The Whole Name, 'Inflation Reduction Act' Is a Lie!


If it weren't so blatantly corrupt, it would be comical.

A spending bill cloaked as an inflation-fighting plan, created by two DinoCrats (democrat career politicians), was barely passed by the Senate on Sunday, August 7, 2022. A tie-breaker was needed: 

VP Kamala Harris Breaks the Tie in the Senate, Passing the Inflation Reduction Act

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Published Aug 7, 2022
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Oh what drama...

And to clinch the Swampland drama show, the FBI raided Donald J. Trump's home in Mar-A-Lago twenty-four hours later.

I don't need a degree in the "Art of War" to realize the DC Swamp manifested the FBI Trump raid to generate a few things, one being a distraction from the disastrous bill that had just passed.

So let's go over this inane massive spending bill called the "Inflation Reduction Act." (Notice how not using the words 'spending' or 'bill' in the title does nothing to alter its awful impact?)

CNBC: When you hear that they named it the 'Inflation Reduction Act,' do you just laugh out loud?

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Published Aug 3, 2022
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What's in this Inane Spending Bill? 

When one looks at the fine print, past all the media hype and mocking bird talking points, the Inflation Reduction Act is nothing more than a cover for more spending to enlarge the bureaucratic overreach of the federal government. 

It's being hailed as able to help with inflation over a period of time...but over how long a period of time?? And are the figures accurate? 

It all depends on how the calculations are done and who is doing them. 

Do you believe the current Biden Administration has our best interest in mind and is being honest about this spending bill? If so, why? Come on America, just two years ago, Biden promised taxes would not be raised: 

Joe Biden repeatedly gave us his "word as a Biden"

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Published Aug 6, 2022
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"Joe Biden repeatedly gave us his "word as a Biden" that he wouldn't raise taxes on any American "making less than $400,000". The Biden Tax Hikes will raise taxes on Americans making as little as $30,000 per year. Biden lied."

Here are the basics

The Inflation Reduction Act adds extra tax burdens to every middle-class American Citizen. It enables the federal government to beef up the Internal Revenue Service to ensure those taxes get paid. The DC Swamp people also confirmed they had enough money to cover all the extras they had tacked onto the bill, many of which are still not disclosed.

If there are still people who have not figured out the federal government is raping their wallets continually via tax after tax, perhaps this is the wake-up call needed to shake them from their drunken stupor so they can fight for their life:

 What are Economists saying? 

Kevin O'Leary speaks about Biden-flation Scam Bill

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Published Aug 8, 2022
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"CNBC's Kevin O'Leary Biden-flation scam Bill allows IRS to chase middle-class businesses."

"In fact, the truth is the bill will not reduce inflation"

GOP: Dems "will pay the price" for Spending Bill

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Published Aug 8, 2022
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"The GOP blasted progressive leadership over the $740 billion climate change and healthcare spending bill that has been the result of months-long talks within the Democratic Party."


Tom Cryer, an Attorney at Law from Shreveport, LA, refused to file or pay income taxes until the United States Government could show him where the statute required him to do such. After a lengthy court battle with US Government attorneys, Tom Cryer was acquitted of wrongdoing by a jury of his peers in 2007. Why?? BECAUSE THE LAW REQUIRING THE AVERAGE CITIZEN TO PAY INCOME TAX DOES NOT EXIST! For the details, click on the image above.
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