This is MASS MANIPULATION (Listen carefully)


Pastor Kynan Bridges talks about the mass manipulation like we have never seen before. 'The level of manipulation going on right now is totally astounding." He talks about mental, emotional manipulation and that people have lost the ability to discern fact from fiction. People are not truly listening to the context and the content of the lies we are being fed. He talks about how people only hear the narrative and not the facts. We are even being told how to feel.



Pastor Kynan Bridges speaks with us about the enemies in our midst and warns us to watch out for the "fifth column", the infiltrators. Where have we seen or heard about that recently?


In addition to enjoying some of the best news and commentary on the internet, membership in our patriot community is growing rapidly. Free Membership gives you immediate access to your MyRR Timeline, Pages and Groups. Simply posting content here exactly like you would on FB and Twitt, secures it from censorship.

As you establish your presence, you'll start noticing your RRM content is drawing many times more hits than you are seeing on deepstate-controlled social media. We designed RRM to be your most potent tool for reaching out and touching the world.

One of our authors has an RRM article that popped past 80k hits, while we were still testing the site. Seeing your FB or Twitt posts languishing as usual at one or two dozen engagements, watching the same posts on RRM pulling thousands of hits, you'll get quite clearly why we built this.

No doubt Twitt, FB etc are where the war is, your MyRR Profile and Timeline, Pages and Groups are your Arsenal, where you store the ammo securely, out of reach of the rampant censorship war being waged against the people and against decency and truth.

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