Are military tribunals and emergency broadcasts coming? Mystery-man insider Juan O Savin says they must - when we're ready

Juan-pic-of-Trump-at-CPAC-TX Picture of Trump at CPAC taken by Juan from the VIP section

Over many years now, the attentive ones have unveiled for friends, family and fellow patriots, the true nature of a disguised but great evil that has waged a seemingly eternal war on mankind - an evil that feeds on and destroys our children. All done with mankind's self-deceived tacit approval.

We anticipate an Act of God to save our children, a sudden act by God's "white hat" agents and angels, that will wake and shake and save a whole world.

But God's grace is also something we EARN. There has to be sufficient humility and accountability in us to merit such a miracle by the Hand of God.

That's why the Near Death Experience (NDE) is used by God to shake us awake and make us accountable. People that experience what 70s author and researcher Raymond Moody coined as a "near death experience" are often those who are given a special mission to share a very unique spiritual insight they've received during an NDE.

Can a whole nation go through an NDE? Even, a whole world? Has it happened before? Read your Bible.

Juan on how we earn the blessing and protection of the Almighty

Juan to Nicholas Veniamin in a phone interview given July 12, 2021 (please see the video in this article)

"People are always saying, you know, God bless God bless you know, and God be with, etc. You know, you have to be in a position for blessing. And if you can't raise your finger to protect the innocent, remember, over half the slaves on planet Earth right now are children. And most of those are sex slaves. They're crying out, asking God for something, please come get me, please come help me. That's us. That's the ones that God would send.

You want God's blessing, God's protection, God's supply. Then you have to do things that are in alignment - in step - with the will of God. It is not the will of God that tyrants rule, that children are slaves, that pedophilia is rampant.

And so, if you want God, if you want to be in the will of God, you have to go do things. You don't have to ask God, should I stop child sex trafficking? You just do it. Because you know what's right. And if you don't know what's right, you're not even paying attention. If you know what's right, you don't have to ask those kinds of directions. You don't need that kind of direction.

Stop it! Not on our watch! And then God will lift his hand to protect you if you lift your hand to take care of the others. That's our job right now. That's what is ahead for us. And the only reason for saving America and saving the world is because we're doing the will of God.

The fact that this stuff is happening has us out of step with the will of God. Those of us that are awake and aware need to be moving quickly now to do that which we know to be right, and thereby obtain the protection and the blessing from God Almighty."

The Day of Reckoning Approaches

The 2020 election fraud is what we mean: it's going to be accounted for. But how?

Mike Lindell promises a Supreme Court vote of 9-0 for overturning the fraudulent election once Mike's August 10, 11 and 12 Cyber Symposium takes place revealing the Packet Captures that are the fingerprints or DNA samples that make this election fraud case, open and shut. 

We don't know if the corrupt Supreme Court will do anything at all, which would only further expose their corruption, of course!

Also, the Audit Freight Train picks up steam as the public learns of the shenanigans we knew about even before the election was held. More States' representatives are speaking up, demanding accountability.

We don't know if the corrupt State governments will do what was done in Maricopa. We don't even know if the corrupt Arizona leadership will do what is needed with the results of the Maricopa forensic audit.

Not to mention the corrupt lying gaslighting corporate mockingbird media!

So, just what is it going to take to bring Justice in this time when only Justice must prevail?

Juan tells us: military tribunals, together with the possible shutting down of the death cult's Big Tech and Big Media, followed by emergency broadcasts from the good guys to get the truth out to the people.

Gene Decode (the submariner turned decoder and intelligencer) tells us his read is that it all comes out late September to early October.

Juan doesn't want to talk about dates. He is an important "influencer" that just met with the president in Vegas on Saturday and attended CPAC to be there for the president's very revealing speech. He says that when 80% or more of the voting public is in agreement, that's when full disclosure can start to take place.

