Trump Stump-ing (Check Out the Massive Turnout of Supporters on Fast-forward Video in This Article)

trumpstumping Master Troll !

To Heck with Political Tradition.

Man the trolling rod, full steam ahead!

As the Left pulled out all the stops to go against traditions during President Trump's presidency...such as x-presidents coming out of hiding to talk trash about POTUS & massive fake impeachment proceedings....

OUR GREAT PRESIDENT TRUMP is going ALL THE WAY with his campaign efforts to thwart tradition as well.

The MASTER TROLLER Strikes again! 

Trump eager to troll Biden outside his Scranton birthplace

"Trump, in what can only be described as a piece of campaign trolling, on Thursday afternoon was staging an event just outside the former vice president's birthplace in Scranton, Pennsylvania, mere hours before Biden formally accepts the Democratic nomination for president.
The political tradition of a presidential candidate lying low during the other party's convention has eroded over the decades but — to the private delight of Trump's advisers — the president's trip looked to be a particularly in-your-face piece of counter-programming designed to rattle an opponent."

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