"The SHOCKING BIDEN PROPHECY and The TRUTH About TRUMP...I have NEVER shared this before..."


Pastor Kynan Bridges speaks about the season we are in of deception and manipulation. He discusses the rhetoric surrounding President Trump, that he is dangerous and we need to get rid of him etc. Also he discusses the fact that in the first 90 days of Biden's presidency we have had armed conflict, mass shootings and violence against ethnic minorities. And he rightly asks, that if this is going on now, who is to blame for this? Then he talks about the ancient prophesies of the fall of Dagon as it applies to our current situation. If you may recall, the god Dagon is the god that is standing in the temple that was toppled by Samson.


Pastor Kynan Bridges tell us in the video below that we must watch out that our love for Christ does not grow cold. We need the fire of the Holy Spirit blazing upon our hearts to melt the cold of compromise and apathy.


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