Juan has often repeated that a slow reveal of the evidence that keeps gradually picking up pace is the only way to avoid widespread destruction, mayhem and death, but it's gotta get out and it's gotta get out soon! The country and the world right now are headed to hell in a handbasket, in a big hurry!

What's interesting to us is that Juan himself has told us that the military has the data to prove that 8 out of 10 voters (80%) voted for Trump! Does that mean we're ready for the tribunals? Wouldn't it mean we were ready November 3rd?

We'd say so, yes!

We also accept the possibility, in this 5D chess game being played, that Juan and the President's team may be baiting the enemy too with talk about military tribunals, to force them to expose themselves to the public even more than they are now.

Many of us have seen and heard reports and evidence that tribunals have been taking place for a long time now, since DJT's election in 2016. Perhaps what we'll see are the video and/or audio recordings of those tribunals - and perhaps some of the executions. There may be more taking place in the days to come.

The public will only know all this for certain when "the fat lady sings." In the meantime, take a deep breath, stay active, stay positive and stay frosty!

Juan O Savin takes Trump's pic from the VIP seats at CPAC

Nicholas asks Juan how Trump will address the 2020 election fraud

Nicholas 1:10:04

So do you think Juan, it is reasonable to assume that Trump and his administration will reveal the audits of the recounts of the 2020 election, once he has sued big tech, in order for the for the information to go out officially to the public?

Juan O Savin 1:10:44

You're not going to get through the legal process soon enough to do that any viable technical way, that's going to be satisfying to everybody. Therefore, that's a long process, there's lots of blocking moves, etc, that can happen in there. And the reality is, you're not going to win this, except the hearts and minds level, where the American public may agree that the data, the information, the data points, is sufficient, that nobody can really argue that this was a stolen, fraudulent push on their vote.

So you're not going to get the courts and everything else to actually agree to that; and even then there's no mechanism in the court system, really. I've heard all the stuff, I've talked and had these discussions about the legalities involved in changing the way the electors voted, reversing stuff. But the reality is, is that on the mechanics, it's, you know, almost impossible to see a way forward on the judicial side of the American government, on the congressional side of the American government, to remove this president and install Trump as president, and it isn't necessary.

Even if you want to go through all those gymnastics, those mental gymnastics, to find a way forward to do that, the political willpower ... the people involved are so vested, they're so creative in finding ways to block and maneuver that, no real change would happen there in a timely way.

By the time you have that fight, it's a version of civil war in America. And in the meantime, everybody's burning down the cities and shooting everybody else up over who's actually going to run this operation. In order to keep the country from falling into that type of chaos, a multi-year type of thing, with this communication stuff in play, the only way that was ever going to work, and this is what people have to keep in mind, take a deep breath, and understand when it happens, is that once the American public has reached consensus, above 80% of the voting adult population, that this was a fraudulent vote, that it was a stolen vote, that 2020 can't be allowed to stand, they will then be supportive, and in step with the military component coming in and taking control of the country for a period of time. Because the administrative side of the US government is a captured operation, not functioning properly. And with numerous traitors; seditious, treasonous people involved there, that have to actually be taken under military control, into military custody, for tribunal type trials, not a trial in a regular court system with a crooked court, a captured court, but under military jurisdiction and the court cohorts down through the ranks looked at and then administration falling to the military side to get the country back into control because we're under attack. It was an act of war against America. Our military has to step in and protect the Constitution, the contract between the American public and its government.

In this case, the military stepping in to protect the people during this intervening period until the dust settles, and then we see who's left that's still legally viable within the civilian side, and then find a way to conduct new elections, in this new terrain, to install people back in the civilian side of government. And then the military, according to the military code of justice, as quickly as safely possible, to reconstiitute, reinstall lawful civilian control over the governing processes of the United States government.

In the interim, the military has the ball while they get things reorganized and stable, as quickly as possible to have civilian elected officials running the country. But because we're in a wartime state, Commander in Chief is the critical role. And if you can't work with the communications companies, Facebook, Twitter, the various TV broadcasting groups, all that, you just shut it all down, go to an emergency broadcast period. And then we take those locations that may be under control of enemy provocateurs. And it's not going to be for years, it's going to be for days, and then restart, and allow the communications to go forward with those groups that are in compliance or with other groups that may step to the fore to do their work.

