The GOOD NEWS Flash: "Those who know the truth are not equal to those who love it" ~ Confucius


Truth is not relative; it is absolute.

Society has turned Truth into a debate. Patriots, Freedom Fighters, and Light Bearers worldwide know better.

Tell the Truth and if someone wants to argue, shake the dust from your shoes and go on to the next person and tell them. Remember, absolute truth is not debatable. 

A time will come when all will discover and agree upon the great Truth within them. Until then, carry on, soldiers, carry on. 


Mamma Bears are stepping up! 

The truth is setting children free as mothers and fathers nationwide are standing up, speaking their minds, and taking back their childcare responsibilities. Thank God parents nationwide are boldly demanding respect and holding school boards accountable. 

Watch this video as this wise mamma bear serves Truth on a patriot platter to the sheeple school board members. Hot dang, she's on fire! 

The PGA is a bit miffed at the mutiny.

Tossing their PGA awards overboard, 17 golf star pros from 8 key countries watch the PGA ship sink in their rear view as they unite and head off to join the LIV Golf Series, a new Saudi-funded rival of the PGA Tour led by former golf star Greg Norman.  Watching the deep state mafia lose their corrupt grip on organized sports is a pleasure

The stunning news is shared in the video below; you can read the details HERE.


Corporate-controlled media is ebbing out while Digital Warriors are flowing in! 

With the grand entrance of Truth Social and the Elon Musk's offer to buy (and cancel) twitter bots, WE ARE THE NEWS NQW is no longer just a pie-in-the-sky idea...it's habbening!

"What we've created in an operation such as Truth Social… we know we can get to more & more people… Most people are tuning into shows like yours and looking elsewhere. They're not looking at Twitter anymore for the news because we've now proven that it's over 50% bots…" ~ Kash Patel.

Watch the vid below for more. Kash gets it!

Patriot Extraordinaire, General Michael Flynn, Endorses Andrew Giuliani for Governor of New York 

In 2021, Andrew was introduced to the social media public when he stepped in to defend his father, former NYC mayor, the great Rudy Giuliani, during democrat-inspired smear champagne. Now he will walk in his dad's political footsteps and run for governor to help clean up the disastrous mess democrats have made of New York's political structure. 

Watch as the great Gen Flynn gives his endorsement. This is not politics as usual, folks...


Per Local Team in Europe: 

"Leftists blocking traffic to "fight climate change" is a euro-wide thing."

So citizens 👇 take things into their own hands, problem solved! 😂 I like it! 

"MUSK FOR MAYRA": Elon Musk votes Republican for the first time, and it's for Trump-endorsed Mayra Flores - in a Texas border district that was Democrat for 150 years. As Democrats continue to rewrite their party's mission statement with every failed move they make, people like Elon Musk are seeing the Truth and voting their conscience. Click the beautiful photo above for all details.   
"MAGNIFICENT MERCOLA and RESOURCEFUL RUBY": "I want to share with you an article by Dr. Mercola and share some solutions. And what is the most basic solution to everything the New World Order is throwing our way? But first, let's take a look at Dr. Mercola's article...." View the complete article and Peggy's great solutions by tapping the image above. 
"WHAT ARE YOUR WORDS CREATING?" : We speak them, yet can we say we know exactly how each word affects our psyche, our spirit, our soul? There is much more to the spoken and written word than what we have been taught. Learn more in the image link above. 

Feed your Body, Mind, and Soul 
For healthy living and overall well being

There is so much great talent in our wonder-filled World
❤️Thank you, sir,👇for making my day!

Our pets 🐶🐱know how to relax
Take some advice from this purrfect kitty...

You ever wonder why our pets do what they do?
I watched this ⬇️ video 3x and still have no clue, do you??

President Trump Speaks June 17, 2022, at the FAITH AND FREEDOM COALITION in Nashville, TN. Link to the video replay of this event in the image below.

😎Your weekly ⬇️ reminder of 
America's DC Swamp clown show🤣

President Trump's Birthday was June 14. 
Here is how our resident Trump Impersonator celebrated


America's Mayor's son, Andrew Giuliani is going to easily win the Republican primary and if you ask me, absent another brazen vote steal, he's going all the way. 


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    Franz · 7 months ago
    In fact, there is a force in the world for lying, with many adherents, who prefer lying than the truth. They vibrate in their whole person, in the Lie. If they refuse the Truth, we don't want them here, God can take care of them.
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