"The real fight is over the hearts and souls of the population of this earth"


The worldwide people's movement to end a global illusional matrix is well underway, and Georg of Orgonise Africa is, as usual, in the thick of it. 

He is seeing his family through a rough patch, as we all have experienced from time to time. But no matter what assails him, his family, or his company, Georg's keen wit, intelligence, and humor remain intact. 

Check out his latest newsletter, republished here

Many things have happened [since the last newsletter]. One of them - very personal - was that my youngest daughter, Isabella, underwent a neurosurgical operation in Berlin, and we both went there to support her.

She had a cyst in her brain removed that was causing her to have epileptic fits, most likely a result of early childhood jabs. After many natural approaches did not show the results, she decided to go the surgical route.

Thankfully it all went well, and she's already out of the hospital. We are now hoping that it will have the desired effect.

I'm back in South Africa "taking care of business," as one says. 

Bella about 8 days after the operation. She's showing a faint smile again, I'm so happy.

On the global drama stage, things are accelerating. While on the surface, things are turning darker and darker, the sheer fact that people are coming to see how the deep infiltration by satanists actually works is the real news and the reason for hope.

Some 63% of Americans are now convinced that the 2020 presidential election was rigged.

It takes a long time to turn a great ship. This is the great learning for us "conspiracy theorists" (now much better named "pattern recognitionists") who have been seeing the anomalies already for so much longer and who are now really getting impatient. The deep infiltration cannot be expunged when it's not seen and felt by most people.

Rounding up a few thousand conspirators, co-conspirators, and other cabal criminals would never be accepted by the majority as long as the cabal still controls the narratives. Things like that would immediately be branded an ultra-right coup, and the whole population would be ranting against it, just like they went along with jab mandates and the like.

On so many other levels, people are starting to see the truth, for example:

  • CONVID was a hoax, perpetrated for several reasons, one of them being election interference in the US (paper ballots opening it up to mega-scale cheating) and a test run in docility training for the absolute control over populations.
  • The jab is a bioweapon, part of the human culling project.
  • The "Russia, Russia, Russia" allegations against Donald Trump were totally fabricated.
  • Hunter's laptop from hell is real.
  • Russia is winning in Ukraine, and that's a good thing. (Collapse of the globalist plan) Russia is ruled by sane and responsible people who are fully aware of the gravity and historical importance of the situation, unlike the clowns in Brussels, Washington, Berlin, London, and Paris. 
Ever wondered why Archangel St. Michael is the patron saint of Russia and why the scene of him slaying the nasty reptile is the most popular icon in Russia? (In German mythology, my namesake is 'St. George the Dragon Slayer', by the way...)

Revelations contd...

  • The climate hysteria is based on fake science, but weather manipulation (HAARP. Chemtrails) is absolutely real.
  • The mainstream media in the Western block are all controlled and heavily censored. Free speech is the horror of the "elites." They cannot tolerate it for one second. This alone makes them traitors to the American constitution, and it's only the most harmless one.
  • Presently, the "elites" (These are evil and spiritually stupid people, so calling them "elites" only refers to their elevated financial and power status, not to any sort of qualities of character that they may have) are hellbent on destroying our food base: Taking out the farmers, (Holland) crop failures via weather manipulation, miraculous fires breaking out "for no apparent reason" at food processing plants, new invented chicken pandemics, all the old tricks... (once you are a pattern recognitionist, you recognize it quite easily)
  • The debt-based financial system of the private Western central banking system sucks in all resources and ultimately leads to its own destruction. We are witnessing its horrible death throngs. Not a pretty sight.

Never forget: they want 13 out of 14 earth humans dead or unborn as soon as possible, preferably by 2030, including me, you, and all your friends and family.

They are not thinking of going ahead with good example.

Being steadfast and strong in insisting on the truth and creating light and positivity wherever we are is part of our mission and the solution.

Take responsibility for your health and well-being!

Take responsibility for your weathering the unavoidable turbulences in the economic sphere. Convert fiat currency to gold, silver, and major cryptos as much as you don't need it for immediate survival. Expect major changes on all levels.

How could it be otherwise if we want to break free?

As I said, this battle is more a spiritual one than a physical or political one.

Earth humans win - The meek shall inherit the earth. 

Buckle up and enjoy the ride!

Kind regards,

~ Georg (in dragon slayer mood..)

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    Franz · 4 months ago
    I like, "pattern recognitionists"
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    Franz · 4 months ago
    So glad to hear your daughter's healing!
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