A lot of this stuff I talked about in my book, and the second edition is out, you've seen that I probably talked about it enough at different times. That second edition is gonna be available for a little bit longer. And then we're going to the third edition, sometime here in the near Fall. And so, you know, it takes several weeks to get them out, especially overseas where you guys are at so and that won't last too much longer. So people will want to get it now. It's beautiful. And then anticipate the third edition, which is all new material in it and that's the storm edition. And I think it's gonna be a lot of fun by talking about this stuff in the second edition book.

And, you know, prayer. Understand that what the military is doing isn't because it's a coup. And it's not a banana republic move of generals to take over the country is an interim thing, because we're under attack. We have to support that here inside the country and the people around the world. So I just saw...Did you see all the riots, you know, essentially protests I should say they don't tear anything down or burn anything up. But the people in Cuba yesterday, saying this is our country, we're taking it back and sending Raul Castro, a little message there, because they're tired of this crap going on in Cuba, of all places, Cuba. And they're carrying US flags around, all around the country. Because they have had it, they have finally had it.

And I think that's what we're gonna find in other places. But first, we have to get America, our own house in order. And then we can go out and help others around the world who want to be free of these tyrants. Not to be their masters, but to be their brothers, to be our brother's brother, in retaking control of the planet for we the citizens, the people, and not for these people, that would be our masters and controllers and tyrants.

Juan O Savin & Gene Decode Interview with Nicholas Veniamin

Nicholas Veniamin on Bitchute
Published July 12, 2021
1:36:09 viewing length

Juan O'Savin | Trump's Epic DEC Meeting, Breaking Down the Fentanyl, U.S. Border & Beirut Crises!!!

Clay Clark's Published July 11, 2021
1:19:06 viewing length

"You can't get to justice in the Justice Department." 

"Congress is not going to turn around. They decided what the outcome of the election is."

"There is a continuing fraud against the American people that had aid and assistance from foreign people ... with collusion from inside the United States."

"What happened on November 3 is the equivalent of a Digital Pearl Harbor."

Clay: "If people want to learn more about you, where do they find that?"

JOS: "I'm not hard to find, I'm all over, but I don't have my own website. I have but it's been set back ... our platform will change dramatically within weeks."

"Melania's dresses were 'flags of the day' ... every dress she wore sent a message. Her last dress, you would think, was important. Election 2020 equals Mega to the 3rd Power over Corn is a key formula in the book, Kid By the Side of the Road. What was FLOTUS' last message? Election 2020 is not over. That's what the Cube is all about."


Kid by the Side of the Road eBook ONLY (NO REFUNDS)

We've all been bystanders watching events go by, not understanding their true meaning.


This morning (July 12) Steve Bannon reported in his War Room broadcast on Real America's Voice network, on the Cuban revolution against the long-oppressive (read "murderous") Castro Communist regime, a sign of things to come here in the USA too where Cultural and Economic Marxists enjoy "an hour of power" in the wacked-out Twilight Zone that exists with the laughable creepy hoax that is "the bye-dan administration."

College-brainwashed, teacher-union-funded useful idiots on local school boards seem empowered by all this theater with their "Equity" and "Gender" administrative and educational programs pulled right out of the Communist Manifesto, edited a little with not-so-clever deceptive semantics in an effort to dodge the community's censure.

These child-hating and America-hating deceivers (with their inattentive virtue-signaling useful idiots) are keeping patriots on their toes fighting like heck to make sure their children don't get turned into purple-haired genitally-mutilated antifa or molotov-tossing blm soldiers. Portland and Minneapolis are bad enough, can you imagine weaponized youth of Montana burning down Murdoch's Ranch & Home Supply stores around the State?



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