Trump's war cry is being heard loud and clear!


CNN -- Communist News Network -- recently did a full 5-minute 'hit piece' complaining about how Donald J. Trump is making MAGA promises to clean up the obvious mess in our federal government caused by the Biden Crime Crew. CNN and their cohorts are crying foul play, labeling him vengeful, racist, and power-hungry. 

Falling in line with the mockingbird media's lead, little-known presidential candidate, Democrat Marianne Williamson, is sending out emails to unsuspecting folks on her daily 'spiritual update' list about how Trump is a fascist for not having a more loving, tolerant attitude toward the opposition. The screeching can be heard from the White House press corp to PBS as fake news feigns outrage over Trump's most recent campaign speeches promising Americans he will clean up the deep state and Make America Great Again! 

Funny how the looney left and fake news are fine, even giddy, when Trump is being savagely ravaged with lies and smeared with hateful rhetoric by the Democrat Party-controlled in-justice system but suddenly becomes offended when he determines to bring sanity and the rule of law to the American people. 

List of Donald J. Trump's Promises to the People
The media is offended by Trump's promises to clean up the government and restore power to the people. America's media has been named 'the enemy of the people' because they only have one reason to exist: as paid propaganda working for the Democrat Party. Period. 

While the DNC corporate-controlled media beats their TDS (Trump Derangement Syndrome) drum, more people are turning away from the hateful rhetoric, realizing there is a need for Trump to become President and keep his campaign promises. 

TDS is being cured as the 'big show' is played on Capital Hill. With each new Biden Crime Family indictment and renewed evidence of the illegal and destructive open border policy, more woke voters are being roused from their stupor and being healed with MAGA logic. 

'And We Know' -- AWK -- explains the media rhetoric.

In the first half of AWK's skillful video production below, you can get a glimpse of how the coordinated media blitz to damage Trump's presidential campaign is backfiring on the globalists-backed DNC efforts to demonize him. Stay tuned through the rest of the video for news about a possible internet shutdown, Nygard found guilty, and more. 

 11.13.23: Revenge Tour pushed by MSM, 2020 still in play, Internet Shutdown? Nygard down. Pray!

And We Know
Published Nov 13, 2023
Length: 1:06: 52


Erik Carlson: The Systematic Dismantling of the Deep State: "It's Happening Right Before Our Eyes"

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