Today, we have these companies are the new censors. Southern Florida is picked tactically, obviously, because it has judges on both sides of the political spectrum. It's not New York. And I think that was a decision that was designed to maximize the chances of getting what they regard as a fair hearing.

Shaun Kraisman 4:48
All right. Well, let's kick it off. today. President Trump and legal team announcing that bringing the lawsuit they are against the CEOs of Twitter, Google, Facebook, as well as the companies. Alan Dershowitz joining us live there with his reaction. Good to see Alan. Thank you so much for your time. We appreciate it.

Alan Dershowitz 5:01
Thank you so much.

Rob Finnerty 5:03
Hey, I'm Rob Finnerty. Thanks for watching. If you enjoyed this video, please join the conversation in the comments below. Don't forget to subscribe, too. Hit the bell icon to be alerted to breaking news and remember, there's a whole lot more on Newsmax TV, America's fastest growing Cable News Network. Newsmax TV, we're real news for real people.

Hit the Road Jack by Ray Charles
Scotty mar10 (Scotty Films) on Rumble
Published July 7, 2021
5:16 viewing length

"Any informed person in this world is fully aware of the severe health risks posed by vaccines. Especially a rushed, untested experimental biological agent, that is falsely marketed as a vaccine, activates all the alarm bells within the educated part of humanity.

"Naturally many patriots are severely worried, when they see a prominent leader of the worldwide freedom movement, Donald Trump, push these terrifying medical experiments."

... and ...

"Now that we know their agenda, we come to a key question: what did President Trump do, to sabotage these insane plans?

"He started promoting cures and therapeutics for COVID-19.

"By doing this, he effectively removed every legal base for vaccine mandates in America. Because a vaccine can only be mandated if there is no cure. That's why every single cure for covid has been suppressed by the globalists. That's also why many medical doctors who successfully treat covid patients, have been censored. They desperately need to hide the cures for covid, because they must succeed in mandating the vaccines, both now and forevermore.

"So when Trump started tweeting about the cures for covid, he simply threw a big rock into their windows. He also tweeted the famous White Coat Summit by Americas Frontline Doctors, where safe and effective covid-cures were presented to the world, which again eradicates the need for a vaccine. The live broadcast was viewed twenty million times and then this group of medical doctors was censored by Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and their website was taken down.

"What did Trump do? He promoted them on Twitter! BAM! Another major blow in the face of the globalists. 'There are cures for COVID-19!' "

Read the complete article.

Article found on the blog site: "Stop World Control"  Author is David Sorensen


Stew Peters talks with Dr. Sherry Tenpenny and Dr. Jane Ruby, each raising concerns about the ingredients and effects of the fairy dust on those who take them and on those who are exposed to those who have taken it.


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One of our authors has an RRM article that popped past 80k hits, while we were still testing the site. Seeing your FB or Twitt posts languishing as usual at one or two dozen engagements, watching the same posts on RRM pulling thousands of hits, you'll get quite clearly why we built this.

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