"There will come a time none of them will be able to walk down the street" Q


Hollywood has gone from glitter to gutter.

The once untouchable celebrities in music and movies are being exposed for who they are. 

They are brand names pushed onto the commercialized scene to sell a product, a script, an idea, or a song. Some distanced themselves from the bedroom office meetings, drug orgies, and perverse pedocult rituals. Still, many of them are tainted for life by the smell of adrenochrome and the echo of children's screams in their memories.

Isaac Kappy and Liz Crokin sounded the pedo-alarm with PizzaGate.

Some figured out how right they were. Others are still trying to reconcile the idea that satanist have been manipulating our world and Hollywood, for years. 

As we know, there are no crazy conspiracy theorists, only Conspiracy Factualists exposing them all.

Madonna is Accused of Child Trafficking and Sexual Exploitation in Africa

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Published Jan 17, 2023
Length 1:33

The GatewayPundit reports (1/18/23):

Madonna Accused of Pornography and Child Trafficking in Southern Africa – Ethiopian World Federation Urges President of Malawi to Conduct Investigation

Madonna, the "Queen of Pop," is once again making news after being accused of running a child trafficking ring in an orphanage in Southern Africa under the name "Raising Malawi."

Madonna started a foundation called 'Raising Malawi' in 2006 to help orphans and other underprivileged children in Malawi get access to healthcare and education. Malawi is a southeast African country bordered by Zambia, the United Republic of Tanzania, and Mozambique. "Raising Malawi supports orphans and vulnerable children with critical resources including education, medical care, food and shelter, and psychosocial support," according to its website.

These allegations against the 64-year-old pop singer were made by the Ethiopian World Federation (EWF).

The EWF has urged Malawian President Lazarus Chakwera to look into "homosexual and transgender allegations regarding the adoption of Malawian children for possible "human trafficking and social experiments," according to All Africa.

Twitter user @itsnatlydenise has more on the story...

OANN (One America News Network) reports (1/17/23):

The Ethiopian World Federation (EWF), a philanthropic group, has accused Madonna of trafficking and sexually abusing children from Malawi.

Popstar Madonna herself adopted four kids from Malawi, a landlocked nation in southeast Africa. There, she established the non-profit organization Raising Malawi in 2006 with the goal of assisting orphans and vulnerable children via health and education initiatives.

The EWF has requested that Malawian President Lazarus Chakwara investigate Madonna's charitable endeavors and "restrict her and her associate's accessibility to Africa and to African children as a precautionary measure until a thorough investigation is done into child trafficking, sex exploitation, sexual slavery, adoption reversal, threat of coercion, fraud, deception, and abuse of power or vulnerability. According to the group, the singer is allegedly using her adoptive son from Malawi, David Banda, "for sexual exploitation and social experimentation." The EWF also charged Madonna with making a false statement about David's father's absence in her adoption application.

Nyasa Times reports: 
"Madonna is being accused of using David Banda 'for sexual exploitation and social experiments today.' Pictures are awash on social media of David Banda wearing female clothes, makeup, and wearing earrings — whilst the two holding hands like two lovers." 

Madonna and Charlize Theron being exposed

RubyRayMedia on Rumble
Published Jan 15, 2023
Length 2:59

"These woman need to be exposed...this is so sick...it just breaks my heart."

And this is only a fraction of them

PROJECT VERITAS Video Reveal: Federal Agency HHS Caught in Child Trafficking

Child Sexploitation and the U.S. Dept. of Human & Health Services (HHS) is important NEWS NQW

This whistleblower made discoveries while investigating the corrupted system in place at the Biden Border, showing that it is purposefully designed to bring illegal alien children into the USA for use in sexual exploitation. It's unconscionable.

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